Sunday, 12 February 2017

New Albion update out now!

Albion gets another update with some new stuff, having found some interesting things among the Sons of Kronos from Chronopia. As such, this update adds the following:

  • "New" Hero: Wyrd Druid (Druids simply get their own page and background, as opposed to just being on the Truthsayer's page).
  • New Special unit: Viridian Lords (unbreakable, regen infantry).
  • War Fury Ld penalty applies in combat rounds after the first, also affects Stubborn units.
  • Hunters can take warhawks, 1 pt cheaper.
  • Sidhe no longer cause Fear, 1 pt cheaper.
  • Warriors of Danu are skirmishers.
  • Pixies have Hover instead of Fly.
  • Additional fluff for Tribal Warriors, Woad Raiders, youngbloods, hunters, hunting hounds, clansmen cavalry, chariots, oathsworn and swordmaidens.


  1. I take it that Shadow Emissaries are a Chaos Unit then? I thought that since they were basically evil Truthsayers that they might end up in the Albion book.

    1. That's correct, Albion is an army of Order, whereas Dark Emissaries belong to the forces of destruction.

  2. in the bestiary section, Mastodon's have Impact Hits (2D6) whereas in the army list section they have Impact Hits (D6+1); which is the correct one?

  3. Replies
    1. Oathsworn is the old name for the Hearthguard, I made it the champion's name now.

  4. -Truthsayers are BS3 while Wyrd Druids are BS4. It should be the other way around. I also don't see the point in giving them separate pages when they are pretty much hero and lord versions of each other.
    -Quite a bit of artwork depicts them as wearing medium armor in the form of chainmail and some unique characters also wear medium armor. Maybe it should be available for characters and Hearthguard. By relation, make Light Armor available to Tribal Warriors, Swordmaidens and maybe Woad Raiders and make Gwenlaen wear Medium Armor.
    -Cormac Chath's Mail of Morrigan should be Medium Armor. Improve its Ward save to 5+ to compensate.
    -Viridian Lords should have access to Shields and be WS5 and I5. I imagine them as Earth Goddess aligned Chaos Warriors. That may require moving them to rare however.

    1. - Fixed. Druids are never mentioned on the Truthsayer's page, that's why they get their own, like Ogre Bruisers.

    2. - Albion is not really meant to have medium armour. A simple chainmail is still light armour since it will leave arms, legs and head unprotected (just like Empire state troops with plate cuirasses have light armour).
      - It's a magical armour, that's why it gives a better save that usual. They have plenty of other ward saves for the other characters.
      - Made them WS5, I4, moved to rare since there are already Warriors of Danu in special. Shields does not really fit them imo.

    3. -Page 90 and 96 are blank for no reason.
      -The Viridian Lords and Champions still have the same stats in the Summary section.
      -That colossal moose mount on page 94 is pretty cool. Maybe Warleaders and Chieftains should have Great Stags as an option, albeit with a different name and fluff.

  5. There're some little errors with artworks and bookmarks
    I hope you will be able to fix them in the next update

  6. Should the Chariots have a scythe option? They are mentioned a lot in the fluff...

  7. -How does the new War Fury rules affect the Hearthguard? Surely the Stubborn rule would negate the War Fury, so do Hearthguard start at their base leadership and decrease?
    -Warleaders and Chieftains should probably be Stubborn if the Hearthguard are, it would make sense that way.
    -If Wyrd Druids get their own page, will Chieftains get one too?
    -It doesn't make sense that if an Albion unit has won a round or two of combat to suddenly have their leadership be lower than normal if they take a break test, the new War Fury rule doesn't seem to be very logical. This rule makes it seem like Albion cannot hold out at all in prolonged combat and absolutely MUST win in the first round.
    -What is the purpose of Viridian Lords? They seem to be Fenbeasts Lite but with very low survivability with one wound and T4, especially for rare troops. Regen may help somewhat but as soon as they face flaming attacks they only have a 6+ ward to negate double wounds from flaming. Skirmishers would indicate small flanking units, but Unstable means that they will take alot of damage from CR. Even if they flank, they cannot negate rank bonuses from Skirmishers and could take unsaveable wounds simply from enemy ranks. They may put out some damage, but not nearly enough in comparison to other units, certainly in the Rare section. They also seem to have nearly no protection at all. Maybe some form of Scaly Skin or something, anything.
    Hunters seem like they should be Core units; maybe with lower BS to compensate. Warhawks seem like an expensive upgrade for 3 points for a potential S3 hit. A unit of 5 or 10 Hunters with Warhawks may put out a couple of wounds over the course of a game with them, but 3 points seems too high for what they can achieve.
    There are still a few empty pages here and there that need deleting.

    1. - Yes, that's correct about the Hearthguard.
      - Well, that argument could be made for any stubborn unit really. Hearthguard are sworn to defend the tribe and stand their ground, just like greatswords.
      - Not plannin on that no, since the Warleader page covers the background for both.
      - It's actually the same as before, only it doesn't start to decrease until round 2 (meaning you suffer no additional penalty of you lose in the first round). The idea is that they lose morale the longer the combat goes on, but as long as they keep winning it won't affect them. To compensate, they get both hatred and re-roll charge distances, which is pretty good. Still needs more playtesting though, if it'äs too much of a drawback I will make it so they only lose Ld in turns that they lose.
      - Well, they are meant as a shock troop unit that can still take a beating, similar to cairn wraiths. Regen is a pretty good save, you just need to watch out for flaming attacks, which far from all models have.
      - Scouts are generally special units, so I think they fit fine where they are.
      - Seeing as a bow is 2 pts and a war hawk has unlimited range and generally hit better, making them cheaper would make them too good.
      - Fixed the blank pages, thanks for letting me know.

  8. In the Nippon Army Book. About the Empress of Nippon. Mostly the book says Himiko but sometimes says Jingu. So what is her true name? Himiko or Jingu?

    1. Himiko is correct, Jingu was the older name before I changed it. I know it's currently wrong in the timeline, did you find any other place where she is called Jingu?

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    3. Yes! In the timeline "1745 Hung raiders invade Nippon with thousands
      of ships. However, thanks to Empress Jingu,
      two thirds of the Hobgoblin fleets are
      destroyed at sea, and the Nipponese armies
      are able to defeat the remaining forces that
      manage to land" ; summary and army list too

    4. Also I have one more question. Who were the Hung in WH?

    5. The Hung are one of the 3 biggest tribes of marauders of chaos, the other being Norse and Kurgan.

    6. It'll be nice if you can fix it. Take your time! Don't need to hurry anyway. Love your hard works

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