Monday 12 February 2024

Hobgoblins 1.1 out now!

This update changes the following:

  • Message of Doom: Until the start of the caster’s next magic phase, the target unit treats all enemies as causing Fear and suffer -1 to their Leadership.
  • Khan's Guard: If a unit with this special rule is joined by a character with the Quell Treachery special rule, they become Stubborn as long as the character remains in the unit.
  • Fixed bug with Ravagers missing from army list.
  • Assassins have Poisoned Attacks, cost 100 pts.
  • Wolf Raiders cost 9 pts.
  • Ravagers cost 10 pts.
  • Archers and Mangudai may replace shortbows with bows.
  • Khans, Orloks and Kheshig may take bows or shortbows.
  • Cowardly Despoilers no longer suffer -1 to their Combat Resolution for getting charged.
  • Treacherous Gits results cause D3 Hits for each complete rank instead of D6 Hits.
  • Fixed bug with Kheshig on Dire Wolves having S4.
  • Characters on Wolf Chariots replace the crew, costs 40 pts.
  • Chariots have Ded Shooty.
  • War Wagon has Backstabbers.
  • Preying on the Weak: A Corpseripper Vulture gains the Heroic Killing Blow special rule against models with half or less of their starting Wounds left.
  • Scavenger: Each time a Corpseripper Vulture causes an unsaved Wound, roll a D6. On a 6, they regain one Wound lost earlier during the game.
  • Corpseripper Vulture costs 175 pts.
  • Shaman Elder may be mounted on a Corpseripper Vulture.
  • Assassin renamed to Throat-Slasher.
  • Hobgobla Khan has the Horn of the Steppe: Enchanted Item. One use only. This item can be used at the start of each of your Movement phases. Once used, all friendly Hobgoblin units within 12" gain +1 to their Combat Resolution for the remainder of the turn. Costs 230 pts.
  • Pelt of Wulfag: Enchanted Item. The wearer of this item gains the Natural Armour (6+) special rule against missile attacks, and any unit they are with must always pursue in close combat, and may add +D6" to their pursuit move.
  • Maglah Khan has the Trickster's Quiver. Cost 110 pts.
  • New Special Character: Nergui
  • New Special Character: Sobutai
  • Increased the cost of barding for Dire Wolves for characters.
  • New Rare Unit: Wind Daemons

Wednesday 7 February 2024

Vampire Counts 1.6 (beta) out now!

Another huge update here; I had planned to mostly just include new units and magic items, but it ended up being a much bigger overhaul! Lots of balance changes throughout; I expect I will need to go over and adjust quite a few things before the proper 1.6 release still; mainly to sort out potential broken combos that might be a result of the new magic items/powers - though I have tried to keep most of them fairly low on the power scale. Vampire Counts now probably have the widest selection of magic items out of any of the army books! 

I have also added in a bunch of new units based on lore, 3rd edition as well as suitable models from Age of Sigmar - you now have more options than ever to customize your army. I have also removed three special characters that never had official models and whose rules were lackluster to say the least. These characters can still be created using the magic items in the list if you wish, however.

Hope you enjoy the update, and many thanks to my Patreons! Thanks to you guys I can get hold of the Highlands Miniatures Bretonnians for my collection, which I expect will be a joy to paint down the road!


This update changes the following:

  • Added dozens of additional magic items from Age of Sigmar.
  • The Drakenhof Banner may only be taken if your army includes a von Carstein Vampire Character.
  • Royal Standard of Strigos may only be taken if your army includes a Strigoi Vampire.
  • Cursed Pendant of Mousillion may only be if your army includes is a Blood Dragon Vampire.
  • Banner of the Endless Nightmare may only be taken if your army includes a Necrarch Vampire.
  • Massive Monstrosity: Model on foot only. The model gains +1 Wound and becomes Monstrous Infantry. It should be placed on a 40x40mm base. Cost 20 pts.
  • Von Carsteins may take polearms. Increased cost of armour.
  • Lahmian Vampires have Dodge (6+), cost 245/85 pts.
  • Strigoi Vampires can take magic weapons, but do not have Armour Piercing. Cost 240/120 pts.
  • Necrarchs Vampire Lords may take the Master of the Dead upgrade.
  • Blood Dragon Vampires cost 245/110 pts.
  • Coven Thrones are a Rare Unit. Are Vampiric, not Undead. Has Ld8, Fly (7).
  • Mortis Engine has Fly (7).
  • Cairn Wraith (Hero) does not have great weapon by default. Have Ld7. Have the Soulstriders special rule. Cost 50 pts.
  • Barrow Chariot has two crew. Can take spears, bows, scythed wheels. Cost 75 pts.
  • Skeleton Warriors have Unit Size 20+. Can take great weapons. Do not have shields by default. Cost 3 pts.
  • Skeleton Archers are a separate unit.
  • Crypt Ghouls have WS3, cost 7 pts. Skirmish upgrade costs 1 pt.
  • Sylvanian Levy cannot take torches. You may only include Sylvanian Peasant Levy if your army includes a von Carstein Vampire.
  • New Core Unit: Strigany
  • New Core Unit: Skeleton Horsemen
  • New Special Character: Ushoran
  • New Special Unit: Crypt Guard
  • New Rare Unit: Morbheg Knights
  • New Special Character: Grand Justice Gormayne
  • New Hero: Crypt Ghast Courtier
  • New Special Unit: Flesh Golems
  • New Special Unit: Skeleton Chariots
  • New Rare Unit: Skeleton Catapult
  • Grave Guard may not take shields with great weapons.
  • New Special Character: Awlrach the Drowner
  • Abyssal Terror is a Monstrous Beast. Cost 75 pts.
  • New Hero: Swain
  • New Hero: Strigany Mystic
  • Corpsecart Balefire has a range of 18".
  • Spectral Steeds is an army special rule.
  • Blood Knights may only take a standard up to 50 points.
  • Lahmian Handmaidens have Dodge (6+) and Ld8. May take throwing weapons.
  • Cairn Wraiths (unit) renamed to Wraithwisps. Are a special unit. Have W1, A1. Do not have great weapons by default. Can take crossbows, great weapons, two hand weapons or polearms. Cost 13 pts.
  • Tomb Banshees are Heroes instead of Rare.
  • Black Coach may take two additional Nightmares.
  • Varghulfs are Monstrous Beasts. Cost 105 pts.
  • Mournguls are Monstrous Infantry. Has the Terror special rule. Cost 100 pts.
  • Neferata pays 9 pts for medium armour.
  • Melkhior costs 455 pts.
  • Walach Blood Chalice gives him +D3 Attacks.
  • Rod of Flaming Death is limited to Dieter Helsnicht.
  • Dieter Helsnicht is a Monstrous Beast. Costs 335 pts.
  • Vlad von Carstein costs 435 pts.
  • Mannfred von Carstein costs 565 pts.
  • Walach Harkon costs 475 pts.
  • The Red Duke costs 375 pts.
  • Isabella von Carstein has medium armour.
  • Konrad von Carstein costs 215 pts.
  • Added multiple new Vampiric Powers for all bloodlines.
  • Curse of the Revenant: The model gains a 3+ Ward save once they are reduced to a single Wound.
  • Summon Ghouls: The model allows one unit Crypt Ghouls to deploy as Ambushers.
  • Unholy Cynosure works once per turn. Costs 25 pts.
  • Nehekhara's Noble Blood: The model adds +6" to the range of all their spells.
  • Crimson Gem of Lahmia adds +D3 Power dice.
  • Prince Vhordrai costs 600 pts.
  • Removed Gunther Spengler.
  • Removed Sethep.
  • Removed Gashnag.
  • Neferata has Dodge (6+), costs 510 pts.
  • New Special Character: Sekhar, The Fang of Lahmia
  • Aura of Dark Majesty costs 30 pts.
  • Nightshroud offer no armour save. Is a Talisman instead of armour.
  • Ghostly Howl renamed to Death Shriek. Death Shriek for Terrorgheist works the same as a Banshee. Terrorgheist cost 240 pts.
  • Pestilential Breath: A Zombie Dragon has a Breath Weapon. Any model hit suffers a Strength 2 Hit with the Ignores Armour saves special rule.
  • The Red Thirst: Whenever a model with this special rule kills a model in close combat, roll a D6 at the end of the Close Combat phase. On the roll of a 6+, the model recovers a single Wound lost earlier in the battle.
  • Warrior Pride: Infantry or Cavalry only. The model can re-roll failed armour saves. Cost 25 pts.
  • Master Strike costs 15 pts.
  • All enemy models (to a maximum of 3) in base contact with the bearer of the Talon of Death suffer a Strength 5 Hit at the start of each round of close combat.
  • Undead they may make march moves if they are within Army General's Inspiring Presence range or are joined by a character with the Lore of Necromancy.
  • Unholy Lodestone has a range of 12", cost 20 pts.
  • Cloud of Horror: An enemy unit that is attacked in the flank or rear by one or more Bat Swarms is automatically Disrupted.
  • Resurrecting Fallen Warriors: Any characters in the unit can only be healed if targeted separately from the rest of the unit, in which case only they are healed.
  • Black Coach costs 150 pts.
  • Evocation of Death: Immediately after the total number of power dice is determined in each player's turn, roll 2D6 for each Black Coach on the battlefield, and then roll a number of dice equal to the result. For every natural 6 rolled, discard one dice from the magic pool. Each discard dice increases that Black Coach's abilities for the rest of the game
  • Liche Lords may take light or medium armour.
  • Barrow Chariot costs 50 pts.
  • Doomrider costs 20 pts.
  • Swiftness: The model gains Movement 10 and the Swiftstride special rule. Cost 10 pts.
  • Frostblade: The wielder gains the Ice Attacks special rule. Cost 55 pts.
  • Wailing Helm costs 20 pts.
  • Casket of Ages is no longer one use only.
  • Wristbands of Black Gold costs 20 pts.
  • Ring of the Night costs 20 pts.
  • Banner of Endless Nightmare costs 10 pts.
  • Icon of Vengeance costs 5 pts.
  • Curse of Undeath heals D3 Wounds.
  • Invocation of Nehek: Infantry and Warbeasts gain D6 plus the caster's Wizard level in Wounds.
  • Red Fury gives a maximum of +3 Attacks. Costs 30 pts.
  • Walking Death costs 25 pts.
  • Black Periapt costs 30 pts.
  • Staff of Damnation: If cast successfully, this item casts an augment spell. All friendly units containing Undead models within 6" of the bearer gain +1 Attack until the start of the bearer's next Magic phase.
  • The Cursed Book only requires one power dice.
  • The Balefire Spike: This item gives the wielder the Devastating Charge and Flaming Attacks special rules. Cost 15 pts.
  • The Sceptre de Noirot makes the bearer roll an additional D6 when determining the number of Zombies or Skeletons raised with the Invocation of Nehek and Raise Dead spells from the Lore of Necromancy.
  • Krell costs 200 pts.
  • New Core Unit: Glooms
  • Standard of Everlasting Death costs 10 pts.

Thursday 18 January 2024

Hobgoblins 1.1 (beta) out now!

This was a bit of a tricky update due to the nature of the army; Hobgoblins are difficult to play due to having fairly weak troops with low armour saves, being mostly fast cavalry. I have tried to keep their playstyle intact as much as possible while giving them some more tools to play with, mainly in the form of several magic items which will help them play to their strengths, but also some new and reworked units with additional options. Hope you guys enjoy the update, and many thanks to my Patreons as always! 


This update changes the following:

  • Ded Shooty: Mounted models with this special rule do not suffer penalties To Hit for Moving and Shooting and may Volley Fire even while moving. In addition, when using Fire and Flee, the unit can still use their Swiftstride special rule.
  • Backstabbers is an Army Special Rule: A unit with this special rule that successfully restrains from pursuing after breaking an enemy unit in close combat causes D6 Strength 3 hits on the fleeing unit for every complete rank the Hobgoblin unit has (up to a maximum of 3). Resolve any casualties before moving the fleeing unit.
  • Reworked Treacherous Gits to be more similar to Animosity.
  • Added dozens of new Magic Items, mainly from the old 8th ed book, but also some from the community-made homebrew lists on the Discord.
  • Added Magic Standard options to most units.
  • Hobgoblins use shortbows, not bows.
  • Lightning Spear have Lightning Attacks, cost 50 pts.
  • Warpstone Scimitar costs 25 pts.
  • Dire Wolves may take barding.
  • Khans and Chieftains may take polearms.
  • Quell Treachery: Any friendly unit joined by a model with this special rule may re-roll failed Treachery tests.
  • Hobgoblin Warriors renamed to Cutthroats. Have no armour by default. Cost 3 pts.
  • Hobgoblin Archers cost 4 pts.
  • Wolf Raiders cost 10 pts, have no armour by default.
  • One Slave Driver must be included for every 10 Kharash (+5 points/model).
  • One Packmaster must be included for every 5 Hobhounds (+5 points/model). Hobhounds have Frenzy. Removed Release the Hounds special rule.
  • Kheshig have spears (not lances) and Strength Bonus (1). Cannot take bows or additional hand weapons. Are Fast Cavalry.
  • Ravagers cost 11 pts.
  • Mangudai cost 13 pts. Do not have light armour by default.
  • Sneaky Gits cost 5 pts. May not take standard bearer or musician.
  • New Special Unit: Wolf Chariots.
  • War Wagon has Cowardly Despoilers. Is a Rare choice. Cost 90 pts.
  • Removed Rhinox Battle Fortress.
  • Replaced Thunderbird with Corpseripper Vulture.
  • Rokkit Launcha has Flaming Attacks, costs 75 points.
  • Dread Maw has A5 and Multiple Wounds (D3). Has Impact Hits (D6). Removed Cavernous Maw. Added "Death From Below" rule, allowing it to emerge from anywhere on the battlefield. Any unit charged by a Dread Maw counts as being Disrupted in the first round of combat. Does not have ASF on the charge.
  • Updated Giant to be on par with other army books.
  • New Special Character: Maglah Khan
  • New Rare Unit: Kheshig Dire Wolf Riders. This replaces the Scorpion Riders.
  • Khan's Guard: If a unit with this special rule is joined by a Khan, they become Stubborn as long as he remains in the unit.
  • New Hero: Assassin.
  • Ravagers may have Poisoned Attacks.
  • Chieftain renamed to Orlok.
  • Removed Tarkans.
  • Wolf Raiders may be upgraded to Ambushers.
  • New Special Unit: Giant Scorpions.
  • Renamed Deathclaws to Almaslar. Do not have a champion option.
  • Khans cost 70 pts.
  • Orloks cost 40 pts.

Sunday 31 December 2023

Halflings 1.1 beta out now!

A lot of changes in this one! Insatiable Appetite has been removed as it was a very time-consuming ability that required a bunch of tokens to keep track off for each unit; a new form of this ability can instead be given to individual units through the use of Chuck Wagons.

I've also removed multiple superfluous units that either did not add much or was pretty much entirely lacking in terms of models. Instead I've gone for trying to have each unit have a bit more of a defined role, while still allowing people to keep using most of their models in other units.

A very big change is the removal Wizards, which is not supported in the lore canonically. Instead, Halfling characters can take two Talismans and/or Enchanted Items which gives them better survivability and access to Bound Spell items. I have also included a lot new magic items (mostly from my old 8th edition book, but also some for the homebrew list on our Discord and some made by our moderator Marppuli), and tightened up a lot of the previous special rules. I'm open to including even more magic items created by the community in the final version.

Huge thanks to my supporters, especially around Christmas time when expenses are typically higher than normal. It's very much appreciated and the main way I can support my hobby nowadays!



This update changes the following:

  • Removed Insatiable Appetite as an army special rule.
  • New Army Special rule: Homesteaders: Units with this special rule are Stubborn so long as they are partially within their Deployment Zone.
  • New Army Special Rule: Piggyback Riders: Models with this upgrade gains the Fight in Extra Ranks (1) special rule.
  • New Army Special Rule: Trinkets: Models with this special rule may take up two Talismans or Enchanted Items rather than just one of each.
  • New Army Special Rule: Natural Resistance: When a Halfling army attempts to dispel, they have a +2 bonus to all dispel attempts. Note that, if the Halflings are fighting alongside a Wizard for whatever reason, this bonus is lost.
  • Renamed Short & Nimble to Bob & Weave.
  • Elder renamed to Moot Elder.
  • New Mount: Ogre Bodyguard.
  • Removed Enchanters.
  • "It’s Lunch Time" renamed to Special Spices. Only affects the unit the Master Chef joins, but is a guaranteed effect.
  • Master Chefs cost 50 pts. May be mounted on a Chuck Wagon.
  • Master Thief has Dodge (5+). Costs 70 pts. Have M4.
  • All Halfling mounts now go under the umbrella term Farm Animal to allow players more leeway in what they want to use as a mount.
  • Militia renamed to Rabble. Have throwing weapons by default. Can take flails.
  • New Core Unit: Militia Spearmen.
  • New Core Unit: Militia Swordsmen.
  • New Core Unit: Militia Archers.
  • Vigilante Guard renamed to Deputies. Are a special unit.
  • Hobilars no longer have the Oomph! Special rule. Have shields by default. Cost 10 pts. May take light armour. Are riding Farm Animals.
  • Fieldwardens cannot take additional hand weapons. Cost 7 pts.
  • Rangers renamed to Gamekeepers. Have BS5. Cost 9 pts.
  • Housewives have WS2 and Hatred special rule. Cost 5 pts. Does not have Women’s Wrath or Washing Line upgrades. Cannot take additional hand weapons or great weapons.
  • Thieves are Ambushers, not Scouts. May take shortbows or slings. Have Dodge (6+). Cost 8 pts. Have M4.
  • Removed Pantry Guard.
  • Chuck Wagons are a separate Special unit that gives out bonus similar to Insatiable Appetite to nearby units. Is pulled by 2 Farm Animals. Does not give Hold Your Ground. Cost 60 pts.
  • Removed Lords of the Harvest.
  • Removed Hound Riders.
  • Removed Ram Riders.
  • Swan Riders do not have devastating charge or hatred. Only have hand weapons by default. Can take spears, shields, light armour and/or shortbows. Have Fly (9). Cost 15 pts.
  • Removed Sheep Dogs.
  • Shearers renamed to Reapers, no throwing weapons, drawn by two Farm Animals. Armour save (6+). Costs 45 pts.
  • Reapers renamed to Shearers, no throwing weapons, drawn by two Farm Animals. Armour save (6+). Costs 75 pts.
  • Moot Ogres are a Special Unit. May take polearms.
  • Bee Swarms replaced by Beekeepers armed with Bee Hives. Bee Hives have a range of 6" and the Quick to Fire special rule. Each Bee Hive that hit inflicts 3D6 Strength 1 hits. If the target unit is Hit, it must then take a Panic test at the end of the Shooting phase.
  • New Rare Unit: Fireworks Cart.
  • New Rare Unit: Treemen.
  • Halftank has a profile for crew with Weapon Skill. Has Animated Construct, Fear and Random Movement (3D6).
  • General rebalancing and improved wording of the special rules for the special characters.

Sunday 10 December 2023

Amazons 1.4 out now!

 This update changes the following:

  • Statue of Sotek: All enemy Skink units in base contact with the bearer are subject to the Always Strikes Last and Hatred special rules.
  • Pterossus renamed to Great Wyrm.
  • Cold One Riders do not have spears by default.
  • Swamp Python does not have Poisoned Attacks. Cost 210 pts.
  • Star Sword costs 60 pts.
  • Ancient Sentinels have Magic Resistance (2), costs 50 pts.
  • Pendant of the Old Ones: Enchanted Item. Unless the model has charged or is fleeing, they may teleport anywhere on the battlefield (facing any direction) in the Remaining Moves sub-phase, but they may not be placed within 1" of enemy models.
  • Sunstaffs for Piranha Warriors and Serpent Guard cost 5 pts.
  • Jaguars have Strength 3, Strength Bonus (1).
  • Huntresses and Beastmistress have I3.
  • Culchan have A1.
  • Culchan Riders cost 17 pts, have Ld8. Javelins cost 2 pts, shortbows 1 pt.
  • Lysippe costs 130 pts. Blackfang has Strength Bonus (1).
  • Bright Staff costs 30 pts.
  • Fixed bug with Cold One Riders missing options for Amulets of the Moon.
  • Matriarch and Mistress do not have light armour by default. Light armour and shields cost 2 pts for Mistress.
  • Shield of Feather Iron: All enemy units in base contact with the bearer are subject to the Always Strikes Last special rule.
  • Serpent Guard have BS4.
  • Snake Swarms cost 30 pts, have M5, Ld3, Aquatic, Cold-Blooded.

Sunday 26 November 2023

Amazons 1.4 (beta) out now!

Another update fairly long in the making, Amazons have now received quite a few new toys to play with! This includes monstrous units, more magic items (many thanks to Marppuli on our Discord server for helping out to create many of them!) and combat drugs to give them more hitting power, while their High Age artifacts are a bit more limited and weaker and penetrating armour to balance it out better. Both Piranha and Eagle Warriors have been moved to the special section being elite units, and replace the Koka-kalim both in lore and rules. Hope you enjoy it, and thanks to my Patreons as usual!


This update changes the following:

  • New army special rule: Koka. Models with this upgrade gain the Frenzy special rule, and they do not lose Frenzy by losing a round of combat.
  • New Mount: Stegadon
  • New Mount: Pterossus
  • New Core Unit: Skirmishers.
  • New Core Unit: Snake Swarms
  • New Rare Unit: Bolt Thrower
  • New Rare Unit: Stegadon
  • New Rare Unit: Ancient Sentinels
  • New Rare Unit: Amaxon Swamp Python
  • Lots of new magic items.
  • Sunstaffs, Sun Gauntlets and Claws of the Old Ones only have AP(1), but are cheaper.
  • Skypiercer is a bow.
  • Serpent Priestess renamed to Serpent High Priestess.
  • Priestess renamed to Serpent Priestess.
  • Culchans have M8, A2 and Armour Piercing (1).
  • Jaguars have Strength Bonus (1).
  • Amazon Warriors may not take slings.
  • Removed Koka-kalim.
  • Piranha Warriors are a Special Unit. Have BS4 and Ld8. May swap Javelins for Sun Staffs. Cannot Ambush. Cost 8 pts. Can take Combat Drugs. Can take standard bearers.
  • Eagle Warriors are a Special Unit. Have spears and shields by default. Have Ld8, cost 7 pts. Can take Sun Gauntlets. Can take Combat Drugs.
  • Jaguar Warriors do not have Immunity (Psychology), have Ambushers instead. May not take light armour. Cost 7 pts. Can take Combat Drugs.
  • Huntresses cost 14 pts, have shields by default.
  • Totem Guardians renamed to Serpent Guard. Are a Rare Unit. May take Sun Gauntlets in addition to their polearms.
  • Jungle Stalkers can take additional hand weapons. May not take Amulets of the Moon.
  • Culchan Riders cost 15 pts.
  • Terradon Riders has the Fast Cavalry special rule. Are a Special Unit. Do not have javelins by default. May take spears, javelins or short bows. May take shields. Have WS3. Cost 27 pts.
  • Musicians for fast cavalry cost 10 pts.
  • Gorols are a Special Unit.
  • Avatar of Rigg's Blood ability gives Hatred, not Frenzy.
  • Thalestris may take a shield.
  • Melandra Hawkeye has Dodge (5+), cost 125 pts. Her pendant allows the wearer to teleport anywhere on the battlefield (facing any direction) at the start of your Movement phase, but she may not be placed within 1" of enemy models.

Saturday 28 October 2023

Cult of Ulric 1.1 (beta) out now!

This ended up being a pretty quick update since I did not have to do a lot of rules-changes overall and is mostly a patch to fix some previous bugs, though it still took nearly all my free time over the last 3 days to finish it. There are a few new units to play around with though along with some additional magic items. Thanks to my Patreons as usual!



  • All Empire rules and units available to the Cult of Ulric are included in the army list, so there is no need to reference Warhammer: Empire.
  • White Wolf Hammers gives +1 Strength and have the Armour Piercing (1) and Requires Two Hands special rules.
  • New Magic Items: Heart of Middenheim, Cloak of Anraheir, Fauschlag Ring, Banner of Middenheim, Banner of Ulric, The Knights Panther Battle Standard.
  • Talismans of Ulric are now regular magic items.
  • Midden Marshals have WS6, I6, A4. Cost 100 pts.
  • New Lord: Wizard Lord
  • New Lord: High Priest of Ulric
  • New Mount: Winter Wolf
  • New Mount: War Altar of Ulric
  • New Core Unit: Demilancers
  • Middenheim Militia replaces Free Company Militia. Cannot take crossbows or pistols.
  • Strength in Faith, Faith in Strength is limited to Ar-Ulric.
  • Warrior Priests of Ulric have White Wolf Cloaks and can ride Winter Wolves.
  • Seneschals can ride Winter Wolves.
  • Warriors of Ulric and Wolf-Kin can take bucklers, not shields.
  • Hunting Hounds are a Core Unit.
  • Knights of the White Wolf have heavy armour, cost 20 pts.
  • Removed Sons of Ulric.
  • Teutogen Guard have heavy armour. Cost 12 pts.
  • Brotherhood of the Axe is a Rare unit. Have S4 and full plate armour.
  • Knights Panther are a Special unit, have heavy armour, cost 20 pts. Inner Circle Knights are a Rare Unit.
  • Children of Ulric are Infantry with the Swiftstride rule. May be upgraded to Skirmishers. Unit size 5+. Are Special Units.
  • Huntsmen are Special Units.
  • Boris Todbringer does not have Crush the Weak.
  • Blitzbeil has Ice Attacks. Ar-Ulric may not take any additional Magic items.
  • Rein Volkhard costs 155 pts. May be mounted on a Winter Wolf.
  • Heinrich von Torlichhelm may take a lance.
  • Vorn Thugenheim does not have Inspiring Presence.
  • Storm Hammer: Models Hit in the turn the wielder charges may not attack that turn. Costs 25 pts.
  • Wolf Helm of the Teutogens cost 15 pts.