Saturday, 13 October 2012

Fimir background removed

After some discussion with the original writer of Warpstone Magazine's Fimir article, I have decided to remove the current Fimir background from the book. Instead, the background will be rewritten to something more in line with 8th edition.

Note that this a project rather far down the line, probably some time next year, as there are other books that need a lot more attention rules-wise. The Fimir rules are still up and can be downloaded if you intend to play the army, but if you want to read about their history and society until then, you will have to get Warpstone Magazine #25.

Friday, 12 October 2012

Warhammer: Nippon - proper 8th edition update out now!

Well, that went quicker than expected, finished with the large update, and it's not even halfway through October yet! This is the first (and possible only) book completely in colour. It's 10 pages shorter than the last version since I've done away with the insanely long timeline. I've updated all the background, magic items, units, army list - well, pretty much everything. I have not incorporated every bit of fluff there was on the subject, because that would be mean the book would be over 1000 pages long, which is just not feasible when trying to use it for games. As such, only what I consider essential information (about 50 pages) is in there.

The list as a whole looks very different, maybe to the point where some might be disappointed. The entire special section is new, and there are large changes to both core and rare as well.
The book as a whole has been given a lot more emphasis on its source material, Legend of the Five Rings, and as such, each Greater Clan now have their own unique unit, and you can buy Clan Mon to your characters which gives them a special ability and influences how you build your army to a small degree.

A summary of what has been added, removed and replaced:

Death before Dishonour - new army special rule
Hatamoto -> hero character, BSB
Ashigaru -> 3 different unit choices
Peasant Doshin - removed
The Damned -> replaces Sumo Warriors
Doji's Fan - elite horse archers
Mirumoto Mountaineers - samurai scouts
Lion's Pride -> replaces Hatamoto
Yoritomo Marines - ambushing samurai
Legion of Flame - samurai with ward save, improves in large numbers
Scorpion Claws -> replaces Kabuki Dolls
Battle Maidens -> replaces Red Devils
Ninja -> moved to rare, have gotten a stat boost, can now Infiltrate
Shinobi -> replaces Shadow Eye
Shrine of the Kami -> completely new Blessing effects
Flaming Arrow - Cannon/Bolt Thrower
Mangonel - stone thrower
Oni -> moved to rare
Kitsune -> can be taken in units, no longer casts bound spells
Thunder Dragon  - removed
Ronin - removed
Hida Kisada - new SC
Doji Hoturi - new SC
Togashi Mitsu - new SC
Akodo Setai -> new SC, replaces the Red Ronin
Yoritomo Kumiko - new SC
Isawa Ochiai -> new SC, replaces Agasha Chieh
Shosuro Nodage - new SC
Otaku Komoko -> new SC, replaces Utaku Yu-Pan

Well, that should be it, I think. Some sacrifices had to be made to ensure that all units still fill their own role to avoid overlap (had 11 special units for a while there). Hopefully you'll like it, though I'm sure it's not to everyone's tastes.

I probably won't be out with any new rules before November (unless Regiments of Renown are finished by then), but sometime next month you should see the release of either Pirates of Sartosa or Cathay.

Edit: uploaded a new version which fixes a small bug (as always), rewrites part of the Warrior Monk background, and gives Samurai Cavalry their own page.

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

New Araby update out now!

Finished another update for Araby.  Changes include:
- Proper table of contents
- New summary page
- New back cover
- Minor formatting changes in the army lists
- Lasting Enmity rule removed.
- Increases the points value of the War Elephant to 165.
- Nerfs the Bladedancers's attacks and abilities, cost lowered to 45 pts. Bladedancers now also gain "Look Out, Sir" from friendly units.
- Desert Riders and Camel Riders raised to 15 pts each
- Casting values of Lore of the Desert raised, Mirage changed, Lore Attribute nerfed.