Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Restructuring the site

As you can see, I've made some changes to the top of the site in regards to how you can find the books. The old system was rather fiddly and didn't even out very well, so I'm hoping that the new drop-down menu will remedy that. From here, you pick expansions, army books or other smaller downloads and go directly to either Google Drive, Issuu, Scribd much easier than before.

Obviously, this is still a work in progress as I'm just learning how to use css code properly, so not all features will be available right away. Hopefully I'll get this sorted during the week. Until then, you can still download all the google drive versions of the latest major books using the new menu.

Edit: All links should now be in place, except for Fimir and Classic RoR since they too will be restructured from their current format. There are still some issues with the menu that I haven't been able to fix yet, but I'm having some more tech-savvy friends of mine look into it during the week. That said, everything should be much more easily accessible than before, allowing me to clean up a lot of the clutter from the site.

I've also reset the poll now that all army books have gotten their full updates for 8th ed. I've removed the option for the Fimir since they will appear as an AC list instead. 

Friday, 8 November 2013

Dogs of War 4.2 (beta) out... since 2 weeks ago!

Never actually posted this on the blog since it's not the finished version, but in case you are a DoW player, this should still be worth reading for you. The beta version for the next DoW update contains the following changes from the current "official" version: 
  • Pikes nerfed and simplified.
  • Added Assassins as a Hero choice.
  • Added Broken Lances as a Core choice.
  • Cavaliers are now called Freelancers.
  • Pit Fighters added as a special choice.
  • Merc Elves now has ASF.
  • Ballistas added as a special choice.
  • Espringals are now called Scorpions, no longer ignore armour saves.
  • Ribaults added as a Rare choice.
  • Griffon added as a mount for Merc Generals.
  • Hurcio's Club replaces Blackbeard's Cutlasses.
  • The Arbalest now fires like a Bolt Thrower.
  • Justintine's Paychest added as an Enchanted Item.
  • Hedge Wizard's Staff is now called Staff of Fickle Fortune, 45 pts.
  • Pikemen, Crossbowmen, Dwarfs, Espringals slightly cheaper.
  • Norse Marauders can no longer take flails.
  • Racial Distrust replaces Hard to Hire and Distrust
  • Warhammers added (option for Merc Cap and Broken Lances)
  • Light crossbow buffed to Strength 4, nerfed to range 16"
  • Leonardo may now use all of his Genius abilities, 135 pts
  • Prism of Power one use only
  • Hot Pot now ignores armour saves, 75 pts.
  • Re-formatted army list.
  • Tons of improved editing throughout the book.
  • A bunch of new background for many units.
  • Various small bugs fixed and improved rules clarifications.


The beta version will be in playtesting for about 1-2 months to collect feedback before replacing the current version. I don't expect to be working that much on the books during November what with gaming season 2013 underway, so it might also take a while for me to respond to any messages you might send. Thanks for understanding.