Thursday, 13 February 2014

Wanted: BattleScribe/Army Builder and Gallery images!

In an effort to grow the site with more content, I want to add a section for list-builder program files available for download to the books. Seeing as there have been quite a few people contacting me about it or writing about it in the comments, I figured collecting all those files in one place would be a good idea. So, if you have made any army builder/battlescribe files to these armies, please feel free to send them to my email, and I will put them up in the download section. If possible, I will try to learn to program for them myself so I can put out updated versions quicker, but as I'm working full time right now, that might not be for quite a while. If I can get a basis for the lists however, I should be able to simply update them whenever a new update is released rather quickly.

I would also like people who have put together armies based on these books to send images of their models to make a gallery section on the site as a means to inspire others with ideas and suitable miniatures. I intend to add a section for my own Dogs of War, Arabyans, Bretonnians and Kislevites as soon as possible to get it started. Any such submissions should also be done through the "contact" option to the right (or by posting a link to your models in the comments section).

In other news, I'm currently working on an update for Bretonnia based on playtest feedback (including my own) that will tweak a couple of rules and improve the layout throughout the book. It should hopefully be out sometime this month. There will also be another update out for DoW when the new Dwarf rules are released which will contain balance changes that makes the army more suitable for [un-comped] tournaments. There will also be a smaller update for Estalia to make them on par with the new DoW update, and a small update to Araby to add some more background to the Crusades and improve the layout throughout.