Wednesday, 29 March 2023

Large hotfix wave out now!

Following on the update wave, here are all the bug fixes/changes based on feedback. Minor things like spellings errors or small rules clarifications are not mentioned in the patch list.



  • Removed "lone" from the following sentence: Characters that are Infantry follow the rules for Skirmishers. Characters that are Cavalry follow the rules for Fast Cavalry.
  • A unit must take a Panic test immediately if it loses 25% or more of the Unit Strength with which it started the phase.
  • Cavalry without a split profile can make up to two supporting attacks.
  • Ridden monsters follow all the Split Profile rules for Cavalry.
  • Cavalry, monstrous cavalry, chariots and shrines that enter marshland fail their Dangerous Terrain tests on a 1 or 2, rather than a 1.
  • Unlike other magic items; Wizards can take up to two Arcane Items. If they do so, one of their Arcane items must be marked as "one use only". Note that they may not take two "one use only" items.
  • Fear: If the Unit Strength of all Fear-causing models is double or more that of the total Unit Strength of all enemy units in base contact, the Combat Resolution score is increased by +2.
  • Destroy Magic Scroll: On a 4+, the spell is destroyed and the enemy caster loses access to the spell for the rest of the game (note that this has no effect on Innate Bound spells).
  • Cavalry have to take Dangerous Terrain tests if they move march, charge, flee or pursue over anything other than open ground or hills – Battlefield Terrain for more details.
  • Clarified that Stomp hits are randomised like Automatic Hits.
  • Stupidity: In addition, Wizards cannot attempt to cast/dispel or channel power dice or dispel dice.
  • Wizarding Hat: The wearer is treated as being a Level 2 Wizard who can use a randomly chosen spell lore from any of the Eight Lores of Magic at the start of the game. However, they also have the Stupidity special rule. Note that they may not choose any Arcane Items. Cost 50 pts.
  • A model can make a supporting attack if it is in the second rank and directly behind a friendly model that is itself fighting an enemy in base contact.
  • Note that Magical Resistance does not offer protection against Miscasts.
  • Any Swarm base that is hit by a template attack suffers Multiple Wounds (D6) rather than 1.
  • Mixed Unit: Note that if the unit has the Expendable, Swiftstride or Vanguard special rules, this also applies to the Handlers.


  • Braid of Bordeleaux is an enchanted item.
  • Sigil of Asuryan: In addition, the spell is destroyed and the enemy caster loses access to the spell for the rest of the game (note that this has no effect on Innate Bound spells).
  • Grand Banner of Clan Superiority: The unit carrying the Grand Banner of Clan Superiority gains +D3 combat resolution bonus if they have more ranks than each enemy unit in base contact.
  • The Bronze Armour of Zhrakk gives the wearer the Animated Construct special rule (though they may still march). However, no other model may use the model's Leadership.
  • The Helm of Commandment gives the wearer a 6+ armour save. In addition, if the wearer is not in combat, one friendly Undead unit within 12" may use their unmodified Weapon Skill instead of their own in close combat.


  • Roth Mac Lyr is a MI model, does not have Spasms of Fury. Costs 245 pts.



  • Flying Carpet Riders have Movement 0.
  • Monster Bombard has minimum range 12”.



  • Scion of the Dark Gods: Gorthor may not exchange the result for the Signature spell if he prefers.
  • Dragon Ogres are MC.
  • Dragon Ogre Shaggoth has Impact Hits (D3).



  • Your Army General must always be a model with the Knight's Vow, The Questing Vow, the Grail Vow, or a Wizard.
  • The Green Knight no longer has a separate ward save, costs 245 pts.
  • Spirits of the Fay no longer has a separate ward save, costs 13 pts.



  • Additional War Drummers cost 6 pts per model.



  • Musicians for Seekers of Slaanesh costs 5 pts.
  • Discs of Tzeentch has Movement 0.
  • Removed Vanguard from Flesh Hounds and Karanak.



  • Dark Riders pay 1,5 pts for shields, 1 pt for barding.
  • Clarified that Ravager Harpoon is part of the chariot, not the equipment of the crew.
  • Avatar of Khaine has heavy armour, cost 220 pts.



  • Mydas the Mean has heavy armour.
  • Maneaters may take polearms.
  • Marianna Cheveaux: Models suffer -1 To Wound against her, unless they are using Magical Attacks or Flaming Attacks.



  • Garagrim’s War-mourner rule no longer lets Giant Slayers take Magic Weapons.


  • Fixed bug with incorrect armour value for full plate armour.
  • Musicians for fast cavalry cost 10 pts.



  • Musicians for fast cavalry cost 10 pts.



  • Kroxigors in Skink Cohorts have Natural Armour (4+) and cost 46 pts.
  • Musicians for fast cavalry cost 10 pts.
  • Increased Natural Armour for Lotl-Botl, Ten-Zlati and Itzi-Bitzi.
  • Burning Alignment is a direct damage spell that targets every enemy unit within 4D6" of the Engine's front arc.



  • Musicians for fast cavalry cost 10 pts.
  • Sumo Warriors have medium armour, cost 13 pts.
  • Odari Clan Mon: Models with this Mon gain +1 to their Leadership.
  • Call of the War God lasts until the start of the caster’s next magic phase.



  • Musicians for fast cavalry cost 10 pts.


  • Musicians for fast cavalry cost 10 pts.
  • Rogue Idol has a Ward save (6+), cost 245 pts.



  • Mr Bill's hook hand can be used as either an additional hand weapon or as a buckler in close combat.
  • Helmsman has S3 instead of S4.
  • Pistols of King Death costs 40 pts.
  • Lucky Levi's Hook Hand costs 35 pts.
  • The Bloody Nora costs 35 pts.
  • The Jolly Roger costs 50 pts.
  • Orc Freebooterz may take a magic standard worth up to 25 pts.



  • All models in the Skaven army roll 3D6 and discard the lowest result when determining their flee distance.
  • Removed third paragraph from Strength in Numbers and changed out ranks for Unit Strength in the second paragraph.
  • At the start of each round of close combat, all enemy models in base contact with one or more models bearing a plague censer, as well the Censer Bearers themselves that are allowed to fight this round, must pass a Toughness test or suffer a single wound with the Ignores Armour Saves and Magical Attacks special rules.



  • Settra has Troop Type: Chariot
  • Whilst Arkhan the Black has the Liber Mortis he gains +1 to cast, +1 to dispel and one additional spell. If the Liber Mortis is ever destroyed, Arkhan the Black immediately loses a randomly determined spell.
  • High Queen Khalida costs 285 pts.



  • Invocation of Nehek is an augment spell with a range of 12" that targets Undead.
  • The Book of Nagash allows Zacharias to restore 2D6 Wounds instead of D6 for Infantry when casting the spell Invocation of Nehek from the Lore of Necromancy.
  • Retribution or Salvation can only target Undead Infantry. 
  • Spirit of the Fallen: Cado gains the Killing Blow and Multiple Wounds (2) special rules.



  • Discs of Tzeentch has Movement 0.
  • Dragon Ogre Shaggoth has Impact Hits (D3).
  • Kholek has Impact Hits (D6), costs 485 pts.
  • Musicians for fast cavalry cost 10 pts.
  • If any enemy spell or missile attack with the Lightning Attacks special rule targets a unit within 12" of Kholek, the spell's effects are redirected toward Kholek instead.
  • Atarus has Devastating Charge and his mount is Daemonic, costs 190 pts.
  • Marauder Chieftain can upgrade to medium armour.
  • Blood Bind: In addition, the unit becomes subject to Frenzy until the start of the caster's next magic phase.
  • Fatemasters cost 60 pts.
  • Varanguard cost 70 pts.


  • Musicians for fast cavalry cost 10 pts.
  • Unleash Swarm of Spites: Roll a number of dice equal to the casting result for each enemy unit.
  • Clarified that Spiterider Revenants have Natural Armour (5+).
  • Drycha Hamadreth: If Drycha is reduced to 1 Wound, she gains the Frenzy special rule. She automatically loses Frenzy if she is healed back to her starting number of Wounds.
  • Spiterider Revenants cost 60 pts.
  • A Cluster of Radiants is Forest Spirit only.


  • Added several pages of additional lore on the Vampire Coast.
  • Invocation of Nehek is an augment spell with a range of 12" that targets Undead.
  • Count Noctilus has heavy armour, cost 295 pts.