Monday, 21 September 2020

Warhammer 9th Edition 1.9 out now!

A pretty large update overall, though it probably looks a lot more intimidating than it actually is. Most of these changes are just tidying up unclear rules and situations, as well as including quite a lot of new Magic Items!


This update changes the following:  

  • Removed the requirement to have units be minimum 5 (or 3) models wide.
  • All units costing less than 50 points must be placed at the same time. The same applies to all Characters, which must be placed after all your other units have been deployed.
  • Clarified that a unit that uses Feigned Flight rallies in its next Compulsory Movement Phase unless it is forced to Flee again from another source.
  • Clarified casting/dispel bonuses, and that you may never have more than a 5+ bonus to cast/dispel in total.
  • Clarified that augments can only be cast on friendly units.
  • Fixed bug with armour saves being mentioned as limited to 0+ rather than 1+.
  • If the majority of the models in the target unit are within Line of Sight, but behind models from another unit (friend or enemy) or terrain with half or more as high Unit Strength as them, then an additional To Hit modifier is applied. For example, a unit where the majority of the models have Unit Strength 1 in front of a unit where the majority of the models have Unit Strength 2 will provide cover. However, the same unit will not provide cover to a unit whose majority of models have Unit Strength 3 or higher.
  • You no longer require Unit Strength 5 or more in order to get combat resolution bonus for Charge, Flank and Rear attacks.
  • Animated Constructs can use all Charge Reactions that units with Immunity (Psychology) can.
  • If a model has a higher Unit Strength than other units or terrain in front it they are able to draw a line of sight over them to a more distant target and make a flying charge over the intervening unit.
  • Flyers only have Swiftstride when charging. Hover units move 5" by default, 10" when marching. Hover units do not have Swiftstride.
  • A unit that includes one or more Frenzied models can only choose Hold or Stand & Shoot as a charge reaction.
  • Clarified that units with Immunity (Psychology) may use Feigned Flight and Fire and Flee as normal.
  • Removed Large Target as a special rule.
  • Changed how Quick to Fire weapons works when charging.
  • Until they pass the Stupidity test again, models that have failed their Stupidity test have the Immunity (Psychology) and Random Movement (D6) special rule. They cannot choose to do a combat reform or choose any other charge reaction except Hold. In addition, Wizards cannot attempt to cast or channel power dice or dispel dice.
  • A character model that joins a unit of Skirmishers gains the Skirmisher special rule as long as they stay with the unit. Characters may only join Skirmishers with the same Troop Type as them.
  • Clarification: Striders still follow the rules for that terrain type in terms of combat.
  • Swiftstride has no effect on models with a Movement value lower than 4.
  • Volley Fire has been streamlined; no longer has exceptions for firing at Large Targets, Flyers or affecting cover saves.
  • Removed Characters Mounts chapter; all information moved to Troop Types chapter.
  • Monstrous Infantry have an approved base size of 40x40mm or 50x50mm.
  • Clarified further which special rules affect both rider and mount.
  • Cavalry have an approved base size of 20x20mm, 25x25mm, 25x50mm, 40x40mm and 50x50mm.
  • For Line of Sight purposes, War Machines always count as being Unit Strength 1.
  • Clarification: Chariots can only manoeuvre using marching and wheeling.
  • Fixed bug with chariots, ridden monsters and shrines saying the armour of the crew is never used.
  • Fixed bug where chariots were mentioned as being allowed to wheel.
  • Ridden Monsters add the number of riders to their Unit Strength. For Line of Sight purposes, only the Unit Strength of the Monster (+1 if they have one or more riders) is used.
  • Chariots have a Unit Strength equal to their starting number of Wounds and add the number of additional crew purchased to their Unit Strength. For Line of Sight purposes, only the base Unit Strength of the Chariot is used.
  • Clarified that if a model has multiple crew or riders (like chariots or ridden monsters), each crew or rider may use one weapon each as normal.
  • Even though most war machines do not have bases, units charging a war machine must still attempt to 'close the door' to align to the centre of the war machine's body (as defined in 'The War Machine' above).
  • All the normal To Hit penalties (except firing Multiple Shots) apply to a shot from a bolt thrower.
  • Shots from cannons and flame throwers must be placed over an enemy model or building (so you cannot target open ground hoping for the shot to scatter into combat).
  • Stone throwers use the same misfire table as in 8th ed.
  • Missile attacks (except templates) cannot hit a character in a combined unit if there are five or more rank and file models from the same troop type (excluding other characters) left in the unit.
  • Clarification: If the character has a different troop type with a higher Unit Strength than the rest of the unit, it possible to target that model separately from the rest of the unit. If so, roll a D6 for each successful Hit on the character; on a 4+, that Hit is allocated to the unit it is with instead. This applies even if the unit can only draw Line of Sight to the character, but not the unit they are with. Removed mention of Large Target.
  • Fixed bug with "Nowhere to Run, Nowhere to Hide" was missing for challenges.
  • If your General has a Unit Strength of 5 or more, then the range of their Inspiring Presence ability is increased from 12" to 18".
  • If your Battle Standard Bearer has a Unit Strength of 5 or more, then the range of their Hold Your Ground! ability is increased from 12" to 18".
  • Clarified that your Army General must be a Character.
  • An army must always include at least one unit plus one unit per 500 points played in addition to any Lords and Heroes.
  • Removed Mysterious Terrain; instead you will have multiple types of Forests, Rivers, Hills etc to choose between rather than rolling for them.
  • For Line of Sight purposes, a forest up to 5" in height counts as Unit Strength 5. Forests taller than 5" counts as Unit Strength 10. Models in or behind forests cannot see or be seen through it if there is more than 5" of forest between them and the enemy. If it is less than 5", they can see and be seen through it for all purposes, as long as you can draw a Line of Sight to them as normal.
  • Forests do not slow down Movement by default.
  • A unit with the majority of its models fighting in a forest can never gain rank bonus.
  • Added Ancient Forest: Any unit at least partially within the Ancient Forest suffer a -1 penalty to their Movement value.
  • A unit at least partially in a river can never gain rank bonus.
  • If a unit is at least partially within marshland, it suffers a -1 penalty to its Movement value.
  • For Line of Sight purposes, impassable terrain over 5" in height counts as Unit Strength 10.
  • Lore of Fire Lore Attribute causes +D6 Hits rather than +D3 to cast.
  • New Lore of Light Lore Attribute: When a Wizard attempts to cast a spell from the Lore of Light, they may choose to take a Leadership test using their own Leadership value. If passed, they add +1 to the casting result. If failed, they instead suffer -1 to the casting result. Old attribute included for previously affected spells.
  • Flaming Sword of Rhuin, Enchanted Blades of Aiban and Okkam's Mindrazor do not apply to mounts.
  • Aspect of the Dreadknight causes Terror on models that already have Fear.
  • In order for a model to be able to choose a particular piece of weapon (such as great weapon or a polearm) they must be able to pick this as a mundane option or have it be part of their default equipment.
  • Obsidian Blade costs 25 pts.
  • Bone Blade costs 20 pts.
  • Blade of Sea Gold costs 15 pts.
  • Blade of Slicing costs 10 pts.
  • The Other Trickster's Shard: The bearer, and all units in base contact with them (friend and foe) must re-roll successful ward saves. Cost 25 pts.
  • Book of Ashur: The model gains the Loremaster special rule, costs 20 pts.
  • Loremaster's Tome removed.
  • Earthing Rod costs 15 pts.
  • Scroll of Shielding costs 10 pts.
  • Wand of Jet: The bearer gains a +1 bonus to the result of their spell casting attempts. Costs 20 pts.
  • Sceptre of Stability: The bearer gains a +1 bonus to the result of their spell dispelling attempts. Costs 20 pts.
  • Luckstone costs 10 pts.
  • Trickster's Shard takes effect on a 4+ rather than a 5+.
  • Power Stone adds +D3 dice, costs 10 pts.
  • Forbidden Rod only inflicts 1W on the bearer, costs 15 pts.
  • Power Scroll costs 15 pts.
  • Scroll of Leeching costs 25 pts.
  • Added Power Familiar: The Familiar adds one Power Dice in each of your Magic phases. Only the owner may use this power dice. Cost 20 pts.
  • Added Spell Familiar: The Wizard knows one additional spell from those normally allowed to them. Cost 10 pts.
  • Added Gem of Taranto: One use only. The Gem of Taranto can be used whenever you successfully dispel an enemy spell cast from any of the eight Lores of Battle Magic. The bearer of the Gem will be able to cast the spell themselves (limited by their Wizard level as normal) for the remainder of the game. Cost 10 pts.
  • Added Mystic Maze: One use only. The Mystic Maze may be used against any enemy spell that directly targets any friendly unit. Roll 3D6 measured from the centre of the unit; this is the distance the spell scatters in a random direction. Should the spell end up on another unit, this unit will become the target of the spell; otherwise the spell has no effect. Cost 20 pts.
  • Added Hypnotic Eye Scroll: One use only. The Hypnotic Eye Scroll can be used whenever an enemy wizard successfully casts a spell instead of attempting to dispel. The casting wizard must pass a Leadership test; if failed, you may choose the target of the spell just as if you had cast the spell yourself. If no target can be chosen, the spell has no effect. Note that the spell is still cast from the original Wizard as normal. Cost 15 pts.
  • Healing Potion only heals D3 Wounds, no effect on mounts, cost 25 pts.
  • Added Boots of Flight: Model on foot only. The Boots of Flight gives the wearer Movement 10 as well as the Strider and Swiftstride special rules. Cost 20 pts.
  • Added Warrior Familiar: The model gains an additional Strength 3 Attack. This does not benefit from any magic weapon used by the character. You may still take another Enchanted Item in addition to the Warrior Familiar, and it also does not count against the maximum points limit of magic items normally allowed for the character. Cost 5 pts.
  • Added Banner of Defiance: A unit with this standard gains the Stubborn special rule. Cost 50 pts.

Saturday, 19 September 2020

Gallery: Norsca

 Following Estalia, here's my Norse army. Lots and lots of unpainted metal Vikings!


Army shot front

Army shot above

Warleaders (Bloodrage, Reaper, Westwind)

Seers/Vitki (Bloodrage, Red Box)

Skalds (Westwind, Mierce, Ral Partha)

The Ravenswyrd (Reaper)
Bondsmen with bows (Westwind)
Bondsmen with spears and shields (Westwind)

Marauders with great weapons (Westwind)
Reavers with shields (Westwind)
Thralls (Westwind)
Huscarls with shields (Wargames Foundry, Westwind)

Berserkers with shields, great weapons and two weapons (Wargames Foundry, Old Glory, Bloodrage, Reaper)

Norse Horsemen (Westwind)

Norse Hunters (Old Glory)

Giant Wolves (Gamezone, Reaper)

Ulfwerenar (Reaper, Northstar, Otherworld, Black Tree)

Skinwolves with Ulfjarl (Mierce)

Snow Trolls (Reaper)

Valkyries (Reaper, Dark Sword, Bombshell)

Frost Giant (Reaper)

Frost Drake (Reaper)

War Mammoth (Shieldwolf, Old Glory)

Wednesday, 16 September 2020

Gallery: Estalia

Been years since I did an update on my personal armies, but thanks to my new movement trays from Sarissa, that should be a lot easier now. So for starters, here's my Estalian army in all its unpainted glory. Naturally, I will be updating it as things get painted eventually.

Army shot front

Army shot above

Grand Commander on Griffon (Gamezone)

Grand Commanders and Battle Standard (Avatars of War, Helldorado, Gamezone, Freebooter)

Captains (Eureka, Gringo40's, Warlord, Antediluvian)

Diestro (Freebooter, Avatars of War, GW)

Maria de Salvo and Priestess of Myrmidia (Helldorado, Reaper)

Battle Magi (Black Tree, Gamezone, Avatars of War)

Inquisitors (Tercio Creativo, Helldorado, Gamezone)

Shrine of Myrmidia (Reaper)

Tercio Pikemen (Gamezone)

Halberdiers (MoM)

Aventuros with Rodeleros (Warlord)

Rodeleros (Wargames Foundry)

Rodeleros (Eureka, Assault Group)

Handgunners (Eureka, Assault Group)

Crossbowmen ((Eureka, Assault Group, Gringo40's)

Handgunners (Gamezone)

Handgunners (Wargames Foundry)

Caballeros (Wargames Foundry, Warlord)

Genitors (Assault Group)

Conquistadors (Warlord, Eureka)

Knights of the Blazing Sun (GW)

Grenadiers (Helldorado)

War Dogs (Eureka, Assault Group)

Ogre Maneaters (Titan-Forge)

Culverin (Assault Group)

Mountain Guns (Wargames Foundry, Eureka, Gringo40's)