Monday 15 July 2024

Warhammer Dark Elves 1.7 (beta) out now!

This ended up both a quicker and larger update than I had planned! While it is light on new units, it does contain quite a bit of changes to the existing rules. The biggest one is arguably the change to the repeater crossbow - in editions past it's main advantage was that it could outshoot nearly every other weapon in terms of shots, but with regular bows also having that ability now, it's looking a lot less special. In order to separate it from regular bows a bit more, make it consistent with other similar repeater weapons and really get the "fill the sky with a rain of bolts" feel; I've changed it accordingly. It now fires 3 shots instead of 2 and also do not suffer -1 to Hit for doing so, meaning it will now score a lot more hits than before. In order to balance this out, it's reduced to Strength 2 (which fits with it shooting smaller bolts quickly compared to a bow or normal crossbow) and is no longer armour piercing. On the whole, it will be on par with the old version in terms of damage output, except that it is slightly better against Toughness 3 and low armour, and slightly worse against Toughness 4 and heavier armour. If you choose to move and shoot, it's better in almost every way compared to the old crossbow.

Most of the other changes are fairly minor, but should help out to better balance the various units in the army. Hope you enjoy most of the changes, and as always, many thanks to my Patreon supporters!


Patch notes:

  • Elven Grace can be used by mounted models. Increased the cost of cavalry.
  • Eternal Hatred: Models with this special rule have the Hatred special rule in addition to Hatred (High Elves).
  • Repeater Crossbows renamed to Deathrain Crosssbows. Have S2, Multiple Shots (3), Rapid Fire. Are no longer armour piercing.
  • Repeater handbows have S2, Multiple Shots (3), Rapid Fire.
  • Added 6 new spells to Dark Magic, and rebalanced the old ones.
  • Added over a dozen new Magic Items and Gifts of Khaine.
  • Dreadlords and Masters have light armour by default.
  • Hag Queens and Death Hags have hand weapon by default, can choose additional hand weapon or polearm.
  • Sorceresses may use all Winds of Magic.
  • Beastmasters may take light armour.
  • Disciples of Khaine may take Gifts of Khaine. Have Blessing of Khaine special rule. Cost 100 pts.
  • Blood Rites require Ld tests, are not bound spells. Reworked the effects of all Blood Rites.
  • Assassins and Melusai Ironscale may take Magic Items.
  • High Gladiatrix may take bucklers instead of shields. May take polearm. Have Killing Blow instead of Killing Stroke. Costs 145 pts.
  • Manticore's Iron-hard skin gives a 5+ save.
  • Removed City Guard.
  • Repeater handbows costs 2 pts for Corsairs.
  • Corsairs have Slavers: Whenever a unit containing at least 5 models with this special rule breaks an enemy unit in close combat and pursues them, the fleeing unit must re-roll the highest result on their flee roll.
  • Dark Riders: Decreased cost of shields. Increased cost of crossbows.
  • Decreased cost of light armour for Witch Elves.
  • Sister of Slaughters have bucklers, not shields.
  • Dance of Death: Models with this special rule have the Dodge (5+) special rule in close combat and can re-roll failed Dodge saves. In addition, at the start of each round of close combat, each unit with this special rule chooses one enemy unit in base contact. That unit gains no Rank Bonus and cannot make Parry saves this turn.
  • The Trial of Blades: Models with this rule receive +1 To Hit and To Wound if at least one enemy model in base contact with the unit has a Weapon Skill characteristic of 5+ and/or a Strength characteristic of 4+.
  • Executioners costs 15 pts.
  • Shades may take a Magic Standard. Cannot take great weapons.
  • Khinerai have Fight and Flight: In any close combat phase in which a unit with this special rule does not break or break their enemy, it may choose to disengage from combat instead of doing a combat reform (if the unit lost the combat they must pass a Leadership test just like when attempting to Reform from Defeat). If the unit manages to disengage from combat, the unit will make a Flee move as if it had broken from combat. This Flee move follows the rules for Feigned Flight. After finishing its move, the unit rallies automatically. The enemy unit is not allowed to Pursue, but may make a Combat Reform as normal.
  • If a Monstrous Creature or Monster is Hit by this weapon but survives, it must immediately turn and move D6" towards the Scourgerunner Chariot, stopping within 1" of other units or impassable terrain. In its following turn, the target may choose to either suffer 1 Wound with no saves allowed or be forced to keep moving D6" towards the Scourgerunner Chariot instead of moving normally.
  • Melusai have Heartshard Glaives: Polearm. All attacks made with this weapon have the Magical Attacks and Killing Blow special rules.
  • Melusai have medium armour by default. Can replace Heartshard Glaives with light armour and Heartseeker bows for +2 pts. Have Natural Armour (6+), Vanguard, BS5, S3. Costs 28 pts.
  • Khinerai have normal shields, costs 15 pts.
  • Medusa have Natural Armour (6+). Have a polearm instead of spear. Costs 60 pts. Stare has Multiple Shots (5).
  • Black Guard may take a Magic Standard up to 75 pts.
  • New Rare Unit: Shadowstalkers
  • Bloodwrack Shrine costs 140 pts. Aura of Agony: Enemy units within 6" suffer a -2 penalty to their Weapon Skill and Initiative and Leadership.
  • A unit of Doomfire Warlocks is a Level 1 Wizard that can use spells from the Lore of Shadow, Death or Dark Magic.
  • Doomfire Warlocks barding is free. Have a regular 4+ ward.
  • Added multiple upgrades to the War Hydra.
  • Kharibdyss has the Multiple Wounds (D3) special rule.
  • Feast of Bones: Roll a D6 for each unsaved Wound caused by this model. On the roll of a 6+, the Kharibdyss regains 1 Wound lost previously during the game.
  • Avatar of Khaine have a 5+ Ward save. Costs 250 points.
  • Idol of Worship: All friendly Dark Elves within 12" of an Avatar of Khaine gain +1 Leadership.
  • Malekith costs 495 pts.
  • Crone Hellebron has light armour.
  • Rakarth is a Lord choice, costs 445 pts.
  • Lokhir Fellheart has Regeneration (6+), costs 150 pts.
  • New Special Character: Krethusa the Croneseer
  • New Special Character: Mengil Manhide

Saturday 29 June 2024

Warhammer Wood Elves 1.6 (beta) out now!

I have not done too many changes with this update as the book was in a pretty solid state already, so a lot of work has been to simply fine-tune the wording on some things along with some new spells, units and items. As expected, I've included more spells for the Lore of Athel Loren, bringing it up to 13 spells total. The lore attribute has been changed to Glamourweaving, making it harder for enemy units to target nearby Wood Elves with missile attacks and spells. The lore has also been given some more damage spells as the Lore of Life is already very focused on augments, but it's still pretty augment-heavy. I've also included plenty more magic items from Age of Sigmar and the Old World.

Forest Spirit armies have been given more options with the Arch-Revenant now being a Lord choice with better stats, and Branchwraiths have been split into two character choices - one for combat and one for magic, thus getting away from the expensive hybrid model and giving forest spirits the option for a Lvl 2 Hero Wizard.

There are also two new Wood Elf heroes - the Eternal Warden and Wild Hunter, thus allowing players to have more Kindred characters like in 6th ed. The Eternal Warden is an Eternal Guard character that gives them an improved armour save and allows them to be taken as core units (just like Witch Elves and Death Hags), while the Wild Hunter is a mounted character that can lead Wild Riders and Great Stag Knights.

As for new units; in core we have the new Glade Guard armed with spears and shields, like in 5th edition. This allows players to use their old unarmoured models again, and offers an inexpensive close combat options for the wood elves. As a result of this, Eternal Guard are now a special unit like in 6th ed (unless you choose an Eternal Warden as mentioned above) to avoid having two spear-units in Core where the Eternal Guard are just a superior version by default. The Eternal Guard have seen a small price drop as well.

Alters have been given the ambushers special rule, representing them stalking around their prey and offering them protection from missile fire. Spite Revenants are instead scouts, representing them "awakening in the forest".

Another new unit is the Great Stag Knights, which are Monstrous Cavalry. This unit is mentioned in Storm of Magic and also featured in Total War. I had considered to include them earlier on, but since their lore is just "Wild Riders on Stags" I did not do so until now. 

Oh, and there's also Zoats now, because Zoats are fun! They are a single model unit with casting capabilities, weaker than the Storm of Magic version, but a lot cheaper as a result.

Sisters of the Thorn are now a Lvl 1 Wizard unit, thus not outdoing actual Wizards by default. As a result of the spell changes, they can now choose spells like a regular Wizard as well, giving them a lot more versatility. I've also given them light armour since that's clearly apparent on the models (no idea why GW did not include that).

Lastly, for the special characters I've removed some of the less interesting ones that also lacked official models, and given options for magic items and spites for others. This means that Araloth can now be built as an actual useful Lord choice, and Drycha has seen a boost in power and options as well.

Anyway, hope you enjoy the update, and many thanks to my Patreons for your continued support!





  • All Cavalry have Elven Grace. Increased cost of most of them.
  • New Enchanted Arrow: Moonfire Shots.
  • Shooting attacks made with Starfire Shafts forces enemies to re-roll successful Panic tests caused by Heavy Casualties this turn. Reduced cost.
  • New Spite: Hagbane Spite
  • Increased casting value for bound spells.
  • Unleash Swarm of Spites moved to Lore of Athel Loren.
  • Added multiple new spells to Lore of Athel Loren and rebalanced some of the previous spells.
  • Added over a dozen new magic items.
  • Arch-Revenant is a Lord, costs 160 pts. Have WS7, BS7, I8, Ld10.
  • Warsong Revenant costs 250 pts.
  • New Hero: Branchwych
  • New Hero: Eternal Warden
  • New Hero: Wild Hunter
  • Branchwraiths can no longer be Wizards. Have A4.
  • New Core Unit: Glade Guard Spearmen
  • Eternal Guard are Special Units, cost 10 pts. Can be taken as Core Units with Eternal Warden.
  • Wardancers cost 13 pts, must take additional hand weapons and/or saerath. May take a standard bearer.
  • Alters have the Ambushers special rule.
  • Spite-Revenants have the Scouts special rule instead of Ambushers.
  • Treekin have BS0 and I2.
  • New Rare Unit: Great Stag Knights
  • Sisters of the Thorn have light armour, costs 26 pts.
  • A unit of Sisters of the Thorn is considered to be a Level 1 Wizard that can use spells from the Lore of Life, Beasts or Athel Loren.
  • Sylvan Hunters do not have weapons by default, cost 42 pts. Increased cost of great weapons and greatbows.
  • Strangleroots have Rapid Fire.
  • New Rare Unit: Zoat
  • Araloth costs 185 pts. Has a 5+ ward save and Elven Grace. Can take Magic Items up to 100 pts.
  • Thalandor has Elven Grace. Can take Magic Items up to 50 pts.
  • Naestra and Arahan are a Lord choice.
  • New Special Character: Belthanos, First Thorn of Kurnoth
  • Removed Lothlann the Brave
  • Scarloc has a normal asrai longbow, Ld8, costs 100 pts. Can take Magic Items up to 25 pts.
  • Naieth uses the Lore of Heavens.
  • Drycha has W3, costs 185 pts. Can use spells from the Lore of Shadow. Can take Spites.

Tuesday 18 June 2024

Warhammer Orcs & Goblins 1.6 out now!

This was looking to just have a few fixes from the beta, but it ended up being a much bigger final version! In order to streamline the book a bit and make it easier to navigate, a lot of the units have been merged into a single unit entry with upgrades that allow you to tailor them into each sub-species of Orcs and Goblin. This means there is just one entry for Bosses, Shamans, Orc Boyz, Goblin Gitz etc, rather than 2-3 of each. This in turn means there are 20 pages less of redundancy. 

I've also removed some things that were superfluous, including two units and some magic items that were just copies of other magic items. I have also rebalanced the spells quite a bit so they are more useful, especially for the units that need them. There's a lot more changes than those mentioned in the patch notes below, so make sure to read through the army list properly!


  • Rebalanced several of the spells and points cost of multiple magic items.
  • Merged multiple Orc & Goblin characters and unit into a single entry.  
  • Night Goblins have I2 and Ld6 like other Goblins.
  • A Night Goblin Wizard may eat a Magic Mushroom once per Magic phase, before casting a spell. This adds another D6 to the casting result. This dice does not count as a power dice, and cannot contribute to Ultimate Power. However, if you roll a 1 on this dice you must roll a further D6. On a roll of 4+ nothing else happens, but on a roll of 1-3 the Wizard suffers a Wound which Ignores Armour Saves, and the spell automatically fails.
  • Forest Goblin Shamans may re-roll one dice per Magic phase when casting spells. However, any time they Miscast, they will also count as having failed a Stupidity test (if they survive).
  • Brutes cost 26 pts.
  • Brute Ragerz have a Unit Size of 3-5, are Skirmishers. Costs 26 pts by default.
  • Cave Squigs cost 9 pts.
  • Warchanters cannot take mounts. Cost 75 pts.
  • Removed Savage Orc Warchanters.
  • Violent Fury: Any Orc unit joined by a Warchanter may re-roll 1's To Wound in close combat.
  • Warbeats: At the start of each of your turns, the Warchanter can use one of the following Warbeats which affect themself and the unit they are with. Each Warbeat lasts until the start of your next turn. A unit can only be under the effect of one Warbeat at a time. Fixin' Beat: The unit gains the Regeneration (6+) special rule. Get 'Em Beat: The unit gains the Swiftstride special rule. Killa Beat: The unit may re-roll 1's To Hit in close combat.
  • Gruntas can take barding. Barding is free for Boars and Gruntas.
  • Savage Orc Arrer Boyz is a separate unit. Cannot take longbows.
  • Increased BS of all Goblin Bosses.
  • Squig Gobba costs 75 pts.
  • Colossal Squig costs 150 pts.
  • Removed Black Orc Boar Chariot.

Saturday 8 June 2024

Warhammer Orcs & Goblins 1.6 (beta) out now!

Coming in at a whooping 103 pages, this is by far the longest of the new army lists. In order to make it easier to navigate, the book has been divided up by greenskin type, so you will find everything in order of Common Orc, Savage Orc, Black Orc, Common Goblin, Night Goblin, Forest Goblin and Miscellaneous units, with Special Characters at the end as usual. This update contains a lot of new units, both from Age of Sigmar but also 5th edition, along with multiple new weapon options for your units (mostly from 5th edition). There are also a bunch of new magic items available for you to tailor your characters, as well as additional spells that gives you more options than ever before! Hope you enjoy the updated rules, and many thanks to my Patreon backers for your continued support!




Patch Notes:

  • Reworked Animosity to allows Wizards to cast, removed the chance of multiple units being affected by Get 'Em, and increased the chance of rolling We'll Show 'Em.
  • The Waaagh! Miscast table now scales the same as the BRB miscast table, rather than rolling 2D6.
  • New Magic Lore: Lore of Troll Magic
  • Added multiple new spells to the existing spells, and reworked the existing lores.
  • Savage Orcs can use Lore of the Big Waaagh! Night and Forest Goblins can use Lore of the Little Waaagh!
  • Added dozens of new magic items.
  • War Boars and Giant Wolves for Bosses may take barding.
  • Orc Big Bosses and Warchanters may take Gruntas.
  • Orc Boyz may take great weapons and polearms. Do not have shields by default. Cost 5 pts.
  • Arrer Boyz can replace bows with longbows or crossbows. Cost 8 pts by default. You may not have more units of Orc Arrer Boyz with crossbows than you have units of Orc Boyz.
  • Boar Boyz are a Core Unit. Cost 16 pts.
  • Big 'Uns are a separate unit. Big 'Uns are Special Units. Cost +3 pts than normal Orcs for infantry, +4 pts for cavalry. You may take once unit of Big 'Uns or Boar Boy Big 'Uns for each Orc Warboss in your army.
  • Orc Big 'Uns have light armour by default. Cannot take bows.
  • Orc Boar Chariots do not have scythes or light lances by default. Cost 80 pts. May take a Standard Bearer.
  • Brutes may take polearms.
  • New Rare Unit: Orc Brute Ragerz
  • New Rare Unit: Maw-grunta
  • Savage Orc Warboss costs 150 pts.
  • New Hero: Savage Orc Warchanter
  • Savage Orcs can take great weapons, cost 8 pts.
  • Savage Boar Boyz do not have shields by default, costs 18 pts.
  • Black Orc Warboss/BigBoss have hand weapon by default, costs 170/95 pts.
  • Black Orcs have hand weapons by default, cost 14 pts. Can take shields, spears, additional hand weapons and/or great weapons.
  • New Rare Unit: Black Orc Boar Chariots
  • Goblin Bosses have BS4.
  • Goblins can take shortbows or bows. Can take great weapons and polearms. Do not have shields by default. Cost 2 pts.
  • A Jester counts as being part of the unit's command group. A unit joined by a Jester gains +1 Leadership and may re-roll failed Animosity tests.
  • Nasty Skulkers may be taken as upgrades for Goblin Gitz.
  • Goblin Wolf Chariots costs 45 pts. Only have hand weapons by default. Have 2 crew.
  • New Hero: Night Goblin Squigboss
  • You may include one Fanatic for every 10 models in the Night Goblin unit.
  • Twackwheezer Puffshrooms works against Animated Constructs.
  • Squig Herd has Random Movement (3D6). Does not have Animosity.
  • One Herder must be included for every five Cave Squigs in the unit.
  • Squig Hoppers have Vanguard.
  • Forest Goblin Bosses do not have armour.
  • Removed Creeping Assault from Gigantic Spiders. Removed mention of them counting as a single model since it is based on US, not number of models.
  • New Core Unit: Spider Swarms
  • New Special Unit: Forest Goblin Gigantic Spider Rider
  • Catchweb Spidershrine only affects channelling attempts of the Forest Goblin Shaman.
  • Snotlings have the Mimic special rule. They may take Explodin' Spores as an upgrade.
  • New Hero: Dankhold Trollboss
  • Dankhold Troll is a Monstrous Creature, not Monster. Has considerably weaker stats and lower cost.
  • Giant River Troll Hag is a Lord, can be upgraded to a Lvl 3 Wizard. Costs 270 pts.
  • Trolls may take additional hand weapons or great weapons. Cost 44 pts.
  • Troll Vomit: In addition to their normal Attacks, models with this special rule inflicts one automatic Strength 4 hit which Ignores Armour Saves after resolving all their normal Attacks.
  • New Special Unit: Badlands Ogres
  • Snotling Pump Wagons have 4 crew by default, may add up 6 additional crew. May take scythes.
  • New Rare Unit: Bonegrinder Giant
  • New Special Character: Grotfang Skab
  • New Special Character: Ogdruz Swampdigga
  • New Special Character: Ruglud Bonechewer
  • New Special Character: Zoggrok Anvilsmasha
  • New Special Character: Kiknik Toofsnatcha
  • Grom does not have a chariot by default. Grom may include a unit of Goblin Gitz chosen from the army list at a cost of 4 points per model. This unit has +1 Weapon Skill and wears medium armour.
  • Skarsnik have W3, costs 200 pts. May take up to 50 pts of magic items.
  • New Special Character: Trugg the Troll King
  • Removed Bigfeet Bonehead. His weapon can be picked by any Savage Orc.

Sunday 26 May 2024

Warhammer 9th Edition 2.3 out now!

Have gotten quite a bit of feedback since the beta release, and have made quite a few changes accordingly. Most of these revolve around the magic phase, reverting a few changes to the 2.2 version and adjusting a few others. The Winds of Magic are now a bit less swingy, and it's easier to channel dispel dice. Steadfast has seen another major change in being reverted to ranks rather than unit strength, thus mainly benefiting infantry over large units of other troop types. I've also added in some new special rules which will help streamline units and items in future rulebook updates. Hope you enjoy the changes to the game, and many thanks to my Patreon backers for your continued support!


  • A unit is not allowed to end their move closer than 1" to another unit, friend or foe, or impassable terrain (as described in the Battlefield Terrain chapter).
  • If a Wizard loses one or more Wizard levels, they instantly forget a single spell for each Wizard level lost, starting with their highest-level spells. If they know multiple spells of the same spell level, randomly choose which spell is lost.
  • At the start of each Magic phase, the casting player determines the strength of the Winds of Magic by rolling 2D3 per 1000 points played.
  • The dispelling player gets a number of dispel dice equal to the top half of the roll of the Winds of Magic dice. For example, if the Winds of Magic dice are rolled at and show a 1, 2, 2 and a 3, the casting player will get 8 power dice (the total of the 4 dice) and the dispelling player will get 5 dispel dice (the highest result of 2 dice).
  • Roll a D6 for each Wizard Level in your army. For each roll of a 5+, add another power or dispel dice to the power or dispel pool.
  • Removed "Not Enough Power".
  • Broken Concentration: If a spell is attempted to be cast using a single power dice from the Power Pool and that dice roll is a 1 or 2, not only is the spell not cast, but the Wizard is unable to cast spells for the rest of the Magic phase. If a spell is attempted to be dispelled using a single dispel dice from the Dispel Pool and that dice roll is a 1 or 2, not only is the spell not dispelled, but the Wizard is unable to dispel spells for the rest of the Magic phase.
  • Wizards do not need to be in range to dispel spells.
  • Steadfast: If a defeated unit has a higher number of complete ranks than all individual enemy units in base contact, it takes its Break test on its unmodified Leadership.
  • A unit is disrupted if one or more enemy units are attacking it in the flank or rear, and those enemy units have a combined Unit Strength equal to half or more of that unit.
  • Ambushers: At the start of the Remaining Moves sub-phase of Turn 2 the controlling player rolls a D6 for each of their units of Ambushers. On a 3+, the unit arrives. If the unit does not arrive on Turn 2, roll another D6 at the start of the Remaining Moves sub-phase of Turn 3. On a 2+, the unit arrives. If the unit does not arrive on Turn 3, it will automatically arrive at the start of the Remaining Moves sub-phase of turn 4.
  • New Special Rule: Cold-blooded - Whenever a model with this special rule takes a Leadership test, it rolls an additional dice and discards the highest result.
  • Removed the Ignores Cover special rule.
  • If a unit would gain Mighty Blow in a round of close combat after the first for any reason, treat this as the first round of combat for that purpose.
  • Magic Resistance gives -1 to the casting result, rather than +1 to dispel.
  • New Special Rule: Rapid Fire - Models or weapons with this special rule do not suffer the usual -1 To Hit penalty for firing Multiple Shots.
  • Stomp: These are resolved at the model's Strength against a single enemy unit that consists of models with a Line of Sight value of 1 or less. If the model is a Monster, it may also Stomp models with a Line of Sight value of 2 or less.
  • New Special Rule: Weapon Team: If a model with this special rule is hit by a missile attack and is within 3" of a friendly unit consisting of five or more rank and file models of the same troop type within 3", roll a D6. On a roll of 4+, the hit is transferred to a model in the friendly unit (if there is more than one eligible unit within 3", the controlling player can decide which). Otherwise, the hit is resolved against the Weapon Team as normal.
  • Fixed bug with Swarms having two supporting attacks instead of five.
  • Chariots & Ridden Monsters: Any crew member that chooses to fire the mounted weapon cannot fire their own weapon in the same turn.
  • Ridden Monsters follow all the Split Profile rules for Cavalry. However, they may only combine armour saves to a total of 2+ instead of the normal 1+.
  • Clarified that light lances and heavy lances can only be used by mounted models.
  • Spears and Pikes always receive +1/+2 Initiative, not only when charged.
  • Blowpipes have Rapid Fire.
  • New Weapon - Warbow. Range 30", S4, Multiple Shots (2), Volley Fire.
  • Bucklers and shields give extra armour to models on foot, not just infantry.
  • Added rules for Repeater Bolt Throwers.
  • Unless specified, the Battle Standard Bearer may not be the Army General.
  • Book of Ashur costs 30 pts.
  • Channelling Staff: The Wizard rolls one additional dice whenever they attempt to channel power or dispel dice. Costs 20 pts.
  • Ironcurse Icon: The Character (and any unit they are with) gain a Ward save (6+) against artillery weapons.
  • The Withering and Enfeebling Foe are limited to S/T 1.
  • Swapped around the order of a few spells, so that each level of magic has a better mix of different spell types to choose from. Casting values are unaffected.
  • Earthen Ramparts replaced by Leaf Fall. Leaf Fall is an augment spell that is cast on the Wizard itself. All missile attacks targeted against friendly units within 6" of the caster suffer a -1 penalty To Hit until the start of the caster's next Magic phase.
  • Cavalry only counts as 1 Wound for the purpose of Regrowth.

Saturday 18 May 2024

Kislev 1.2 out now!

Patch Notes:

  • New layout with cleaner options selection and navigation panel. Base sizes are included in unit entry instead of Reference section.
  • Barding costs 5 pts for all character mounts.
  • All Champions and Musicians costs 5 pts.
  • Reworked the Lore of Ice, Tempest and Hags, giving each lore a total of 13 spells each to choose from.
  • Boyars and Atamans may take pistols and another close combat weapon.
  • Boyars and Atamans may take brace of pistols.
  • Rangers, Sibyrian Hunters, Chekist, Brotherhood of the Bear, Kvassnics have the Loner special rule.
  • Droyaska do not have light armour.
  • Battle Prayers: They may attempt to use one at the start of each of your turns by taking a Leadership test. If passed, the prayer is answered and take immediate effect.
  • Kossars may take shortbows. Are Unit Size 20+
  • Kossovite Dervishes renamed to Kossovites
  • City Guard have the Steady in the Rank special rule.
  • Heavy War Sleds have US6, W6. Cost 120 pts.
  • War Bear Riders may take pistols.
  • Tzar Cannon costs 175 pts.
  • Sibyrian Hunters may replace bows with crossbows or handguns.
  • New Rare Unit: Frost Wyrm
  • War Wagon has W10, cost 180 pts.
  • Kostaltyn may take 50 pts of magic items.
  • Baba Yaga is replaced by Mother Ostankya
  • New Hero: Naryska Leysa the Golden Knight

Friday 10 May 2024

Dwarfs 1.6 (beta) out now!

Did not make a huge amount of changes for this update, but quite a few big ones: the biggest arguably being the new Rune Lore system which makes your Runesmiths and Runelords act more like Priests in other armies. This means that in addition to Forgefire, they can each use one type of Rune per turn by passing a Leadership test that offers a benefit to the unit they are with. These Runes have been taken from the Anvil of Doom that have been given new Ancestor Runes from Storm of Magic. The Anvil now works more similarly to 7th ed as well as it cannot be dispelled, but failing the Leadership test to use each rune come with bigger consequences compared to the 8th ed system. Overall, the new system should see Anvils being much more usable in-game. 

Other changes include moving Gyrocopters to Special (you can only field 1 per Special Choice though!), and making Giant Slayers a separate Rare Unit. Lastly, Hammerers have been given Armour Piercing (1) from their gromril hammers and can now take a magic standard up to 75 pts. However, they are now a Rare unit so they do not compete directly with Ironbreakers and Longbeards (which are now also a Special Unit and do not require taking Dwarf Warriors). Lastly, Miners are now a Core Unit, which should make them see a bit more play (still limited by other Core Units as usual though).

Hope you enjoy the update, and many thanks to my Patreon for your continued support - planning on getting quite a few Dwarfs for my own collection as soon as they are released!



  • Dwarfs have the Hatred (Orcs, Goblins, Trolls, Skaven) special rule.
  • Natural Resistance is cumulative with other dispel bonuses.
  • Giant Slayer: The model has the Multiple Wounds (D3) special rule when attacking Monstrous Infantry, Monstrous Beasts or Monstrous Cavalry.
  • New Rune: Rune of Reloading
  • Runelords and Runesmiths cannot take additional hand weapons or heavy armour. Runelords costs 160 pts. Runesmiths costs 100 points.
  • Runelords and Runesmiths can use Runes (previously from the Anvil of Doom) on any unit they are with by passing a Leadership test.
  • Anvil of Doom now works similar to 7th ed with having effects that cannot be dispelled. However, failed attempts to Strike the Runes will cause the anvil to "misfire". All effects are based on the Ancestor Gods.
  • Brewmasters cannot take additional hand weapons or shields.
  • Bugman's XXXXXX gives the unit the Mighty Blow (1) special rule.
  • Master Engineers do not have armour by default.
  • Shieldbearers may take an additional shieldbearer.
  • Heavy armour for Warriors cost 1,5 pts.
  • Miners are a Core Unit.
  • Longbeards are a Special Unit.
  • Hammerers have Armour Piercing (1). Are a Rare Unit. May take a Magic Standard worth up to 75 pts. Shields cost 1.5 pts.
  • Firethrowers do not have Weapon Team special rule. May take medium armour.
  • Troll Slayers can take a Leader.
  • Troll Slayers can take a Magic Standard up to 25 pts.
  • Rangers cost 7 pts.
  • Grudge Thrower and Cannon costs 90 pts.
  • Giant Slayers are a Rare Unit.
  • Rune Guardians can take additional hand weapons or great weapons. Rune of Warding costs 6 pts.
  • Removed the Lumbering special rule.
  • Gyrocopters and Gyrobombers can all choose between steam gun, brimstone gun or clattergun.
  • Gyrocopters are Special Units.
  • High King: In addition, one unit of Hammerers may be taken as a Special Unit instead of a Rare Unit.
  • Ungrim may take Giant Slayers as Special Units.
  • Removed Byrrnoth.
  • Kragg the Grim costs 385 pts.
  • Kadrin Redmane has light armour, costs 200 pts.
  • Bugman's Rangers: Josef Bugman must be accompanied by a unit of Rangers chosen from the army list at a cost of 17 points per model. This unit has Strength 4 and are equipped with great weapons, crossbows, medium armour and shields. Josef Bugman may never choose to leave this unit.
  • New Lord: Gotrek & Felix
  • New Lord: Brok Stonefist
  • New Lord: Drong the Hard
  • New Lord: Helgar Longplaits
  • New Hero: Skag the Stealthy
  • New Hero: Krudd Mad-Mattock
  • New Hero: Grung Grudge-Bringer
  • New Hero: Long Drong
  • New Hero: Crazed Khargrim
  • New Hero: Malakai Makaisson