Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Warhammer 9th ed 1.083 out now!

Updated 15/5
This update changes the following:

  • Miscast table no longer removes D6 dice from the pool on any result. Magical feedback instead causes the wizard to not be allowed more spells that phase. This means that other wizards won't be penalized by one of them miscasting.
  • Returned rules to no more ranks than files again, exception for reform into column if necessary to pass by units/terrain. Unit must still be 5+ models wide.
  • Skirmishers may be less than 5 models wide.


Updated 11/5

After some more feedback, I've gone back and tried to tweak the system a bit more. This update changes the following:
  • Power dice are channelled on a 5+, dispel dice on a 6.
  • Lvl 1 and 2 wizards gain +1 to cast and dispel, level 3 and 4 wizards gets +2 instead.
  • Units may at most have twice as many ranks as files.
  • Skirmishers and fast cavalry may reform into "illegal" formations during their move, provided they end their move in a legal formation.

This should have the effect that magic will scale better so you will have more plenty more power dice than dispel dice on average on higher points levels.
It also means that higher level wizards have an easier time casting the higher level spells without needing to use as many dice (and thus have a smaller chance of miscast).
The difference in casting/dispel bonus between a lvl 1 and level 4 is also much lower, which means a level 4 wizard won't be dominating the magic phase against lower level wizards, while still getting a bonus to make them worth taking over two level 2's.


This update changes the following:

  • Wizard level is added to casting/dispelling again, like it 8th ed.
  • Changed casting values back to 8th ed.
  • All dice are now channelled on a 6, you still roll one per wizard level.
  • Removed limit of 12 dice in the pool (as this limit currently makes magic practically worthless in big games).
  • Removed "more files than ranks" rule. A unit may not be less than 5 models wide (for infantry) to avoid conga-lines. This means you can now build a column formation if you want, which comes with the natural downside of being easier to flank. While I'll personally prefer a longer battle line, having an arbitrary rule to stop columns is probably not the best idea.

Based on feedback from you guys, I've decided to not change the way miscasts work; it's hardly a difference if it happens on a double 1 or double 6, as the odds are the same for both anyway, and keeps it more streamlined. Irrestistable Force works the same as before. With the increase in casting potential again, I've decided to keep the boosted versions as before. Boosted spells are not being cast automatically as some of them get a shorter range compared to the normal version (applies to "bubble" spells).

In general, magic will work more similarly to 8th ed, but with easier channelling on both sides that makes the game scale better on higher points levels. I hope this will go some way of making Magic more useful again (remember that MR still works against Purple Sun and the like though!).

As always, feedback is much appreciated!

Monday, 16 April 2018

Warhammer 9th ed 1.075 out now!

This update changes the following:

  • Signature spells is no longer recastable (would require redesigning too many of them and a greater risk of cheese).
  • Signature spells are now available in addition to a wizard's other spells, meaning a level 1 wizard always knows the signature spells of his chosen lore plus another spell of his choosing. This means you now will have more options than before, and makes even a level 1 wizard more useful on his own.
  • Dispel Dice are now channelled on a 6 instead of a 4+, but is instead rolled for each Wizard level. So a level 4 Wizard now rolls 4 dice rather than 2 for dispel dice. This will make dispel dice somewhat more difficult to channel.
  • Nerfed Power Drain; it now only causes you to be unable to cast more spells that round rather than lose levels and spells.
  • Removed Multiple Shots from two different sources; I will instead make clear exceptions for these in the few books where this will come into play.
  • Removed repeater crossbows - these were only used by Dark Elves anyway, and with different rules.

Overall, I hope this will go some way to improving the magic system, which is the main thing I'm not quite happy with yet. I'd also like to get more feedback of the following:

  • Making miscasts take effect on double 1 instead of double 6.
  • Making Irrestistible Force a bonus to the casting result instead of being undispelable.
  • Removing boosted versions of all spells to keep the focus more on casting multiple lower-level spells instead of throwing all dice on the super-Purple Sun.
  • Anything else I might have missed.

You will also notice I have moved the Skaven book further up in the update order. While I would like to finish the complete versions of the other books first, the Skaven book is in pretty big need of an update to fix some glaring issues (thanks for the harsh criticism 4chan!), so I will get that one out as soon as I'm finished with Wood Elves.

Saturday, 14 April 2018

Warhammer: Empire 9th Ed 1.14 out now!

 Updated 16/4.
  • Halberdiers 6 pts.
  • Imperial Dwarfs cannot have medium armour, halberds cost 2 pts.
  • Imperial Ogres can take Ogre pistols.

This update changes the following:

  • Pistoliers cannot take spears and shields.
  • Spearmen 5 pts, pike upgrades cost 1 pt.
  • Free Company Fighters can take bows or crossbows (as their models can be assembled).
  • Spears for Imperial Dwarfs cost 1 pt.
  • Fixed bug where Demi-gryphs only had W1.

Warhammer: High Elves 9th Ed 1.03 out now!

Updated 16/4:
  • Spearmen 11 pts.

Very small update here, just fixing Imrik's Dragons stats and putting the Phoenix King timeline in chronological order, as well as changing the short story about killing Kouran into Urian Poisonblade instead.

Warhammer: Dark Elves 9th Ed 1.02 out now!

Updated 16/4:
  • Removed Bloodwrack Medusa Starefrom combat since they was already present with Avert Your gaze.
  • Clarified City Guard rule better in the army list, made crossbows cheaper sicne they replace their spears.

This updates changes the following:

  • Khinerai WS4 and S3, 18 pts.
  • Melusai W2, 22 pts. No longer has natural armour.
  • Dark Riders 15 pts.
  • Darkshards 12 pts.
  • City Guard 9 pts, front rank has to buy crossbows at 5 pts/model.
  • Bloodwrack Medusa Stare has a 12" range, can be used in close combat, no longer has natural armour.
  • Chillblade 35 pts.
  • Gem of Spite 25 pts.
  • War Hydra 200 pts.
  • Kharibdyss Feast of Bones now causes Multiple Wounds (D3) on To Wound rolls of 6, 210 pts.
  • Fixed bug with missing Lores in the army list.
  • Any friendly Monster within 12" of Rakarth treat him as having the "Hold Your Ground!" special rule.
  • Tullaris WS7.
  • Malus Darkblade's Spite now has barding.
  • Fixed muliple bugs and inconsistencies. 
  • Removed fluff on destruction of Arnheim.
  • Removed short story about the capture of Eltharion (as it had not happened yet in the timeline).

Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Warhammer: Dark Elves 9th Ed out now!

Well, this is the first time in quite a long while since I've finished a book earlier than planned! Coming in at 194 pages, Warhammer: Dark Elves is a bit shorter than the High Elf book, but makes up for it with lots of hatred (and those Witch Elves ain't too bad either...). This book contain pretty much every fluff piece on Warhammer Dark Elves ever written, with over a dozen short stories and extended background compared to the main army books. Enjoy!


  • New Special Character: Rakarth the Beastlord.
  • New Lord: Hag Queens.
  • New Core Unit: City Guard.
  • New Core Unit: Slaves.
  • New Special Unit: Melusai (from AoS).
  • New Special Unit: Khinerai (from AoS).
  • New magic item: Armour of Living Death. 
  • Gifts of Khaine section from 7th ed is back.
  • Removed Arachne from the list (as it was not a very popular choice for many of you). 
  • Removed Manticore as an option for Supreme Sorceress.
  • Hatred (High Elves) renamed into Eternal Hatred. 
  • Harpies moved to Core, do not count towards minimum number of core units.
  • Cauldron of Blood moved to Rare, can be taken without Death Hag.
  • Doom Bolt causes D6 Strength 5 hits as standard, 2D6 boosted.
  • Executioners can pick the Standard of Har Ganeth, making them cause Terror.
  • Cold One Knights can pick the Blood Banner, making them ignore Stupidity.
  • Dark Riders 16 pts.
  • Witch Elves 10 pts.
  • Executioners 14 pts.
  • Fleetmaster no longer has slaver and raiding party rule, instead have special rules that allow Corsairs to re-roll 1's to Hit and get double combat res from Wounds caused in challenges, 125 pts.
  • Malekith has the Hand of Khaine item, can take Black Guard as a special choice. 515 pts.
  • Morathi starts as Infantry, has Beloved of Khaine special rule, 375 pts.
  • Malus Darkblade starts as Infantry, 225 pts.
  • Crone Hellebron allows Witch Elves to be taken as Core, 300 pts.
  • Shadowblade 250 pts.
  • Lokhir Fellheart 200 pts.
  • Kouran Darkhand have WS8.
  • Tullaris Dreadbringer 120 pts, gains bonuses for killing enemies in challenges instead of Frenzy.
  • Kharibdyss 165 pts.

Retconned several retcons and otherwise poor 8th ed fluff additions:
  • Malekith no longer sends away half his army at Finuval Plain, like he knows beforehand he is going to lose for no apparent reason (which is plain dumb).
  • Morathi no longer acts like she has dementia and have the hots for Tyrion (instead of being the GoT Cersei of Warhammer doing anything for her son).
  • Morathi no longer just captures Tyrion and the Blighted isle out of nowhere (really, we don't even get a description of how he was captured, only "she used magic, durr").
  • The implied Oidipus relationship between Malekith and Morathi is back.
  • Removed background on the assassins "sewing up their mouths and nailing their jaws shut" (exactly how are they supposed to eat then?).

And since people have been asking for it: yes, next up will be the 8th ed Ravening Hordes updates for Empire and High Elves. Wood Elves will take a bit longer to finish due to having a lot of editing left to do, it will most likely be out late April or May.

Friday, 23 March 2018

Warhammer 9th ed 1.074 out now!

This updates changes the following:

  • Clarified that Standards stack from multiple units.
  • All units in base contact counts when calculating Unit Strength, rather than just units that can be Steadfast. Clarified that disrupted units may not count their ranks in multiple combats.
  • Lowered casting values of all spells by 1, making it easier to cast low-level spells especially. For those books that have not yet been updated after this update, feel free to lower casting values by 1 for the army books lores as well.
  • Signature spells can be cast multiple times in the same magic phase. 
  • Life Leeching from Lore of Death only generates additional dice on a 6+.
  • Moved Magic Resistance under the Ward save rule, since it gives a Ward save against spells. Changed Magic Resistance to the Ward save system, so Magic Resistance (5+) = Magic Resistance (2) for example.
  • Removed paragraph about Monsters in challenges, as these rule no longer applies.
  • Fixed bugs with charging/pursuing fleeing enemies killing enemy units instantly, they now follow the rules for charging fleeing enemies (losing 1W per enemy Unit Strength)
  • Fixed bug with Swiftstride not rolling 3D6 when pursuing.
  • Clarified magical armour types better and that helmets and gauntlets can be taken by all models that can wear armour.
  • Clarified how victory points for things like Fanatics and Weapon teams are calculated.
  • Clarified that Monsters who are Characters can use the BSB's Hold Your Ground! special rule.
  • Added muliple magic items from 8th Ed, with fluff descriptions for nearly all of them.
  • Multiple smaller bug fixes and changes for different terrain.