Monday, 31 March 2014

Gallery: Araby

This post will be dedicated to my personal Araby collection, hopefully giving you players some inspiration and ideas for your own army. If you would like your own models to be showcased, feel free to send me an email with links to your models and you will also have your own entry in the site's gallery section.

The Colour scheme is based on the Egyptians from Medieval II: Total War, as well as Hell Dorado. I originally painted them red and black like GW's Warmaster army, but found the colour scheme rather dull, so opted for lighter colours instead.

Army shot 1

Army shot 2

Characters (mix of Hell Dorado, Reaper, Dark Sword, LotR, Gripping Beast)

Janissaries (Assault Group)

Mamelukes (front unit from Footsore, back unit from Black Tree)

Roc, Basilica Cannon, Corsair (Reaper, Assault Group, Black Tree)

War Elephant, Vizier and Sheik on Flying Carpet, Bladedancers (Vendel, Black Tree, Hell Dorado, Reaper)

Swordsmen with Imam and Dibbukim (Black Tree, Gripping Beast, Hell Dorado)

Spearmen with Imam and Dibbukim (Black Tree, Reaper, Hell Dorado)

Sultan's Guard with Sultan (Black Tree, Perry, Hell Dorado)

Bowmen (Black Tree)

Desert Riders with spears (Black Tree)

Desert Riders with bows (Black Tree). Nomad Hunters in the back (Hell Dorado).

Camel Riders (Black Tree)

Flying Carpet Riders (Black Tree)

Naffatun (Perry, Hell Dorado)


  1. here my gallery:

  2. I just wanted to note 'Thank you!' for your generous sharing of Warhammer Netbooks.

    I think the passion, and love for detail, which true fans always consider, has been lost on too many officials busy boasting with their designer status.

  3. You have carried on the true spirit of fantasy wargaming perfectly where sadly Games workshop lost its way. Long may it live in dedicated enthusiasts such as yourself.