Thursday, 30 April 2015

Multiple updates out now!

So after a long break (and I'm still sort of on it) I did have some time to through the books and fix some things that were brought up in the comments. Now these are rather minor updates that mostly fixes bugs, but also improves some of the editing, spelling, layout and paragraphs of the books, as well as new art. I am currently working on a bigger Albion update which will add at least 2 new units, and maybe a special character too. The Bretonnia update is still taking a lot of time to finish due to the near total re-make of the layout in the background section.

The fixes and changes are as follows:


  • Genies Wishes fixed, you now how to pass a Ld test when taking a wish or it fails.
  • Genies have Magical Attacks.
  • Janissaries do not have armour by default, can have LA. 6 pts basic. Handguns 6 pts, bows 3 pts.
  • Fixed duplicate text in background section regarding the crusades.


  • Celestial dragons 300 pts, lvl 1 wizard 35 pts.

Cult of Ulric:

  • Knights now have barding listed under equipment.

Kingdoms of Ind:

  • Fixed Phansigar attack value, it's now 2 like normal Champions.
  • Sowar Horsemen can have short bows instead of bows, 1 pt.


  • Fixed Dripping Poison stacking, it's now one per army.
  • Tengu background fixed for consistency, WS4, 1A, no longer have LA option, Katana instead of HW, 12 pts default cost, halberds 1 pt.
  • Ashigaru Bowmen have longbows instead of bows, costs 6 pts. Can no longer skirmish.
  • Shinobis taking Clan Mon counts towards magic item allowance.
  • Daimatzu Mon only applies to Katanas.
  • Batake Clan Mon no longer only applies to War Machines.
  • Fixed spelling error in the Sashimono rule.


  • Hawks of Miska stat line fixed in the Army list.