Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Warhammer: Steam Tanks 9th Ed out now!

This small release is 14 pages long and contains the following:
  • Rules and background for Steam Tank variants; Conqueror, von Zeppel, Old Reliable, Sigmar's Hammer and Implaceable.
  • Background stories of battles where the Steam Tanks have played an integral part. 
  • Background of famous Steam Tank Commanders.
  • Rules and Background for the Marienburg Land Battle Ship.


This release will only be made for 9th Ed, though the rules can easily be adapted for 8th ed if wanted. Enjoy!

Sunday, 28 January 2018

Empire Knightly Orders 9th ed 1.02 out now!

Updated 29/1:
  • Fixed Preceptors only having 1A.
  • Added version number. 
  • Fixed bug which allowed Reiksgaurd to be upgraded to Inner Circle.

Not a huge update, but it contains the following changes:

  • New layout to match the Empire Army Book.
  • Additional background for Knights of Sigmar's Blood and Knights of the Fiery Heart.
  • Obsidian armour functions like normal full plate.
  • White wolf hammers follow the rules of halberds with armour piercing.
  • Knights Encarmine can negate rank bonuses.
  • Knights of the Sacred Scythe have hand weapons, Hatred (Vampire Counts). 
  • Added if the unit takes up a Core, Special or Rare slot (White Wolves and Panther are Core as they are the biggest orders)
  • Cheaper Grand Masters, in accordance with the Empire army book. 


I'm not finished with the Empire 8th Ed update for Ravening Hordes yet, but it should out sometime next week, shortly followed by the Steam Tanks expansion. High Elves will most likely be out later in February.