Monday, 27 February 2012

Update for Halflings out now!

Just a small one fixing a couple of spelling errors and getting some higher quality images for the book. I would also like to give special mention to Brenton Smith and fauthsie whose work in the book was previously missing from the credits. All taken care of now!

On the subject of Fimir, the book is coming along at a record speed pace, being almost 100 pages already. The bestiary is finished, the main background is almost complete, though the army list still needs to be made, and the magic items needs editing. Expect a release early March, though it might take a little longer depending on how soon my good computer will be back from the repair shop. Got to catch up on those video games!

Friday, 24 February 2012

Warhammer Armies: Halflings out now!

Finally finished! Man, thought I would be stuck translating Spanish background forever! Coming in at 80 pages total, this is definitely the most complete Halfling book to date. So now you all just need to let me know of all the obvious mistakes I have clearly overlooked, so I can start patching it up ASAP ;)

Download here:

Now, I'm going to get myself some well-deserved sleep before working more on the Fimir book... which will likely be released in March btw. Until then, enjoy!

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Details for upcoming Warhammer Armies: Fimir!

So after having spent most of yesterday scrounging the net for info on Fimir (not much else to do when it's -28C degrees cold outside anyway!) I think I have quite a decent base to work from. The list contains the classic Fimir units from 20+ years ago of course, as well as a couple of new ones and a lot of swamp dwelling mythological creatures from Celtic mythology to round out the force.
All in, the Fimir list will be based quite a bit around slow, heavy infantry with quite a few larger monsters. Sounds a bit like Warriors of Chaos, right? Well, the Fimir will feature a lot less armour and a lot more debilitating powers in form of magic, mist powers and using the terrain to their advantage. So WoC with more tactics, I suppose ;)

Current Bestiary:

Meargh (wizard)
Fimm Warlord (fighter)
Fianna Mistmor (ogre)

Dirach (wizard)
Fimm Noble (fighter)
Fiana Flaithmor (ogre)

Fimm Warriors (2HW, GW)
- Fimm Fian
Shearl (spears, shields)
- Shearl Finn
Bog Swarms (swarms)
Moor Hounds (FC)
- Barghest
Boglars (marsh gnoblars)
- Sludgesucker

Fiana Fimm (ogres)
- Fimm Finmor
Marsh Reavers (MC, spear, shields)
- Fiarach
Fomorians ("small" mutated giants)
- Formor
Nuckelavee (centaur cavalry)
- Bog Knight
Fir Bolg (undead)
- Crypt Keeper
Fenbeast (as in Albion)
Swamp Daemons (scouts)
- Rotfiend (explodes on death)

Daemonomaniac (daemonic giant Fimir)
Athach (3-armed giant, hurl rocks)
Eye Tyrant (hovering monster)
Eye Oculus of Balor (shrine type-thingy)

Update for Albion out now!

In lieu of the release of Storm of Magic and the upcoming Fimir, I've taken to making a small update for Albion. Nothing much, but I've updated the Fenbeast rules and given them some upgrade options, and the Fir Bolg unit has been taken out and been replaced by a new unit called Sidhe. The Fir Bolg will make an appearance in the Fimir book instead.

The updated version can be found on

Saturday, 4 February 2012

What's that in the mist? The Fimir!

Okay, so you know just how crazy I am by now, so it should come to no surprise that I have even more books planned in the future. The latest one to the batch will be (as you can probably guess from the title): the Fimir! With Warhammer Forge making some new models for them as well as the inclusion of them in Storm of Magic, now would be a good time for the one-eyed monsters to reappear as their own army!

I have found a ton of background info for them which should make this a rather quick and simple project seeing as I won't have to fill it out much myself other than making the actual rules. I will post army list details once I am done scrounging the internet for fluff, images and ideas.

As for other armies, I have acquired a copy of Tamurkhan now, so I have all the things needed to make the Chaos Dwarf book as well, but I think I'll save that one for last.

On the subject of Halflings, I've finished the army list for them, and I'm now working on clearing up the magic items. The book might be slightly delayed due to studies, but I am gonna try to squeeze it out before the end of the month at least.