Saturday, 30 December 2017

Warhammer: Empire 9th ed 1.12 out now!

Update 9/1:
  • Greatsword can upgrade to medium or heavy armour, not heavy and full plate armour.

Update 4/1:
  • Warrior Priest prayer's do not affect detachments (as detachments do not exist anymore). 
  • Witch Hunters do not have light armour by default.
  • Fixed bug in army list where Marksmen have A2 and Preceptors have A1.

This update contains the following changes:
  • Removed Knights Panther, Blazing Sun and White Wolves from the book, these can instead be accessed from the expansion with the correct special rules for their Grandmaster.
  • Removed skirmishers from Sisters of Sigmar, is now optional. Added Immunity (Fear). Nerfed to Ld7 like in Mordheim, champions have WS4. Can only have HW and shield, as befits their models. Will get more options in the Priests of the Old World expansion.
  • Cut off Valtens backstory to after he saved Lachenbad so the story does not interject with Volkmar's current fluff. Valten as the Champion of Sigmar will be made available in Storm of Chaos later.
  • Kurt Helborgs armour can never be made worse than 3+, rather than rerolling saves.
  • Boris Todbringer has a shield, hates Beastmen.
  • Jubal Falk may include the Nuln Ironsides.
  • Magnus the Pious have the Leader of Men and Righteous Fury special rules.
  • Additional power dice from multiple Arcane Battle Altars are cumulative.
  • Greatswords are State Troops.
  • Reiksguard Knights joined by Kurt Helborg may re-roll failed break tests.
  • Witch Hunters can take crossbows.
  • Arch Lector 100 pts. 
  • Nerfed Bruckner's amulet.
  • Engineers can have light armour.
  • Flagellants Ld5.
  • Multiple bugs and spelling errors fixed.

8th ed Ravening Hordes will be updated shortly after New Years.

Monday, 11 December 2017

Warhammer: Empire 9th ed 1.0 out now!

Well, it's only taken around 2 years longer than planned, but here it finally is; clocking in at 244 pages it is by far the longest book I've put together (and hopefully will be too!). The book contains the following changes from the Ravening Hordes list:

  • New Special Unit: Sisters of Sigmar
  • New Rare Unit: War Wagon
  • New Special Character: Valten
  • New Special Character: Thyrus Gormann
  • New Special Character: Boris Todbringer
  • New Special Character: Aldebrand Ludenhof
  • New Special Character: Valmir von Raukov
  • New Special Character: Magnus the Pious
  • New Special Character: Elspeth von Draken
  • New Special Character: Theodore Bruckner
  • New Special Character: Jubal Falk
  • Grand Masters require you field at least one unit of Knights.


As well as this release, you will also soon get an update for Knightly Orders just to bring a few things up to par with 9th ed. After this, I will release a small expansion for Steam Tank Variants as well as a few short stories that include them in battle. Later on, I will work on making rules for the Priests of the Old World, such as Taal, Morr, Verena and so on, including background for all the cults in the Empire. As well as this, I plan to make a Colleges of Magic expansion with fleshed out background from WFRP, rules for Arcane Battle Altars from the other colleges, and probably rules for each of the Patriarchs of the different colleges.

8th ed Ravening Hordes version will updated in around 2 weeks. 

As usual, let me know of needed bugfixes and various feedback. Hope you enjoy the book!

Friday, 20 October 2017

Warhammer 9th Ed 1.073 out now!

This update changes the following:

  • Volley Fire cannot be used if the target is within half the weapon's maximum range.
  • Clarified that a chariot mount follows the rules for ridden monsters in regards to Split Profile. 
  • Frenzied models can take a Ld test to restrain from charging again.
  • Fast Cavalry and skirmishers may reform twice duing their move; once before they move, and at the end of their move.

Also just a quick heads-up on the Empire, seeing as several people been wondering about it; I still need to finish the layout for the main background and some of the graphics which will take some time.

Right now I have also been really busy trying to finish my Playstation collection before the next Steam sale so I won't be swamped in games in December. Fortunately I'm a pretty fast gamer, so I should be able to finish the 9 remaining games on my list this month (probably 3 weeks tops).

After that I will be able to fully commit to working on the books during the remains of November and first half of December, during which I promise you will see the release of the Empire book and probably the High Elf book as well. Just hold on for a few weeks more!

Friday, 29 September 2017

Warhammer: Orcs & Goblins 9th Edition 1.02 out now!

Updated: 17/11

  • Trolls 35 pts.
  • Characters may join units of Trolls.

Updated: 20/10
  • Nasty Skulkers have I3, A1 and the Surprise! special rule, giving them ASF and AP when attacking in the flank or rear.
  • Forest Goblin Shamans may re-roll failed channelling rolls instead of re-roll power dice when casting.
  • Brutes moved to special, Trolls moved to Rare.

Well, I did promise it would be done this week, so here it is. It contains a few bug fixes from the 8th Ed as well, with the normal 9th ed changes.


I plan to finish the Empire book sometime next month as well. I've yet to finish proofreading and adding all the art and fluff blurbs, but other than that it's pretty much finished.

Monday, 11 September 2017

Spring Cleaning - models for sale!

Update: Just got an email from Ebay saying their are lifting my selling limit of only 100 items, so I can now list the rest of the stuff I thought I had to wait with until next month. This includes a lot of Blood Rage minis (perfect for Norse), including limited edition Kickstarter ones, some various characters for RPG games, and some more Warhammer miniatures that did not get sold last month.


Now this is a bit of a different thing altogether, but seeing as the majority of the models on sale were bought with the WAP armies in mind, I'm sure this can be of interest to some of you. Last week I cleaned out a ton of old Warhammer that I no longer have any use - or indeed space - for any more, and this week I am doing the same, but mainly for historical miniatures and other fantasy games.

As such, if you play one of my unofficial army books and you are in need of some fitting models, I now have a pretty big selection up for sale on Ebay that I am auctioning off (unfortunately they won't let me list more than 100 things a month, so the rest will have to wait for next month). So, if you currently are or plan to collect either Araby, Albion, Bretonnia, Cathay, Nippon, Kislev, Dogs of War, Estalia, Halflings, Norse, Pirates of Sartosa, Empire, Vampire Counts, Slaanesh Daemons, Dark Elves or High Elves, you can find suitable things for them in the link below:


Orcs and Goblins 8th Ed 1.01 out now!

Reckon this update should have been out a month ago, but I've really been focused on the main rules as well as working on the Empire, Dwarfs and Vampire Counts lately. But anyway, this update changes the following:

  • New Rare Unit: Orc Brutes (W2 orcs, a mini-Big Boss unit essentially).
  • New Monster Mount: Maw-Crusher (from AoS).
  • You may take one unit of Big 'Uns for each Orc Warboss of the same type in your army.
  • Fix Skullmucha statline bug.
  • Goblins still Fear Elves with an Orc Bully.
  • Fixed Arachnarok points cost for Shamans.
  • Clarified that Size Matters makes Orcs ignore Panic from Goblins and Snotlings.
  • Snotling Pump Wagon strength bug fixed.
  • Snotlings do not counts towards minimum core.
  • Added smoke bombs to Nasty Skulkers. 

This will likely be the last complete army book update for 8th ed. 9th ed version will be released soon.

Friday, 8 September 2017

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Warhammer 9th Ed 1.072 out now!

Updated  16/9:
  • Template weapons can only cause one hit on a single model in a building.
  • Ridden Mo gain +1Unit Strength.
  • Template weapons may not target units in close combat (the risk of hitting your own troops as well as unfair Mo sniping is too great).

Updated  8/9:
  • Fixed bugs with spears getting strength bonus 2.
  • Added strength bonus 1 to pikes.
  • Removed duplicate two hand weapons entry.
  • Stomps cause D3 hits against skirmishers and lone models.
  • Shooting into combat may only be done against units with US5 or more.

Well, the results of the poll are in, and it's pretty clear that the majority want supporting attacks to return! 26% liked the current system of 1 rank fighting, 41% preferred the 8th ed version, and 32% preferred to see a change to some weapons to balance it out. While the most popular option was the 8th ed version, 59% did want another option, and as such, I do think trying to fix the issues that 8th ed had with supporting attacks is the best way to go rather than just bringing them back wholesale.

I personally do not have a problem with supporting attacks per say, the issue with them was only really that it benefitted certain weapons too much, while other were made much worse, especially combined with the Horde rule. As such, this update contains the following changes to attempt to fix this, and more:

  • Supporting attacks are back (Horde is not). 
  • Great weapons get +1 Strength and the Strength Bonus (1) special rule, meaning you only get +1 Strength after the first round. This makes great weapons more like shock troops weapons, but are not completly useless like flails after the first round (other alternatives discussed was +1S and AP, no supporting attacks and no strength bonus for supporting attacks, but I think +2 strength the first round is the best way of keeping them close to their original role).
  • Spears get +1 Strength when charged by WB, Ca, MI, MB, MC, Ch, and Mo.
  • Additional hand weapons get the Parry special rule.
  • Javelins get armour piercing instead of multiple shots (2).
  • Throwing axes no longer get multiple shots.
  • Throwing weapons have range 8".
  • Units within 4" of enemy flanks or rear may shoot into combat. Rolls of 1 results in hitting your own unit. This makes skirmishers and fast cavalry with missile weapons more useful after the first turns, when most units are engaged in combat and their use on the battlefield is negligible.
  • Only Unit Strength 5 is required for +1 Charge combat resolution.
  • Removed Charge Bonus special rule, it is now simply Strength Bonus listed as only working when charging under the applicable weapons. 
  • Charge Distance is measured to the nearest point that you can draw a straight line to between the units involved (rather than the closest distance period, which means you technically can measure the range between impassable terrain, even of the charging unit would have to wheel around it).
  • Models with multiple attacks must allocate all their attacks towards the same target (just like shooting attacks).
  • Clarified that combat reforms are made after any pursue distance is made (in case of combats involving multiple units)
  • Removed "Look Out sir" roll, as long there are 5 rank and file models, you hit one of these automatically instead. This removes character sniping completely as well as avoiding too see your general die from an unlucky roll.
  • Cannons no longer scatters, but work as in 8th ed. Having playtested it more myself, the scatter rarerly has any effect anyway, and so just slows down the game. With the limitation on only firing in a 45 degree arc as well as only direct hits causing D6 Wounds, Monsters already have a better chance of survival compared to 8th ed.
  • Removed Last Stand rule, banner bearers now flee with their unit and keep their banner (unless killed of course).
  • Seized Standards now also applies to units that dies from a sucessful pursuit move.
  • Volley Fire can be used to Stand and Shoot against Flyers and Large Targets. It gives -1 to saves from cover (e.g. hard cover counts as soft cover, soft cover does nothing). Does not apply to buildings or forests.
  • Characters are limited to 35% of the army. Lords and Heroes may be 25% as before, but no more than 35% in total. This is meant to take the game away from Hero-hammer further and focus more on the units themselves. 
  • You may use a maximum of three dice when casting bounds spells (just like level 1 wizards).
  • Fixed bug with frenzy not allowing parry. 
  • Fixed bug with Overkill giving +5 CR.
I am planning some possible changes to the magic system with the next update if necessary. Are there anything you think needs to change with the current system in regards to casting values and how casting works?

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Warhammer 9th Ed 1.06 out now!

Some more changes here mainly meant to streamline some gameplay features a bit more. Some of these features were included in the first version of the 9th Age, and were solid enough that I think they are worth including.

  • Streamlined redirecting charges onto two fleeing enemies to "If this second unit also flees, you can instead choose to default back to charging the original fleeing unit". The original paragraph was unnecessarily convoluted.
  • Wounded Characters with Regeneration may regenerate while fleeing.
  • Parry can be used by Frenzied models, but not against Stomps (streamlines Frenzied models and makes them better with shields, while Stomps work the same as impact hits).
  • Shields no longer gives an additional bonus for infantry against missiles (fun idea, but a bit too fiddly in terms of gameplay. Feel free to houserule it if it's something you liked!).
  • Removed Stand and Fire special rule, now it's simply written under the relevant weapon entries (as it was very fiddly and too similar in name to Stand and Shoot).
  • Stomp causes D6 hits, no Initiative test is taken. This makes it on par with things like Impact Hits and template weapons that works in a similar fashion.
  • Units costing less than 50 points must all deploy at the same time - this solves the issue of players deploying cheap chaff while the opponent must deploy bigger, more expensive units. 
  • Infantry and Cavalry may be deployed on 40mm bases (in the case of Blightkings and Pegasi for example).
  • Clarified that Characters may only join a unit if they can fit in the front rank (some leftovers from 8th ed were still in there, confusing things).
  • Units with less than 25% of the unit left rally on half their Ld value, rather than double 1. This gives you a bit of better chance of rallying the remains rather than just blind luck.
  • Removed Insane Courage - while fun for the player who rolls it, it takes away some of the tactics when a superiour force fails to break a unit due to a lucky roll.
  • Overkill nerfed to a maximum of +3.
  • Characters who refuse a challenge cannot attack or use their Ld as before, but is otherwise left in the front rank. This saves the issue of having to fiddle around with moving the models while in combat, and means you cannot attempt to hide your wizards in combat. 
  • Units still in combat after a round must always maximise the number of models fighting, which means "shuffling" the smaller unit closer after reforming if necessary.
  • Fixed some layout bugs.

For future updates, I'm also planning on adding diagrams to explain different combat situations more easily, as well as art and further layout improvements to take it out of its beta-like stage.

If there are other things from 9th Age or simply things you think could be streamlined further, let me know in the comments.

Friday, 11 August 2017

Choosing between 8th and 9th ed books

Update: Decided to close to poll as I have gotten plenty enough votes now. 60% preferred 9th ed compared to 40% for 8th ed, so 9th ed seems to be a quite a bit more popular. As such, all books from now on will be updated in the 9th ed format, but 8th ed books will still get rules updates in a Ravening Hordes format so people who prefer 8th Ed can still keep playing it. I won't remove the 8th ed books for the time being as they are still updated, but in the next rotation they will be replaced with Ravening Hordes versions. Thanks for everyone who voted!

Up until this point, I have been trying to make two versions of each book, but I've realised that this is causing quite a lot of issues with making future updates that does not simply involve changing the rules, as I have to fix things like layout, artwork, text additions and spelling errors twice. On top of this, the amount of books to keep updated (around 60 with both versions) means I'm likely to run out of space on my Google Drive account soon.

As such, I've decided to only make a single version of each army book. I will still support both 8th and 9th ed with rules updates (one of them will get them in a Ravening Hordes format), but only one of the editions will get a full army book. Seeing as the books themselves are pretty similar, this should not be a huge issue since you can use one for reading and one for gameplay, but it will make it a lot easier for me to keep them updated.

However, I am as of yet undecided which edition should get the full version and which should get the "lite"-version. On my part it does not really matter since the background will be the same regardless, so in that regard I'd like to get some feedback from you guys which version you prefer. Just choose one of the options to the left of the webpage. After 20 days, I will close the poll and pick the edition with the most votes.

Sunday, 30 July 2017

Warhammer: Orcs & Goblins 8th Ed 1.0 out now!

Clocking in at 216 pages, this is by far my longest book to date (though likely to be beaten by at least the Empire and High Elves when they are finished)! This book comes with plenty of new characters and units, extended information on all Waaaghs!, greenskin society, tribes and a bunch of short stories previously printed in various White Dwarfs throughout the ages. In short, this would be your ultimate tome of everything Orcs and Goblin related in Warhammer.


New features/changes include:
  • New Lord choice: Forest Goblin Warboss.
  • New Lord choice: Forest Goblin Great Shaman.
  • New Hero choice: Forest Goblin Big Boss.
  • New Hero choice: Forest Goblin Shaman.
  • New Hero choice: Orc Warchanter (from AoS)
  • New Special Unit: Goblin Nasty Skulkers (stand-alone skirmish/scout unit).
  • New Unit Upgrade: Goblin Jesters (from Citadel Journal).
  • New Rare unit: Gore-gruntas (from AoS).
  • New Special Character: Gorfang Rotgut (from 5th Ed).
  • New Special Character: Morglum Necksnapper (from 5th Ed).
  • New Special Character: The Black Gobbo (from US GW site).
  • New Special Character: Borgut Facebeater (from Storm of Chaos).
  • New Special Character: Badruk 'Eadsplitta (2000 Games Day model).
  • New Special Character: Bigfeet Bonehead (from Citadel Journal).
  • Characters may only join models of the same type (so you cannot have a Savage Orc or Goblin Warboss leading a unit of common orcs for instance).
  • Great Cave Squigs have S6.
  • Mangler Squigs are no longer Armour Piercing.
  • Improved statline for Colossal Squigs.
  • Nerfed statline and special rules of Squig Gobba to be more on par with Great Cave Squigs.
  • Removed "extra boingy" since it's hardly ever being used.
  • Changed "get 'em" result on Animosity table to only affect units within 3".
  • Gorbad Ironclaw 335 pts, no longer auto-dies when fleeing like normal BSB's. 
  • Azhag 460 pts, have Daemon Staff magic item that gives +1 to cast.
  • Grimgor 320 pts, have MR(1) magic item.
  • Wurrzag 330 points.
  • Grom 240 pts.
  • Skarsnik 265 pts.
  • Gitilla 70 pts.
  • Snagla Grobspit 90 pts.
  • Snotlings 15 pts.

As you can see, I've included rules for both Gore-gruntas and Warchanters from Age of Sigmar, as requested. I decided to not include separate rules for Brutes and Mawkrushas as these can already be represented by Big 'Uns and Wyverns. So now Orcs and Goblins have both MC and a support character which adds something new to their roster.

I will leave to you guys to read it through and let me know of any bugs and other issues as usual. In 1-2 weeks I'll upload a new update as well as the 9th ed version. Cheers!

Thursday, 27 July 2017

General progress update

Just a quick heads'up. Orcs & Goblins are almost finished now, and should hopefully be released this weekend if I'm not too busy at work. Currently working on adding all artwork and graphics to the book, and then I only need to finish the credits, summary and introduction before it will be all set.

This week I've also been going through all the WFRP books as well as other lorebooks and CCG's to make sure I don't miss out on any artwork not included in the normal army books. After sorting though some 30 books and 3000 pictures I think I got pretty much all of them.

In other news, I also found a way of speeding up the OCR process and lower the amount of manual editing needed, which will also save quite a bit of time for books in the future.

I have also been going through the Warriors of Chaos book and started to assemble their background section a bit to get a feel for how long the book might be. As it looks right now, it might not be too overbearing, thus making it possible that I will skip the Chaos Expansions and just include everything in one book instead. This remains to be seen though. 

Lastly, as many people are wondering how far along any book release is, I've added a "percentage complete" estimate to the update order so you will have a better idea how soon each book can be expected to be released. This can naturally still vary based on how much time I have to work on the books as well finding new material (the Empire book has been a bit of a pain in that regard due to the huge number of WFRP books set there, which means more material to go through).

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Warhammer 9th Ed 1.053 out now!

This update changes the following:

  • Fixed bug so Stone Throwers now have correct range, 12-60".
  • Clarified that characters may fire multiple shots in a unit that fire single shots.
  • Clarified that models with the Multiple Shots rule armed with weapons that also have the multiple shots rule (such as bows) only use the highest number of shots, as well as ignore the penalty for firing Multiple Shots. This has no effect on Tomb Kings, but will affect units such as Waywatchers.

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Just some info about the Update Order

Due to Warhammer: Total War 2 being out later this year which will contain both High Elves, Dark Elves and Lizardmen (and as such, probably some new background that can be added to their books), I will postpone the planned updates for these books (as well as Wood Elves, since I want all Elf books to be released shortly after another) and focus more on the main armies of the Old World for the time being. This means that after the release of Orcs & Goblins (most of the work is done, still has some background stuff to edit), I will focus on the Empire, and then either Dwarfs or Vampire Counts. Chaos will still have to wait as I'm waiting to see what GW has in store for Nurgle and Slaanesh, so I know how much material I have to make an expansion out of.

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Warhammer 9th Edition 1.052 out now!

Been a while without an update to the main rules as there has not been much requested to change. However, here are some of the suggested updates and bug fixed I have found during playtesting:
  • Shields only work against missile attacks to the unit's front, for infantry the save from shields is increased to 5+.
  • Clarified that Regeneration does not work on wounds caused due to Unstable.
  • Units may reform to have more ranks than files in order to pass between narrow terrain or units.
  • Bug fix: Wizards do not add their Wizard level to their dispel roll.
  • Ridden Monsters use the highest armour save value of either rider or mount, not a combination of both.
  • Renamed halberds to "polearms", which encompass all kinds of halberd-like weapons like Cathayan glaives, Nipponese Naginata, Bretonnia volgues etc. This will be updated in upcoming army books as well.


Thursday, 8 June 2017

Tomb Kings 9th Ed 1.0 and 8th Ed 1.01 out now!

Updated 14/6:
  • Fixed correct points value for chariots in 8th ed (48 pts).
  • Fixed correct points value for archers in 9th ed (8 pts).
  • Changed cost of Necrosphinx poison upgrade to 5 pts.

Been a pretty long time coming, but I finally finished the 9th ed version for the Tomb Kings book, along with bug fixes and several changes for the 8th Ed version.

  • Tomb Kings and Princes have +1W again (same as official rules).
  • Carrion 20 pts.
  • Chariots 48 pts.
  • Rare Monsters have same points costs as the official 8th ed book.
  • The restless dead can be used on the same unit several times per turn.
  • Clarified which special characters are Tomb Kings/Princes.
  • Removed scaly skin from Necropolis Knights (since they already had a 3+ save with LA, mounted and undead construct in 8th ed).
  • Necrosphinx have regained normal killing blow.
  • Sphinxes and Khemric Titans are back at T8.
  • Khemric Titan no longer have scaly skin.
  • Khalida has ASF again.
  • Fixed bugs with Sphinxes WS(4) and Necropolis Knights A(2).
  • Added scythes as an option to chariots. 
  • Chariot mounts have a 6+ save (5+ for the unit since the crew have LA).
  • Bastethi have ASF.


However, I have not be slacking off while you have been waiting for this update. I have finished most of the work on the High Elves book, (which is now being proof-read), finished editing all the material for Dark Elves, and finished most of the editing on Wood Elves. While I'm waiting for High Elves to be finished proofread, I've also been working on the Orcs and Goblins, which might be released before since they generally have less background written for them compared to High Elves. Regardless, you can probably expect a slew of books to be released with relatively short wait times in between them in the coming months.

Monday, 1 May 2017

Page under construction!

As you can see, the blog menu looks a bit different than usual. This is because I'm trying to implement the much needed dropdown menu with multiple submenus in order to make everything fit without being too cluttered. So far, I've managed to get the code to funktion, but there's still quite a lot of work that's needed before it's finished, so this is just a heads up that some links to certain downloads will be unavailable for the time being. I hope to have everything up and running again by tomorrow.

Edit: all the updated links are now up again. I've still to find a way to center both the menu and the submenu, but I have a friend who can hopefully look into it soon. Until then, you will find that the menu should now be a lot more easily navigable to find the book you want.

Edit 2: Menu is now in line with the rest of the website, so it looks like the old menu. Enjoy the new and improved browsing!

Monday, 24 April 2017

Tomb Kings 8th Ed out now!

Clocking in at 140 pages, this is the definitive tome about the Tomb Kings of Nehekhara, containing pretty much every official resource ever written about them. Once again, many thanks to Stefan Wolf who have been helping out with writing background for several of the new units and coming up with some of the new rules.


This book contains the following changes from the Ravening Hordes list:
  • New Special Unit: Bastethi (war beast/wizard unit, from WFRP)
  • New Special Unit: Ammut (MB)
  • New Special Unit: Tomb Barque (flying chariot, mentioned in the 8th ed BRB)
  • New Special Unit: Bone Thrower (bolt thrower, from Warmaster)
  • New Special Character: King Phar (from 6th ed TK)
  • New Special Character: Sehenesmet (from 6th ed WD)
  • New Special Character: Prince Tutankhanut (from 6th ed TK)
  • New Special Character: King Amanhotep (from Dreadfleet)
  • Settra is more expensive, but have regained a lot of magic item power from 6th ed.
  • Khalida now has Regen 4+, costs 290 pts.
  • Katep gives better regen to the unit he join, gains a bonus to raising dead models. His scroll now works like a dispel scroll, 340 pts.
  • Prince Apophas may re-roll his entombed beneath the sands roll.
  • Nekaph has the Blade of Mourning instead of flail of skulls, added vambraces of the sun and amulet of Neru, 160 pts.
  • Ramhotep 100 pts.
  • If the Hierophant is killed, another wizard may attempt to be the new hierophant by passing a Ld test.
  • Added Scorpion Armour to magic items.
  • Necropolis Knights can be emntombed beneath the sands.
  • Removed options for barding.
  • Ushabti no longer have a champion option (like other construct units), can instead take an Ushabti Ancient as a unit upgrade that give a blessing of your choice to the unit.

You may also notice that I changed the menu of the blog that divide each edition into three different categories based on each army's Alignment. This is because the number of books is getting to a point where it's just not possible to fit all of them under a single header. I'm currently working to find a way to fix it so it looks less cluttered in the future.

Ravening Hordes

This is a summary page of all current Ravening Hordes, until such a time where I can implement a proper sub-level dropdown menu. Unfortunately the current menu bar simply do not have the space to fit all the current headers, hence the Ravening Hordes lists will be posted here until further notice.

For newer players, "Ravening Hordes" is the name for army lists that currently do not have a finished army books. These "get-you-by" lists allow you to play the armies below with updated rules for both 8th and 9th Edition until I have the time to finish each army's complete book with background and art.

8th Ed Ravening Hordes:

9th Ed Ravening Hordes:

Sunday, 23 April 2017

New Bretonnia 9th Ed update out now!

This contains the same changes as the 8th ed update. Let me know of any transission bugs that might have occured due to having to remake it from the 8th ed version rather than just updating the current 9th ed version.

Also uploaded a new version of the 8th ed book with some minor changes based on feedback from the last update.

Saturday, 22 April 2017

Announcing: Chaos Expansions!

As you can see in the Predicted Update Order, I've added four more books after Daemons of Chaos, one for each Chaos God. The idea behind this is that rather than having a very bloated bestiary section for the Warriors of Chaos, their main book will be focused on Chaos Undivided with all their standard main units and general background, and then each god will get their own expansion book with unique units and special characters (and most likely options to include Daemons if you are doing a mono-god army). This will also allow me to incorporate more of the Age of Sigmar models released (with fluff to fit the Old World of course) and really delve into their background, and let me tell you; there is a lot of that, too much to be included in a single book.

Let me know of your thoughts, as well as any particular issues or suggestions you might have for each upcoming book.

New Bretonnia 8th Ed update out now!

Updated 11/5

This larger update changes the following:

  • 15 additional pages.
  • New special unit: Brigands - Bretonnian mercenaries that can be armed with great weapons, crossbows, and handguns among other things.
  • New rare units: Ballista, Mangonel and Bombard*.
  • New special unit: Squires - simply bringing them back from 5th ed, which allows players to use their old models and bring back their fluff. This will cause some overlap with the Herrimaults, but I made their rules a little different to distinguish them from each other. Squires may not scout, but have the Peasant's duty instead.
  • Mounted Yeomen do not come with spears or bows as default, can choose crossbows (this means they can be used as classic squires/yeomen, hobilars or mounted crossbowmen).
  • Knight's Vow ignore Panic from models without the Knight's Vow, Questing Vow or Grail Vow (so they ignore Panic caused by Brigands and Herrimaults).
  • Foot Knights can take halberds (poleaxes).
  • War Machines may take a wall warden upgrade that allow re-rolling one artillery dice.
  • Pegasus Knights are now Ca, not MC. Royal Pegasus is a WB, not MB.
  • Expanded background for Louen and Fay Enchantress.
  • Reformatted layout and improved graphic design.
  • Lots of added fluff from Knights of the Grail (mainly about Bretonnian society and the Lady of the Lake).
  • Some new short stories.

*After some thought, I figured an "expansion" of only two pages would be rather pointless, and there is no real reason why Bretonnia would not have access to them in the background. Bombards were part of 3rd Ed, Man O' War, Warmaster and are mentioned as existing in L'Anguille castles in WFRP. However, to balance it out so Bretonnia won't become a gunline army, I've put some heavy restrictions on the number of war machines that can be included. This means that Bretonnian players who hate war machines in all forms can just skip those units, whereas people who want the option of more different kinds of firepower can now have that, without spamming those units. Hopefully a solution that almost all players can get behind.

So now you can finally choose to field every Bretonnian model ever made in some form (except the Ribault, though that one was never directly part of their army list). In effect, it's now also possible to make a more "historical" army, without (in my opinion) sacrificing any of the background that makes Bretonnia; Bretonnia.

9th Ed update will be out in a couple of days.

Sunday, 9 April 2017

New Beastmen update out now!

This update contains a total of 16 new pages, and changes the following:

  • New unit: Mutants (as requested).
  • Added Dragon Ogres and Dragon Ogre Shaggoths (as requested).
  • Added more fluff on Gorthor's rampage.
  • Removed Man-bane from Beastlords. 
  • Improved Khazrak's "Scourge"-weapon.
  • Plenty of new short stories added throughout.
  • Lots of new "fluff blurbs".
  • Some new art.
  • Some minor bug fixes. 

Saturday, 1 April 2017

Warhammer: Ogre Kingdoms 9th Ed out now!

9th ed version can now be found under the army books tab, including the bug fixes from the 8th ed version (which has also been updated today).


I've also added version numbers to each of them, to make it easier for players to know if they have the latest version or not. I will do the same to each upcoming book, and then do the same for my older books (who will start at 1.0 for simplicity from now on).

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Warhammer: Ogre Kingdoms 8th Ed out now!

Finally got to finish a new book! Clocking in at 136 pages, this version of Ogre Kingdoms adds a ton of new content compared to the 8th ed book, with a bunch of new units. I'd also like to give a big shoutout to Stefan Wolf who once again helped me out a great deal with both rules ideas and background for these new units, thanks a lot!

Note that this is only the 8th ed version, I'd like to get feedback on all bugs before I make the 9th ed version, which should be out within a week.


This update changes the following (compared to the RH list):

  • New Hero unit: Yeti Rimespeaker.
  • New Special unit: Rhinox War Chariot. 
  • New Special unit: Gnoblar Skewerslinger. 
  • New Special unit: Cragbeasts.
  • New Special Character: Jhared the Red.
  • New Special Character: Braugh Slavelord.
  • New Special Character: Groth Onefinger.
  • New Special Character: Ghark Ironskin. 
  • New Special Character: Morg Magmaborn.  
  • Greasus 395 pts.
  • Skrag 455 pts.
  • Golgfag 235 pts.
  • Bragg 175 pts.
  • Added Gnoblars upgrades for characters (including the new scalp-gnoblars and name-gnoblars).
  • Added Bicker to Gnoblars.
  • Added "Down to the Ironguts" to Ironguts.
  • Leadbelchers moved back to special, which fits better with their fluff.
  • Gave Ogres back LA by default to represent the gut plate (although they otherwise are unarmoured). 
  • Slaughtermasters may take a "Butcher's Cauldron" to aid in spellcasting.
  • Removed Head Honcho (who will be included in the Gnoblar Hordes list instead).
  • Big Names moved to a separate pool, added Daemonkiller.
  • Thundertusks may be taken as mounts for Hunters. 

Enjoy! Next month I hope to have the Tomb Kings book out, or at least updates for Bretonnia and Beastmen (which I have also been working on side-by-side with the OK book).

Saturday, 18 March 2017

Coder/programmer needed!

I'm in need of some help in order to improve the menu of the blog to make it easier for people to access the various books, which will become more important as the project grows. With 32 army books about to be available, having a single drop-down menu would make it impossible to access all books on the screen as some would be cut out. As such, I'm in need of adding a multi-level menu instead. Unfortunately, despite my own attempts at doing this myself with the use of many guides online, none of the results have worked out, making the end result a jumbled mess. I therefore turn to my readers for help. Is there any one with programming skills who could spare an hour or so to help me fix this?

The code below should give you an idea of how I mean to implement it. Alas, while it looks fine when opening it directly in the web browser, trying to implement it into Blogger causes it to go haywire, and I have no idea how to fix it.

In case you need more information or source code, just shoot me an email and I'll get back to you.