Saturday, 17 November 2018

Warhammer 9th Ed 1.1 out now!

This update changes the following:

  • Victory points are given if a unit is half or less in Unit Strength rather than less than half.
  • Clarified that Fear does not stack from multiple units. The Leadership modifier is increased by a further -1 modifier if the total unit strength of Fear-causing models is greater than the amount of enemy models without the Fear rule in the same combat.
  • Clarified that Volley Fire ignores the To Hit penalty of cover, not giving a save.
  • Javelins may Volley Fire.
  • Champions are always removed last (instead of being killable separately).
  • Added "ridden monster" to the Monster troop types section.
  • Chariots and ridden monsters can fire 360 degrees.
  • Breath Weapon attacks in close combat cannot hit any single model more than once.
  • Clarified that any equipment or magic items the model might have only apply to the rider, not the mount.
  • Clarified what units are not affected under Hold Your Ground. 
  • Added sentient special rule under Battle Standard Bearer, allowing units that normally would not be allowed to use Inspiring Presence or Hold Your Ground to do so.
  • Panic tests may be re-rolled with the Battle Standard Bearer in addition to Break tests.
  • Added a Fire & Flee charge reaction to Fast Cavalry.
  • Removed BSB part of being in 2nd rank (as characters are not allowed to join a unit unless they are placed in the front rank).
  • Added Large Target modifier to shooting, giving you +1 to hit against units with US 40+.
  • Changed special rule "Large Target" to "Towering" (which frankly fits better as "Large Target" no longer gives any To Hit bonus like earlier editions).
  • Lore of Metal lore attribute gives +1/2 to casting based on the enemy's armour type. Old attribute part of searing doom spell (natural armour is not affected). Golden Hounds inflicts S5 hits.
  • Unbreakable characters may only join unbreakable units.
  • Banner of Might 55 pts.

Monday, 5 November 2018

Warhammer 9th Ed 1.09 out now!

A pretty important update here, taking care of a few bugs and other things discussed in the forum and comments:
  • Destroy magic scroll is one use only (bug fix).
  • Unstable Monsters ridden by characters cannot have wounds allocated to them separately (bug fix).
  • Dispel Scroll is no longer an auto-dispel, instead you get 6 dispel dice to use for that dispel roll, can now be used on remains in play spells.
  • Shields on Infantry models give +1 Armour save against missile attacks to the front.
  • Immunity (Psychology) allows units to automatically restrain from pursuit. 
  • Fixed bug with lance Strength Bonus not being specified when charging.
  • Fixed bug with additional hand weapon parry not being specified.
  • Vampiric added to Lore of Light bonus damage.
  • Unstable units that outnumber the enemy (and being Steadfast) reduces the casualties from crumbling by 1.
  • Skirmishing Flyers do not benefit from the Vanguard rule. 
  • Swarms are Expendable. 
  • Clarified how Steadfast is used in combination with the General's Inspiring Presence.
  • Up to 35% can be spent on Lords and Heroes, 25% limit of either Lords or Heroes removed.
  • Clarfied further how multiple combats and break tests work. Units on the losing side but whose CR is greater than all enemy units in base contact no longer need to take break tests, and no unit on the losing side can suffer a greater break test modifier than the overall loss of their side (meaning smaller units flanking a larger force but only lost the combat by 1 pt won't suddenly find themself having a -5 modifier from only being in base contact with a large unit with a ton of CR). This will be further clarified with graphics in the future.
  • Clarified how Outnumbers works in combat with multiple units (i.e. you cannot get the bonus once for each unit if you have several units that each outnumber the enemy). 
  • Added bookmarks to the PDF for easier access.

Saturday, 27 October 2018

Vampire Counts 9th Ed 1.11 out now!

This update changes the following:

  • Cheaper missile weapons.
  • You may not have more units of Skeletons armed with missile weapons than you have skeletons without missile weapons.
  • Helman's Ghorst's special rule gives +D3 models raised instead of rerolling number of models raised.
  • Summon Ghouls allows up to 3 units of Ghouls to deploy as Ambushers, 10 pts.
  • Strigoi Vampires can take either Lore of Necromancy or Beasts.
  • Liche Lords may be mounted on Mortis Engines. 
  • Dropped Wight King to Ld8.
  • Lahmian heroes may not ride the Coven Throne.
  • Lahmian Vampires can take light armour and additional hand weapons.
  • Necrarch heroes can ride Abyssal Terrors.
  • Varghulf has Regen (5+) (as well as re-roll to Wound), 200 pts.
  • Fixed several bugs.

With that, I think I've covered most of the issues brought up by you guys in the comments. If there is anything I've missed, let me know!

Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Warhammer: Lizardmen 9th Ed 1.0 out now!

Updated to 1.1 27/10:

  • Dread Saurian etheral upgrade replaced with 4+ ward against non-magical attacks at 40 pts.
  • Kroxigors 43 pts.
  • Javelins and short bows are poisoned by default.
  • Skink Skirmishers javelins and short bows 1 pt cheaper.
  • Fixed bug with missing skirmisher rule for skinks in army list. 
  • Fixed bug with chameleons having 6+ armour save in bestiary. 
  • Blessed Spawning of Huanchi gives Ambushers special rule.
  • Blessed Spawning of Tzunki gives +2 Initiative.
  • Cold One Riders 24 pts.
  • Loremaster upgrade for Slann 30 pts.
  • Slann now has extra statline for Skink Attendant.  
  • Terradons and Ripperdactyl's no longer have Natural Armour.
  • Contemplations now lets Slann choose a new spell from any Battle Lore the same magic phase.
  • Fixed multiple bugs regarding stats in bestiary compared to army list.
Well, that went pretty quick! Finishing up at 204 pages, this is the ultimate Lizardmen tome, containing background from 5th to 8th ed, as well the Lustria book and several White Dwarfs.

This book really does not have that many changes compared to most other army books; the Lizardmen roster have always been fairly small, and I have not included any new units as such except for two special characters.

The main change will come with the addition of Sacred Spawnings (finally!) and the drop in armour saves for Saurus and Skinks. I know this was discussed earlier when people wanted it to stay 5+, but the background mentions Temple Guard having tougher scales than normal Saurus, and the Old-Blood having even tougher scales than them. You can now also upgrade your Saurus to a 5+ save with the Blessed Spawnings to achieve the same result as in 8th ed for the same price.

The Lore of Geomancy was planned, but scrapped for two reasons; firstly, Lizardmen already have High Magic. Secondly, the Geomancy spells from 5th ed were not all that interesting, and would only make up half of the lore with 4 spells in total. For that reason, Lord Kroak and Mazdamundi have access to one Geomancy spell each, but that's it. Anyway, I hope you enjoy version 1.0 (that is, until all the bugs are found and fixed in version 1.1728542 or something like that...)!


  • New Special Character: Nakai
  • New Special Character: Inxi-Huinzi
  • Added Sacred Spawnings.
  • Added back Focused Rumination, allowing one free power dice per magic phase.
  • Scaly Skin for Saurus nerfed to 6+ like 6th ed. Scaly Skin for Skinks removed.
  • Added Revivification Crystal to the Bastiladon.
  • Coatl have MR (3+) instead of Ward save (5+), 220 pts.
  • Skink Cohort start with shields, may take spears, javelins or short bows, 3 pts.
  • Jungle Swarms do not count towards the minimum number of Core Units that you need to include in your army.
  • Ripperdactyl's have the Toad Rage rule again.
  • Ancient Stegadon is back, is an upgrade to normal Stegadons.
  • Terradons and Ripperdactyls are WB, not MB.
  • Mazdamundi has the Itzi Grubs magic item, can use one more dice than normal when casting. Have the Ruination of cities spell. 2+ armour for his stegadon. 700 pts.
  • Lord Kroak has the Ceremonial Mace of Malachite , Standard of the Sacred Serpent, Glyph of Potec and Amulet of Itza magic items. Has WS, BS, I and A 0 (since he is dead and all...). Have a 4+ ward save (and MR (3+). 450 pts.
  • Kroq-Gar 470 pts, may take one unit of Cold One Riders as core choice. Enemies wounding him suffer a S5 hit.
  • Tehenhauin may not ride Stegadon (as the model does not, and it goes against the whole point of his snake-based special rules). Red Crested Skinks have immunity to poison. Give regen to swarms, ignore unstable. 300 pts.
  • Gor-Rok has T5, Immune to KB, enemies must re-roll sucessful To Wound rolls, 230 pts.
  • Chakax causes enemy weapons and armour to counts as mundane equipment. 210 pts.
  • Tetto'eko has a 4+ ward save, 190 pts.
  • Tiqtaq'to gives ambushers to Terradon unit for free, 135 pts.
  • Troglodon has the Ambushers special rule, have BS4. 

Monday, 22 October 2018

Vampire Counts 9th Ed 1.1 out now!

Apologies for the delay with this update, been steamrolling my way through the Lizardmen book these last weeks, and as such Vampire Counts was a bit delayed in the update department. I have been going through your comments and have done the following adjustments to the book:

  • Added bookmarks to the PDF, so you can more easily find whatever section you are looking for. This will be included for all future updates as well.
  • Vampiric no longer gives Regen, instead makes you re-roll successful To Wound rolls (does not apply to magical attacks, flaming attacks, or killing blow).
  • Removed Luthor Harkon (he will appear in the Vampire Coast expansion instead).
  • Gashnag has Multiple Wounds (D3), not poisoned attacks.
  • Black Coach is pulled by Nightmares.
  • Strigoi Vampires may not take magic weapons or armour.
  • The Brothers Ghorst have WS2 and S4.
  • Skeleton Warriors may take medium armour.
  • Corpse Cart have T5, Vigour Mortis gives Regen (6+) in addition to +1 A.
  • Included cost for Flag of Blood Keep.
  • Crypt Horrors have Ld7.
  • Varghulf have Ld7.
  • Mournguls are no longer Etheral, have 4+ ward against non-magical attacks, have Killing Blow.
  • Increased the cost of bows and crossbows for Skeletons and Peasant Levy.
  • Vlad's Blood Drinker restores lost Wounds on a 3+.
  • Summon Ghouls are 20 pts.
  • Transfix tests are no longer taken at -1 Ld.
  • Invocation of Nehek cannot heal characters more than 1W per casting.
  • Sylvanian Peasant Levy have US 10+ (so you are not forced into taking huge units of archers). May take additional hand weapons.
  • Lahmian Vampires are 5 pts cheaper.
  • Coven Throne 200 pts.
  • Fixed multiple bugs with incorrect statlines and missing special rules.

If there any anything I've missed to fix that you think is important to add, let me know in the comments. Ideas for new units and the like are likely to be included in future expansions rather than being mainline units.

Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Warhammer: Vampire Counts 9th Ed 1.0 out now!

Finishing up at a whopping 270 pages, Vampire Counts managed to even beat the Empire in terms of length (which is also part of why this book has taken quite a while to finish). This book contains material from all army books 4th-8th ed, as well as Night's Dark Masters, Liber Necris, Circle of Blood, various White Dwarfs and Citadel Journals. As such, you now have much extended background on all the Vampire Bloodlines and their history, as well more information about Sylvania, the Red Duke, and Heinrich Kemmler.

Do note that the majority of the background used in this book is based on the older Vampire Counts sources rather than the newer books from Black Library, and as such there are some discrepancies between them.


The main change for the 9th Ed Vampire Counts book compared to the official 8th Ed is the inclusion of living troops! Your Vampires and Necromancers will no longer crumble to dust as they have done in the past, and Vampires all have Regeneration as fits their background. They can no longer be healed by means of magic, instead relying of drinking blood to sustain themselves. All the changes can be found below:

  • New Lord choice: Liche Lord
  • New Mount: Barrow Chariot (for Wight King).
  • New Core Unit: Sylvanian Peasant Infantry (WS2 infantry that are not undead). 
  • New Rare Unit: Lahmian Handmaidens
  • New Special Character: Neferata
  • New Special Character: Zacharias the Everliving
  • New Special Character: Melkhior
  • New Special Character: Sethep
  • New Special Character: Walach Harkon
  • New Special Character: The Red Duke
  • New Special Character: Gashnag
  • New Special Character: Luthor Harkon
  • New Special Character: Dieter Helsnicht
  • New Special Character: Helman Ghorst
  • Vampiric gives the model Fear, Immunity (Psychology) and Regeneration (6+ to 4+).
  • Units like Necromancers, Vampires, Bats and Ghouls are no longer Undead.
  • The Hunger renamed The Red Thirs, works on a 5+.
  • Several Vampiric Powers can now be taken by multiple Blood Lines.
  • Lore of the Vampires renamed Lore of Necromancy (as it is not really used solely be Vampires, and was created by Necromancers, not Vampires).
  • Invocation of Nehek only affects Undead units.
  • Curse of Undeath regains 1 Wound for one unit within 6", rather than healing the caster. This means you can no longer heal your character through magic (as they are not really Undead to begin with).
  • Undead can march if within 6" of a wizard with the Lore of Necromancy.
  • Necrarch Vampires can use the Lore of Metal and Lore of the Heavens.
  • Strigoi Vampires can use the Lore of Beasts and Shadow.
  • Replaced Tomb Blade (which is already carried by Heinrich Kemmler) with the Frostblade. 
  • Vigour Mortis is now a bound spell that gives skeletons and zombies +1 Attack rather than Always Strikes first (which was pretty poor considering the low Init value of zombies who would likely get to strike anyway in great numbers).
  • Bat Swarms automatically Disrupt enemy units that it flanks.
  • Skeleton Archers are removed, Skeleton Warriors can instead take bows and crossbows.
  • Zombies are WS2, have the Fight in Extra Ranks (1) special rule.
  • Crypt Ghouls are 6 pts.
  • Dire Wolves have Slavering Charge again, do not count towards minimum core units.
  • Corpse Cart have a 6+ armour save.
  • Blood Knights have full plate armour and WS6 (one less than a Blood Dragon Vampire, and one higher than a Pallid Handmaiden), Ld8, 42 pts.
  • Cairn Wraiths and Tomb Banshees have been split into separate units.
  • Cairn Wraith may be taken as Heroes, can be mounted on a Skeletal Steed, and take magic items.
  • Von Carstein and Lahmian Vampires are not wizards by default (Hero's only).
  • Necrarch, Strigoi and Lahmian Vampires have -1 Ld. 
  • Strigoi have Armour Piercing instead of Poisoned attacks.
  • Master Necromancers can be upgraded to Master of the Dead.
  • Lahmian Vampires may take Poisoned Attacks. 
  • Wight King have T5, may take heavy armour, 80 pts.
  • Fell Bats and Bat Swarms moved to core, do not count towards minimum core units.
  • Zombie Dragons may be taken as rare choices. 
  • Isabella von Carstein is no longer a wizard.
  • Konrad von Carstein has the Ring of the Night magic item.
  • Krell have W3, have the Crown on the Damned magic item.
  • All Vampires can carry the Battle Standard. 
  • Cheaper musicians for Undead units (as they have no use of the rally part). 
  • Fell Bats and Spirit Hosts are 3+ in unit size.
  • Varghulfs and Vargheists have Red Thirst.
  • Vargheists 50 pts. 
  • Varghulf 185 pts.
  • Crypt Horrors 37 pts.
  • Necrofex Colossus 240 pts, have the Vortex of Death special rule, can take Dark Souls upgrade.
  • Black Coach is 170 pts (on account of being T5 like normal heavy chariots).
  • Mannfred von Carstein have A4, Ebony Staff and Cloak of Darkness. He is no longer available as a Hero choice.
  • Removed background on the War in the Border Princes - this part is never resolved until the End Times, and as such feels unfinished. 

Many thanks to Rune for helping me go through and fix quite a few things in the book before release!

Friday, 17 August 2018

Warhammer: Dwarfs 9th ed 1.0 out now!

Updated to 1.11:
  • Rangers have BS3 again (as their fluff does not really mention them being elite marksmen compared to other Dwarfs, only that they are more versatile). Cheaper crossbows.
  • Fixed bug with Deathblow for Slayers in the Bestiary.
  • Veterans for Quarrellers and Thunderers have A2, just like the Warrior Veteran, which is the same as the official books. Dwarfs are limited to BS4 on their lords, so it makes sense that normal Dwarfs do not become more proficient than BS3.
Updated to 1.1:
  • Fixed multiple bugs with incorrect statlines.
  • Deathrollers inflicts D6 hits every turn.
  • Nerfed stats of brewmasters.
  • Fixed points cost for magic items.
  • Kazador is S4, his hammer causes Multiple Wounds (D3).
  • Grimm Burloksson gives +1 To Hit, not re-roll To Hit.
  • Increased cost of Rune of Might.
  • Thunderers and Quarrellers cannot take medium armour (like 6th and 7th ed).

Rejoice Dawi, for the day of Reckoning is here! Ahem...

Clocking in at 230 pages, Warhammer: Dwarfs is the second longest book I've finished, so while you Dwarf players had to wait for those pesky Elves to get their books out first, you can feel happy in that your book is the longest of the lot. This book contain background from all four editions of Dwarf army books, Grudgelore, Book of Grudges from WFRP, Stone and Steel, Citadel Journal and various White Dwarf articles.


This update changes the following:
  • New Hero: Brewmaster (support character, based on Warhammer: Quest)
  • New Special Unit: Firethrower (weapon team, based on 3rd ed)
  • New Rare Unit: Rune Guardians (MI, based on WFRP)
  • New Special Character: Alrik Ranulfsson
  • New Special Character: Kazador Thunderhorn
  • New Special Character: Byrrnoth Grundadrakk
  • New Special Character: Kragg the Grim
  • New Special Character: Grombrindal
  • New Special Character: Burlok Damminsson
  • New Special Character: Kadrin Redmane
  • Resolute lets Dwarfs take any break test in the first round of combat on 3D6, disgarding the highest result.
  • Relentless works the same as in 8th ed (always march). While I'd like to give Dwarf players more options to go on the offensive, letting them march faster than Humans probably is not the best way to do it. Due to not being allowed to re-roll marching attempts as easy as in 8th ed, this still means Dwarf players won't lose out too much as they cannot be march-blocked.
  • Shieldwall is no longer an army-wide special rule, it has instead been given to the Ironbreakers to replace gromril shieldwall. It only applies in the first round of combat.
  • Multiple new Runes added from previous editions. Some points adjustsments and tweaks to existing runes.
  • Warriors, Miners, Rangers, Quarellers and Thunderers have light armour by default, can upgrade to medium armour. Longbeards and hammerers start with medium armour, can upgrade to heavy. Pts have been adjusted by 1 pt for this purpose.
  • War machine crews do not have armour by default (as hardly any of the models do). Can upgrade to light armour. Are no longer stubborn.
  • Runesmiths/Runelords counts as a lvl 2/lvl 4 wizard for the purposes of dispelling, meaning you can now channel twice the number of dispel dice and get +1/+2 to dispel on top of the +2 Dwarfs currently have. This means that a Dwarf Runelord is twice as good at dispelling as a normal wizard, giving them a needed boost against magic.
  • Rangers have BS4.
  • Dragon and Daemon Slayers can choose from a multidude of different Slayer skills.
  • Ungrim Ironfirst allows one unit of Slayers to be upgraded to Brotherhood of Grimnir. 
  • Irondrakes have 12" range. 
  • Cinderblast bombs only scatters half the distance on the artillery dice, min range it 5" (thus avoiding situations where the bomb could scatter behind the thrower.
  • Slayers may skirmish.
  • Runesmiths and Runelords starts without armour, can wear up to heavy armour. Runelords have MR (5+), Runesmiths have MR (6+).
  • Thunderbarge uses the bombing run rules for Gyrobombers, have only one cannon, W8, T6. High Flyer rule does not block LoS of other units from moving through it. 275 pts.
  • Deathrollers have W3, 80 pts.
  • Grudgebreaker rolls artillery dice to determine attacks and movement, follows the rules for chariots, 275 pts.
  • Thorgrim Grudgebreaker 500 pts. 
  • Thorek Ironbrow 350 pts.
  • Belegar Ironhammer 290 pts.
  • Thorek does not have MR (4+).
  • Ungrim Ironfist has WS8, medium armour, T, 315 pts.
  • Grimm Burloksson have heavy armour and S4, 95 pts.
  • Josef Bugman have medium armour and S4, restores 1W per turn rather than D3, 170 pts.
  • Removed background on the Shadow of Nagashizzar - this part is never resolved until the End Times, and as such feels unfinished

Overall, I've tried to keep the armour levels on the Dwarfs more WYSIWYG, rather than having all models have heavy armour (as normal warriors just wear a simple chainmail and the new hammerers almost wear complete plate armour) and gromril armour (which only fits a few of the character models). It always struck me as very odd that Josef Bugman with his chainmail shirt would be having just as good an armour save as an Ironbreaker covered in gromril plate.

Anyway, enjoy, and let me know of any bugs and other issues I've missed as usual!