Sunday, 30 August 2015

New Kislev update out now!

  • Clarified Hates Chaos.
  • Clarified Glorious Charge for units containing models without this rule.
  • Clarified Frenzy for Priests of Ursun.
  • Priest of Ursun's spells are no longer remains in play, lasts one turn instead (except Winter's sleep, which is down to a minimum of 1).
  • AS may be taken against Ranger's Heartstrike ability.
  • Ranger gains Pathfinder ability instead of animal call, allows them to deploy as Ambushers with one friendly infantry unit.
  • Hunters I3.
  • Bears I3.
  • Bear Tamers WS3, I3, M4.
  • War Wagon no longer causes Fear, crew have flails. Horses are removed when War Wagon chooses to become stationary. Crew suffer movement penalties to fire.
  • Tzarina's Warhorse WS4, I4.
  • Chekist 18 pts.
  • Tzar Saltan 175 pts.
  • Baba Yaga I4.
  • Igor's Talisman works when he only has one wound remaining, rather than just against KB.
  • Igor's Armour gives him 6+ ward instead of attack ability.
  • Igor 275 pts.
  • Tordimir gains HBK rather than KB, only applies on the charge.
  • The Gryphon Wing allows Tordimir to automatically pass Glorious Charge tests.
  • Seraphima have normal Warhorse stats. 
  • Ilja T5, 150 pts.
  • Ilja's Strength of the Great Bear requires roll to Wound, causes D3+1 Wounds.
  • Screeching Back Banners causes -1 Ld and enemies must re-roll Fear tests.
  • Revised spell lores, including new spells, costs and effects. 
  • Removed maximum unit sizes.
  • Some new art.
  • Various bug and spelling fixes.


  1. Where can I find all your downloads???

  2. Have you considered updating the "For Hire" table in the Regiments of Renown expansion to cover the alternative army books you've been working on? Keep up the fantastic work!

  3. Gift of the winter wind has the same casting value with 18" and 36", 13+.

    Page 89, Boris Ursus don't have Hate Chaos and Fear.
    Page 89, Tsarina Katarin don't have Hate Chaos, but she still don't need Kin of Bear God.
    Page 93, Kislev ranger have Animal call.

    1. Fixed, thanks for all the feedback! When I get the time, I'll write up a more detailed response and send to your email :)

  4. I feel that the Norse Counter-Charge ability could be re-worked, maybe in a similar manner to the Warhammer 40,000 version. Here's my take: When charged, a unit containing at least one model with this special rule may make a counter-charge if the range to the enemy is greater than the charging units move characteristic. When counter-charging, move your unit D6" inches forward (before your opponent moves his unit). A counter-charging unit gains all bonuses (+1 attack, use of spears) that they normally get from charging.

    This makes the ability considerably more useful, especially in some metas where people only charge when the bell curve favors them. Since this change also makes the rule more powerful, I would also say to make it a rule that only Jarls and Kings have.

  5. Got some questions regarding Shinobis in the Nippon army book.

    What exactly does quick shot do?
    Regarding Spider Venom, does a Toughness value of 0 result in the removal of the model?


    1. The Quick Shot is part of the Ninjas' rules, check their page ;)

      Yes, T0 = dead, as per the BRB.

  6. One thing on Nippon: imho their magic (fly spell...) and bound spells of the war priest are really over the top. maybe you should reconsider their casting values or reduce its efficiency.

    1. The bound spells are actually the same as the Empire Warrior Priest from 6th/th ed, so I find it surprising that you find them over the top ;)

      I will nerf the spell to only allow a 12" move, makes it a bit more challenging to use.

  7. In your 8.5 edition panic should be re-worked. Each reason that a unit takes a panic test beyond the first should cause a -1 penalty to the test. Maybe the strength of the unit that breaks or is annihilated should also cause a penalty like say, special and rare units include a penalty as well as a test.