Sunday, 3 November 2019

Deamons of Chaos 9th Ed 1.2 out now!

This update changes the following:

  • New Special Character: Syll’Esske, The Vengeful Allegiance
  • New Special Character: Shalaxi Helbane
  • New Rare Unit: Contorted Epitome
  • New Rare Unit: Soul Grinder (still hate it, but there you go).
  • Masque of Slaanesh may join units.
  • Plague Toads cost 29 pts.
  • Pox Riders of Nurgle cost 33 pts.
  • Karanak can join Flesh Hounds.
  • Slicing Shards Ld test is no longer done on unmodified Leadership.
  • Exalted Flamer 70 pts.
  • Burning chariot cost 140 pts.
  • Clarified that Skull Cannons may not fire grapeshot.
  • Clarified that all Daemonic attacks are Magical, including weapons.
  • Clarified that Daemonic Robes is Daemon of Tzeentch only.
  • Acquiescence boosted version's casting value is 10+.
  • Trimmed down AoS and 40k lore for Skull Cannons and Blood Thrones to only use the 8th ed lore, thus making the font bigger and easier to read.
  • Seekers of Slaanesh now have two pages in the bestiary, with larger font size.
  • Blades of Putrifaction: If a model targeted by this spell already has Poisoned Attacks, its Attacks also wound the target automatically on a To Hit roll of 6.
  • Fixed multiple bugs with statline inconsistencies between bestiary and army list.
  • Fixed bug with Gaunt Summoner being Ca in army list.
  • With bug with Skulltaker having Hatred instead of Locus of Wrath in army list.
  • Burning Chariot can take 3 Blue Horrors as extra crew.
  • Fixed bug with Beasts of Nurgle having D6+1A in bestiary.
  • Fixed bug with Firewyrm being Infantry in Bestiary.
  • Fixed bug with Death Heads missing in army list.
  • Clarified in all character entries that Daemons may take Hellforged Artefacts rather than Magic Items.
  • Blood Throne has scythes.
  • Clarified that Skull Cannons follow the rules of cannons.

Saturday, 2 November 2019

Warhammer Chaos Dwarfs 9th Ed 1.2 out now!

Updated to 1.21:
  • All magic missiles and direct damage spells from the Lore of Hashut treat their targets as being Flammable (except Animated Constructs).
  • Each Hit from a Bazuka is multiplied into D6 Hits. If the To Hit roll for a shooting attack made by a Bazuka is a 1 (before any modifiers are applied), then it misfires. Roll on the Blackpowder Misfire table in the Warhammer rulebook and apply the result to the Bazuka. No longer has Multiple Wounds (D3) special rule.
  • Fixed bug with incorrect stats for Daemonsmith.
  • Fixed bug with Bull Centaurs having medium armour by default.
  • Fixed remaining bugs from bug list.
This update changes the following:
  • Added Daemonic army special rule (magical attacks, ward save (5+), unstable).
  • Fixed bug with missing casting values for Altar of Hashut. Increased range to 36". Cost 100 pts.
  • Bazuka does not fire like a stone thrower.
  • Infernal Guard 13 pts.
  • Immortals have A1 (did a miscalculation, they would be 17 pts with 2A, which is a bit too much compared to Hammerers).
  • Blunderbuss can use Quick to Fire again.
  • Bull Centaurs have light armour by default, can upgrade to medium armour. 20 pts.
  • Bull Centaur Renders can upgrade to medium armour, cost 50 pts by default.
  • Fixed bug with Kollossus being a Chariot in army list.
  • Fixed bug with Ignores Cover rule for Magma Cannon (since it adds nothing).
  • Hobgoblin Chieftains can take bows.
  • Fixed bug with Stomp for the Iron Daemon.
  • Astragoth and Ghorth the Cruel may use Lore of Shadow.
  • The Juggernaut may never march. When charging, the Juggernaut can only do so in a straight line forward, with no wheeling allowed, and it does not use the Swiftstride special rule. Juggernauts cannot overrun or pursue in combat if they destroy or rout their foes.
  • Siege Cannons can only fire from the Juggernaut's front and do not suffer any penalties To Hit for firing Multiple Shots or moving and shooting. If you roll a double on the Hit Roll when firing them, the Juggernaut suffers D3 Wounds with no saves allowed.
  • Furnace of Hashut upgrade for Kolossus only inflicts D3 S6 hits.
  • K'Daai Fireborn have the Daemonic special rule. Are not Animated Constructs. Have light armour. 45 pts.
  • K'Daai Destroyer has the Daemonic special rule. Is not Animated Construct. Has medium armour. 280 pts.
  • Hellcannons have the Daemonic rule. If the Hellcannon would get destroyed as a result of it being Unstable, treat this is rolling a 1 on the misfire table. Has Spew Ichor special rule from 6th ed (S5 breath weapon).
  • Granite Armour gives a 2+ armour save rather than magic resistance.
  • Shar'tor's axe takes effect on To Wound rolls of 6 rather than To Hit rolls.
  • Clarified that Hellfire Pistol is a pistol.
  • Clarified that Shar'tor and Gorduz are not allowed to be Army General.
  • Inferno Guns/Bazukas follow the rules for Shooting at Lone Characters.
  • Clarified that Banner of Slavery affects units with Animosity and Spear Chukkas.
  • Clarified that Stone Mantle may not be taken by Taur'ruks.
  • Fell Icon renamed to Petrified Sorcerer. Clarified that 4 Acolytes may be upgraded to carry it, 50 pts.
  • Sacrifices to Hashut: In the Magic phase, the Daemonsmith may sacrifice one of the slaves chained to the Altar to Hashut. Roll a D6 and add the result to the casting result of any spell cast by the Altar of Hashut (but not the Daemonsmith himself) this phase. However, if a 1 is rolled, the Daemonsmith instead suffers a Wound with no saves of any kind possible as Hashut is displeased with the pitiful sacrifice.
  • Fixed inconsistencies in statlines and various bugs mentioned in the bug list.

Tuesday, 15 October 2019

Warhammer Chaos Dwarfs 9th Ed 1.1 out now!

Had originally just planned on making a smaller update, but me being me, I ended re-doing practically the whole book again layout-wise. This update makes the book 120 pages, 8 more than the last update, and adds some more lore on the Chaos Dwarfs' society, some short stories, and fixes some inconsistencies in their history about their creation, which GW borked the first time with dates that did not make any sense. So now they found Zorn Uzkul before the Time of Chaos when they became Chaos Dwarfs rather than after (which made no sense), and they do not originally hail from Karak Vlag like Tome of Corruption describes.

Also, thanks to Stefan Wolf for helping me flesh out the lore for the Zealot Berserkers as well as Shar'tor the Executioner!

Rules-wise, this update changes the following:

  • Added Resolute special rule, works the same as in the Dwarf book.
  • Relentless works the same as in the Dwarf book.
  • Removed Shieldwall special rule.
  • Chaos Dwarf characters start with medium armour, can upgrade to heavy or Blackshard Armour.
  • Sorcerer-Prophets and Daemonsmiths may use the Lore of Shadow.
  • Daemonsmiths may use the Lore of Hashut. 
  • Palanquin gives extra attacks, but not extra armour or wounds.
  • Infernal Guard may take Ensorcelled Hand weapons instead of great weapons.
  • Hailshot Blunderbuss has Multiple Shots (3), but not quick to fire.
  • Hobgoblin Khan renamed to Chieftain (as Khan is the Lord choice in the Hobgoblin book).
  • Hobgoblins start with shields, 4 pts. Can replace shields with bows, 2 pts.
  • Hobgoblin Champions have the same Initiative as the rest of the unit.
  • Sneaky Gits are Skirmishers and ambushers, may not take standards or musicians.
  • Hobgoblin Wolf Raiders start with shields, can swap shields for bows, 1 pt.
  • Hobgoblin Warriors and Wolf Raiders do not have light armour by default.
  • Orc slaves have shields by default. Follow the rules for Mixed Units. Cost 6 pts.
  • Goblin slaves have shields by default. Follow the rules for Mixed Units. Cost 3 pts.
  • You may not have more Spear Chukkas than you have units of Hobgoblin Warriors.
  • New Special Unit: Bull Centaurs (Cavalry-sized Bull Centaurs). Old Bull Centaurs renamed to Bull Centaur Renders.
  • Immortals have Unit size 10+. Have A2.
  • Granite Armour is a full plate armour that gives the wearer MR (1).
  • Acolytes of Hashut have Unit size 10+. Have Magical Attacks.
  • Zealot Berzerkers have Unit size 10+.
  • Bull Centaur Renders have shields by default, light armour instead of medium armour, 51 pts.
  • Black Orcs have unit size 10+, 14 pts.
  • You no longer need to include a Daemonsmith in order to field K'Daai.
  • K'Daai are Animated Constructs, cost 42 pts.
  • Bazuka has a minimum range of 12".
  • War machine crews have light armour, can upgrade to medium armour.
  • Iron Daemon has the Stomp rule. Skullcracker upgrade for Iron Daemon gives it 2D6 Stomps. S6, T6, cost 225 pts.
  • Magma Cannon ignores cover.
  • Demolition Rockets are S4 like normal stone throwers, uses the small template.
  • Dreadquake Mortar 110 pts.
  • Juggernaut Siege Tower cannon fire multiple shots (2) rather than regular cannon balls. Cost 230 pts.
  • Kollossi have full plate armour rather than natural armour (so they are affected by Lore of Metal). Armoured Plating upgrade gives +1 Armour save, 5 pts.
  • Siege Giant have T6. Its 3+ armour only applies to attacks from the front. Follows the rules for Albion giants. 215 pts.
  • K'Daai Destroyer 275 pts.
  • Altar of Hashut has W3, suffers 1W if spell is failed to reach casting value. Is now more similar to Anvil of Doom, can choose between 3 spells. Cause sacrifice up to 5 slave per turn to boost casting value.
  • Great Taurus is S5, follow the same rules for Blazing Body as K'Daai. Heals 1W if targeted by a non-physical Flaming Attack. Does not have Fiery Breath by default. Cost 165 pts.
  • Lammasu and Great Taurus can take upgrades from Storm of Magic.
  • New Special Character: Shar'tor the Executioner 
  • Astragoth has S5, 380 pts.
  • Zhatan is no longer stubborn, 260 pts.
  • Cinderbreath has S5, T5.
  • Rykarth the Unbreakable has the Armour of Gazrakh, giving him a 1+ save, 165 pts.
  • Killing Fire lore attribute takes affect if cast on enemy models without armour saves (except Animated Constructs).
  • Breath of Hatred has a range of 24". Aura effect cast on 12+. Is no longer remains in play.
  • Burning Wrath increased to 12".
  • Hell Hammer has a range of 12" rather than 3D6.

Monday, 7 October 2019

Autumn sale part deux!

Thanks to everyone who bought things on the first go-around! Everything unsold from the blog is now up on ebay, including some new things not seen previously. Feel free to have a look and see if something strikes your fancy!


Friday, 27 September 2019

Warhammer Cathay 9th Ed 1.11 out now!

Updated to 1.12:
  • Fixed bug where Dragon's Breath was not a Skirmisher unit.
  • Call of the Dragon is an augment spell.
  • Unit Size for Field Engineers is 2-5. Clarified that Hand Mortar is not a Skirmish unit. Hand Mortars are S3, range 12-48".
  • Fixed bug with Celestial Dragons missing their Magic rules in the bestiary.
  • Removed Bolt Thrower keyword from Stormhurler Crossbow so that it does not pierce ranks.
  • Pu-Yi may not take a mount, since this would conflict with the Transformation of Kadon spell.
  • Clarified that War Drums may never be the Army General.
  • Fixed bug with Terracotta Sergeant missing from the army list and summary.
  • Clarified that all chariots in a unit needs the same upgrade. Default cost 70 pts, Elite War Chariot cost 90 pts.
  • Qilin for Lords cost 45 pts, 30 pts for general.
  • Guan Bu does not make Imperial Guard core.

This update changes the following:

  • Iron Discipline: Units with this special rule count as having one more rank than normal for the purpose of combat resolution, up to a maximum of +4. Note that you still need to have at least one complete rank of 5 or more models for this rule to have any affect.
  • Brush of a Thousand Years no longer causes an auto-miscast if the Ld test is failed.
  • Sapping of Will and Strength of the Heavens are no longer remains in play spells.
  • Amulet of the Emperor's Favour causes Hua Gongshu, and any unit that she joins, to count their Unit Strength as double its actual value for all purposes.
  • Dragon Cavalry can choose bows in addition to another weapon.
  • Removed duplicate rule for Dalai-Tai allowing Steppe Nomads to re-roll rolls for fleeing and pursuing.
  • Fixed bug with Hua Gongzhu being Cavalry in the army list, and having W2 in the bestiary.
  • Fixed bug with War Chariot costing 100 pts for Captains.
  • Fixed bug with Temple Dogs being Monstrous Beasts in the army list.
  • Fixed bug with Flying Crow missing its special rule in the army list.
  • Ogre Charge follows the same wording as the Ogre Kingdoms book.
  • Field Engineers Close Support: As long as Field Engineers remain within 3" of other friendly Infantry units with the Iron Discipline special rule, they have the Ward save (4+) special rule against enemy spells and missile attacks, and may Stand & Shoot against enemies charging such units following the normal rules.
  • Explosive Ammunition: Place the centre of small template where the cannon ball lands, and resolve damage as if it were a Stone Thrower. No Bounce roll is made.
  • Changed font for page numbers so it's easier to read.
  • Fixed bug with chariots having scythes by default.
  • Fixed bug with Wu Xia having wrong stats and missing special rules in army list and summary.
  • Fixed bugs with Ogres having wrong M in army list and summary.
  • Fixed bug with Dragon Monks having wrong BS in army list and summary.
  • Fixed bug with Temple Dogs having wrong LD in army list and summary.
  • Fixed bug with War Chariots having wrong I and Armour saves in army list and summary.
  • Fixed bug with Dragon Cannon not being a Cannon in army list.
  • Fixed bug with Celestial Dragon having wrong LD in army list and summary.
  • Fixed bug with Pixiu having wrong WS in army list and summary.
  • Fixed bug with Shadowblades and Dragon Monks missing Dodge in army list.
  • Fixed bug with Temple Dogs and Terracotta Warriors missing Immunity (Flaming Attacks) in army list.
  • Fixed bug with Celestial Dragon missing Natural Armour in army list. Lvl 1 wizard upgrade cost 50 pts.
  • Fixed a myriad of grammar issues throughout.

Monday, 23 September 2019

Warhammer Cathay 9th ed 1.1 out now!

Been a pretty long time coming, and as such this is probably the biggest update for any of the army books, both in terms of rules and lore. The new version comes with a lot of new units, options and balance changes, as well as a much revised lore section that fixes a lot of inconsistencies and previous clashes with the canon lore for Cathay. Overall, the new version of the book clocks in at 132 pages, compared to 104 pages in the old version, so a lot of new things to read!

This update changes the following:

  • Iron Disciple makes units count as having one more rank than normal for the purpose of combat resolution. In addition, they have the Fight in Extra Ranks (1).
  • New army weapon: Three Eyed Gun (triple barrel rifle). Can be used by Field Engineers and Dragon Lancers.
  • Fire Lance can be used multiple times, is an upgrade to spears for Dragon Lancers.
  • Warlord renamed to General.
  • Duizhu renamed to Captain.
  • Clarified that Wu Jen may use Lore of Light.
  • Strategists may be mounted on warhorses.
  • Wu Xia is a Hero choice, works as an anti-character unit.
  • New Core Unit: Levy Infantry. Can have shields, spears, halberds. May upgrade to light armour.
  • New Core Unit: Levy Bowmen. Have bows, can swap for crossbows, repeater crossbows or javelins. Can have shields and light armour.
  • New Core Unit: Imperial Bowmen – armed with bows, crossbows, handguns or repeating crossbows. Wear light armour, can upgrade to medium armour.
  • New Core Unit: Light Cavalry (native Cathayan light cavalry, armed with short bows, javelins or spears).
  • Imperial Infantry have WS3, Ld7. Can have shields, spears, pikes, halberds, bows, crossbows or repeater crossbows. May upgrade to medium armour. WS3, Ld7.
  • Dragon Lancers can wear heavy armour.
  • Steppe Archers now called Steppe Nomads. Shields cost 1 pt. Have bow instead of short bow, cost 14 pts. May re-roll the dice to see what distance they move for any pursuit or flee roll.
  • Hill Tribesmen may have two hand weapons. May replace shields with short bows.
  • Monkey Warriors do not have quarterstaffs, have dodge (6+), T3, A2. 6 pts.
  • New Special Unit: Siege Crossbow (normal Bolt Thrower).
  • New Special Unit: Flying Crow (Rocket Launcher that fires using the large template, S3, flaming attacks)
  • New Special Unit: Catapult (regular stone thrower)
  • New Special unit: Ogre Mercenaries.
  • Emperor's Guard renamed to Imperial Guard, 9 pts.
  • Swordsaints renamed to Dragonblades (as Swordsaint is the English translation of Kensei, which is Japanese rather than Chinese). Have S3, 11 pts.
  • Nightblades renamed to Shadowblades. Have throwing weapons instead of light armour, cost 10 pts.
  • Bastion Chariot renamed to War Chariot. Have two different version; one with 2 horses, T4, W4. Another version have 4 horse, T5, W4.  Does not have scythes by default.
  • Foo Dogs renamed to Temple Dogs (as they were called in 3rd ed). Are War Beasts, Animated Constructs, Unstable. Have W2, T4, 5+ natural armour, 25 pts.
  • Terracotta Warriors can have full command groups and choose between shields, spears, halberds, bows or crossbows. Have WS2, S3, 5 pts by default.
  • Fire Bombs inflicts D6 Hits, have flaming attacks.
  • New Rare unit: War Wagon - a mobile fortress pushed by Infantry.
  • Dragon Cannon can fire either normal cannon balls or exploding ammo.
  • Fire Arrow renamed to Fire Rocket Cart. Is S4, 120 pts.
  • Pixiu has W4, cost 150 pts.
  • New Special Character: Hua Gongzhu (based on Mulan and Pingyang)
  • Xen Huong renamed to Pu-Yi, who is mentioned as the Emperor in Oglah Khan's lore (which it set recently in the lore). Pu Yi was also the last Emperor of China, so rather fitting. Is no longer a "Dragon in human form", but can cast the transformation of Khadon spell through his magic item to transform into a dragon. Have the Celestial Dragon Armour, making him Immune to Flaming Attacks and gives him a 5+ Ward save. 350 pts.
  • The Monkey King does not Fly or create clones (this was based on the real myth, but does not really fit with Warhammer lore), gains Dodge, and is at -1 To Hit instead. Have WS6, T4, I6.
  • Huan Bei renamed to Guan Bu (being a cross of Guan Yu and Lu Bu). 130 pts.
  • Chu-ye Xian renamed to Zhuge Yi (being a cross of Zhuge Liang and Sima Yi). 1+5 pts.
  • Zhao Fei renamed to Zhao Bei (being a cross of Zhao Yun and Lui Bei). When taking Leadership tests, all friendly units with the Iron Disciple special rule within 12" of him may roll 3D6 and discard the highest result. Zhao Fei's Armour gives him +1 Toughness, and any successful To Wound rolls against him must be re-rolled.
  • Dalan-Tai's Outrider rule means the unit can use Fire and Flee without loosing Swiftstride. He must be accompanied by a unit of Steppe Nomads.
  • Stratagems requires the unit who uses it pass a Leadership test.
  • The Impregnable Tortoise: The unit adds an additional +1 to their armour saves against missile attacks from any direction.
  • Fixed Brush of 1000 years: Every time the bearer succeeds in casting a spell from the Lore of Yin and Yang and rolls any duplicate dice (except 1's), he may choose to make a Leadership test at his own, unmodified Leadership. If this test is successful, every duplicate dice counts as a 6 for the purpose of the Ultimate Power rule. If the test fails, the spell counts as having been Miscast.
  • HD cover.
  • Added headings.
  • Added version number.
I am expecting this new version to have quite a few bugs since it contains so many overall changes, so please start reporting those as much as possible!

Monday, 16 September 2019

Autumn cleaning sale!

Just like previous years, I am selling parts of my collection that I do not have the need for anymore (to make room for even more Warhammer of course!). This time, I figured I would give the people following my books the chance to pick these things up before they go to ebay.

To make things fair for everyone, I will allow people to "bid" on all items through the Discord server in the marketplace channel. So, just write what item(s) you are interested in in through a private message. If someone else "bids" higher, I will let you know, and you can decide if you want to increase your "bid" further, or let the other person have the item.

Each "auction" will go on for 2 weeks, after which you can choose to pay for everything at once; or you can choose to put things to the side for up to a month in case you want to save up and buy several things at the same time to save on shipping costs. However, any "held" item during this time will still be made available for bidding if someone else would show up and be interested in it. This means you can either pay as soon as you win the "auction", or wait up to a month, but that would increase the risk that someone else could increase the price.

Should some item(s) not garner any "bids" here, I will also consider offers, especially if you buy multiple items. The less times I have to go to the post office the better!

Payment is done through Paypal, thus giving you as the buyer more protection. Shipping costs are as follows:

Max weight:
50 gram - £2
100 gram - £3
250 gram - £5
500 gram - £7
1000 gram - £11
2000 gram - £15

If you have any question, either post in the comments, send me an email, or write to me on Discord.
With that said, here are the items up for grabs:

10 Chimalma, Amazon archers. £8 each, or buy all ten for £30.

8 Cold One Riders, Lizardmen Cold Ones ridden by Maidenhead Amazons. £24.

14 Amazon Archers from Maidenhead and Shadowforge. £14.

21 Amazon Warriors from Shadowforge, full command. £21.

Roc/Giant Eagle from Reaper (metal, around 20cm wingspan). £35

Various Araby minis. £10.

Albion Warlord, Mierce miniatures. £5.

Albion BSB, Mierce miniatures. £5.

6 Sohei Monks, Perry minis. £6.

11 Yari Ashigaru, Perry minis. £11.

12 Katana Samurai, Perry minis. £12.

4 Sohei Monk champions, Assault Group limited ed. £3 each.

High Elves Limited Ed BSB. £10.

3 Warhounds (need cavalry bases to fit), £3.

3 Taisho/Daimyo, Reaper minis. £9.

1 Sumo Warrior from GCT minis, £4.

6 Roman Ballista Crew, Warlord minis. £6.

1 Avatars of War Gladiator, mounted on 25mm base. £10.

Dark Sword pirate woman, £4.

Macedonian Dwarf Champion, Westwind minis. £3.

OOP Galloper Gun Crew #1. £9

OOP Galloper Gun Crew #2. £9

3 Ogre Gladiators from Werewoolf minis, OOP. £30.

20 Aventine Praetorians. £20.

26 Italian Spearmen from Mirliton minis. One model lacks weapon. £26.

Warhammer OOP Empire/High Elf Griffon. Could also be used for Estalia and Dogs of War as a mount. £20.

6 OOP Empire Tilean Crossbowmen (1 model from Ral Partha). £16.

OOP Kurt Helborg in Finecast. Slighly warped feathers and defect feathers on helmet, will need bending in hot water. £20.

Great Cannon, Miltion minis. £6.

2 OOP Empire pistolers. £12.

17 OOP Free Company Fighters (one missing in the picture). £17.

5 Reiksguard from Mom minis. These guys are huge, but rank up fine. Banner pole needs to be bent straight in hot water. £10.

8 Foundry Landsknecht Handgunners. £8.

OOP Empire Great Cannon, £12.

Empire characters. Captain to the left £8. Captain in the middle (converted limited ed BSB) £10. Female Warrior Priest from Hasslefree £5.
6 Dark Riders OOP. £18.

16 OOP Handgunners. £8.

Shaerileth, Spider Demoness, Reaper minis. About 10cm at its widest point. £4.

Dark Elf unit fillers. Succibus £8, Avatar of Khaine £15, Dark Maiden £7, OOP Hell Dorado Naga £15, Execution(er) £4, fallen Dark Elf £3, Reaper Altar of Evil w/Victim £5.

Black Guard standard bearer, OOP. £4.

10 Dark Elf Darkshards #1, OOP. £10.

10 Dark Elf Darkshards #2, OOP. £10.

Carinth, Dark Elf Sorceres from Reaper. £4.

28 Dark Elf Dreadspears, OOP. £28.

2 Bastion Chariots, Watchful I. £30.

Reaper Phoenix. Fairly small for a monster, fits well on 40mm base. £10.

Safari Dragon. This is just a toy dragon that with some decent shading or improve paintjob would make a good celestial dragon. Should fit on a chariot base or bigger. £8.

8 Monkey Warriors plus champion, models from Black Hat and Valiant (OOP). £10.

11 Song repeater crossbowmen, Assault Group minis. £11.

Watchful I Ancient Chinese Female General, Huang Guigu, £3. OOP Flying General Workshop Wizard, £5. Alkemy Xian Ling, £7.

24 (25 with drum) Song Swordsmen from Assault Group, suitable as Swordsaints or Imperial Infantry with hand weapons (need shields). £24.

24 (25 with drum) Tang Guardmens from Assault Group, suitable as Imperial Guard or Imperial Infantry with halberds. £24.

12 Song heavy cavalry from Assault Group, suitable as Dragon Lancers with halberds. £36.

6 Halfling Goat Rider Knights from Westfalia. Note that these models are rather small, on cavalry bases. £18.

Halfling characters, wizards, thieves, chef. £3 each for the top row, £2 for the second row. Model to the far right is an OOP Pippin from GW's Lord of the rings minis from the 80's, £5. Buy all for £20.

Halfling casualties from TTcombat, £5.

Limited Edition Halfling General from TTCombat, £7.

5 Midlam minis rangers, suitable for Estalian Mountain Bandits or Bretonnian Herrimaults. £10.

5 Eureka Conquistadors with arquebuses, £12.

10 Eureka Almogavars, £10.

Sered, Templar Commander from Confrontation. Suitable as Warrior Priest or Estalian Inquisitor. £7.

10 TTCombat Halfling Skeletons, £10.

10 TTCombat Halfling Ghouls, £10.

10 TTCombat Halfling Spirits, £10.

15 TTCombat Halfling Zombies, £15.

10 TTCombat Limited Ed Halfling Necromancer, £7.

Norba OOP Chaos Dwarf Lord, £7.

3 Sons of Ursun, made from Assault Group and Reaper minis. £30.

Blood Rage Frost Giant, £20.

Blood Rage Fenrir, Limited Ed, £40. Comes with card if wanted.

Blood Rage Mountain Giant, Limited Ed, £40. Comes with card if wanted.

Blood Rage Troll, £20.

Pathfinder Red Dragon from Reaper, £10.

3 Reaper Fire Giants. £25.

Otherworld Frost Giant, £14.

Secrets of the Third Reich Werewolves, fits well on 25mm bases. £15.

3 Hawks of Miska bases, £12.

4 Kvassnics, Assault Group Limited ed. £5.

Various Citadel Barbarian Fighters, OOP. £6.

Various Hasslefree minis, £3 each. Archmage Raisa to the top right comes with two minis £6.

26 OOP Bretonnian Men-At-Arms, plus 8 Command models. £34.

8 OOP Bretonnian Knights of the Realm. £24.

15 OOP Bretonnian 3rd Ed Bowmen, £4 each. Buy all for £50.

Edward the Breton by Norba minis. £4. 

9 OOP Bretonnian 3rd Ed Crossbowmen, £4 each. Buy all for £30.

12 OOP Bretonnian 5th Ed Bowmen, £6 each. Buy all for £60.

OOP Bretonnian Command Group models from 5th ed.
£4 each. Buy 2 for £7, 3 for £10.

8 Black Tree Hundred Years War Crossbowmen, £8.
8 Black Tree/Crusader minis Bowmen, £8.

6 Foundry/Crusader crossbowmen, £6.

4 Crusader minis handgunners. Suitable as Brigands with handguns, £4.

16 Halberdiers from Claymore Castings, Foundry, Crusader and Front Rank. £16.

4 Crusader armed Peasants. £4.

5 Front Rank foot knights, £5.

10 OOP Bretonnian 3rd Ed Foot Knights, £6 each. Buy all for £50.

8 Gripping Beast Teutonic Foot Knights, £8.

11 OOP Battle Pilgrims from Norba minis, £11.

8 OOP Battle Pilgrims, £8 each, buy all for £55.

6 Warlord Landsknects handgunners/crossbowmen, £3.

Black Tree Hundred Years War Bombard, £6.

Black Tree Hundred Years War Ballista, £4.

24 Perry Hundred Years War archers, £12.

Bertrand the Brigand, Hugo le Petit, Gui le Gros. £30.

5 Questing Knights with full command, £50.

Questing Knights, £10 each.

Gamezone mounted Damsel, £10

3 OOP 3rd ed Feudal Knights, £5.

5 OOP 3rd ed Mounted Knights, £25.

OOP Odo d'Outremer, £16.

OOP 3rd Ed Bretonnia Wizard, £8.

OOP 3rd Ed Mounted Men-At-Arms, £12.

OOP 5th Ed Limited Edition General, £40.

OOP 5th Ed Mounted Damsel, £10

OOP 5th Ed Fay Enchantress, £10

OOP 5th Ed Questing Knight Standard Bearer and Champion (standard missing), £12.

OOP 5th Ed Grail Knight and Champion (one shield missing), £12.

OOP Norba Foot Knight Command, £9.

13 Spearmen from Black Tree, Crusader and Foundry. Some shields missing. £13.

10 Warlord Ashigaru Spearmen and Archers (5 of each), £6

OOP 3rd Ed Bretonnian Brigand with greatsword and artillery crew member. £5 each, buy both for £8.

And finally, because my girlfriend did not want me to be the only one to have a chance of making money selling things, here's a painting made by her, available for those with a great taste in Asian art:
"The Galaxy of Happiness", acrylic painting on canvas, 100 x 81 centimeters. Painted by Nattha "Jarda" Phukmid, 2018. £850.

Thanks for helping me feed my plastic/metal crack addiction!