Thursday, 16 May 2019

Albion 9th Ed 1.21 out now!

This update fixes the following:

  • Centaurs are Cavalry.
  • Improved and clarified Bonegrinder's attack table.
  • Fixed Attack value for chariot and horse warrior champions.
  • Clarified the Chariot of Morgan and fixed exploits.
  • Fixed remaining Ethereal bug for pixies in army list.
  • Agum the Watcher's Steel Head causes D6 Wounds. Agum's thrown rock is S4.
  • Blessing of Valour is no longer Remains in play.
  • Wings of Fate is cast on 6+, causes 3D6 like Flock of Doom (which it is unfortunately pretty much identical to now, but the Lore of the Truthsayers was pretty much a combination of Lore Beast, Life and Light to begin with).

Saturday, 11 May 2019

Warhammer: Albion 9th Ed 1.2 out now!

Took a while to get this one finished, but I hope you'll find it worth it! This update adds 17 new pages to the book for a total of 116 pages, making it one of the longer unoffical books I've put together. Thanks to Stefan Wolf who once again stepped up to write some new lore for the new special characters and one of the units!

This update changes the following:

  • New Special Character: Roth Mac Lyr
  • New Special Character: Agum the Watcher
  • New Rare unit: Bonegrinder Giants
  • New Rare unit: Fenhulk
  • Added Tribal Affiliations, allow you to customise your army based on the four tribes of Albion.
  • Removed Sidhe (their lore never really fit well with the Warhammer world, and they were pretty much just another variation of Elves).
  • Removed hurled heads.
  • Druid Neophytes cannot take shields.
  • Viridian Lords have two hand weapons by default, 16 pts. Moved to special
  • Tribal Warriors 4 pts, may have javelins.
  • Youngbloods have slings by default, 6 pts. Cannot take standards.
  • Warleaders and Chieftains do not have light armour by default.
  • Shieldbearers do not give any extra armour save, cost 5 pts.
  • Durak Durak can use the Lore of Light.
  • Druids do not allow re-rolling Psychology and Break Tests.
  • Mastodons have A4, 200 pts.
  • Half Giants start with hand weapon, can take great weapons.
  • Stone Throwers 100 pts, may take Fire Pots
  • Woad Raiders are WS4, 8 pts.
  • Chariots can upgrade to have scythes.
  • Viridian Lords do not have Woad Paint.
  • War Hound Handlers cost 3 pts, must include 1 handler for every 5 hounds in the unit. Unit is expendable, have the mixed units rule, does not skirmish.
  • Druid Neophytes can cast Awakening of the Wood instead of Earth Blood. They follow the rules of similar casting units like Doomfire Warlocks.
  • Truthsayers can be mounted.
  • Light of Battle renamed Light of Protection, 9+ to cast.
  • Blessing of Valour 6+ to cast, clarified that it lasts until the caster's next magic phase.
  • Boon of Courage 9+ to cast.
  • Gift of Life gives back D3 single-Wound models per unit, 8+ to cast.
  • Voice of Command is automatic, no Leadership test is taken, 12+ to cast.
  • Warriors of Danu have S4/5, Spasm Fury lasts duration of combat, 13 pts.
  • Fenbeast can be taken in units of 1+, require a Wizard to be taken.
  • Swordmaidens have unit size 10+.
  • Pixies have S1, T1, W10, A10, have Ward Save (5+) instead of ethereal, 40 pts.
  • Giants do not use the fallen giant template, instead inflicts 2D6 hits.
  • Giants 200 pts, have T6, improved attack table.
  • Chieftains 60 pts.
  • Warleaders 110 pts.
  • Cormac Chath 180 pts.
  • Conor Mac Feud have Hatred (Fimir), 3+ ward save, no Woad paint, 175 pts.
  • Amanthas have Hatred (Dark Elves).
  • Morrigan has lower stats, is a lvl 3 wizard, 4+ ward instead of ethereal, Fear instead of Terror.
  • Centaurs 17 pts, are War Beasts, may wear light armour.
  • Extended/revised lore on the Children of Danu and Tribes of Albion chapter, as well as added lore to the bestiary section.
  • Fixed numerous spelling errors and lore inconsistencies.
  • Added headings.
  • Added version number.

Friday, 3 May 2019

Warhammer 9th Ed 1.5 out now!

This is another fairly hefty update for 9th ed, and the last one planned for a while (barring any important hotfixes). The plan is to keep the main rules as is for at least a few months, ideally at least until I have finished updating all army books (which I would estimate to take around 6 months or so). After that updates will be posted as needed.

This update changes the following:

  • You may not deploy the whole army as Ambushers, a minimum of 3 units per 1000 pts played must deploy as normal.
  • Your army must include 3 units per 1000 pts played, rather than 3 units in total.
  • Breath weapons can be used every turn. In close combat, you can choose between attacking normally and using the Breath Weapon. After it has been used the first time, you must roll a 4+ each time before attempting to use it again (this way, you do not need to remember if you rolled a 4+ the previous round or not to avoid abuse, and it also means you cannot rely on it too much). 
  • Clarified Quick to Fire when charging.
  • Grapeshot now fires an artillery dice + D6 shots.
  • Cannons no longer roll an artillery dice to extend range, but scatter half an artillery dice instead. If a Hit is rolled, the cannon ball lands on target (i.e. where you place the marker). Cannons have a minimum range of 12".
  • Stone Throwers are now S4 by default.
  • Regen works like an additional save (as in 7th ed), but any wounds inflicted count towards combat resolution, regardless of the wound being saved or not.
  • Added Dodge rule. Models with this rule gain the Ward save (*) against attacks in its front arc (including templates). This cannot be used against attacks that Hit automatically or that have the Always Strikes First special rule, nor can it be used by mounted models, unless specified. 
  •  Animated Constructs automatically pass all Leadership tests (will be an exception for Undead Crumbling).
  • All units except for Skirmishing Infantry and lone characters on foot suffer -1 penalty to their Movement characteristic in any turn they move through a forest.
  • Strongest version of Fireball now cast on 15+.
  • The casting value needed for a Lore of Metal spell is lowered by -1 if the majority of the models in the target unit has light or medium armour, or -2 to if the majority have heavy or full plate armour.
  • Gehenna's Golden Hounds ignores Look Out sir. 
  • Regrowth is 9+ to cast.
  • The Flock of Doom inflicts 3D6 hits, 6+ to cast.
  • The Monster profile from Transformation of Khadon now has WS6, S6, T6, W6. Wounds suffered between transformations are not carried over.
  • Lore of Heavens Lore Attribute changed to Fate Manipulation: When a spell from the Lore of Heavens is successfully cast, roll a D6; on a 4+, the Wizard can re-roll one dice to either change the casting result or the number of Hits inflicted by a spell when casting further spells for the remainder of this Magic phase.
  • Iceshard Blizzard gives -1 to WS, BS and Ld.
  • Shem's Burning Gaze boosted version 12+ to cast.
  • The Speed of Light gives the target the Always Strikes First special rule rather than WS10 and I10.
  • Smoke and Mirrors allow the Wizard to make a Fly move up to 12" rather than swapping places with a character.
  • Steed of Shadows can only be cast on Infantry characters. In addition, the target will counts as being Ethereal for the purpose of resolving missile attacks against it until the start of the caster's next Magic phase. 
  • Penumbral Pendulum has a fixed range of 24".
  • You can now take duplicate spells easier; but you may not cast them more than one per magic phase.
  • A unit cannot be affected the same spell more than once at any one time (see Duplicate Spells under spell resolution).
  • Skirmishers close ranks after the charge move has been completed, not before.
  • Added examples of Psychology tests that Immunity (Psychology) ignores.

Tuesday, 23 April 2019

Warhammer Amazons 9th Edition 1.1 out now!

 Updated 2/5 to 1.11:

  • Revised weapon options and costs for Priestesses.
  • Piranha Warriors are Ambushers.
  • Huntresses are WS3, 12 pts.
  • Culchan Riders and Terradon Riders are WS4, BS4.
  • Fixed bug with Cold One, Huntress champion, Culchan champion, jungle stalker and Terradon champion Attacks value.
  • Gorols 30 pts.
  • Edited the cover to remove the "rollerskate"-looking sandals.

As I have not gotten the last new special character for Albion finished yet, I have been working on the Amazons in the meantime, which went by fairly quickly (despite having to re-do nearly the whole layout because of some section issues in the document). No huge changes here, mostly some pts drops and equipment option changes. Might go back to them later and add more things like automatons or something like that in the future.

  • Amazon Warriors 4 pts, have shields by default.
  • Piranha Warriors do not have the Scouts rule, 6 pts.
  • Jungle Stalkers have the Scouts rule, can fire MS(2) even when moving, 11 pts.
  • Eagle Warriors have Ld7, cannot take light armour, 6 pts.
  • Cold One riders can choose spears or Claw of the Ones, no longer mandatory. No longer forest striders, 20 pts.
  • Terradons are cavalry, cause Fear.
  • Huntresses 13 pts, start with spears, can swap for javelins or short bows, cheaper shield upgrade.
  • Jaguar Hunting Packs 7 pts, have the mixed units special rule. Beastmaster does not have javelins.
  • Koka-kalim 8 pts.
  • Jaguar Warriors are not Ambushers, 8 pts.
  • Azura has Immunity (Psychology) instead of Stubborn, 190 pts.
  • Pentheselia has Frenzy instead of Savage Fury, no light armour, 150 pts.
  • Melandra does not have light armour, 105 pts.
  • Culchan riders start with spears, can swap for javelins or shortbows, BS3, no longer forest striders, 14 pts.
  • Terradon Riders may have poisoned javelins.
  • Fixed some repetition in the main lore, added new lore to the main background.
  • Some new art (includes new page backgrounds which makes the text in front easier to read).
  • A few minor bug fixes.
  • Added headings.
  • Added version number.

Hope you enjoy it! Albion will be out fairly soon, followed by Araby.