Tuesday, 27 May 2014

New Araby update out now!

This update changes the following:
  • New Zealotry rule; all units counts as having 1 more rank than normal for determining steadfast. In the first round of combat, they also take break tests on 3D6. I felt this would be a better way of representing their high morale and willingness to die for their god, without giving making them too hard to shift. It increases their chance of standing their ground for a little while, while still keeping their hit-and-run tactics intact.
  • Onager replaced with Basilica Cannon. You asked for it! Rather than going with an archaic stone thrower, I included the famous Ottoman Cannon from the siege of Constantinople instead. For gameplay's sake though, they work like normal Great Cannons. Places Araby a little bit more in the present Warhammer age, along with their Janissaries.

Sunday, 25 May 2014

New Norse Update out now!

This update changes the following:
  • Counter-charge back as an army special rule - I found this to be more in line with the newer army books, where multiple army special rules are becoming more common.
  • Shieldwall simplified to work like the new Dwarf book.
  • War Mammoth -50 pts.
  • Frost Giant -25 pts, can now take great weapons and heavy armour.
  • Ice Drake -25 pts, -1T. Same stats as a Sun Dragon. 
  • Seers and Vitki have stats and pts costs equal to that of normal human wizards. 

Sunday, 18 May 2014

New Nippon update out now!

Updated 23/5

After playing the army last weekend (ended in a massacre victory for me, yay!), I looked over the points costs for several units, and noticed they were still priced after the Empire book rather than the meta. So this update changes the following:
  • Katanas now allow re-rolling 1's To Wound (two-handed only). This is to give basic samurai a little bit more punch in combat, while retaining the katanas feel as a superior cutting weapon, as opposed to a piercing one. 
  • Samurai Warriors, Ashigaru and Onna Bushi -1 pt.
  • Red Devils +2 pts (did a mistake last time I did their pts cost).
  • Ryujin renamed Mizuchi, -50 pts, no longer Fly.
  • Sashimonos -15pts, only gives +1 rank for steadfast, not combat resolution.
  • Kensai -10 pts.
  • Invocation of the Kami only gives +1 to cast rather than D3, works on doubles instead of 6's. 
  • Mikoshi Shrines are now infantry and may join units. All blessings are now bound spells. 
  • Hitomi Gozen is now infantry, can choose warhorse as an option. She no longer has a bow, only her naginata. 

Friday, 16 May 2014

New Dogs of War update out now!

The update changes the following:
  • Sellsword Veterans heavy armour now priced correctly at 2 pts/model.
  • Halflings may take slings.
  • Ribault lowered to 85 pts.
  • Dwarfs and greenskins can now be included in the same army.

New Kislev update out now!

This update changes the following:
  • Glorious Charge now allows models to charge, fall back and reform during their turn if they win their combat. They now cause fear rather than panic.
  • Screeching Back Banners lowered to 20 pts.
  • Gospodar Militia loses light armour.
  • Streltsi increased to 12 pts.
  • Hawks of Miska are now Swarms.
  • Urugan Cannon lowered to 85 pts.
  • War Wagon lowered to 175 pts.
  • Armoured War Bear lowered to 160 pts.
  • Sons of Ursun no longer have great weapons, can buy optional lances.
  • Tzarina Katarin can exchange her Warhorse for a War-sled.
  • Improved layout in the geography section.