Sunday, 7 August 2016

Cult of Ulric update out now!

Updated 4/9

This update changes the following:

  • Children of Ulric are now WB, same as Ulfwerenar.
  • White Cloak of Ulric replaces Cloak of Anraheir.
  • Teutogen Guard and Seneschals have white wolf cloaks.
  • Wolf-kin moved to special, have Hatred.
  • Winter Wolves moved to rare, added more background.

Chaos Dwarf update out now!

This update changes the following, and updates the book to 9th ed:

  • Resolute removed.
  • Shieldwall added.
  • Relentless allow marching 3xM.
  • Acolytes gain magical attacks.
  • You may not have more Infernal Guard units than you have units of Chaos Dwarf Warriors.
  • Infernal Guard may have great weapons.
  • Tau'ruks have A4. 
  • Re-added Blood of Hashut, Naptha Bombs and Dark-forged weapons to Daemonsmiths.
  • Devastators may take Bazukas/Inferno Guns.  
  • Spear Chuckas have slipshod rule.
  • Black Hammer of Hashut removed from Magic Items, only Zhatan may use it.
  • Plenty of new fluff blurbs and a short story.
  • Improved quality pictures from Tamurkhan.