Thursday, 14 July 2016

Wanted: White Dwarf articles

Update: I now have all the articles needed from the issues below. Thanks to everyone who helped out!

As part of the effort of including as much as possible from the old Warhammer World, I have been trying hunt down the missing issues of White Dwarf that I currently do not have in either paperback or PDF format, but unfortunately, buying each copy on ebay and having it to shipped to sweden will in many cases set me back $15 per issue. So if any of you guys are in possession of the following White Dwarfs and is able to scan/photo the articles needed so I can use the material for the upcoming books, it would be highly appreciated. All the issue numbers below is the UK version, the US number is the same as UK minus 1.

  • White Dwarf #250 - article on WFB 6th Ed, especially any short stories.
  • White Dwarf #251 - article on Orcs and Goblins.
  • White Dwarf #252 - article on the Empire.
  • White Dwarf #253 - article on Dwarfs.
  • White Dwarf #255 - article on siege and Dwarfs.
  • White Dwarf #270 - article on Hordes of Chaos.
  • White Dwarf #271 - article on Archaon and Haargroth.
  • White Dwarf #342 - article on Daemons.
  • White Dwarf #353 - article on the Empire.
  • White Dwarf #362 - article on Beastmen.
  • White Dwarf #368 - article on Island of Blood.
  • White Dwarf #372 - article on Skaven.

If you can/want to contribute, feel free to drop an email through the "Contact" box on the right of the page, that way I can send a reply that you can attach any pictures to.

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Cathay 8th and 9th ed updated out now!

Updated 19/7

A bit later than planned (been busy with work and my new GPU), but here it is, none the less. There might still be some bugs in the 9th ed version due to a sync error with an earlier version, but I've tried to fix all I've found. The Chaos Dwarf update is dependant on some new pictures from Tamurkhan that a friend is getting for me, so it will either be a bit delayed, or I will work on the Cult of Ulric update in the meantime.

  • Lore of Ying and Yan are separate lores with access to boosted versions of their spells. Wizards still get access to both lores as before.
  • Fixed multiple grammar and layout issues in the background section.