Thursday, 30 April 2015

Multiple updates out now!

So after a long break (and I'm still sort of on it) I did have some time to through the books and fix some things that were brought up in the comments. Now these are rather minor updates that mostly fixes bugs, but also improves some of the editing, spelling, layout and paragraphs of the books, as well as new art. I am currently working on a bigger Albion update which will add at least 2 new units, and maybe a special character too. The Bretonnia update is still taking a lot of time to finish due to the near total re-make of the layout in the background section.

The fixes and changes are as follows:


  • Genies Wishes fixed, you now how to pass a Ld test when taking a wish or it fails.
  • Genies have Magical Attacks.
  • Janissaries do not have armour by default, can have LA. 6 pts basic. Handguns 6 pts, bows 3 pts.
  • Fixed duplicate text in background section regarding the crusades.


  • Celestial dragons 300 pts, lvl 1 wizard 35 pts.

Cult of Ulric:

  • Knights now have barding listed under equipment.

Kingdoms of Ind:

  • Fixed Phansigar attack value, it's now 2 like normal Champions.
  • Sowar Horsemen can have short bows instead of bows, 1 pt.


  • Fixed Dripping Poison stacking, it's now one per army.
  • Tengu background fixed for consistency, WS4, 1A, no longer have LA option, Katana instead of HW, 12 pts default cost, halberds 1 pt.
  • Ashigaru Bowmen have longbows instead of bows, costs 6 pts. Can no longer skirmish.
  • Shinobis taking Clan Mon counts towards magic item allowance.
  • Daimatzu Mon only applies to Katanas.
  • Batake Clan Mon no longer only applies to War Machines.
  • Fixed spelling error in the Sashimono rule.


  • Hawks of Miska stat line fixed in the Army list.


  1. thanks Mathias for your effort to keep all these armies updated!
    I am collecting all ulric and kislev army also so i am very happy to see their rules under your care and supervision. I am looking after to hearing news about bretonnia obviously :-)

  2. Nippon file updated:

  3. I am currently going through the Bretonnian book, and some friends have agreed we'll have a civil war using armies taken from your book. I haven't read all the background bits but the unit listings and rules are just fantastic. One point though, the Grail Pilgrims unit size is the reliquae and 6 pilgrims, but there is no ability to add more pilgrims, so you are limited to a unit of 12 (6 holding, 6 independent) which makes sense as a place to start - but isn't really enough. We are ignoring this omission and just allowing an unending number of additional pilgrims but not sure if you meant for that restriction to be there.

    1. Hi, if you look at the army list, you can see that it says: "Unit Size: 1 Grail Reliquae & 6+ Battle Pilgrims", meaning you can add more for 7 pts per model.

  4. Ahh ok, yes I see what you have done, I am used to seeing it more explicitly stated but it is fine. The reliquary costs 18pts then (as 6 pilgrims would be 42pts) and gives musician standard and the blessing. Flavourful rather than powerful. In the unit details description you state they gain the blessing even if the army prayed, I think you mean even if the army DID NOT pray.
    Unit can't take a champion... I guess we'd need to put a knight character on foot in there really.
    Also, just to show I am paying attention, the army list entry for Reynard the hunter has "Tristen le troubadour" in the stat line

    1. The Grail Relique is 60 pts, the pilgrims are 7 pts each. Same like you would count a unit of Halberdiers of 10+ to be worth 60pts+, a Grail Relique is 60 pts + 42 pts for the Pilgrims. I believe Gors/Ungors were listed in the same manner in the old BoC book.
      Thanks for letting me know of the bugs though, will fix that in the update!

  5. There's a formatting error in page 74 to 77 of the Nippon army book.

  6. Araby:

    Djinn WS-1, S-1, T-1, W-1, I-2, A-1, same Points.
    Efreet WS-1, S-1, T-1, W-1, I-1, A-1, same Points.

    1. Which version of the book are you looking at? In the current version, the Djinn is 100 pts and the Efreet is 115 pts.

      The Efreet has +1 WS and +1 S, but the Djinn is faster, and costs less.

  7. Hi there again, still loving the work. Am working on building a Bretonnian army and I see a full peasant army is quite feasible - although it would be nice if the Yeoman Serjeant could take at up to 25pts of magic items - could get a potion or something then.
    You probably need to make some rule allowance for how Tristan can carry a Lance when he also has the questing vow, I appreciate the logic that the model has this and that he predated the questing = GW change of 7th ed, but be nice to explain it away in the fluff, or have him have to carry it - but not able to use it ;-)
    Also regarding Estalia - the specials are crammed, rares are much less so, while Bretonnia is the other way round - having grail knights and the sprints as both rare does constrict the ability to make a really strong grail theme.
    Having gone through the Estalia book and pulled a force together (heavy use of proxies to test it) it just feels a bit lacking on the fantastical side, no monstrous infantry or monstrous Cavalry. With all these mentions of eagles would be nice to have them as an option. Also I don't understand why the order of the Righteous Spear aren't listed. you make heavy reference to them, make out that they are the most common order and have their captain as a special character but they have no entry (you do have listing for knights of the blazing sun who are described as being much fewer in number than the righteous spears).
    Keep well

    1. The Yeoman Sergeant is really not supposed to have magic items - he is a peasant after all!
      I'll see about Tristan, the idea is that he is using the same rules as his WD update.
      The Special choices are about the same as the official books, and there aren't really any units there that would fit better in Rare. With Bretonnia, I don't want people to be able to spam Spirits in the special section, hence they are in Rare.
      Regarding Estalias choices, Spain is a bit limited in terms of fantastical creatures that would fight for them, just like the Empire. I considered Seraphim as a unit, but found it a bit difficult to motivate in the fluff. Sigmar does not really have any fantasy creatures, so why should Myrmidia?
      As for the Knight Orders, the Blazing Suns are still the most prominent in the background. I could just have gone the route and called them "Knightly Orders" like the Empire book I suppose, but I chose to include the Blazing Suns based on background, art and model availability in this case.

    2. yes guys I agree with Mathias, The sergeant cannot have a magic items allowance. that is too much for a poor peasant. The fact that Tristan can have a lance just make him more special than what he is. Anyhow I think to find a why of this speciality and to put it into his Back Ground would be very appreciated

  8. Appreciate your reply:
    The reason for requesting Magic items for the yeoman is to field a 100% peasant army, but of course I could just play it with an allowance as a house rule.
    The character mounts are a bit tricky, you have basically two levels of pegasus and two of hippogryph. the difference between a pegasus and royal pegasus is the wounds which i understand you need because of the differing way the total wounds of a model is calculated - if the intention is for them to be the same then can the characters please be able to take barding on their pegasai. Also would you allow a royal pegasus riding character to lead a unit of pegasus knights - standard rules would forbid this.
    For the Hippogryphs the difference between the new demoted hippogryph and the old classic now named royal Hippogryph. So can we have a character mount of a Normal (low level monstrous Beast) Hippogryph for characters (paladins and Lords), and then the same question, can we have a character on one of those leading Hippogryph knights, (not asking for Royal Hippogryph (monster) rider to lead a unit)

    The missing knightly order of the Righteous spear is just that it appears like a mistake - lots of background and no unit. could I suggest something like unit type knightly order, then upgrades to be blazing sun or Righteous spear (with a simple rule for the spears) that is how I am going to play it anyway :-)

    Seraphim would be awesome - but I see your logic issue

    1. I would do with house rules in the case of the Yeoman in this case.
      I'll see about the barding on pegasi on characters, I think I added it to the Pegasus Knights, so naturally characters should have it too.
      Unfortunately the main rules for fliers are pretty clear regarding characters joining them, so I'd rather not make a special rule just for the sake of going against the main rules unless necessary. I'd rather change the main rule in that case.

      I'd prefer to keep the mounts for characters as they are, if you have 3-4 mounts that are really just 2 animals is just becomes cluttered and takes away from their uniqueness.

      Regarding the Knightly Orders, I could probably do just that. The Sisters of Fury are a third Knightly order, though they are on foot of course.

  9. Ind is absent of Fast Cavalry so it would be a good idea to remove shields from the Sowar Horsemen, add Fast Cavalry and drop the price by 1 point. A point could be spent to restore shields and remove Fast Cavalry from them.

    Nippon is still missing a few options. The Great Guard should be able to take Spears or Halberds like Samurai Cavalry and Red Devils should start with Katanas which could then be upgraded to Spears or Halberds. Ronin should have the same weapon options as normal Samurai. I would also suggest that Great Guard and Ronin gain the same Mon options as the rest of the army without being limited to taking the same Mon as the rest of the army. Though both are clanless they don't lose the skills that their backgrounds bring.

    One last thing. There's a typo in the Cult of Ulric army book where the Pack Leader of the Children of Ulric is toughness 3 for some reason.

  10. I notice that these comments are increasingly diverting from your original posting but it seems a good location for discussion.
    Switching focus to Kislev, I have a reasonable sized force, from back in the Tuomas Pirinen days and just spent a while looking to see if I could convert them to your army list. My problem is with the horse archers - (which with the winged lancers is probably the most iconic of their units). The old unit had horse archers - mainstream army and then they had a unit of wild huns - this equated to the jacketed - furry hatted horse archers and then the bare chested ones as the hun. Your horse archer entry is wild and barbaric and is a perfect fit for the bare chested models that were produced. however there is no suitable unit for the rest of the figures - which look decidedly more organised - more Godspar. So what I am intending on doing is tweaking the unit listing. Now just Horse archer and you have to choose between Godspar or Ungol. Basically it would be good if the unit options reflect the figures most people are likely to have, and of all the kislev figures out there - horse archers are the most common being the fast cavalry stale of 4th Ed empire.

    1. The Huns were never an official unit, and were armed with 2 swords, wearing no armour. The Ungols came in 2 variants, the Cossack inspired ones, and the Mongol-looking ones, but both were armed with the same weapons (swords or bows). The Gospodars are the Kossars, the Streltsi and the rest of Kislev's population, the ones that took the land from the Ungols. The Ungols are now just the Horse Archers - both variants of them.

  11. Mathias, Arabyan book, page 74, Salah Ad Din, third paragraph it has an errata

    "Despite his humble position and due to the fact that he felt nothing
    but contempt for the Sultan Jaffar, Salâh ad-Dîn turned
    Araby into a mighty military state and in no time he
    had improved the >>>>>Egyptian<<<<< economy and trained an
    army ready to take on the crusaders"

    And in other hand, the Golden Magus. I test him today and it seems cool even with that cost. But i see the mighty genies from past patches, when they cost 100 points more, and the golden Magus cost remains unchanged. Do you thought that? It's correct?

    And finally, the pattern of your books. A friend of mine want edit with a cool layout my rework of the skaven book I did for him and ask me for your templates. If you can give us some info we would be grateful.

    1. Thanks for noticing that, I'll have it fixed. Golden Magus should be a lot cheaper too.

      I don't have a template per say, but if you send me an email, I can send the word document of one of the smaller books which you can edit with the Skaven text if you like.

  12. Hi Mathias . my group considered that it is very hard that you are not allowed to attack the estalian fire bulls properly so they are capable to stop a whole flank on their own. If they are onces released, they are nearly unstopable without shooting or magic.
    The rules furthermore has some conflicts: if a unit moves in contact, do they count as beeing in close combat? Or do they attack in the movement phase?
    Probably you can fix something


    1. They follow the same rules as Fanatics in this regard, except you cannot attack those in combat at all. I can have a look at the rules for the Squid herd and see if that might not work better for them.

    2. I believe it would be fixed if: you could also move through the unit (not just in contact) so they are not able to block a whole horde or a whole flank

  13. Mathias, can you fix the Gryphon Wing of Tordimir Lubovasyn, please?

  14. Hi Mathias. I have played a bit with my growing Nippon army recently and I have a bit of an issue with Void of Emptiness. It seems a bit too powerful as is. Casting it on a unit I have just charged was certainly very effective.
    I recall you mentioning a nerf of it, so it will only affect either moving, shooting, or magic, and grant ItP instead of UB, thus having no effect in combat. I am fully willing to play with those rule changes right away, but what casting cost and/or other changes would you suggest?

    1. Thought I had changed it weeks ago, seems that was not the case. Just uploaded an update which fixes it, only affects movement (would not make much sense if you cast the spell, allow the unit to move, then may it stop magic, and then shoot as normal). After the movement phase, they "wake up" again. Casting value will stay the same.

    2. Great, thx a lot for the quick fix! Should cease some grumbling around the table :).Very nice that it only affects movement. The rest they have time to dispel anyway.
      I really like the spell now, still very useful but not a must-cast. Quite a nice Lore they have now, I would say.