Monday, 28 March 2016

Alternative Miniatures: Bretonnia

Here's a collection of suitable miniatures for a Bretonnian army:


  1. thanks for the links...sadly we will need alternative marks more and more often

  2. Thanks. Its a sad day. GW seems pretty much intent on driving away its oldest fans

  3. they have some seriously nice minis

  4. Scibor has also a few pieces that work really well:,shop.php?group=144

  5. -Why won't a successful Killing Blow ignore the armor saves of a Monstrous Beast?
    -The second paragraph of the Sniper special rule is no longer applicable with your new rules.

  6. norba miniatures is working in some foot knights

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  8. Some models from Mirliton (Or Grenadier as the new Company just bought the moulds) are quite good for Bretonnians, Expecially Foot Knights and soldiers, as they've been sculpted from Master Mark Copplestone.
    Check this page

  9. Can't wait for the "Ravening Hordes" Bretonnia lists! Between this site and other historical wargames, I will continue to enjoy my Bretonnian army :)

    1. You don't have to wait for that, they have a full 8th ed book already, just needs an update for 9th ed ;)

  10. these alternitive minitures colections (the one for araby in paticular) are driving me and my brother crazy trying to figure out which unit's match up with each model. unit by unit links (or the names of the modles in question) would be so useful.

    1. That's because the companies keep updating their websites making the links obsolete. I've updated them now.

  11. and here is a list of your araby links and where clicking on them goes:
    Black Tree Design (Saracens)
    a page saying "
    Network Error (tcp_error)
    A communication error occurred: "Operation timed out"
    The Web Server may be down, too busy, or experiencing other problems preventing it from responding to requests. You may wish to try again at a later time.
    For assistance, contact your network support team."

    Black Tree Design (Warriors of Islam)
    as above.

    Gripping Beast (Moors)
    the gripping beast home page. with no obvious way of finding Moors.

    Gripping Beast (Saracens)
    as above

    strangely this leads me to a collection of Araby stile miniatures. however their is no indication of what is what.

    Hell Dorado
    a page warning me that my connection is not private.

    Reaper Miniatures
    i am left looking at a page asking me quetions about the miniture i want. i really haven't a clue what to put in.

    GW's LotR
    i am left looking at games workshop's home page without knowing weather this is a redirect or simply you asking me to find them myself.

    Old Glory Saracens
    again this leads me to a collection of Araby stile miniatures. however their is no indication of what is what.

    Old Glory Turks
    as above

    Artizan Designs
    i seem to be on a run of working websites.

    Musketeer Miniatures
    of corse my luck would not last.
    a page asking me to by this domain.

    error 404 bad link

    Brother Vinni
    page in russian had to click on crued english flag to bring up an english home page.


    Assault Group
    a link to the home page of a new site.

  12. though thank-you for making these alternative miniatures collections.


    I suggest this site for bretonnia-like models

  14. Lost kingdom miniature is bringing à full rangé of amazing bretonnian minis
    And I think last sword miniatures is currently in the production phase of their Kickstarter for oussillon proxy range