Sunday, 29 June 2014

Gallery: Nippon

This post will be dedicated to my personal Nippon collection, hopefully giving you players some inspiration and ideas for your own army. This post will be updated regularly with new photos as more of the army is completed, so I recommend checking in rather often if this interests you.

Pictures are not of the best quality yet, still trying to figure out the best way to use the camera! I will update all pictures once I do so though.
The colour scheme is based on the Takeda/Scorpion Clan, and quite a common one seen in Samurai armies. The shiny effect of the armour comes GW's 'ardcoat, since I wanted the armour to look lacquered.


From Kensei Miniatures.


From Kensei Miniatures.

Hatamoto with Battle Standard

From Perry Miniatures.


From Bushido. Will give it a repaint to get rid of the shiny effect from the wash and add more detail later.


From Kensei Miniatures. How fitting!


From Kensei Miniatures.


The special character Geisha. From Kensei Miniatures, was given as a free exclusive with my order.

Samurai Warriors

Armed with katanas. From Perry Miniatures. The champion is from Reaper, but will replace him with a Bushido model later on.


From Kensei Miniatures. Will probably add some more Ninjas from Perry to the unit.

Flaming Arrow

Converted with a flaming spear at the cannon's muzzle, doesn't really show in the picture. From Perry Miniatures.


  1. These are great Mathias, I'll send you some pics of my miniatures one of these days, and as a bonus I'll get R.J. Strong's pics of his miniatures. He has over 120,000!


    1. Sure, sounds good! 120 000, yikes! And I thought I was extreme with my 10 armies and 3000 models... guess there's always someone crazier!

  2. Wow nice collection.I have a cuestion... the scale of the samurai Kensei and perry are compatible? especially saqmurai warriors and cavalry...
    Sorry my English is poor

    1. They scale rather well; the Kensei models are a little slimmer, but other than that, they should mix just fine. I've been using Perry Minis for the troops for the most part, and used Kensei for specialist units and characters. Placing Kensei and Samurai Warriors next to each other might stand out a little bit, but nothing too crazy.

  3. Great stuff!
    Here is my Nippon force, if you are interested(still WIP):