Sunday, 7 August 2016

Cult of Ulric update out now!

This update changes the following:

  • Children of Ulric are now WB, same as Ulfwerenar.
  • White Cloak of Ulric replaces Cloak of Anraheir.
  • Teutogen Guard and Seneschals have white wolf cloaks.

Chaos Dwarf update out now!

This update changes the following, and updates the book to 9th ed:

  • Resolute removed.
  • Shieldwall added.
  • Relentless allow marching 3xM.
  • Acolytes gain magical attacks.
  • You may not have more Infernal Guard units than you have units of Chaos Dwarf Warriors.
  • Infernal Guard may have great weapons.
  • Tau'ruks have A4. 
  • Re-added Blood of Hashut, Naptha Bombs and Dark-forged weapons to Daemonsmiths.
  • Devastators may take Bazukas/Inferno Guns.  
  • Spear Chuckas have slipshod rule.
  • Black Hammer of Hashut removed from Magic Items, only Zhatan may use it.
  • Plenty of new fluff blurbs and a short story.
  • Improved quality pictures from Tamurkhan.

Thursday, 14 July 2016

Wanted: White Dwarf articles

Update: I now have all the articles needed from the issues below. Thanks to everyone who helped out!

As part of the effort of including as much as possible from the old Warhammer World, I have been trying hunt down the missing issues of White Dwarf that I currently do not have in either paperback or PDF format, but unfortunately, buying each copy on ebay and having it to shipped to sweden will in many cases set me back $15 per issue. So if any of you guys are in possession of the following White Dwarfs and is able to scan/photo the articles needed so I can use the material for the upcoming books, it would be highly appreciated. All the issue numbers below is the UK version, the US number is the same as UK minus 1.

  • White Dwarf #250 - article on WFB 6th Ed, especially any short stories.
  • White Dwarf #251 - article on Orcs and Goblins.
  • White Dwarf #252 - article on the Empire.
  • White Dwarf #253 - article on Dwarfs.
  • White Dwarf #255 - article on siege and Dwarfs.
  • White Dwarf #270 - article on Hordes of Chaos.
  • White Dwarf #271 - article on Archaon and Haargroth.
  • White Dwarf #342 - article on Daemons.
  • White Dwarf #353 - article on the Empire.
  • White Dwarf #362 - article on Beastmen.
  • White Dwarf #368 - article on Island of Blood.
  • White Dwarf #372 - article on Skaven.

If you can/want to contribute, feel free to drop an email through the "Contact" box on the right of the page, that way I can send a reply that you can attach any pictures to.

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Cathay 8th and 9th ed updated out now!

Updated 19/7

A bit later than planned (been busy with work and my new GPU), but here it is, none the less. There might still be some bugs in the 9th ed version due to a sync error with an earlier version, but I've tried to fix all I've found. The Chaos Dwarf update is dependant on some new pictures from Tamurkhan that a friend is getting for me, so it will either be a bit delayed, or I will work on the Cult of Ulric update in the meantime.

  • Lore of Ying and Yan are separate lores with access to boosted versions of their spells. Wizards still get access to both lores as before.
  • Fixed multiple grammar and layout issues in the background section.

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Albion, Amazons and Araby 9th Ed and 8th ed update out now!

Updated  6/7

Some smaller updates here, changing the following apart from adding a 9th ed version. The plan is add 9th ed updates in 3's. Do not expect any larger changes in these updates, right now I'm working mainly on having the 9th ed versions out so I can get to working on the full versions of the official books.


  • Cheaper characters, does not have LA by default. 
  • Cheaper fen-beast upgrades.
  • Access to Lore of Light.
  • Wizards have weapon options.
  • Oathsworn are stubborn.


  • Coatl and Medusa removed. Coatl fits better in the LM book, and Medusa are already in the DE book.
  • Koka-kalim moved to special.
  • Terradon Riders moved to rare, 2W.
  • Cheaper special characters. 
  • Jaguar Warriors ambush for free.
  • Jungle Stalkers 12 pts.
  • Cavalry have short bows.
  • Culchan Riders 16 pts.
  • Cold Ones have A2, Cold One Riders 19 pts, spears are an upgrade.
  • Boosted the Lore of the Serpent spells.


  • Nerfed Sandglass of Time spell.
  • Cheaper artefacts of the creed.
  • Hashishin does not ward saves by default.
  • War Elephants does not have natural armour (lacking both scales and thick fur).
  • Mamelukes have spears by default.

Friday, 17 June 2016

Warhammer 9th Ed 1.051 out now!

This update changes the following:

  • Sw, WB, MB and Mo without riders or handlers may not use Hold Your Ground! or Inspiring Presence.
  • Always Strikes First and Last returns, but will be limited to spells and magical abilities unlike the much more common ASF of 8th ed. ASF only gain re-rolls if the Initiative is higher than the foe, and ASL vs ASL strike in Initiative order. This makes it easier than having to rewrite everything as "strike at initiative 1/10" and "re-roll failed rolls to hit" for characters that would otherwise lose it (since striking initiative 10 for units with I6 or higher is pretty redundant in most situations).
  • Stomp returns for Mo, Impact Hits will only apply to those Mo that actually uses their bulk to charge into enemy formations.
  • Chart added for better balancing different sized battles in regards to multiple choices.
  • Briona's Timewarp give ASF.
  • Sword of Swift Slaying gives ASF.

So now I have 15 different army lists I need to update during the weekend...

Edit: all 9th ed books should now be updated with correct ASF/ASL/Impact Hits.

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Beastmen 8th and 9th Ed updates out now!

Updated 16/6

This update changes the following:

  • New unit: Ramhorn (large monster covered in shields and spikes with beastmen on top, like a Stegadon).
  • New unit: Hag Trees (based on an old White Dwarf article)
  • New unit: Cockatrice (from Storm of Magic)
  • Gors back to WS4 by popular demand, have shields by default, 8 pts.
  • Bestigors have halberds, may swap for GW's for 1 pt.
  • "Ambush on the Elsterweld Road" short story added.

I did not add mutants or Gaves, since the background mentions them often becoming Ungors or Gors. Background for the Ramhorn and Hag Tree was written by Stefan Wolf, who co-wrote Pirates of Sartosa with me. Many thanks!