Thursday, 31 December 2015

Plans for [all] upcoming official books

Well, you asked for it so here you go: a basic outline of my planned changes for the upcoming updates for each army book. This list is by no means complete and subject to change; it is simply a draft of the current ideas floating around, there will be a lot more tweaks besides these ones. I will go into each book's planned changes in more detail once I start working on them. Feel free to add your own wishlists, complaints and nit-picks in case you feel I've missed anything.

Along with all rules changes, I also plan to add to the background and art of all units when possible. Where GW have in the later books shortened down the unit fluff to half a page in order to fit 4 different units onto two pages, my updated versions will have closer to 2 pages of fluff for most units in all army books. So, expect some heavier tomes in the future, probably close to 150+ pages each!

I also plan to release two versions of each book; one for using the official 8th ed rules, and one for using my 9th ed rulebook (currently being worked on, which will be released before Empire). The difference between the two will be rather slim, so you don't need to worry too much about learning a ton of new special rules or new wording thereof.

PS: Could use page 11 of the latest Daemons of Chaos book if anyone has it, currently lacking in my copy. Same goes with better quality art pictures from Tamurkhan and Monstrous Arcanum.

High Elves:

Martial Prowess = re-roll 1's to hit in close combat.
Mervyrm added.
Sea Lord Aislinn added.
Belannaer added.
Imrik added.
Selafyn added.
Handmaidens reformed as a unit instead of character.
High Elf Warriors (swordsmen) added.

Dark Elves:

Avatar of Khaine added (Monster)
Disciples of Khaine added (from Warhammer Online)
City Guard added.
Rykarth added.

Wood Elves:

Marksman Prowess = re-roll 1's to to hit with missile weapons.
Wildkin added (Alter Kin, shapeshifters)
Meadow Chariots added.
Lore of Athel Loren re-added, High/Dark Magic removed.
Ariel  added.
Naieth  added.
Thalandor  added.
Scaw added.


Ancestor Golems added.
Zeppelin added.
Doomseekers added.
Balance Ancestral Grudge.
Relentless = 3x march distance, not S bonus.
Grombrindal  added.
Alfrik Ranulfsson  added.
King Kazador added.
Kragg the Grim added.
Burlok Damminson  added.
Garagrim Ironfist added.
Byrrnoth Grundadrakk added. 

Warriors of Chaos:

Darksouls added.
Flayerkin added.
Cultists added.
Blightkings added.
Wrathmongers added.
Skullreapers added.
Bows, javelins for marauders (allows to make Hung and Kurgan armies)
Tamurkhan added.
Giant Spined Chaos Beast added.
Bile Trolls added.
Plague Ogres added.
Warpfire Dragon added.
Kazyk the Befouled added.
Sayl the Faithless and Nightmaw added.
Toad Dragon added.
Gutrot Spume added.
Skarr Bloodwrath added.
Pox Maggots added.
Crom added.
Arbaal added.
Egrimm van Horstmann added.
Count Mordrek added.
Valnir added.
Aekold Helbrass added.
Dechala added.
Harald Hammerstorm added.

Daemons of Chaos:

Pox Riders on Plague Toads of Nurgle added (NurgleMC).
Pleasureseekers added (Slaanesh MC).
Changebringers added (Tzeentch MC).
Chariots for all gods added.
Be'lakor added.
Amon 'Chakai added.
Azazel  added.


Dread Saurian added.
Coatl added.
Lore of Geomancy replaces High Magic.
Nakai added.
Inxi-Huinzi added.
Sacred Spawnings added.

Orcs & Goblins:

Colossal Squig added.
Night Goblin Squig Gobba added.
River Troll Hag added.
Rogue Idol of Gork added.
Forest Goblins added.
Borgut Facebeater added.
Gorfang Rotgut added.
Morglum Necksnapper added.
Badruk 'Eadsplitta added.
The Black Gobbo added.

Vampire Counts:

Mourngul added.
Necrofex Colossus (Corpse Giant) added.
[Proper] Vampire bloodlines added.
Sylvanian Peasant Levy added.
Zacharias the Everliving added.
Neferata added.
Melkhior added.
Sethep added.
Dieter Helsnicht added.
Walach Harkon added.
Luthor Harkon added.
The Red Duke added.

Tomb Kings:

Khemric Titan added.
Sehenesmet added.
Nagash added.

Ogre Kingdoms:

Scrap Bolt Thrower added.
Rhinox Riders added.
Possibly more Gnoblar types.
Ghark Ironskin added.

Saturday, 24 October 2015

Plans for upcoming Empire update

Progress update: Nearly the entire bestiary and army list is now finished, leaving editing of the main background. This numbers around 120 pages of fluff to go through, which will take quite some time. The Empire has a ton of stuff from WFRP written for it, so I'm currently sorting out the material I don't deem necessary to include. I've also been working quite a bit on the High Elves book, finishing most of the bestiary for them. I might be finishing the High Elves book first, depending on how the editing will go. Won't have time to finish either book before January though.

Though this will take a while to finish due to the massive background and different sources they stem from, I want to give a heads-up on some of the planned changes for the Empire.

One of the bigger ones: Detachments as you knew them will be gone. With 8th ed, it's all about steadfast for infantry, and since steadfast is not mitigated by disruption, Detachments does not really make much of a difference besides giving the enemy more attacks back at you. On top of that, you need a minimum of 10 models to even cause disruption, hence any detachment would need to be 15+ models, almost a unit in themselves. Furthermore, since Steadfast is based on the highest number of ranks in a unit, you are usually better off just adding the detachment models to the main unit instead.

In my planned update, all regimental units can act as detachments if within 3" of each other. Meaning that a full unit of halberdiers can flank charge an enemy unit charging a full unit of swordsmen for instance, and handgunners and crossbowmen can stand and shoot against enemies charging any regimental unit, just not their parent unit. This encourages multiple smaller units rather than just hoarding up on halberdiers, and puts the focus on the Empire's infantry coordinating with each other more, as well as holding a coherent battleline, just like the Empire should. Enemies will now also have to plan more carefully, and must attempt to charge with multiple units to avoid being flanked.

As for other planned changes:
  • Grand Masters will be able to ride Demigryphs.
  • Spearmen will be able to upgrade to pikes (finally!).
  • Free Company will have pistols as an option, and can upgrade to Ambush.
  • Archers won't be skirmishers by default, and can have LA.
  • Handgunners and Crossbowmen can have LA (allows upgrade to Ironsides).
  • Knights will be kept core, but can be upgraded to one of 3 knightly orders (Panther, White Wolves, Blazing Sun). For the remaining Knightly Orders, consult the Expansion.
  • Inner Circle Knights counts as special units.
  • Hold the Line increased range for generals.
  • Demigryphs are moved to Rare, will be increased in cost.
  • Imperial Dwarfs added, spears, GW's, HA options.
  • Halflings added. Spears, bows, shields.
  • Reiksguard Foot Knights added, Reiksguard Knights will stay as normal.
  • Flagellants nerfed to WS2, can sacrifice D3 models each close combat phase.
  • War Wagon will be added in a future Empire expansion, along with Helblaster variant.
  • Steam Tank variants will be added in a future Empire expansion.
  • Cheaper state troops, miltia, greatswords, huntsmen, pistoliers, outriders and flagellants.
  • Mortar buffed to S3, slight price increase.
  • Helstorm buffed to S4.
  • Helblaster firing mechanics tweaked, can fire single decks.
  • Extended fluff in both the main background and for all units.
  • Return of old special characters, as well as the ones from Tamurkhan.
  • Imperial Ogres added.
  • Arcane Battle Altars will allow upgrades to all different colleges, thanks to rules by Thomas Heasman-Hunt.

Monday, 19 October 2015

Beastmen 8th ed book out now!

Update 24/10:
  • Ambush free upgrade for Gors and Ungors, so they can deploy like normal.
  • Lowered some more casting values for Lore of the Wild. I want to hear players' suggestions on what other buffs the lore needs to be worthwhile taking over other lores.
  • Great Bray-shamans back to T5, 200 pts.
  • Bray-Shamans back to 75 pts.
  • Gnarled Hide 15 pts.
  • Ungors 4 pts, Ungor Raiders 5 pts.
  • Bestigors 11 pts.
  • Minotaurs 42 pts.
  • Centigors 18 pts.
  • Cygor 175 pts.
  • Jabberslythe 175 pts, added 4+ scaly skin.
  • Ghorgon 225 pts.
Also considering nerfing the Preyton to a MB, similar to that of a Great Eagle, and make it a special unit. The model is pretty small for a Mo, and is about the same size as a Great Stag (which is a MB), so it would probably be more fitting and set it apart from the other Mo more.

Finished with version 1.0 of the new Beastmen book. Old players should find most of it very familiar, as I have not tried to go overboard with changes for change's sake. The book plays very similar to the last one, but I've tried to add some more options, as well as taken away some of the ones I did not feel fit very well with it. I would definitely not call myself an expert on Beastmen as I've only played against them a few times, but I've updated the points values on most units to be on par with other books (and cheaper in some cases). Changes are as follows:

  • Primal Fury does not give Frenzy on doubles. It only had a 1/36 chance to do so, and there are several ways to get frenzy already in the list.
  • Beastmen ambush replaced with normal ambush.
  • Marks of Chaos are available for Characters and Bestigors.
  • Gorebulls can no longer be BSB.
  • Gors are WS3, 6 pts basic. Did not make much sense that they were more skilled fighters than Orcs really, and is consistent with the WS of the Wargor and Beastlord.
  • Gors and Ungors may skirmish for free.
  • Gors may have morning stars and throwing axes.
  • Ungor Raiders may have javelins, can be upgraded to scouts.
  • Bestigors have LA by default, can upgrade to HA. Can switch GW's with halberds for free.
  • Minotaurs 47 pts.
  • Centigors 20 pts, "Sober for Once" gives them FC, as well as +2I. LA optional.
  • Razorgors 40 pts, US 3+.
  • Razorgor Chariots 110 pts.
  • Harpies can no longer scout.
  • Chaos Trolls added.
  • Chaos Spawn special unit, 3D6M, 50 pts.
  • Preyton added, 175 pts.
  • Ghorgon 235 pts, Swallow Whole is in addition to normal A, regains 1W if successful.
  • Cygor 200 pts.
  • Jabberslythe has Hover instead of Fly, 200 pts.
  • Chaos Giant 175 pts.
  • Gorthor auto-wounds on doubles to Hit.
  • Moonclaw's Stupidity no longer affects friendly units.
  • Morghur is a Lord choice, has magic items from 6th ed.
  • Lore of the Wild has seen some slight buffs overall, lowered casting values. Primal Onslaught is added Lore Attribute.
Hope you guys enjoy it! Let me know of the usual bugs and other changes you like/hate or wish to see.

Beastmen Download

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Plans for Beastmen update

With the Skaven book fresh off the work table, I've now started on the Beastmen book. I am not planning on making any huge changes with this one, but will mostly focus on rebalancing the rules and make each unit worth taking. I've finished most of the bestiary and am currently working on the army list. As I have vacation next week, I plan to get version 1.0 finished before next Sunday.

Updated: Thanks for the input everyone! Currently planning the following:
  • Marks will be available for Beastlords/Wargors, Doombulls/Gorebulls and Bestigors only, since they are the ones really being featured with marks in the art and fluff.
  • Chaos Trolls will make a return. Considered Dragon Ogres, but they don't really dwell in the forests, so I don't feel they fit with the rest of the theme.
  • Magic item selection will contain all items mentioned in the comments.
  • As well as a few other changes based on suggestions here, stay tuned for the book, hopefully next week.

As such, I would like to get the community's input on a few things:
  1. Should Marks return? If they would, to what extent? Currently considering making them available to characters, Bestigor and Minotaurs only.
  2. Return of Dragon Ogres, Chaos Trolls, and Chaos Ogres. Is this an option that is missed by the community? Are all units interesting, or just a few?
  3. Magic Items, any particulars that you feel are must-haves?
  4. Other stuff that you wish was changed/included?
Apart from that, I'm not planning on adding much else except the Preyton, since I feel the list is pretty solid, and Beastmen cavalry does not really fit. Gors will however, be able to skirmish again. Hurray!

Monday, 12 October 2015

Sneak Peak: Upcoming Galleries

Reposting this with updated pictures of all armies, and better quality shots. So this is my current collection that I wanted to share with you guys, that will hopefully give you some inspiration for your own armies. I will take individual pictures of each unit as they are finished and post in each army's gallery, as well as complete army shots when they are completely finished (which will probably take a few years at least).


Back row from the left: Chariots, Clansman Cavalry, Youngbloods with slings, Warband with spears, BSB, Warlord with shieldbearers, Chieftain, Chieftain, the Morrigan, Chieftain, Warlord, Chieftain.
Back row from the left: Half Giants, Giant, Giant, Centaurs, Fenbeasts, Youngbloods with javelins, Warband with great weapons, Druid, Truthsayer, Druid, Woad Raiders.
Back row from the left: Hunters with bows, Stone Thrower, Hunters with javelins, Warriors of Danu, Druid Neophytes, Warbands with shields, Hunting Hounds, Swordmaidens.


Back row from the left: Serpent Priestesses, Matriarch, Mistress, Cold One Riders, Piranha Warriors, Anakonda's Amazons, Jungle Stalkers, Eagle Warriors, Totem Guardians, Jaguar Warriors.


Back row from the left: War Elephant, Grand Vizier on flying carpet, Mamelukes, Roc, Basilica Cannon, Caliph on flying carpet, Mamelukes, Bladedancers, Djinn, Vizier, Vizier, Efreet, Corsairs, Janissaries, Vizier, Prince of Thieves, Saladin, Malik ibn La'Ahad, Vizier, Hashishin, Jasmine Silverveil, Caliph, BSB, Caliph, Sheik, Slave Guards.
Back row from the left: Nomad Hunters, Flying Carpet Riders, Desert Riders with bows, Naffatun, Camel Riders, Bowmen, Desert Riders with spears, Warriors with shields, Palace Guard, Warriors with spears.


Back row from the left: Pegasus Knights, Questing Knights, Louen Leoncoeur, Grail Knights, Damsels, the Fay Enchantress, BSB, Repanse de Lyonesse, the Green Knight.
Back row from the left: Knights of the Realm, Paladin on Pegasus, Knights of the Realm, Suliman the Saracen and Odo d'Outremer (he is invisible!), Knights Errant, Tristan the Trobadour and Jules the Jongleur.
Back row from the left: Mounted Yeomen, Damsels, Peasant Bowmen, Priestesses of Shallya, Men-at-Arms, Men-at-Arms, Foot Knights, Foot Knights/Paladins on foot, Foot Knights.
Back row from the left: Peasant Bowmen, Herrimaults with Bertrand the Brigand, Grail Relique, Field Trebuchet, Men-at-Arms, Peasant Levy, Men-at-Arms.


Back row from the left: Dragon Cannon, Fire Arrow, Stormhurler Ballista, Warlord in Bastion Chariot, Wu Jen, Warlord on Qilin, Strategists, BSB, Duizhu, Emperor's Guard, Warlords, Zhao Fei, Xen Huong, .
Back row from the left: Foo Dogs, Celestial Dragon, Phoenix, Monkey Warriors with the Monkey King, Field Engineers with Sky Rockets, Nightblades, Hill Tribesmen, Field Engineers with Dragon's Breath, Field Engineers with Fire Bombs, Celestial Dragon Monks.
Back row from the left: Dragon Lancers, Drum and Gong, Steppe Archers, Imperial Infantry with crossbows, Repeater Crossbowmen, Imperial Infantry with spears, Imperial Infantry with swords.

Dark Elves:

Back row from the left: Cauldron of Blood, Cauldron of Blood with BSB, Dreadlord on Black Dragon, Manticore, Avatar of Khaine, Assassins (they are really sneaky!), Executioners, With Elves.
Back row from the left: Cold One Chariot, Malekith with Chariot, Morathi, Cold One Knights, Darkshards, Sorceresses, Harpies, Darkshards, Dreadspears, High Sorceress on Cold One, Dreadlord on Cold One, Black Guard.
Back row from the left: Dark Riders, Reaper Bolt Throwers, War Hydra, Manflayers, Shades, Corsairs, Dreadlord, BSB, Dreadlord, Corsairs with handbows.

Dogs of War:

Back row from the left: Galloper Guns, Goblin-hewer, Venators, Marksmen of Miragliano, Alcatani Fellowship, Lucrezzia Belladonna, Ghazak Khan, Leopard Company, Tilean noblewomen, Leonardo da Miragliano, Marco Colombo, Mercenary General, Mydas the Mean with Paychest, Borgio the Besieger, Lorenzo Lupo, Money Lender.
Back row from the left: Desert Dogs, Birdmen, Wolf-Boyz, Witch Hunters, Gotrek & Felix, Besiegers, Lost Legion, Republican Guard, Armoured Orcs, Vespero's Vendetta.
Back row from the left: Freelancers, Asarnil, Stradiots, Crossbowmen, Handgunners, Slayer Pirates, Paymaster's Bodyguard with Paymaster, Cursed Company.
Back row from the left: Stradiots, Giant, Stradiots, Crossbowmen, Sellswords with bows, Sellswords with shields, Pikemen, Sellswords with halberds, Hireling Wizards.
Back row from the left: Cannon, Ribault, Ballistas, Scorpions, Duellists, Pit Fighters, Manann's Blades, Pikemen, Sellswords with flails.
Back row from the left: Curin's Cataphracts, Captain on Pegasus, Stradiots, Ogres, Elf Rangers, Halflings, Mercenary General, Raven's Rangers, Mercenary Elves, Dwarfs, Norse Chieftain, Dwarf Goldseekers, Dwarfs.
Back row from the left: Golgfag's Ogres, Giant, Maneaters, Duellists, Mercenary Captains, Ogres, Mercenary Generals, Sellswords with heavy armour and shields, Sellswords (mixed weapons).


Back row from the left: Demigryph Knights, Reiksguard Knights, General, Marius Leitdorf, Karl Franz, Ludwig Schwarzhelm, Kurt Helborg, Grand Master, Reiksguard Foot Knights, BSB, Captain, BSB, Captain, General, General, Greatswords.
Back row from the left: Pistoliers, War Altar with Volkmar, Outriders, Archers, Witch Hunter, Warrior Priests, Luthor Huss, Flagellants, Free Company.
Back row from the left: Knights, General on Griffon, Great Cannons, Handgunners, Halflings, Swordsmen, Pikemen.
Back row from the left: Helstorm Rocket Battery, Helblaster Volley Gun, Steam Tank, Great Cannons, Mortar, Handgunners, Battle Wizards, Spearmen, Balthasar Gelt, Halberdiers.


Back row from the left: Conquistadors, Diestros, Knights of the Blazing Sun, Grenadiers, Mountain Gun, Culverin, Mountain Gun, Duellists, Aventuros, Maria de Salvo, BSB, Inquisitor, mounted Captain, Inquisitors, mounted Grand Commander, Battle Mage, Inquisitor, Captain, Grand Commander, Grand Commander, High Inquisitor, War Hounds.
Back row from the left: Caballeros, Altar of Myrmidia, Genitors, Crossbowmen, Almogavars, Handgunners, Rodeleros, Pikemen.


Back row from the left: Fighting Cocks/Rangers, Militia with bows, Thieves, Hobilars, Vigilante Guard, Enchanters, Hisme Stoutheart, Nicolas Warfoot, Sheriff, Militia with swords.
Back row from the left: Moot Ogres, Hot Pots, Militia with spears, Pantry Guard with Chuck Wagon, Militia.


Back row from the left: Ungol Horse Archers, War Wagon, Winged Lancers, Sons of Ursun, Gryphon Legion, Kreml Guard, Hetman, Boris Ursus, Tzarina Katarin, Hag Witch, Hag Mother, Ulrika Straghova, Ice Witch, BSB, Priest of Ursun, Boyar, Hetman, BSB.
Back row from the left: Chekist, Hawks of Miska, Sibyrian Hunters with Kislev Rangers, Armoured War Bear, Urugan Cannon, Streltsi, Bear Pack, Kossars, Druzhina, Gospodar Militia.


Back row from the left: Death Rocket (Mangonel),Taisho, Shugenja, BSB, Kensei, Shugenja, Red Ronin, Hatamoto, Daimyos, Samurai Cavalry, Fire Arrow, Ashigaru Arquebusiers, Ashigaru Bowmen, Ronin, Onna Bushi, Samurai Warriors, Ashigaru Spearmen.
Back row from the left: Red Devils, Mizuchi, Oni, Tengu, Maneaters, Kitsune, Shinobi, O-Sayumi, Ninjas, Kabuki Dolls, Wako Pirates, Warrior Monks with Mikoshi, Sumo Warriors.


Back row from the left: Norse Horsemen, War Mammoth, berserkers, Fenrir Wolf, Swordmaidens, Seers, Skalds, Jarls, BSB, Ravenswyrd, King, Erik Redaxe, King, Reavers.
Back row from the left: Frost Giants, Ice Drake, Frost Giant, Half Giants, Snow Trolls, Valkyries, Giant Wolves, Norse Hunters, Ulfwerenar, Marauders, Huscarls, Bondsmen.

And finally, a shot of the entire collection (I'll stop once the shelves are full, I promise!)

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Skaven 8th ed book out now!

After toiling away like a Skavenslave, I'm finally finished with version 1.0 of the 8th ed Skaven book! Clocking in at 168 pages (maybe should have tried to make it 169 (13x13)), this is my longest book to date. Most of the changes have already been detailed in the previous blog post, but there are quite a few new ones not mentioned, so it's best to see for yourselves. Certain things were buffed, others were nerfed, and most stayed relatively the same. The book should hopefully be a bit easier to use without the need for a 6 page FAQ (and if need be, I'll patch the book as usual). Let me know of what changes you like, dislike, and want to see me fed to a Rat Ogre for, as well as the usual bugs that I'm sure are still present.


Updated: 16th Oct
Changes are in the comments.


Saturday, 19 September 2015

Plans for upcoming Skaven book

While I originally planned to finish version 1.0 first and then makes changes based on feedback as necessary, I figured it might be better to get the community's input right away and save the trouble of having to go back and redo a lot of things later. After all, I'm not trying to be like GW here, so what's the point of keeping the community in the dark really?
I have tried to not go overboard with changes since most of the Skaven book is pretty solid, and as such I will for the most part just streamline some of the rules to follow the basic BRB and rebalance points cost, as well as fixing those damn slaves!

Planned changes:

  • Scurry Away! uses Swiftstride rules.
  • Slave units are limited to the number of Clanrat units (mainstay rule).
  • Slaves rolls 3D6 for all Psychology tests and Break tests, and discards the lowest result.
  • Slaves no longer "explode", but causes hits on units they flee through only.
  • Units that have their own movement and shooting rules will for the most part use rules from BRB, like Doomwheel, Abomination, Weapon Teams etc.
  • Ratling Gun fires 3D6 shots, rather than rolling individually.
  • Warplightning Cannon roll one artillery dice x 4 to determine range and strength, fires like a laser rather than bounce (6th ed rules).
  • Doomwhell rolls one artillery dice to determine range (x2) and strength.
  • Abomination goes berserk on the roll of a double, not a triple.
  • Reworked Dogde mechanic for Eshin units (re-roll to hit instead of ward saves, no special ones for champions).
  • Plague Monks are a Core choice (thus allowing for pure Pestilens lists).
  • Night Runners are skirmishers (thus making them actually useful).
  • Weapon Teams and Jezzails have 2W.
  • Weapon Team ward save replaced with Look Out Sir.
  • Warlock Engineers will be wizards by default, does not buy extra equipment (less special rules to keep track of).
  • Snare nets removed.
  • Lore of Ruin and Lore of Plague are separate lores. Lore attribute for both is rolling 13 for casting results in IF. Grey Seers can still use spells from both at the same time. Curse of the Horned Rat is the 6th spell from Lore of Ruin. Warpstorm and Weeping World Sores added.
  • Wolf Rats added.
  • Master Mutator added.
  • Eshin Sorcerer added. Buys spells rather than rolling.
  • Master Assassin added.
  • Warlock Master added.
  • Plaguelord added.
  • Nurglitch added.
  • Brood Horror added.
  • Lore of Stealth added.
  • Snikch is a Lord choice.
  • Rat Ogres 35 pts.
  • Jezzails ignore long range, champion has Sniper rule.
  • Globadiers 9 pts, no longer wear heavy armour. Removed volley from the back and life is cheap.
  • Weapons team no armour, 5 pts cheaper.
  • Censer bearers 1A, 13 pts.
  • Cheaper Special characters.
  • The following magic items will stay (not including those that are on SC's): Fellblade, Blade of Corruption,  Rust Armour, Warpstone Amulet, Warpscroll, Skavenbrew, Skalm, Brass Orb, Sacred Standard of the Horned Rat, Storm Banner. Essentially the most iconic and classic Skaven items that has been part of their rules since 4th ed.
  • Lots of new art and background material will be added.
  • Fine, Stormfiends will be included. I still don't like them, and they will be severely nerfed (but useable).
What other changes do you feel should be included or altered?

    Monday, 14 September 2015

    Regarding the 9th Age Project

    One of the bigger Warhammer community projects right now seems to be the so-called 9th Age. I've been keeping my eye on it from time to time since they started, and they have finally released their Ravening Hordes list in an alpha stage. While I like quite a few of the changes to the main game that they have done, I'm less impressed with the army lists themselves (and that seems to be a pretty common reaction from what I can gather from the Warhammer Forum). Though they are still an early draft, if their current direction is something to go by, then I don't see them as much of an improvement to the game at all, for the following reasons:

    • Oversimplified rules. Most of the units' unique rules are gone, with nothing to replace them. I'm all for streamlining, but there's a limit to that too.
    • Changed unit names. While I understand that they want to avoid copyright issues (something I still haven't had a problem with from GW even after 5 years), they have changed so many of the names you don't even know what units they are supposed to be without looking at the stats and rules. Most of the name replacements are rather poor too, like "Elves of Nature" replacing Wood Elves, or "Monstrous Rats" replacing Rat Ogres and so on. They have said they want input from the community to improve this though, but they are going a bit over the top in their effort to not provoke GW's lawyers by changing already generic names into even more generic names.
    • Whole units missing from the army lists. Not sure if this is just an oversight, or if they really intend to leave them out completely.
    • Weird internal balance and points costs for many units, that does not really solve any of the previous problems they had.
    • Very basic layout and formatting. I know it's an alpha version, but I would at least liked to see something akin to GW's RH-lists in terms of graphical quality. Right now, it's a strain on the eyes to read the unit entries.
    • The time-span they are planned to be used. According to the 9th Age, they are a temporary solution until the complete army books are finished. It took me 3 years to put out my army books, and then I had nearly full creative control, did not have to make up all background or art from scratch, and I had a ton of free time as a student. So even if the 9th Age guys would be able to release one whole army book every 2 months (which is unlikely, coming from the DoW project which took over a year), it would still take them almost 3 years to just finish the official armies.

    Apart from that, they seem overly ambitious. They have stated that they plan to release complete army books for all factions, and then even expand into uncharted territory, just like WAP (that is, this website) have done. However, based on previous community projects, there's only 4 books besides the ones made by me that I would hold up to a good enough standard as far as army books are concerned, and those were made by 4 different people each focusing on a single book for the course of at least a year.
    The 9th Age consists of 6 top members who plan to make least 16 army books, without using any of the official background, any official art or any official names. In my experience, these projects tend to run out of steam in the first 1-2 months and then finally die down altogether.
    They have said that they want the community to get together and want to assign 5 people or so working on each book, which they will then supervise. Call me a Negative Nancy if you like, but unless they have a member of each team being reasonably skilled at graphic design/editing/writing etc, I think we are in for a very inconsistent stream of not-Warhammer books.

    With that in mind, I believe I will probably need to step in. So after I am finished with Skaven and Beastmen, I will probably try to go back to the official 8th ed books and give each of them updates to fix internal and external balance, as well as adding new units and background. And in the case of the Elf books, fix the awful additions to their fluff by Mat Ward. Yeesh.

    Updated: Nippon, Hobgoblins, Bretonnia, Cult of Ulric



    • Cowardly Despoilers give the Hobgoblins +1 To Hit when charging the flank/rear, and -1 combat res. if charged themselves, rather than the other way around.
    • Khans and Chieftains can use lances.
    • Scorpion Riders have a 5+ scaly skin, for a total of 2+, 55 pts.
    • Sneaky Gitz may skirmish.


    • Borne on the Wind is limited to a 12" fly move.


    • Streamlined Lance Formation to use rules for Monstrous Ranks for rank bonus etc.
    • Added Lance Formation and Blessing of the Lady to each unit's entry for consistency.

    Cult of Ulric:

    • Added barding to the Grandmasters in the army list (bug fix).


    • Halfling Militia 3 pts.
    • Vigilante guard 5 pts, LA is an upgrade.

    Also some news about the Skaven; working on them little by little everyday, and is currently up to 198 pages. There is a ton of editing that needs to be done though, so it will be substantially shorter when finished, probably around 120 pages or so. I plan to get a lot of work done on it during my vacation next week, but I don't have any release date as of yet.

    Also preparing to add more to the miniatures gallery. Will be mostly sneak peeks of eventually-to-be-painted models from each of my armies to give you guys some ideas and inspiration (because I don't expect them to be finished any time soon). As soon as I get my new tripod, I'll take some pictures and post them on the blog.

    Monday, 7 September 2015

    New Chaos Dwarfs update out now!

    The last version of the book was pretty much an extension of the Legion of Azgorh list, using most of the original rules from it with new ones added. However, going through the book, I noticed that a lot of the rules were needlessly complicated and redundant. With that in mind, the update contains the following changes:

    • Clarified War Machine types and changed Iron Daemon and Siege Tower to work as chariots.
    • Streamlined Iron Daemon, Magma Cannon and Deathshrieker.
    • Merged Dagger of Malice with Obsidian Blade.
    • Updated Resolute and Relentless to be on par with Dwarfs.
    • Removed Bale Taurus, Great Taurus still present.
    • Streamlined contempt.
    • Removed Blood of Hashut, Naptha Bombs and Darkforged weapons since they are only used by Sorcerers as optional upgrades.
    • Tenderizers and Whirlwinds may be taken in units.
    • Tenderizers does not ignore armour, 100 pts.
    • Blunderbusses are quick to fire, move or fire.
    • Granite Armour gives 3+ save rather than 2+.
    • Sorcerer-Prophet 220 pts, no longer have Darkforged weapon.
    • Infernal Guard are no longer upgraded to Ironsworn, does not have ensorcelled hand weapons.
    • Warriors do not have shields as default equipment, 8 pts basic.
    • Devastators 13 pts.
    • Immortals 14 pts.
    • Berzerkers 13 pts.
    • Iron Daemon S7, 250 pts.
    • Kollossus 230 pts.
    • Siege Giant 225 pts.
    • Juggernaut T6, W10, 275 pts.
    • Spelling errors and bugs fixed.

    Sunday, 30 August 2015

    New Kislev update out now!

    • Clarified Hates Chaos.
    • Clarified Glorious Charge for units containing models without this rule.
    • Clarified Frenzy for Priests of Ursun.
    • Priest of Ursun's spells are no longer remains in play, lasts one turn instead (except Winter's sleep, which is down to a minimum of 1).
    • AS may be taken against Ranger's Heartstrike ability.
    • Ranger gains Pathfinder ability instead of animal call, allows them to deploy as Ambushers with one friendly infantry unit.
    • Hunters I3.
    • Bears I3.
    • Bear Tamers WS3, I3, M4.
    • War Wagon no longer causes Fear, crew have flails. Horses are removed when War Wagon chooses to become stationary. Crew suffer movement penalties to fire.
    • Tzarina's Warhorse WS4, I4.
    • Chekist 18 pts.
    • Tzar Saltan 175 pts.
    • Baba Yaga I4.
    • Igor's Talisman works when he only has one wound remaining, rather than just against KB.
    • Igor's Armour gives him 6+ ward instead of attack ability.
    • Igor 275 pts.
    • Tordimir gains HBK rather than KB, only applies on the charge.
    • The Gryphon Wing allows Tordimir to automatically pass Glorious Charge tests.
    • Seraphima have normal Warhorse stats. 
    • Ilja T5, 150 pts.
    • Ilja's Strength of the Great Bear requires roll to Wound, causes D3+1 Wounds.
    • Screeching Back Banners causes -1 Ld and enemies must re-roll Fear tests.
    • Revised spell lores, including new spells, costs and effects. 
    • Removed maximum unit sizes.
    • Some new art.
    • Various bug and spelling fixes.

    Saturday, 15 August 2015

    New updates for Kingdoms of Ind, Nippon, Dogs of War, Bretonnia, Halflings

    This changes the following:

    Kingdoms of Ind:

    • Devas are now Immune to Psychology (bug fix) and hate Daemons.
    • Maharajah 100 pts, Rajah 65 pts.
    • Urjana have LA.
    • Noble Caste characters may join Warrior Caste units.
    • Vishkanya have Scaly Skin (6+), and Poisoned Blood rule.
    • Beastmaster Ld7, Beastmaster range down to 6". Beastmaster rule affects MC as well.
    • Peasant Levies may take standards.
    • Thugees US 10+ instead of 20+ (bug fix). 6pts. May take standards.
    • Sowar Horsemen can replace shields with flails.
    • Bengal Riders -1 WS, S, Ld, 37 pts. Tigers +1WS.
    • Mahouts I3 (bug fix), War Elephants I3.
    • Garudas 16 pts.
    • Ganeshans can re-roll 1's for Ward saves.
    • Darahma has BS6.
    • Kodandam clarified as a long bow.
    • Parashuruma is Immune to Psychology.
    • Amrita is one use only, regains all Wounds, 50 pts. 
    • Clarified use of Brahmastra.
    • Mhogli M5.
    • Devas cannot use Inspiring Presence or Hold Your Ground (they don't follow the human troops).
    • Pindari Cavalry added. These are fast cavalry, armed with shields, spears, bows, javelins.
    • Snake Swarms and Basilisks have Lowborn Caste. Removed Forest Strider since it's not really getting used anyway.


    • Removed Forest Strider from most units.
    • Thieves gain 25 pts from stealing items. They now steal random items instead of the lowest value item.
    • Half Tank streamlined to follow Chariot rules.
    • Hot Pot and Soup Cannon ignores armour saves.
    • Multiple bug fixes and rules clarifications.

    Dogs of War:

    • Rhinox Riders added as a Rare Choice at 75 pts. These are quite nerfed compared to the Forge World rules, but also more expensive than Mournfang Cavalry.


    • Nerfed Void of Emptiness, now only applies to Movement, unit is ItP during the effect. 


    • Some bug fixes.
    • Banner of Defence gives 4+ ward save against missiles of any strength.

    Friday, 31 July 2015

    New Bretonnia update out now!

    Note: Contemplating changing how the Lance formation works. Instead of having the Knights be placed in buses with a bunch of extra rules, I consider streamlining the rules to simply be "Devastating Charge, Fight in Extra ranks (charge only)". The Knights would then form a standard formation in terms on tabletop deployment. No special rules for ranks, flanking models fighting, damsels in the middle, displacing command groups etc. What is your opinion on this rules change?

    Long time in the making (almost 2 years) and much asked for, I finally finished the new update for Bretonnia. The new update contains the following:

    • New layout and graphic design.
    • Blessing of the Lady is 5+ vs missiles, 6+ vs close combat attacks. This makes it a mix of 5th ed 6th ed rules. Grail Vow always have a 5+ Ward save.
    • Removed Roland the Marshal, Reynard the Hunter, the Knight of the Perilous Lance, Jasperre the Fair. These characters never had any official models and lacked fluff, and I felt the book had enough characters as is. They will appear in the special character supplement instead.
    • Prophetess of the Lady 175 pts.
    • Men-at-Arms 5 pts, have halberds instead of pole-arms, can swap for spears for free. Have Ld6.
    • Peasant Levy no longer have farm tools, just normal hand weapons.
    • Field Trebuchet 100 pts, can no longer pivot.
    • Hippogryph Knights 70 tps.
    • Battle Pilgrims 8 pts.
    • Pegasus Knights 45 pts.
    • Foot Knights 9 pts, can no longer take halberds.
    • Grail Vow more expensive for characters.
    • Prayer Icon of Quenelles is exchanged for Mane of the Purebreed.
    • Removed free Champion upgrades, champions no longer mandatory. Streamlines the rules with the other books.
    • Grail Knights can have champions, no longer have Living Saint's rule.
    • Healing Hands is a constant rule for Priestess of Shallya, not a spell. Cost increased to 50 pts.
    • Virtue of Purity 15 pts, increase Ward save to 5 for Knight/Questing vow, 4+ for Grail Vow.
    • Tancred's sword wounds Undead automatically. Grail Shield causes enemies to suffer -1 to hit. 
    • Sacrosantum's Shield of Faith gives +1 to Ward saves.
    • Spiteful Glance 5th spell, increased to 11+. Wrathful Righteousness lowered to 10+, 4th spell.
    • Louen's Regen similar to War Hydra.
    • Blessing no longer requires you to give up going first, you roll like other armies.
    • Fay Enchantress give 4+ Ward save to Grail Knights if joining them.
    • Silvaron 1 W, Ca instead of MC.

    With that finished (apart from the bugs that I've probably missed), I will now start working on the 8th ed update for Skaven. Enjoy!

    Sunday, 12 July 2015

    Multiple updates out now + news for future updates

    Some minor updates for several books, fixing the following:


    • Druid Neophytes 10 pts each, only get +1 to cast after the second 5 models in the unit. Can only cast Earth Blood and Shield of Thorns. 


    • Eagle Warrior javelins cost reduced to 1 pt.
    • Totem Guardians have halberds and shields instead of great weapons.
    • Gorols don't have any equipment by default, can purchase great weapons and light armour, 35 pts basic.
    • Wizards can now use the Lore of Beasts.
    • Augments from the Lore of the Serpent are no longer "remains in play". 
    • Jaguar Hunting Packs only require 1 Beastmaster.
    • Some new art.


    • Golden Magus 370 pts.


    • Fixed multiple bugs.
    • Fire Bulls may now be charged.
    • Knights of the Blazing Sun have S3 (25 pts basic), can be upgraded to Inner Circle.
    • Knights of the Righteous Spear added.


    • Short bows instead of bows for cavalry archers, 1 pt cheaper.
    • Some layout changes and additional background for certain units. 
    • Ram Riders may take magic banners.
    • Swan Riders may have standard bearers.
    • Lords of the Harvest may not have magic standards.
    • Hobilars only have to test for the Omph! rule if they roll a 1 when charging, pursuing or fleeing.


    • Fixed multiple bugs.


    • Some new art.

    Next up will be new the Bretonnia update, followed by the Alpha version of 8,5 ed. After that, I plan to give both Skaven and Beastmen their much needed updates to 8th ed. These are planned to be pretty quick affairs, mostly giving the books a facelift and making them consistent with the other 8th ed books. Art and background will be a mix of 6th and 7th ed books, as well as some from WFRP. Some new units will feature from Monstrous Arcanum, and maybe Storm of Magic as well.

    Saturday, 4 July 2015

    Brainstorming for "8,5 Ed"

    So, more rules for Age of Sigmar are out, and as expected, they are pretty much unusable for any semblance of balance. Many people on the forums seems to be thinking about a community effort and make a Warhammer 8,5 ed, which is something I have been contemplating myself for quite a long time. So, I would like to dedicate this post and the following comments to see what people in General are not happy about about the current edition, and what they would like to see in an 8,5 version. As for myself, I would plan to rework the following:

    Basic Rules: 

    • Line of Sight is divided into different heights for various troop types and terrain instead of true LoS.
    • Terrain is basic without special rules by default, "magical forests" is an optional rule that the players decide on.
    • The player who gets to choose table side starts to deploy first.
    • Magic Phase before Movement phase.
    • VP's are rewarded for killing 50% of a unit, 50% if the unit is fleeing at the end of the game.
    • No more than 2 characters may join a single unit.
    • Add "medium armour", which would give a 5+ save. Heavy armour would grant a 4+ save, and full plate a 3+.
    • Remove +1 to AS for being mounted. Mounted models *might* get To Hit bonus against Infantry instead, to reflect them fighting from "higher ground".


    • Failed charge = move the result on the highest dice.
    • Distance when charging is measured from the centre of the front rank, not the closest point.
    • Units may not move within 3" on an enemy unit's front voluntarily, unless they are charging. This gets rid of the problem of cheap redirectors blocking the movement of a bigger unit completely. It can still be used to try and flush enemies out, just not to the same degree.
    • Units with less than US5 that are charged realign towards the charging unit, not the other way around. This means you cannot use single characters or single-model units too steer huge units into deathtraps as easily.


    • No +x to cast depending on Wizard level.
    • Channelling = roll 4+ for each wizard level to generate extra Power dice. Half when determining dispel dice, rounding up (Lvl 1-2 rolls 1 dice, Lvl 3-4 rolls 2).
    • Possibly change casting values of all spells to reflect change in channelling and +x to cast.
    • Miscast result depends on number of dice used.
    • Number of allowed dice when casting spells are Wizard Lvl + 2.
    • Wizard chooses spells rather than rolling for them. Wizards are allowed to choose spell level equal to their wizard level +2. This means a lvl 1 can choose between spell 1, 2, 3 or signature spell, and only level 4's can use the 6th spell.
    • "Look Out, Sir!" applies to instant kill spells that effect the entire unit.


    • War Machines can only fire at targets in it's front arc without moving (same as move-or-fire weapons).
    • Cannonballs scatter D3" before bounce. "Hit" equal no scatter, same as stone throwers. 
    • Cannon direct hit = S10, D6 W; bounce = S6, D3 W. Great Cannon, S10, D6W on both direct hit and bounce. No armour save.
    • +1 to hit on short range (25% of maximum range), no penalty for long range.
    • Riders on Mo are hit by cannons on a 5+, Mo on 1-4. With Stone Throwers, they are hit (under the hole) only if the rider model is actually in the middle of the template, otherwise they just suffer the smaller S. Alternative: combine Mo and Rider profiles, like MC.
    • Bolt Throwers allow armour saves, have Armour Piercing rule instead.
    • Fast Cavalry and skirmishers can fire 360 degrees, with no penalty for firing through their own unit.

    Close Combat:

    • Remove supporting attacks for everything except spears and pikes (making spears and additional hand weapons more useful, and great weapons and halberds less of a no-brainer). 
    • Remove Horde formation. This only encourages  models with few high-strength attacks, same as supporting attacks, and encourages deathstars. Cheap weak troops still benefits more from keeping their rank bonus and minimise the number of attacks back at them.
    • Bring back Unit Strength, Steadfast determined by this rather than ranks. In/WB = US1, Ca = US2, MI/Sw = US3, MC/Ch = US4(+1 for each additional steed pulling the chariot after 2), MB/Mo/Un = number of Wounds, ridden Mo = number of Wounds + 1 for each rider.
    • Charging a unit in the flank or rear with a unit with a US of 10 or more and at least one complete rank causes Disruption.
    • A unit must have at least US10 to be able to be Steadfast.
    • Steadfast is lost by being Disrupted or being Outnumbered. This premiers flanking and punishes Deathstars with no flanking support, meaning player's wont be able to solely rely on their expensive unit to win the game for them. Large units will still be steadfast as before as long as you can protect their flanks.
    • Rank Bonus = total number of complete ranks of all unit involved in the combat, not just the unit with the highest.
    • Regular troops can always be attacked in combat, even if not in direct base contact. Champions can not be attacked directly, but follow the same rules as standard bearers and musicians.
    • Charge = +1I, +1 CR. For every unit with US10+ that charges the same unit, +1 CR.
    • High Ground always give +1 CR, not just when charging.
    • +1 CR for wider frontage than opponent (can be combined with multiple units). This an updated version of "lapping around", which used to give flank bonus.
    • +1 CR for each flank attacked.
    • +1 CR for friendly units [with US10 or more] within 3" (maximum +3 CR). This represent troops getting a morale boost due to having supporting troops nearly.
    • Fleeing units suffers a W (with no saves) for every attack that the pursuing unit has if "caught". (Example, unit of 4 Ogres with additional HW's causes 16 Wounds). The pursuing unit is then placed 1" in behind the fleeing unit. This keeps small units from instantly killing huge units in one go, and encourages the use of light infantry with multiple attacks.
    • Redo Weapon Skill table to allow elites To Hit on 2's vs poor troops (WS 2x+1).

    Special Rules:

    • ASF no longer allow re-rolls to Hit, remove ASF from Elves.
    • Fear = -1 Ld, Terror = -2 Ld. No roll at the start of combat. Multiple units are not cumulative, but Fear plus Outnumber = -2 Ld. Terror only have this effect if the Terror-causing unit outnumbers the enemy. Terror still forces panic checks when charging.
    • Flaming Attacks = re-roll 1's To Wound. (no Regen). In the case of Missile weapons, -1 To Hit as well. Unit that can already do this re-roll both 1's and 2's To Wound.
    • Impact hits [at the mount's Strength] for Cavalry and MC, +1S if barded.This will be a trample rule that is resolved at the mount's Initiative, before it makes its normal attacks.
    • Immune to Psychology units will be able to flee from chargers, also immune to spells/attacks that force Leadership tests.
    • Units can Killing Blow riders of the same Troop Type.
    • Magic Resistance applies to spells that "do not allow any save". 
    • Regeneration works like the new Hydra rules, except at the end of each close combat turn.
    • Stomp only applies to Monsters (still D6 hits).
    • Skirmishers are not steadfast in Forests.
    • Stupidity test before movement rather than Start of Turn.
    • Volley Fire allow all ranks to fire, but with -1 To Hit. Can only be used at long range (maximum range/2).
    • Additional (optional) hand weapon types (to be used with shields): swords = parry, axes/morning stars = +1 S first round, hammers/maces = armour piercing.
    • Spear (mounted) = +1S, +1I (on foot, fight in extra ranks, +1I when charged).
    • Pike = fight in extra ranks (3), +2I when charged.
    • Lance = +2S, +2I.
    • Great weapon = +2S, -2I.
    • BSB only allow re-roll of Break Tests, not all Leadership tests. Alternative: increase cost to 50 pts.
    • Cavalry get rank bonus for being 4 models wide rather than 5.
    • Champions no longer allowed to do challenges (will allow re-rolls to redirect charges, march within 8", reform or restrain from pursuit). Will be "Officers" instead.

    And probably quite a few things. In essence, I would prefer 6th-7th edition with its focus on tactical manoeuvres and static combat as opposed to a battle royale where armies compete in who can cross the table the fastest, but with clear rules, equally balanced armies and less clutter. This could mean revamping some of my army books too to streamline them a bit.

    Lots of rules that take place in situations where you often forget them (Stomp, Stupidity, Fear) are fixed with these changes.
    Steadfast is a bit more complicated, but means that Elite Infantry can break huge units without being bogged down all game, while weak Infantry still benefit from being in great numbers.
    Greater emphasis has been made towards flanking, especially with multiple units, which encourages the use of multiple smaller units against Death Stars.
    Magic now scales better with larger games, and there is more reward in taking multiple wizards and using lower level wizards to cast due to removing +x when casting (x = Wizard lvl).
    War Machines will now have to be placed in strategic position defending key points rather than doing 360-flips to shot everything.
    Missile weapons are now more efficient with basic weapons. Some points cost revisions might be necessary.
    Charges are now more important, and spears and lances have a better chance of striking first, which is logical. Charge distances are more similar to 7th ed, but still with a bit of the randomness of 8th ed.

    Note that none of these suggested changes are set in stone, and is subject to change depending on community suggestions.

    What changes would you players like to see in an updated Warhammer version?

    Saturday, 27 June 2015

    Regarding the "Age of Sigmar"

    So, as some of you probably have seen, images of the new "Sigmarites" are out on the internet, and I'm decidedly in the camp that is not positive about their look, or the round bases. So, for those who wonder, I will not be updating my books for Age of Sigmar, but rather stay firmly in 8th ed, maybe with a few alterations.

    So long official Warhammer, it was nice while it lasted, but I'll stick to homebrew rules from now on.

    Or possibly Kings of War...

    Thursday, 11 June 2015

    New Albion update out now!

    *New update 1/7*

    This update contains the following changes:
    • Woad Raiders can take spears, and have shields as default, 7 pts.
    • Warband Warriors have shields per default, 5 pts. Great weapons can replace shields for 2 pts.
    • Spears are optional for Clansmen Cavalry, not mandatory.
    • Oathsworn may exchange shields for great weapons.
    • Centaurs are now Cavalry, may have shields, bows, javelins and throwing axes as well their previous weapon options. 19 pts. (Light Armour option was not included due to keep them as Light Cavalry).
    • Half Giants added as a special choice. These are an MI unit armed with 2 hand weapons or halberds.
    • Warriors of Danu added as a special choice. These are an Infantry unit armed with great weapons that can transform into wild beasts, increasing their damage output.
    • Sword Maidens 10 pts each.
    • Hunters have BS4, can swap bows for javelins. 9 pts per model.
    • Gael Tribes renamed after the Slaine Tribes they are based on.
    • Gael Fury renamed War Fury.

    Thursday, 30 April 2015

    Multiple updates out now!

    So after a long break (and I'm still sort of on it) I did have some time to through the books and fix some things that were brought up in the comments. Now these are rather minor updates that mostly fixes bugs, but also improves some of the editing, spelling, layout and paragraphs of the books, as well as new art. I am currently working on a bigger Albion update which will add at least 2 new units, and maybe a special character too. The Bretonnia update is still taking a lot of time to finish due to the near total re-make of the layout in the background section.

    The fixes and changes are as follows:


    • Genies Wishes fixed, you now how to pass a Ld test when taking a wish or it fails.
    • Genies have Magical Attacks.
    • Janissaries do not have armour by default, can have LA. 6 pts basic. Handguns 6 pts, bows 3 pts.
    • Fixed duplicate text in background section regarding the crusades.


    • Celestial dragons 300 pts, lvl 1 wizard 35 pts.

    Cult of Ulric:

    • Knights now have barding listed under equipment.

    Kingdoms of Ind:

    • Fixed Phansigar attack value, it's now 2 like normal Champions.
    • Sowar Horsemen can have short bows instead of bows, 1 pt.


    • Fixed Dripping Poison stacking, it's now one per army.
    • Tengu background fixed for consistency, WS4, 1A, no longer have LA option, Katana instead of HW, 12 pts default cost, halberds 1 pt.
    • Ashigaru Bowmen have longbows instead of bows, costs 6 pts. Can no longer skirmish.
    • Shinobis taking Clan Mon counts towards magic item allowance.
    • Daimatzu Mon only applies to Katanas.
    • Batake Clan Mon no longer only applies to War Machines.
    • Fixed spelling error in the Sashimono rule.


    • Hawks of Miska stat line fixed in the Army list.

    Thursday, 26 March 2015

    Kickstarter for Cathay models

    In a stroke of non-endorsed commercialism, I'd like to bring the attention of Cathay fans to Watchful I Studios' Kickstarter that is currently in the making. They will create many models suitable for a Cathay army, including Fu Dogs and Terracotta Warriors, which are very hard to come by at the moment from other manufactures.
    I'm a pledger myself to their project which is good on the way to be successfully funded, and you can even get a glimpse of my smiling face in the comments (if your interested in that sort of thing). Be sure to "like" their Facebook page too in order to unlock more free miniatures if you decide to pledge.