Saturday, 10 December 2011

Details for upcoming Chaos Dwarfs!

But don't get too exited just yet; this one is still far off on the horizon, Halflings will definitely be done first, then it will have to compete with the Hobgoblins. Regardless, now that the Chaos Dwarf list in Tamurkhan is out and I have had a quick look at it, I can say that I will be making my own version. Not because I find the official one to be bad, but rather because I find it a bit lacking in choices. My book will contain all the official units from Tamurkhan, as well as a lot of the best fan-made units out there with some minor adjustments, to give you Chaos Dwarf player as much variety as possible.

The Bestiary in it's current form (likely to change depending on the exact options available in the official list):

Overlord (fighter)
High Priest of Hashut (wizard)

Despot (fighter)
Sorcerer (wizard)
Daemonsmith (Runesmith equivalent, with Altar of Hashut)
Bull Centaur Great Horn (fighter)
Slavedriver (support character)
Hobgoblin Chieftain (fighter)

Bale Taurus (Great Taurus)

Infernal Guard (HA, shields, GW)
Devastators (blunderbusses)
Hobgoblins (spear, LA, shield, bow)
Hobgoblin Wolfriders (fast cavalry, spear, LA, shield, bow)

Immortals (FPA, GW, ward save)
Acolytes of Hashut (stubborn, HA, Halberd)
- Zealot Berserkers (similar to Fanatics)
Sneaky Gits (scouts/skirmish/ambushers, 2HW, poison)
Magma Cannon (Flame Cannon Equivalent)
Deathshrieker Rocket (Death Rocket)
Inferno Golems (Ogre-sized monsters)
Bull Centaurs (GW, HA)

Iron Daemon War Engine (Battering Ram, can grind opponents)
Dreadquake Mortar (Earthshaker)
Chaos Siege Giant (HA)
Hellcannon (same as WoC book)
Colossus Daemon Tower (mobile building with infantry)

Edit: if anyone is wondering about the cover, I'm glad to say that John Blake from Titan War Games has allowed me to use his artwork to adorn the book. Cheers!