Sunday, 12 February 2017

New Dogs of War update out now!

Very minor update here, changing the following:

  • Norse Marauders have Berserkergang.
  • Added background for Sellswords and Norse.
  • Some new art for Stradiots and bolt throwers.


  1. With Leonardo Da Miragliano, would it not make sense, due to both the fluff of Bolt Throwers as well as the fluff for Leo's Artillery Accuracy rule, to allow him to grant the following:

    "As long as Leonardo is within 3" of a single war
    machine, that war machine may re-roll one Artillery
    Dice, Scatter Dice or To-hit Dice per turn

    As opposed to simply acting on Artillery Dice/Scatter Dice? Would give a nice boost to the lore-invested Bolt Thrower in Tilean armies if nothing else.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Also, Manann's Blades don't appear in the 8e Regiments of Renown book.

      As always, big fan of your work, particularly on DoW and Kislev.

    3. Good idea, fixed.

      I've also updated the correct 8th ed version of RoR.

  2. Slight clarification request:

    Paymaster's Paychest states: "...The Paychest comes with 2 Bodyguards armed with Halberds using the profile above."

    The profile states that the "Paychest Bodyguard" has 2A base. Should this be 1A base for two attacks total or is the 2A base correct for four attacks total?