Saturday 18 May 2024

Kislev 1.2 out now!

Patch Notes:

  • New layout with cleaner options selection and navigation panel. Base sizes are included in unit entry instead of Reference section.
  • Barding costs 5 pts for all character mounts.
  • All Champions and Musicians costs 5 pts.
  • Reworked the Lore of Ice, Tempest and Hags, giving each lore a total of 13 spells each to choose from.
  • Boyars and Atamans may take pistols and another close combat weapon.
  • Boyars and Atamans may take brace of pistols.
  • Rangers, Sibyrian Hunters, Chekist, Brotherhood of the Bear, Kvassnics have the Loner special rule.
  • Droyaska do not have light armour.
  • Battle Prayers: They may attempt to use one at the start of each of your turns by taking a Leadership test. If passed, the prayer is answered and take immediate effect.
  • Kossars may take shortbows. Are Unit Size 20+
  • Kossovite Dervishes renamed to Kossovites
  • City Guard have the Steady in the Rank special rule.
  • Heavy War Sleds have US6, W6. Cost 120 pts.
  • War Bear Riders may take pistols.
  • Tzar Cannon costs 175 pts.
  • Sibyrian Hunters may replace bows with crossbows or handguns.
  • New Rare Unit: Frost Wyrm
  • War Wagon has W10, cost 180 pts.
  • Kostaltyn may take 50 pts of magic items.
  • Baba Yaga is replaced by Mother Ostankya
  • New Hero: Naryska Leysa the Golden Knight

Friday 10 May 2024

Dwarfs 1.6 (beta) out now!

Did not make a huge amount of changes for this update, but quite a few big ones: the biggest arguably being the new Rune Lore system which makes your Runesmiths and Runelords act more like Priests in other armies. This means that in addition to Forgefire, they can each use one type of Rune per turn by passing a Leadership test that offers a benefit to the unit they are with. These Runes have been taken from the Anvil of Doom that have been given new Ancestor Runes from Storm of Magic. The Anvil now works more similarly to 7th ed as well as it cannot be dispelled, but failing the Leadership test to use each rune come with bigger consequences compared to the 8th ed system. Overall, the new system should see Anvils being much more usable in-game. 

Other changes include moving Gyrocopters to Special (you can only field 1 per Special Choice though!), and making Giant Slayers a separate Rare Unit. Lastly, Hammerers have been given Armour Piercing (1) from their gromril hammers and can now take a magic standard up to 75 pts. However, they are now a Rare unit so they do not compete directly with Ironbreakers and Longbeards (which are now also a Special Unit and do not require taking Dwarf Warriors). Lastly, Miners are now a Core Unit, which should make them see a bit more play (still limited by other Core Units as usual though).

Hope you enjoy the update, and many thanks to my Patreon for your continued support - planning on getting quite a few Dwarfs for my own collection as soon as they are released!



  • Dwarfs have the Hatred (Orcs, Goblins, Trolls, Skaven) special rule.
  • Natural Resistance is cumulative with other dispel bonuses.
  • Giant Slayer: The model has the Multiple Wounds (D3) special rule when attacking Monstrous Infantry, Monstrous Beasts or Monstrous Cavalry.
  • New Rune: Rune of Reloading
  • Runelords and Runesmiths cannot take additional hand weapons or heavy armour. Runelords costs 160 pts. Runesmiths costs 100 points.
  • Runelords and Runesmiths can use Runes (previously from the Anvil of Doom) on any unit they are with by passing a Leadership test.
  • Anvil of Doom now works similar to 7th ed with having effects that cannot be dispelled. However, failed attempts to Strike the Runes will cause the anvil to "misfire". All effects are based on the Ancestor Gods.
  • Brewmasters cannot take additional hand weapons or shields.
  • Bugman's XXXXXX gives the unit the Mighty Blow (1) special rule.
  • Master Engineers do not have armour by default.
  • Shieldbearers may take an additional shieldbearer.
  • Heavy armour for Warriors cost 1,5 pts.
  • Miners are a Core Unit.
  • Longbeards are a Special Unit.
  • Hammerers have Armour Piercing (1). Are a Rare Unit. May take a Magic Standard worth up to 75 pts. Shields cost 1.5 pts.
  • Firethrowers do not have Weapon Team special rule. May take medium armour.
  • Troll Slayers can take a Leader.
  • Troll Slayers can take a Magic Standard up to 25 pts.
  • Rangers cost 7 pts.
  • Grudge Thrower and Cannon costs 90 pts.
  • Giant Slayers are a Rare Unit.
  • Rune Guardians can take additional hand weapons or great weapons. Rune of Warding costs 6 pts.
  • Removed the Lumbering special rule.
  • Gyrocopters and Gyrobombers can all choose between steam gun, brimstone gun or clattergun.
  • Gyrocopters are Special Units.
  • High King: In addition, one unit of Hammerers may be taken as a Special Unit instead of a Rare Unit.
  • Ungrim may take Giant Slayers as Special Units.
  • Removed Byrrnoth.
  • Kragg the Grim costs 385 pts.
  • Kadrin Redmane has light armour, costs 200 pts.
  • Bugman's Rangers: Josef Bugman must be accompanied by a unit of Rangers chosen from the army list at a cost of 17 points per model. This unit has Strength 4 and are equipped with great weapons, crossbows, medium armour and shields. Josef Bugman may never choose to leave this unit.
  • New Lord: Gotrek & Felix
  • New Lord: Brok Stonefist
  • New Lord: Drong the Hard
  • New Lord: Helgar Longplaits
  • New Hero: Skag the Stealthy
  • New Hero: Krudd Mad-Mattock
  • New Hero: Grung Grudge-Bringer
  • New Hero: Long Drong
  • New Hero: Crazed Khargrim
  • New Hero: Malakai Makaisson

Wednesday 8 May 2024

Lizardmen 1.6 out now!


  • Predatory Fighter: In addition, a unit that contains one or more models with this special rule that attempts to restrain pursuit suffer a Leadership modifier equal to the result they won the combat against that unit by, just like a Frenzied unit.
  • Oxyotl has the Loner special rule.
  • Higher state of Consciousness costs 20 pts.
  • The Tetragon of Tectonic Displacement is not one use only.
  • Plaque of Zoloc may be used before attempting to cast any spell with a casting value of 10 maximum.
  • Kroxigors may take war gauntlets: Two hand weapons. Attacks made with war gauntlets have the Impact Hits (1) and Magical Attacks special rules.
  • Fixed bug with Tehenhauin missing his mount option.
  • New Lord: Skink High Chief
  • New Lord: Skink High Priest
  • New Rare Unit: Arcanadon
  • Blade of Realities costs 40 pts.
  • Blade of Revered Tzunki costs 35 pts.
  • Amulet of Itzl: This talisman automatically ignores the first unsaved Wound suffered. Costs 20 pts.
  • Focus of Mystery costs 30 pts.
  • Plaque of Tepok: The model bearing this item can choose an additional spell from another Lore of Magic than the one they have chosen.
  • Cloak of Feathers costs 30 pts.
  • Part the Waters: Any unit at least partially within it when the spell is cast or ends suffer 2D6 Strength 4 Hits (except models with the Aquatic special rule).
  • Star Tablet is Infantry only.
  • Carnosaur Pendant costs 10 pts, is Saurus only.
  • Charm of the Jaguar Warrior is Saurus only.
  • New Hero: Chameleon Stalker
  • Tetto'eko is a Lord choice, Lvl 3 wizard, costs 240 pts.
  • Ancient Stegadon upgrade costs 30 pts. Normal Stegadon can take Engine of the Gods.
  • Skink Chiefs and Priests cannot ride Stegadon/Coatl (limited to Lords).
  • Carnosaur have Natural Armour 5+.
  • Aggradons have Natural Armour 6+
  • Aggradon Riders have light armour by default.
  • Kroq-Gar has Natural Armour (2+).
  • Removed the Mount of Itzl special rule.
  • Fixed a multitude of minor bugs with incorrect unit sizes, equipment and special rules.

Saturday 4 May 2024

Lizardmen 1.6 (beta) out now!

A fairly large update this one, that ended up going a lot quicker than planned still (mostly as a result of me spending a lot of my free time working on it). This update features plenty of new spells (even a new lore!), new magic items, new units and some minor rules changes. Enjoy, and many thanks to my Patreon supporters as always!



  • Predatory Fighter: a unit that contains one or more models with this special rule must re-roll successful tests to restrain from pursuit.
  • Blood Frenzy: Once a model or unit with this special rule has inflicted one or more unsaved Wounds, it immediately becomes subject to Frenzy until the end of the next turn.
  • New Magic Lore: Lore of Geomancy.
  • Added 6 new spells to the Lore of High Magic. Removed boosted spells.
  • Contemplations: If a spell from the Lore of High Magic is successfully cast, the caster can immediately choose one of the Signature Spells from one of the eight Winds of Magic in the Warhammer rulebook which they can cast for the remainder of the Magic phase.
  • Soul Quench is no longer a Signature spell.
  • Tempest: Any unit under the template suffers a -1 modifier to all To Hit rolls.
  • Arcane Unforging allows the caster to choose which item they want to destroy.
  • Fiery Convocation is cast on 15+. Causes S3 Hits. Strength is increased by 1 every turn.
  • Added multiple new magic items.
  • Added two new Disciplines of the Old Ones.
  • Harmonic Converge: The Slann Mage-Priest rolls an additional dice whenever they attempt to channel power or dispel dice.
  • Focused Rumination costs 30 pts.
  • Wandering Deliberations: The Slann Mage-Priest may choose their spells from two lores of Magic rather than one. This discipline cannot be combined with the Focus of Mystery discipline.
  • Focus of Mastery costs 20 pts.
  • Huanchi's Blessed Totem: Bound Spell, Power Level 6. This standard contains a conveyance spell that may be cast on the unit carrying it. The unit may immediately make a move directly forward using the Random Movement (2D6) special rule. Costs 35 pts.
  • Sign of Sotek may be carried by Skink units. Costs 20 pts.
  • New Hero: Kroxigor Ancient
  • Skink Priests can ride Coatls. Cannot ride Troglodons.
  • New Core Unit: Terrawings
  • Skinks may take slings.
  • Saurus Warriors may take a Magic Standard up to 50 pts. Spears cost 1.5 pts.
  • Skink Cohort has Unit Size 20+
  • Skink Skirmishers can take Musicians. Cost 5 pts with blowpipes. Cost 8 pts with javelins and shields.
  • New Core Unit: Skink Raptadon Riders
  • Guardians: When casting a direct damage or magical vortex spell that originates from the Slann's base, draw this spell from the base of the model in front of the Slann instead.
  • Cold One Riders do not have spears by default, cost 24 pts.
  • Chameleon Skinks are Loners. Can take Musicians. Have shields by default. Cost 5 pts. Can take blowpipes, slings or javelins.
  • Terradon riders cost 24 pts. Can take javelins, shortbows, shields and an extra rider.
  • Salamanders and Razordons are War Beasts with S4, W2, cost 60 pts. If all Skink handlers are removed, the Salamanders are subject to Frenzy for the remainder of the game. If all Skink handlers are removed, the Razordons are subject to Frenzy for the remainder of the game.
  • New Rare Unit: Ancient Salamander
  • New Rare Unit: Aggradon Riders
  • Bastiladon has 3 crew by default.
  • Stegadons may take giant blowpipes.
  • Troglodons can be taken as Rare Units. Have Divining Rod upgrade.
  • Lord Kroak may have a Skink attendant.
  • Tetto'eko may use one dice more than normally allowed to cast spells.
  • Tetto'eko has a Line of Sight value of 2.
  • Lotl-Botl can take magic items.
  • Inxi-Huinzi can take magic items.
  • Ten-Zlati does not have magic items by default. Can take magic items like normal heroes.
  • The Piranha Blade is limited to Itzi-Bitzi.
  • Removed Kroq.
  • New Hero: Tichi-Huichi

Thursday 2 May 2024

Vampire Counts 1.62 out now!

Patch notes:

  • Abyssal Terror is a Monstrous Creature, costs 125 pts.
  • Varghulf is a Monstrous Creature, costs 135 pts.
  • Mourngul is a Monstrous Creature, costs 130 pts.
  • Lahmian Vampires now pay normal prices for their mounts.
  • Added 7 new spells to Lore of Necromancy, including a replacement for Wind of Death.

Nippon 1.3 out now!

Patch notes:

  • Samurai and Ashigaru Archers cannot take both armour upgrades and mantlets
  • Great Guard have katanas by default.
  • Fixed bug with missing Horo Cloaks.
  • Fixed bug with Kirin missing magical attacks.
  • Added additional mount options to the Daimyo special characters.
  • Fixed a multitude of minor bugs with incorrect unit sizes, equipment and special rules.

Sunday 28 April 2024

Grand Cathay 1.6 out now!

Patch notes:

  • New layout with cleaner options selection and navigation panel. Base sizes are included in unit entry instead of Reference section.
  • Unless specified, models armed with missile weapons counts as Yin. Models without missile weapons counts as Yang. Characters with Yin & Yang counts as both regardless of equipment.
  • Removed boosted spells.
  • Removed Art of War.
  • Dragon-Blooded Shugengan have light armour, costs 250 pts.
  • Magistrates can give a units 3 different bonuses from the Tactician special rule. Lord costs 75 pts, Hero cost 40 pts.
  • New Hero: Gate Master.
  • New Hero: Saytang the Watcher
  • Vermillion Warbird replaced by Great Moon Bird. Is a Monstrous Creature. Is a Yin unit.
  • Pixiu replaced by Celestial Lion. Is a Monstrous Creature. Is a Yang unit. Can be taken as a Rare unit.
  • Celestial Generals and Captains cannot take heavy lances.
  • Sky Lantern has W4. Costs 75 pts.
  • Barding costs 5 pts for all character mounts.
  • All Champions and Musicians costs 5 pts.
  • Horse Archers have shortbows.
  • Streamlined multiple units into single entries.
  • Celestial Dragon Guard may take shields with polearms.
  • War Chariots and Heavy War Chariots are separate units.
  • Heavy War Chariots have W6. Cost 105 pts.
  • Removed Close Support special rule.
  • Terracotta Warriors have cheaper weapon options.
  • Fire Rain Rockets have Flaming Attacks.
  • Zhuge Yi is a Lord. Zhuge Yi's Tactician special rule has a range of 18". In addition, he may use all three bonuses in each of your turns. Costs 210 pts.
  • Celestial Dragon Lances may take three eyed guns.