Monday, 24 April 2017

Tomb Kings 8th Ed out now!

Clocking in at 140 pages, this is the definitive tome about the Tomb Kings of Nehekhara, containing pretty much every official resource ever written about them. Once again, many thanks to Stefan Wolf who have been helping out with writing background for several of the new units and coming up with some of the new rules.


This book contains the following changes from the Ravening Hordes list:
  • New Special Unit: Bastethi (war beast/wizard unit, from WFRP)
  • New Special Unit: Ammut (MB)
  • New Special Unit: Tomb Barque (flying chariot, mentioned in the 8th ed BRB)
  • New Special Unit: Bone Thrower (bolt thrower, from Warmaster)
  • New Special Character: King Phar (from 6th ed TK)
  • New Special Character: Sehenesmet (from 6th ed WD)
  • New Special Character: Prince Tutankhanut (from 6th ed TK)
  • New Special Character: King Amanhotep (from Dreadfleet)
  • Settra is more expensive, but have regained a lot of magic item power from 6th ed.
  • Khalida now has Regen 4+, costs 290 pts.
  • Katep gives better regen to the unit he join, gains a bonus to raising dead models. His scroll now works like a dispel scroll, 340 pts.
  • Prince Apophas may re-roll his entombed beneath the sands roll.
  • Nekaph has the Blade of Mourning instead of flail of skulls, added vambraces of the sun and amulet of Neru, 160 pts.
  • Ramhotep 100 pts.
  • If the Hierophant is killed, another wizard may attempt to be the new hierophant by passing a Ld test.
  • Added Scorpion Armour to magic items.
  • Necropolis Knights can be emntombed beneath the sands.
  • Removed options for barding.
  • Ushabti no longer have a champion option (like other construct units), can instead take an Ushabti Ancient as a unit upgrade that give a blessing of your choice to the unit.

You may also notice that I changed the menu of the blog that divide each edition into three different categories based on each army's Alignment. This is because the number of books is getting to a point where it's just not possible to fit all of them under a single header. I'm currently working to find a way to fix it so it looks less cluttered in the future.

Ravening Hordes

This is a summary page of all current Ravening Hordes, until such a time where I can implement a proper sub-level dropdown menu. Unfortunately the current menu bar simply do not have the space to fit all the current headers, hence the Ravening Hordes lists will be posted here until further notice.

For newer players, "Ravening Hordes" is the name for army lists that currently do not have a finished army books. These "get-you-by" lists allow you to play the armies below with updated rules for both 8th and 9th Edition until I have the time to finish each army's complete book with background and art.

8th Ed Ravening Hordes:

9th Ed Ravening Hordes:

Sunday, 23 April 2017

New Bretonnia 9th Ed update out now!

This contains the same changes as the 8th ed update. Let me know of any transission bugs that might have occured due to having to remake it from the 8th ed version rather than just updating the current 9th ed version.

Also uploaded a new version of the 8th ed book with some minor changes based on feedback from the last update.

Saturday, 22 April 2017

Announcing: Chaos Expansions!

As you can see in the Predicted Update Order, I've added four more books after Daemons of Chaos, one for each Chaos God. The idea behind this is that rather than having a very bloated bestiary section for the Warriors of Chaos, their main book will be focused on Chaos Undivided with all their standard main units and general background, and then each god will get their own expansion book with unique units and special characters (and most likely options to include Daemons if you are doing a mono-god army). This will also allow me to incorporate more of the Age of Sigmar models released (with fluff to fit the Old World of course) and really delve into their background, and let me tell you; there is a lot of that, too much to be included in a single book.

Let me know of your thoughts, as well as any particular issues or suggestions you might have for each upcoming book.

New Bretonnia 8th Ed update out now!

Updated 11/5

This larger update changes the following:

  • 15 additional pages.
  • New special unit: Brigands - Bretonnian mercenaries that can be armed with great weapons, crossbows, and handguns among other things.
  • New rare units: Ballista, Mangonel and Bombard*.
  • New special unit: Squires - simply bringing them back from 5th ed, which allows players to use their old models and bring back their fluff. This will cause some overlap with the Herrimaults, but I made their rules a little different to distinguish them from each other. Squires may not scout, but have the Peasant's duty instead.
  • Mounted Yeomen do not come with spears or bows as default, can choose crossbows (this means they can be used as classic squires/yeomen, hobilars or mounted crossbowmen).
  • Knight's Vow ignore Panic from models without the Knight's Vow, Questing Vow or Grail Vow (so they ignore Panic caused by Brigands and Herrimaults).
  • Foot Knights can take halberds (poleaxes).
  • War Machines may take a wall warden upgrade that allow re-rolling one artillery dice.
  • Pegasus Knights are now Ca, not MC. Royal Pegasus is a WB, not MB.
  • Expanded background for Louen and Fay Enchantress.
  • Reformatted layout and improved graphic design.
  • Lots of added fluff from Knights of the Grail (mainly about Bretonnian society and the Lady of the Lake).
  • Some new short stories.

*After some thought, I figured an "expansion" of only two pages would be rather pointless, and there is no real reason why Bretonnia would not have access to them in the background. Bombards were part of 3rd Ed, Man O' War, Warmaster and are mentioned as existing in L'Anguille castles in WFRP. However, to balance it out so Bretonnia won't become a gunline army, I've put some heavy restrictions on the number of war machines that can be included. This means that Bretonnian players who hate war machines in all forms can just skip those units, whereas people who want the option of more different kinds of firepower can now have that, without spamming those units. Hopefully a solution that almost all players can get behind.

So now you can finally choose to field every Bretonnian model ever made in some form (except the Ribault, though that one was never directly part of their army list). In effect, it's now also possible to make a more "historical" army, without (in my opinion) sacrificing any of the background that makes Bretonnia; Bretonnia.

9th Ed update will be out in a couple of days.

Sunday, 9 April 2017

New Beastmen update out now!

This update contains a total of 16 new pages, and changes the following:

  • New unit: Mutants (as requested).
  • Added Dragon Ogres and Dragon Ogre Shaggoths (as requested).
  • Added more fluff on Gorthor's rampage.
  • Removed Man-bane from Beastlords. 
  • Improved Khazrak's "Scourge"-weapon.
  • Plenty of new short stories added throughout.
  • Lots of new "fluff blurbs".
  • Some new art.
  • Some minor bug fixes. 

Saturday, 1 April 2017

Warhammer: Ogre Kingdoms 9th Ed out now!

9th ed version can now be found under the army books tab, including the bug fixes from the 8th ed version (which has also been updated today).


I've also added version numbers to each of them, to make it easier for players to know if they have the latest version or not. I will do the same to each upcoming book, and then do the same for my older books (who will start at 1.0 for simplicity from now on).