Friday, 13 December 2013

Alternative Miniatures: Kislev

Finally getting back to doing this series again, this time focusing on where to get models for your Kislev army, without having to use actual Kislev miniatures since they are no longer in production.

Warlord Games
Assault Group Cossacks
Assault Group Russians
Assault Group Tatars
Old Glory Eastern Renaissance
Old Glory Cossack Wars
Wargames Foundry Polish
Wargames Foundry Cossacks
Gripping Beast Russians
Privateer Press War Bear
Privateer Press Woodsmen
Reaper Winter Witch

Write in the comments if you know of any that I have missed.


  1. Really helpful list as I am trying to increase my Kislev force and can't find GW figures. I don't know if you (or someone else) has the time to seperate the character and unit Lists from the army lists to show which manufacturers make suitable figures? Historical figures from the manufacturers above make a very varied range of figures for most of the major units but I am finding it difficult to find a manufacturer who makes hawks or eagles to use as "Hawks of Miska"! Also I am finding problems with Priests of Ursun, rangers, sibyrian hunters or kvassnics as there seem to be no historical versions of these.

  2. Since writing the above, I have done exactly as I suggested. So here is a list for Kislev Characters and units. Not all figures are on this list, so if anyone finds any additions, please add them. I started the list from the above suggestions. So here we go:
    Ice Witches:
    Reaper Miniatures - 60149: Winter Witch
    Reaper Miniatures - 14647: Nadezhda the White, Ice Sorceress
    Reaper Miniatures - 60138: Sheila Heidmarch, Venture Captain
    Reaper Miniatures - 89008: Feiya, Iconic Witch
    Hag Witches:
    Reaper Miniatures - 02904: Witch Coven
    Reaper Miniatures - 14317: Jos Gebbler, Mercenaries Mage
    Priest of Ursun:
    Talisman Amber Wizard
    Gospodar Militia:
    Essex – RAN 7 Russian Pikeman (Eastern European Bardische Axe; Halberd)
    Gripping Beast - Mounted Druzhina (Senior & Junior)
    Winged Lancers/ Gryphon Legions:
    Wargames Foundry Renaissance Polish - Winged Hussar Charging - POL007
    Warlord Games Polish Winged Hussars
    Ungol Horse Archers:
    Old Glory – ERA 18 Light Cavalry Horse Archers
    Hawks of Miska:
    Essex – RAN 6 Russian Assorted Streltsi, Musket & axe
    Wargames Foundry GPR 19 Bellicose Bears
    Bear Tamers:
    War Wagon: 1st Corps – Large War Wagon
    Crossbowmen: Gripping Beast - NRF11 Crossbowmen (4)
    Armoured War Bear: Privateer Press – Lug (War Bear)
    Willy Miniatures Norse Star War Bear
    Bears for mounts:
    Scibor Miniatures War Bear #1, #2, #3 or #4;
    There are many replacements for the main kislev units to be found in eastern european rennaissance armies such as Russian, Polish or Cossack.
    Hope these ideas help.

  3. The Turcoman Horse Archer from Gripping Beast could make some really cconvincing Ungol horse archer :



  6. I was going to mention the Fireforge's medieval Russian forgestarter project and leave link but Benoit beat me to it, if you have any interest or are connected to any forums that might have people who are interested in either medieval Russians for either history or fantasy (even skirmish gaming and RPG players) please cut,past and post the link with an explanation and reminder that the Euro is only worth $1.06, so now is the time to order and I for one really want to see a city militia plastic set and not 2 resin packs in my order when it comes to the PO box.

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  8. Dwarf Tales - Kraakov

    1. Dwarf Tales are unfortunately out of production and not really available anywhere, been trying to get hold of their Hetman myself.

  9. Warcrow - Andrei Polyakov

  10. Ral Partha - Fantasy Armies - Barbarian Clan - Horse Lords


  12. Strelets*R

  13. Incredible mini for Baba Yaga: