Sunday, 30 August 2015

New Kislev update out now!

  • Clarified Hates Chaos.
  • Clarified Glorious Charge for units containing models without this rule.
  • Clarified Frenzy for Priests of Ursun.
  • Priest of Ursun's spells are no longer remains in play, lasts one turn instead (except Winter's sleep, which is down to a minimum of 1).
  • AS may be taken against Ranger's Heartstrike ability.
  • Ranger gains Pathfinder ability instead of animal call, allows them to deploy as Ambushers with one friendly infantry unit.
  • Hunters I3.
  • Bears I3.
  • Bear Tamers WS3, I3, M4.
  • War Wagon no longer causes Fear, crew have flails. Horses are removed when War Wagon chooses to become stationary. Crew suffer movement penalties to fire.
  • Tzarina's Warhorse WS4, I4.
  • Chekist 18 pts.
  • Tzar Saltan 175 pts.
  • Baba Yaga I4.
  • Igor's Talisman works when he only has one wound remaining, rather than just against KB.
  • Igor's Armour gives him 6+ ward instead of attack ability.
  • Igor 275 pts.
  • Tordimir gains HBK rather than KB, only applies on the charge.
  • The Gryphon Wing allows Tordimir to automatically pass Glorious Charge tests.
  • Seraphima have normal Warhorse stats. 
  • Ilja T5, 150 pts.
  • Ilja's Strength of the Great Bear requires roll to Wound, causes D3+1 Wounds.
  • Screeching Back Banners causes -1 Ld and enemies must re-roll Fear tests.
  • Revised spell lores, including new spells, costs and effects. 
  • Removed maximum unit sizes.
  • Some new art.
  • Various bug and spelling fixes.

Saturday, 15 August 2015

New updates for Kingdoms of Ind, Nippon, Dogs of War, Bretonnia, Halflings

This changes the following:

Kingdoms of Ind:

  • Devas are now Immune to Psychology (bug fix) and hate Daemons.
  • Maharajah 100 pts, Rajah 65 pts.
  • Urjana have LA.
  • Noble Caste characters may join Warrior Caste units.
  • Vishkanya have Scaly Skin (6+), and Poisoned Blood rule.
  • Beastmaster Ld7, Beastmaster range down to 6". Beastmaster rule affects MC as well.
  • Peasant Levies may take standards.
  • Thugees US 10+ instead of 20+ (bug fix). 6pts. May take standards.
  • Sowar Horsemen can replace shields with flails.
  • Bengal Riders -1 WS, S, Ld, 37 pts. Tigers +1WS.
  • Mahouts I3 (bug fix), War Elephants I3.
  • Garudas 16 pts.
  • Ganeshans can re-roll 1's for Ward saves.
  • Darahma has BS6.
  • Kodandam clarified as a long bow.
  • Parashuruma is Immune to Psychology.
  • Amrita is one use only, regains all Wounds, 50 pts. 
  • Clarified use of Brahmastra.
  • Mhogli M5.
  • Devas cannot use Inspiring Presence or Hold Your Ground (they don't follow the human troops).
  • Pindari Cavalry added. These are fast cavalry, armed with shields, spears, bows, javelins.
  • Snake Swarms and Basilisks have Lowborn Caste. Removed Forest Strider since it's not really getting used anyway.


  • Removed Forest Strider from most units.
  • Thieves gain 25 pts from stealing items. They now steal random items instead of the lowest value item.
  • Half Tank streamlined to follow Chariot rules.
  • Hot Pot and Soup Cannon ignores armour saves.
  • Multiple bug fixes and rules clarifications.

Dogs of War:

  • Rhinox Riders added as a Rare Choice at 75 pts. These are quite nerfed compared to the Forge World rules, but also more expensive than Mournfang Cavalry.


  • Nerfed Void of Emptiness, now only applies to Movement, unit is ItP during the effect. 


  • Some bug fixes.
  • Banner of Defence gives 4+ ward save against missiles of any strength.