Saturday, 27 June 2015

Regarding the "Age of Sigmar"

So, as some of you probably have seen, images of the new "Sigmarites" are out on the internet, and I'm decidedly in the camp that is not positive about their look, or the round bases. So, for those who wonder, I will not be updating my books for Age of Sigmar, but rather stay firmly in 8th ed, maybe with a few alterations.

So long official Warhammer, it was nice while it lasted, but I'll stick to homebrew rules from now on.

Or possibly Kings of War...

Thursday, 11 June 2015

New Albion update out now!

*New update 1/7*

This update contains the following changes:
  • Woad Raiders can take spears, and have shields as default, 7 pts.
  • Warband Warriors have shields per default, 5 pts. Great weapons can replace shields for 2 pts.
  • Spears are optional for Clansmen Cavalry, not mandatory.
  • Oathsworn may exchange shields for great weapons.
  • Centaurs are now Cavalry, may have shields, bows, javelins and throwing axes as well their previous weapon options. 19 pts. (Light Armour option was not included due to keep them as Light Cavalry).
  • Half Giants added as a special choice. These are an MI unit armed with 2 hand weapons or halberds.
  • Warriors of Danu added as a special choice. These are an Infantry unit armed with great weapons that can transform into wild beasts, increasing their damage output.
  • Sword Maidens 10 pts each.
  • Hunters have BS4, can swap bows for javelins. 9 pts per model.
  • Gael Tribes renamed after the Slaine Tribes they are based on.
  • Gael Fury renamed War Fury.