Tuesday 18 June 2024

Warhammer Orcs & Goblins 1.6 out now!

This was looking to just have a few fixes from the beta, but it ended up being a much bigger final version! In order to streamline the book a bit and make it easier to navigate, a lot of the units have been merged into a single unit entry with upgrades that allow you to tailor them into each sub-species of Orcs and Goblin. This means there is just one entry for Bosses, Shamans, Orc Boyz, Goblin Gitz etc, rather than 2-3 of each. This in turn means there are 20 pages less of redundancy. 

I've also removed some things that were superfluous, including two units and some magic items that were just copies of other magic items. I have also rebalanced the spells quite a bit so they are more useful, especially for the units that need them. There's a lot more changes than those mentioned in the patch notes below, so make sure to read through the army list properly!


  • Rebalanced several of the spells and points cost of multiple magic items.
  • Merged multiple Orc & Goblin characters and unit into a single entry.  
  • Night Goblins have I2 and Ld6 like other Goblins.
  • A Night Goblin Wizard may eat a Magic Mushroom once per Magic phase, before casting a spell. This adds another D6 to the casting result. This dice does not count as a power dice, and cannot contribute to Ultimate Power. However, if you roll a 1 on this dice you must roll a further D6. On a roll of 4+ nothing else happens, but on a roll of 1-3 the Wizard suffers a Wound which Ignores Armour Saves, and the spell automatically fails.
  • Forest Goblin Shamans may re-roll one dice per Magic phase when casting spells. However, any time they Miscast, they will also count as having failed a Stupidity test (if they survive).
  • Brutes cost 26 pts.
  • Brute Ragerz have a Unit Size of 3-5, are Skirmishers. Costs 26 pts by default.
  • Cave Squigs cost 9 pts.
  • Warchanters cannot take mounts. Cost 75 pts.
  • Removed Savage Orc Warchanters.
  • Violent Fury: Any Orc unit joined by a Warchanter may re-roll 1's To Wound in close combat.
  • Warbeats: At the start of each of your turns, the Warchanter can use one of the following Warbeats which affect themself and the unit they are with. Each Warbeat lasts until the start of your next turn. A unit can only be under the effect of one Warbeat at a time. Fixin' Beat: The unit gains the Regeneration (6+) special rule. Get 'Em Beat: The unit gains the Swiftstride special rule. Killa Beat: The unit may re-roll 1's To Hit in close combat.
  • Gruntas can take barding. Barding is free for Boars and Gruntas.
  • Savage Orc Arrer Boyz is a separate unit. Cannot take longbows.
  • Increased BS of all Goblin Bosses.
  • Squig Gobba costs 75 pts.
  • Colossal Squig costs 150 pts.
  • Removed Black Orc Boar Chariot.

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