Thursday, 30 April 2015

Multiple updates out now!

So after a long break (and I'm still sort of on it) I did have some time to through the books and fix some things that were brought up in the comments. Now these are rather minor updates that mostly fixes bugs, but also improves some of the editing, spelling, layout and paragraphs of the books, as well as new art. I am currently working on a bigger Albion update which will add at least 2 new units, and maybe a special character too. The Bretonnia update is still taking a lot of time to finish due to the near total re-make of the layout in the background section.

The fixes and changes are as follows:


  • Genies Wishes fixed, you now how to pass a Ld test when taking a wish or it fails.
  • Genies have Magical Attacks.
  • Janissaries do not have armour by default, can have LA. 6 pts basic. Handguns 6 pts, bows 3 pts.
  • Fixed duplicate text in background section regarding the crusades.


  • Celestial dragons 300 pts, lvl 1 wizard 35 pts.

Cult of Ulric:

  • Knights now have barding listed under equipment.

Kingdoms of Ind:

  • Fixed Phansigar attack value, it's now 2 like normal Champions.
  • Sowar Horsemen can have short bows instead of bows, 1 pt.


  • Fixed Dripping Poison stacking, it's now one per army.
  • Tengu background fixed for consistency, WS4, 1A, no longer have LA option, Katana instead of HW, 12 pts default cost, halberds 1 pt.
  • Ashigaru Bowmen have longbows instead of bows, costs 6 pts. Can no longer skirmish.
  • Shinobis taking Clan Mon counts towards magic item allowance.
  • Daimatzu Mon only applies to Katanas.
  • Batake Clan Mon no longer only applies to War Machines.
  • Fixed spelling error in the Sashimono rule.


  • Hawks of Miska stat line fixed in the Army list.

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Kickstarter for Cathay models

In a stroke of non-endorsed commercialism, I'd like to bring the attention of Cathay fans to Watchful I Studios' Kickstarter that is currently in the making. They will create many models suitable for a Cathay army, including Fu Dogs and Terracotta Warriors, which are very hard to come by at the moment from other manufactures.
I'm a pledger myself to their project which is good on the way to be successfully funded, and you can even get a glimpse of my smiling face in the comments (if your interested in that sort of thing). Be sure to "like" their Facebook page too in order to unlock more free miniatures if you decide to pledge.

Saturday, 3 January 2015

Regarding the lack of updates

Well, it's been over 3 months since my last update, and for some, it might seem like the project has died. This is not the case. However, (as I have said in the comments) I just don't have the time to work on the books right now due to other commitments (work, politics, video games, girlfriend). So, for the time being, the Warhammer Armies Project is on hold until I feel I have the time to work more on the books in proper.

I still plan to finish the Bretonnia update, though I don't know exactly when, but the other planned projects (Gnoblars, Fimir, Border Princes etc.) might not see the light of day I'm afraid. Probably not the news you have been wishing for, but that's unfortunately the situation at the moment. I will still update the already existing books and fix bugs, spelling errors and minor rules changes, and will post here whenever a book is updated with the changes, as well as update the galleries whenever I have finished painting something (with better quality pictures). A wave of smaller updates will be out soon.

In case I will not have the time to finish any new material in the future, I just want to say that it has been a very fun ride, and I hope someone else will take after me and try their hand at making their own rules based on the Warhammer universe. And much thanks for all the support, you guys (and gals) have been a large part of the reason why I have kept going for as long as I have. For now, let's bring on a new good gaming year, with a balanced number of both wins and losses!

Thursday, 11 September 2014

New Albion and Estalia updates out now!

Another set of small updates here, changing the following:


  • Nerfed Cormac Chath and Conor McFeud. The former could cause way too much damage alone, and the latter were too unkillable. Don't think I have uploaded these fixes before, though they were patched quite a while ago based on feedback.
  • Several minor text formatting fixes.
  • Fixed formatting error caused by this update (20/10).


  • Conquistadors now have light armour by default, can upgrade to heavy armour.
  • Genitors do not lose Fast Cavalry with LA.
  • Genitors may take spears.
  • Several minor text formatting fixes and some minor edits to the fluff.

In more interesting news, I will be making some changes regarding the release order. I've decided to scrap the release of the Mordheim characters as a stand-alone supplement, these will instead be included in the special characters book. I simply felt that it would be a bit too barren of a release to put out as a whole new document, so they should make a better fit with the already existing Special Characters. What this in effect means is that I will be pushing forward the date of the planned Bretonnia update, which I know some of you have really been looking forward too. Going to try to have it finished later this month.

Sunday, 24 August 2014

New Norse update out now!

Sorry for the lack of updates recently, been busy at work and grinding down my unplayed Steam games (gotta get my money's worth from all those sales!). This is just a smaller update to fix some minor issues with the book that cropped up during playtesting:
  • Bone of Ullr 15 pts (50 were insanely expensive considering how random it is).
  • Angvar's Fury now gives Hatred instead of Frenzy (Frenzy seemed pretty pointless since they can already get it through Berserkergang).
  • Gate of Hel now effects individual models rather than whole units (on par with other vortex spells).

If there is anything else you readers feel needs to be changed with the Norse list, let me know in the comments.

Monday, 30 June 2014

Multiple updates out now!

These updates changes the following:

  • Samurai Warriors GW's 2 pts/model.
  • All samurai characters -10 pts, Hatamoto -5 pts.
  • Kitsune only ethereal outside combat. Enemies must test to pursue it. 60 pts.
  • Ashigaru Spearmen no longer fight in extra ranks in addition to their spears.
  • Mizuchi 145 pts.
  • Mikoshi Shrine 125 pts, 4+ ward save. No longer have the Blessing of Courage.
  • Oni GW's 4 pts.
  • Sumo Warriors now cause impact hits on infantry.
  • Kabuki Dolls no longer have LA, 11 pts.
  • Wako Pirates now have katanas, no longer swap for bows.
  • Samurai Cavalry and Red Devils are now Fast Cavalry, +1 pt.
  • Daimatzu Mon now allow re-rolling failed Parrys as well.
  • A couple of bug fixes and clarifictaions.

  • Stance of the Dragon renamed Iron Discipline, only effects combat resolution, not steadfast.
  • Stormhurler Ballistas now work like Elven Bolt Throwers, 50 pts.
  • Imperial Infantry 4 pts basic. 
  • Imperial Infantry must now choose between spears or halberds, not both.
  • Revised options for Hill Tribesmen.
  • Sky Rockets Move or Fire instead of Slow to Fire.
  • Fire Bombs Armour Piercing, no longer flaming or ignoring armour saves. Causes D3 multiple hits.
  • Dragon's Breath fires in a straight line rather than as a breath weapon, Strength 4. You may take 1 Dragon's Breath for each Field Engineer in the unit.
  • Hand Mortar range increased to 36".
  • Fire Lances now Flaming, 2 pts each.
  • Foo Statues S4, 50 pts.
  • Steppe Archers no longer have LA, shields 1,5 pts.
  • Field Engineers now have heavy armour.

  • Wolf Raiders and Tarkans may take shields without losing Fast Cavalry.