Friday, 29 September 2017

Warhammer: Orcs & Goblins 9th Edition 1.02 out now!

Updated: 17/11

  • Trolls 35 pts.
  • Characters may join units of Trolls.

Updated: 20/10
  • Nasty Skulkers have I3, A1 and the Surprise! special rule, giving them ASF and AP when attacking in the flank or rear.
  • Forest Goblin Shamans may re-roll failed channelling rolls instead of re-roll power dice when casting.
  • Brutes moved to special, Trolls moved to Rare.

Well, I did promise it would be done this week, so here it is. It contains a few bug fixes from the 8th Ed as well, with the normal 9th ed changes.


I plan to finish the Empire book sometime next month as well. I've yet to finish proofreading and adding all the art and fluff blurbs, but other than that it's pretty much finished.

Monday, 11 September 2017

Spring Cleaning - models for sale!

Update: Just got an email from Ebay saying their are lifting my selling limit of only 100 items, so I can now list the rest of the stuff I thought I had to wait with until next month. This includes a lot of Blood Rage minis (perfect for Norse), including limited edition Kickstarter ones, some various characters for RPG games, and some more Warhammer miniatures that did not get sold last month.


Now this is a bit of a different thing altogether, but seeing as the majority of the models on sale were bought with the WAP armies in mind, I'm sure this can be of interest to some of you. Last week I cleaned out a ton of old Warhammer that I no longer have any use - or indeed space - for any more, and this week I am doing the same, but mainly for historical miniatures and other fantasy games.

As such, if you play one of my unofficial army books and you are in need of some fitting models, I now have a pretty big selection up for sale on Ebay that I am auctioning off (unfortunately they won't let me list more than 100 things a month, so the rest will have to wait for next month). So, if you currently are or plan to collect either Araby, Albion, Bretonnia, Cathay, Nippon, Kislev, Dogs of War, Estalia, Halflings, Norse, Pirates of Sartosa, Empire, Vampire Counts, Slaanesh Daemons, Dark Elves or High Elves, you can find suitable things for them in the link below:


Orcs and Goblins 8th Ed 1.01 out now!

Reckon this update should have been out a month ago, but I've really been focused on the main rules as well as working on the Empire, Dwarfs and Vampire Counts lately. But anyway, this update changes the following:

  • New Rare Unit: Orc Brutes (W2 orcs, a mini-Big Boss unit essentially).
  • New Monster Mount: Maw-Crusher (from AoS).
  • You may take one unit of Big 'Uns for each Orc Warboss of the same type in your army.
  • Fix Skullmucha statline bug.
  • Goblins still Fear Elves with an Orc Bully.
  • Fixed Arachnarok points cost for Shamans.
  • Clarified that Size Matters makes Orcs ignore Panic from Goblins and Snotlings.
  • Snotling Pump Wagon strength bug fixed.
  • Snotlings do not counts towards minimum core.
  • Added smoke bombs to Nasty Skulkers. 

This will likely be the last complete army book update for 8th ed. 9th ed version will be released soon.

Friday, 8 September 2017

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Warhammer 9th Ed 1.072 out now!

Updated  16/9:
  • Template weapons can only cause one hit on a single model in a building.
  • Ridden Mo gain +1Unit Strength.
  • Template weapons may not target units in close combat (the risk of hitting your own troops as well as unfair Mo sniping is too great).

Updated  8/9:
  • Fixed bugs with spears getting strength bonus 2.
  • Added strength bonus 1 to pikes.
  • Removed duplicate two hand weapons entry.
  • Stomps cause D3 hits against skirmishers and lone models.
  • Shooting into combat may only be done against units with US5 or more.

Well, the results of the poll are in, and it's pretty clear that the majority want supporting attacks to return! 26% liked the current system of 1 rank fighting, 41% preferred the 8th ed version, and 32% preferred to see a change to some weapons to balance it out. While the most popular option was the 8th ed version, 59% did want another option, and as such, I do think trying to fix the issues that 8th ed had with supporting attacks is the best way to go rather than just bringing them back wholesale.

I personally do not have a problem with supporting attacks per say, the issue with them was only really that it benefitted certain weapons too much, while other were made much worse, especially combined with the Horde rule. As such, this update contains the following changes to attempt to fix this, and more:

  • Supporting attacks are back (Horde is not). 
  • Great weapons get +1 Strength and the Strength Bonus (1) special rule, meaning you only get +1 Strength after the first round. This makes great weapons more like shock troops weapons, but are not completly useless like flails after the first round (other alternatives discussed was +1S and AP, no supporting attacks and no strength bonus for supporting attacks, but I think +2 strength the first round is the best way of keeping them close to their original role).
  • Spears get +1 Strength when charged by WB, Ca, MI, MB, MC, Ch, and Mo.
  • Additional hand weapons get the Parry special rule.
  • Javelins get armour piercing instead of multiple shots (2).
  • Throwing axes no longer get multiple shots.
  • Throwing weapons have range 8".
  • Units within 4" of enemy flanks or rear may shoot into combat. Rolls of 1 results in hitting your own unit. This makes skirmishers and fast cavalry with missile weapons more useful after the first turns, when most units are engaged in combat and their use on the battlefield is negligible.
  • Only Unit Strength 5 is required for +1 Charge combat resolution.
  • Removed Charge Bonus special rule, it is now simply Strength Bonus listed as only working when charging under the applicable weapons. 
  • Charge Distance is measured to the nearest point that you can draw a straight line to between the units involved (rather than the closest distance period, which means you technically can measure the range between impassable terrain, even of the charging unit would have to wheel around it).
  • Models with multiple attacks must allocate all their attacks towards the same target (just like shooting attacks).
  • Clarified that combat reforms are made after any pursue distance is made (in case of combats involving multiple units)
  • Removed "Look Out sir" roll, as long there are 5 rank and file models, you hit one of these automatically instead. This removes character sniping completely as well as avoiding too see your general die from an unlucky roll.
  • Cannons no longer scatters, but work as in 8th ed. Having playtested it more myself, the scatter rarerly has any effect anyway, and so just slows down the game. With the limitation on only firing in a 45 degree arc as well as only direct hits causing D6 Wounds, Monsters already have a better chance of survival compared to 8th ed.
  • Removed Last Stand rule, banner bearers now flee with their unit and keep their banner (unless killed of course).
  • Seized Standards now also applies to units that dies from a sucessful pursuit move.
  • Volley Fire can be used to Stand and Shoot against Flyers and Large Targets. It gives -1 to saves from cover (e.g. hard cover counts as soft cover, soft cover does nothing). Does not apply to buildings or forests.
  • Characters are limited to 35% of the army. Lords and Heroes may be 25% as before, but no more than 35% in total. This is meant to take the game away from Hero-hammer further and focus more on the units themselves. 
  • You may use a maximum of three dice when casting bounds spells (just like level 1 wizards).
  • Fixed bug with frenzy not allowing parry. 
  • Fixed bug with Overkill giving +5 CR.
I am planning some possible changes to the magic system with the next update if necessary. Are there anything you think needs to change with the current system in regards to casting values and how casting works?