Friday, 18 November 2022

Warhammer: Norsca 1.1 (hotfix) out now!

This small hotfix changes the following:

  • War Wolf Chariot costs 90 pts
  • All units of Shieldmaidens can take magic standards up to 25 pts, rather than just one.
  • Fixed bug with Ulfjarl having Regen 4+ in army list instead of 5+, costs 165 pts.
  • Floki 'Lostson' has Stupidity from his mount.
  • The Ravenswyrd has Blood Rage. Clarified the Ravens: "Each of the two Ravens gives the Ravenswyrd an additional Attack that are resolved at Weapon Skill 3 and Strength 3."

Friday, 14 October 2022

Warhammer: Norsca 1.1 out now!

 The full 1.1 release changes the following:

  • Valkyrie spear upgrade is free.
  • Saga of the Relentless Warrior: The character gains +1 Attack for every enemy model in base contact with them when it is their turn to strike, up to a maximum of +3.
  • The Crusher costs 60 pts. Great Weapon. Attacks made with the Crusher have the Lightning Attacks and Multiple Wounds (D6) special rules.
  • The Swaying Spear costs 55 pts.
  • Tyrfang costs 40 pts.
  • Armour of Beowulf costs 50 pts.
  • Shield of Svallin: For each successful armour save or Ward save the bearer makes, all models in the unit attacking him suffer -1 to their Weapon Skill and Attacks to the end of the next turn. Costs 30 pts.
  • Bone of Ullr: At the start of each of your Magic phases, the wizard gains an additional spell from any one of the Lores and spells available to them. Choose a Lore and roll a D6; the result is the spell they receive and may use for the remainder of this Magic phase. Costs 10 pts.
  • Girdle of Might costs 55 pts.
  • The Gleaming Torc only applies to enemy models.
  • Fixed bug with Lore of the Seidr being mentioned.
  • Fixed bug with LD4 on werebeasts.
  • Fixed bug with Ice Drake and War Mammoth being listed as special units.
  • Fixed bug with Huntmaster having wrong BS and A.
  • Fixed bug with Cursed Ettin missing rules for their personality profiles.
  • Fixed bug with Ice Breath for Ice Drake being called Frost Breath.
  • Fixed bug with Berserkers missing hand weapon.
  • Fixed bug with Drenok Johansen missing Multiple Wounds (D3) special rule.
  • Fixed bug with Vitki having light armour.
  • Ulfjarls may take Talismans up to 50 pts.
  • Valkyries have LD9. 
  • A Valkyrie may not be the army's General.
  • No Saga may be taken more than once per army (not including Special Characters).
  • Wolf Chariot has 2 crew. Added option for light armour and shields. 
  • Addition to Counter-Charge: "A unit where the majority of the models have this special rule can declare to use Counter-Charge as a charge reaction (including Frenzied units) if they are charged to the front by an enemy that is more than its Movement value away from the Norse unit." ... "They may also use any Quick to Fire weapons they might have before they move."
  • Fixed bug with Reavers being Ld7 in army list instead of Ld8.
  • Increased cost of Slaver to 20 pts.
  • Berserkers costs 12 pts.
  • Skald: Each song can only be sung once per battle by the same Skald, and any unit can only be affected by it once per battle, and only one per turn.
  • Frost Giants have Ice Attacks.
  • The Scrimshaw Talisman grants Njal a Ward save (5+), and enemy missile attacks targeted at him or his unit suffer -1 To Hit.
  • Ice Wolves costs 37 pts.

Thursday, 25 August 2022

Warhammer: Pirates of Sartosa 1.1 out now!

This update changes the following:

  • Removed High Flyer from Flying Gallery. Costs 80 pts.
  • Removed Long Drong Slayer.
  • Look-out: A character within 6" of a unit with a Look-Out may re-roll failed "Look out, Sir!" tests, and characters in the unit may use the rule even if they are below 5 models.
  • Blunderbusses are no longer move or fire.
  • Removed Point Blank special rule.
  • Lizzy may fire in addition to any weapon fired by Mr Bill. Lizzy has BS3.
  • Buccaneers have the Dodge (6+) special rule in close combat instead of -1 to be Hit. Also have Dirty Fighting.
  • Replaced Sea Creature with Aquatic.
  • Sea Serpents get to make a Stomp Attack, except they only inflict 1 Hit.
  • Replaced Lore of Stromfels with Lore of the Deep.
  • Adjusted cost of additional hand weapons, polearms and great weapons for most units.
  • Included options for magic standards up to 25 pts for most core and special units.
  • Buccaneers may not take standard bearers.
  • Sea Giant has T6.
  • New Special Unit: Orc Freebooters
  • Fixed bug with Pirate Sorcerer having 3W.
  • Dirty Fighting: Roll a D6; on a 4+ the distraction is successful. The enemy unit will then suffer -1 to their Weapon Skill for the remainder of the turn.
  • Characters can take pistols in additional to other close combat equipment options.
  • Aranessa Saltspite has Spearfisher's Net rule: At the start of each round of close combat, Aranessa may target one enemy model in base contact. Roll to Hit against the target; if successful, that model is ensnared and suffers -D3 to its Attacks this round.
  • Blessed on Manann: In addition, Aranessa may re-roll one roll To Hit or To Wound each round of close combat, and has a Ward save (5+).
  • Aranesse has Kraken's Bane: Polearm. Kraken's Bane gives Aranessa +1 Strength, +1 Attack and the Heroic Killing Blow special rule.
  • Aranessa no longer have Sawfish sabre, Levianthan's bane or Living Tsunami.
  • Aranessa costs 250 pts.
  • Bloody Bill's Buckler is a Magic Armour. Gives 6+ Parry, costs 35 pts.
  • Relentless: Units entirely composed of models with this special rule do not need to pass a Leadership test in order to march, regardless of the proximity of enemy units.
  • Clarified that Repeater Pistol gives +1A.
  • Adjusted cost of bucklers and two hand weapons for Pirate Crew, Buccaneers and Ship's Mates.
  • Added Dirty Fighting to Navigator.
  • Press Ganger costs 15 pts.
  • Anchor Smash is now resolved at normal Initiative instead of the Always Strikes Last special rule.
  • Sea Giants have Immunity (Psychology).
  • Master Gunner for Hell-Hammer Cannon costs 15 pts.

Tuesday, 23 August 2022

Warhammer: Norsca 1.1 (beta) out now!

Been 5 long years since the last update, so quite a few changes throughout. One of the major changes is a bit of a shift from Oldhammer Norse to Middlehammer Norse, meaning they have shed most of their old lore of worshipping Olric and are instead leaning more towards the Chaos Gods. This has only meant a minor rewrite in terms of lore; most of it is untouched. It's still possible to have a Norse army that is neutral, it's just wording that directly references real Norse gods that have been cut and/or replaced with the Norse names for the Chaos Gods. I have also rewritten/edited a lot of the old lore about Norse history and the geography of Norsca so that it aligns better with the more recent Warhammer World. 

Many thanks to Stefan Wolf who once again stepped up to the plate and helped out writing most of the new special characters and a large part of the updated Land of Norsca chapter!

Oh, and in case it was not obvious: the book is called Norsca now instead of Norse, so it's more aligned with the other human faction names. 

The book will be in a beta stage for a couple of weeks to weed out bugs as well as collect gameplay feedback. The proper 1.1 version will be posted after that.


This update contains the following changes (as well some I've probably forgot to list):

  • Bondsmen may replace shields with bows for 2 pts.
  • Norse Horsemen Musician costs 5 pts.
  • Thralls may have full command.
  • Norse Hunters may not have standard bearers.
  • Removed Half Giants.
  • Whalers may not have standard bearers.
  • Renamed Giant Wolves to War Wolves.
  • New Special Unit: War Wolf Chariot.
  • Fenrir Wolves can be taken as a special unit. Have Ice Attacks.
  • Huscarl shieldwall only works against missile attacks to their front.
  • New Special Unit: Skin Wolves.
  • Berserkers have Devastating Charge, do not have Blood-Crazed or Feel no Pain. Are not skirmishers by default. Have shields by default, can swap to additional hand weapons for free or great weapons for 1 pt. Have Unit size 10+. Cost 11 pts.
  • Shieldmaidens do not have light armour by default, have Berserkergang and I4.
  • Bondsmen, Marauders, Reavers and Norse Horsemen may take Magic Standards worth up to 25 pts.
  • Berserkers may take Magic Standards worth up to 50 pts.
  • Norse Hunters have Berserkergang, costs 11 pts.
  • The Battle Standard Bearer can have a magic banner with no points limit. However, a model carrying a magic standard can only carry other magic items up to a total 25 points.
  • Frost Drake has Fly (8), Ice Attacks instead of Frost Aura.
  • Snow Trolls have Ld6.
  • Frost Giant has T6. Can no longer throw rocks. Can take shields, great weapons or additional hand weapon. No longer has Hill Strider.
  • Giant Wolves renamed to War Wolves. Cannot take champions.
  • War Mammoth have W10. Updated rules to be on par with Warrior of Chaos Chaos Mammoth.
  • Vikti costs 165 pts.
  • Drenok Johanssen does not have Feel no Pain, costs 140 pts.
  • Styrmir Rimefrost does not have Throw Rocks, costs 465 pts.
  • Snow Trolls cost 45 pts.
  • Valkyries are characters. They are not Ethereal, do not cause fear, do not have Valkyrie spears. Have T4. Costs 60 pts.
  • Frost giant costs 175 pts.
  • Ice Drake costs 200 pts.
  • Norse Kings/Jarls have S4.
  • King costs 105 pts.
  • Jarl costs 60 pts.
  • Clarified Counter-charge: "A unit where the majority of the models have this special rule can declare to use Counter-Charge as a charge reaction if they are charged to the front by an enemy that is more than its Movement value away from the Norse unit."
  • Added Fur Cloak as an equipment option for most units. A Fur Cloaks gives the wearer the Natural Armour (6+) special rule against missile attacks.
  • Ulfwerenar are War Beasts. Do not have Blood Thirst. Are not skirmishers by default.
  • Reavers have LD8, cost 7 pts.
  • Marauders have hand weapons by default, cost 5 pts.
  • Ice Trolls have Ice Breath: Ice Breath: Instead of attacking normally, the whole unit can choose to breathe ice on the enemy. Each model inflicts one automatic Strength 4 hit with the Ignores Armour Saves and Ice Attacks special rule, distributed as hits from shooting.
  • New Special Unit: Ice Wolves.
  • Removed Einherjar.
  • Removed Sons of Tor.
  • Removed Lore of the Seidr.
  • Added Sagas; special upgrades that characters can take in addition to magic items (still counts towards magic item allowance).
  • Ice Breath is a Breath Weapon Attack. Hits are resolved at Strength 3 with the Ignores Armour saves and Ice Attacks special rule. Any hits are distributed as hits from shooting.
  • Removed Sleipnir and Fenrir Wolves as character mounts.
  • New Rare Unit: Werebeast
  • New Rare Unit: Cursed Ettin
  • If Styrmir is included in your army, you may take 1-2 Frost Giants as a single Rare choice.
  • Kings may ride War Mammoths.
  • Renamed Berserkergang to Blood Rage.
  • Shieldmaidens may re-roll failed Parry saves.
  • Shieldwall: All models with this special rule gain an additional +1 to their armour save against missile attacks to their front and sides from their shields.
  • Ulfwerenar and Skin Wolves have the Counter-Charge special rule.
  • New Special Character: Bragi Sturluson
  • New Special Character: Sigrun Lothbrok
  • New Special Character: Njal Troelson
  • New Special Character: Fenrir Wolfclaw
  • New Special Character: Floki 'Lostson'
  • Drenok Johansen's Ice Fang Axe gives him the Multiple Wounds (D3) special rule. Costs 135 pts.
  • Bjorn is a Monstrous Beast.
  • Sturmjarl uses spells from the Lore of Heavens or Lore of Shadow.
  • New Hero: Beastmaster
  • Messenger of the Gods: A Valkyrie counts as having the Inspiring Presence ability with a range of 6".

Sunday, 3 April 2022

Warhammer Nippon 9th Ed 1.1 hotfix out now!

This update changes the following:

  • Dawate clan mon is infantry only.
  • Boosted version of Light of the Sun Goddess cast on 11+.
  • Boosted version of Be the Mountain cast on 14+.
  • Boosted version of Strike of the Flowing Waters cast on 18+.
  • Boosted version of Fiery Wrath cast on 18+.
  • Borne on the Wind: The target unit may immediately make a move using the Fly (10) special rule as if it were the Remaining Moves sub-phase.
  • Void of Emptiness works on units with Immunity (Psychology).
  • Call of the War God is cast on 16+, boosted version on 24+.
  • Multiple minor bug fixes as listed on the Bug List.

Monday, 7 March 2022

Warhammer Nippon 9th Ed 1.1 (full version) out now!

The complete version of 1.1 after bug fixes and some feedback contains the following changes:

  • A Katana counts as a hand weapon. The wielder may choose to use it as a two-handed weapon which Requires Two Hands. If they choose to do so, they gain +1 Strength, though this extra Strength does not inflict any additional penalties on armour saves. Any Magic Weapons in the Main Rulebook follow the rules for Katanas.
  • Fixed bug with Oni being able to pick polearms instead of additional hand weapons.
  • Clarified Kabuki Dance: Each effect lasts for the duration of the close combat round.
  • Removed quick-shot from army list (bug fix)
  • Fixed bug with Sarutori Hanzo not having Dodge in bestiary.
  • Clarified that Tengu, Ronin and Wako may not take Clan Mon.
  • Fan of Command is no longer a war-fan (since that would cause issues with both the current war fan rule as well is being both a weapon and an armour that is an enchanted item, meaning you could take both the fan of command and another weapon)
  • Takai War-fan counts as a buckler.
  • Fixed bug with Great Guard missing Natural Armour in army list.
  • High Shugenja has T4, costs 165 pts.
  • Wako Pirates pay 3 pts for longbows, 4 pts for handguns (a bit cheaper than other units due to Ambushers)
  • Fixed bug with fire rocketeers having S4, T4.
  • Dragon Claw Katana costs 55 pts.
  • Heavenly Naginata costs 35 pts.
  • Armour of Imperial Rule costs 25 pts.
  • Mempo of Honor costs 20 pts.
  • Imperial Standard: The bearer's Hold Your Ground ability is increased by 6". In addition, the unit carrying it is gains +D3 to their combat resolution. Costs 55 pts.
  • Kirin mount costs 45/30 pts.
  • Komainu mount costs 30/20 pts.
  • Yamabushi may channel Power and Dispel dice just like a Level 1 Wizard.
  • If Hitomi Gozen is included in your army, one unit of Onna Bushi may be taken as a Core Unit instead of a Special Unit.
  • Daimyo and Hatamoto have Katanas by default, cost 100/70 pts. May only take additional hand weapons on foot, spears if mounted. Halved price of polearms and great weapons, additional hand weapon and spears are free.
  • Samurai Warriors cost 8 pts. Polearms and great weapons cost 1 pt.
  • Samurai Cavalry costs 16 pts. Spears are free. Polearms cost 1 pt.
  • Ronin costs 7 pts.
  • Komainu Riders spears are free. Polearms cost 1 pt.
  • Great Guard spears are free. Polearms cost 1 pt.
  • Mon of the Shisuma Clan: Infantry using Katanas only. Models with this Mon gain the Parry (6+) special rule. Costs 10 pts for characters.
  • Sarutori Hanzo Shadow Magic: Note that he does not benefit from the Smoke and Mirrors Lore Attribute.
  • The Candle of the Void may be placed within 12" of the caster at the start of the game (use a small marker on a round 25mm base), but it may not be moved during the game and counts as impassable terrain. The caster can choose to cast any spell through the candle rather than themself. If they do so, measure the spell's range from the candle. The candle can draw Line of Sight in any direction and have a Line of Sight value of 1. The caster can use this to cast any spell type even if they are engaged in close combat. If a spell cast through the candle is miscast, the result of the miscast is applied to the caster as normal. Costs 30 pts.
  • Stalwart Defence: If the majority of models in the unit has this special rule and are garrisoning a building or fighting behind a defended obstacle, they may re-roll failed Break tests.
  • Hitomi Gozen has Stubborn and Stalwart Defence.
  • Polearms for Tengu cost 1 pt.

Monday, 21 February 2022

Warhammer Nippon 9th Ed 1.1 (beta) out now!

Well that certainly took a bit longer to finish than expected...

This is a pretty huge update overall, as I redid most of the layout from scratch - lots of "under the hood" improvements that no-one besides me will probably notice, but oh well. This version contains a ton of new art and extended lore for Nippon, with several rewrites in the bestiary entries as well. It also features a new map - a proper one using the topography of the latest Warhammer world, made by Owen Wells of the Discord server and then filled in by me. Also massive thanks to Stefan Wolf who wrote up the lore for the new special characters, with the basis for their rules being a joint operation.

As you can see from the title, I consider this a beta release - it's been over 5 years since the last Nippon update (making me on par with GW now, yikes...), and as such it will likely have quite a lot of bugs and issues I have missed. I'll give it 1-2 weeks for you guys to weed those out and collect feedback before updating it to the "official" 1.1 version.

Anyway, hope you enjoy it; it sure required a lot of time and effort to make it!


This update changes the following (and probably a lot more that I forgot to list):

  • A Katana counts as a hand weapon. If on foot, the wielder may choose to use it as a two-handed weapon which Requires Two Hands. If they choose to do so, they gain +1 Strength that does not affect armour saves as well as the Parry special rule.
  • Added mantlets: Units with mantlets must place them on separate bases in front of the unit. Every model in the front rank must have a mantlet base in front of it, which must also be set up within the army's deployment zone. A unit with mantlets gains a 4+ armour save against missile attacks to its front arc (except attacks that fire like a stone thrower). However, if the unit moves or reforms during the game, the mantlets are removed from play. Can be taken by Samurai Warriors, Onna Bushi, Ashigaru Bowmen, Ashigaru Aquebusiers and Ozutzu Ashigaru.
  • Removed Sashimonos.
  • Horo Cloaks gives a 6+ armour save against missile attacks.
  • Removed Taisho, Hatamoto replaces them. Hatamoto has the Sworn Bodyguard special rule like Tomb Heralds.
  • Daimyo and Hatamoto may take handguns/longbows in addition to another close combat weapon.
  • The Battle Standard Bearer can have a magic banner with no points limit. However, a model carrying a magic standard can only carry other magic items up to a total 25 points.
  • Daimyo and Hatamoto have a hand weapon by default, can upgrade to Katana.
  • Daimyo and Hatamoto may ride Koimainu.
  • Shugenja may use Lore of Light.
  • Kensai have a Parry (5+).
  • Samurai Warriors can upgrade to spears, polearms or great weapons for free.
  • Any Samurai Warrior unit may take handguns.
  • Samurai units can upgrade to heavy armour.
  • Samurai Cavalry costs 15 pts.
  • Fast Cavalry only pay 5 pts for musicians.
  • Ashigaru can replace spears with pikes.
  • New Core Unit: Peasant Levies.
  • New Special unit: Koimainu Riders.
  • Yabusame do not suffer penalties to Hit for moving and shooting and can fire Multiple Shots even when moving that turn. In addition, when firing from short range, all their missile attacks have the Armour Piercing (1) special rule. Cost 18 pts.
  • Warrior Monks can replace polearms with handguns.
  • Onna Bushi are Stubborn. Units of Onna Bushi that are garrisoning a building or fighting behind a defended obstacle may re-roll failed Break tests.
  • Onna Bushi can replace polearms with longbows. Do not have light armour by default.
  • Ronin are Stubborn, have Way of the Warrior rule. Can take longbows.
  • Sumo Warriors do not have Unstoppable Force, costs 12 pts.
  • Wako Pirates may take spears and handguns, cannot skirmish.
  • Kabuki Doll Sewamono Style: While performing this dance, the Kabuki Dolls have the Dodge (5+) special rule.
  • War Fan can be used as additional hand weapon or buckler.
  • Removed blowguns, Ninja can take blowpipes instead.
  • Ninja have the Dodge (6+) special rule.
  • Shinobi have the Dodge (5+) special rule.
  • Great Guard have Devastating Charge. A1, W2. Costs 40 pts.
  • A Mikoshi Shrine, and any unit of Warrior Monks joined by it, has the Stubborn special rule.
  • A Mikoshi Shrine adds +1 Power Dice to your power pool in each of your Magic phases.
  • Mikoshi Shrines have Magic Resistance (1).
  • Blessings of the Kami: The effects of each Blessing lasts until the start of the next Nippon Magic Phase.
  • New Special Unit: Fire Rockets.
  • New Rare Unit: Taiko Drums.
  • New Rare Unit: Cannon
  • Flaming Arrows fires like a normal bolt thrower with an improved profile. Misfires on a To Hit roll of 1.
  • Oni may take two hand weapons.
  • Removed Independent rule from Tengu.
  • Tengu may take light armour for 1 pt.
  • Kitsune are War Beasts, Unit Size 1. A Kitsune is Level 1 Wizard that uses spells from the Lore of Shadow. They have W2, A2. Have a 5+ Ward save. Costs 80 pts.
  • Mizuchi have S6, T6, W6, A5. Have Aquatic, can Fly. Have Poison Breath.
  • New Special Character: Odari Nobuhide
  • New Special Character: Takai Katsuyori
  • New Special Character: Dawate Tadamune
  • New Special Character: Uesigo Norimasa
  • New Special Character: Sanada Naomasa
  • Removed Red Devils; they are instead an upgrade to Sanada Naomasa.
  • New Special Character: Minamoto Kenshin
  • New Special Character: Akashi Sho 
  • Supreme Shugenja: Himiko channels Power Dice on roll of a 3+ and Dispel Dice on a 5+.
  • Himikoi has Eight Span Mirror: If an enemy spell targets Empress Himiko or the unit she is with and is subsequently dispelled by her, she may immediately cast the spell back at the enemy caster just like a Bound Spell, using the same casting value as the enemy wizard.
  • Himiko costs 370 pts.
  • Tokudaira Ieyasu costs 270 pts.
  • One unit of Samurai Warriors in an army led by Tokudaira Ieyasu may be upgraded to Great Guard for a cost of 4 points per model. Great Guard have +1 Weapon Skill and Strength as well as the Devastating Charge and Stubborn special rules. This unit counts as a Special choice.
  • Hitomi Gozen has a longbow. Her Thundering Blade has Lightning Attacks. Costs 90 pts.
  • O-Sayumi has the Kabuki Dance special rule. Against enemy characters, O-Sayumi may re-roll failed rolls To Wound, and has the Killing Blow special rule. Costs 140 pts.
  • Removed the Red Ronin.
  • Generally cheaper Clan Mon for units.
  • Removed mention of Clan Mon in army list, these are specified on the Clan Mon page instead since a lot of units can only take one Clan Mon anyway.
  • Chotosa Clan Mon: Models with this Mon may re-roll 1's when rolling to Hit with longbows.
  • Any To Hit roll of 6 made by a model with their weapon coated in Night Milk automatically Wounds.
  • Removed Dripping Poison.
  • Borne on the Wind allow for a 10" move.