Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Warhammer - Dogs of War 4.1 out now!

Finally! We have managed to work out all the kinks for now, and are very proud to present the next update for the book.

For the most part, it has seen some toning down in power level with slightly more expensive troops and revised traits, and there has been a lot of streamlining to get more in line with 8th edition overall, including the army list format. But I'll let you have a look at the details yourself before complaining, I'm off to lunch!


Saturday, 16 June 2012

New Bretonnia update out now!

All right, back from my vacation in Turkey and almost done with the Dogs of War update, so I've worked on a new update for the Bretonnia book. Mostly nerfs to spells and some abilities to tone down the power level where needed. Truffle Hounds now remain in play if they fail their charge as well.

Hit a small bump on the writing front, I've been working a little bit on both Kislev, Nippon and Chaos Dwarfs lately, but haven't made that much progress apart from adding a bunch of new units. A lot of formatting to do still, which will take quite some time.
Dogs of War will be released very soon, however!

Friday, 1 June 2012

News for upcoming Nippon update!

Don't get overexcited just yet; Kislev will get its due first, and Dogs of War should be released even before that. But, I figured I would give you some insight on what to expect.
First off, the timeline will be trimmed down considerably from the current insane 18 pages that it is now to about 4-6. The rest of the book will then follow suit with trimmed down magic items (sad, I know) and general layout changes.
All bestiary entries will be expanded upon with more fluff and some new rules and will no longer have a ton of white space on them, and each unit will hopefully have its own page in the end.
As for new units, there's a lot coming:

Damned Ones
Lion's Pride
Battle Maidens
Yoritomo Marines
Legion of Flame
Scorpion Claws
Doji's Fan
Miromoto Mountaineers
Sky Rocket

I won't reveal what all of these units are yet (mainly because I haven't fully decided upon all of them and haven't begun making any rules for them), but if you are familiar with the L5R universe you might recognize some of the names ;)
In short, there will be a specialized unit for each Greater Clan as well as a war machine for the army, which should help diversify the list even more than "just another Samurai list". On top of that, Nippon will finally get their own Lore, the Lore of the Kami, which is based around the elements of fire, air, earth and water. If that wasn't enough, they will also get Clan Mon, traits and upgrades for your characters which will greatly affect their role on the battlefield and allow you to really make an army after a Greater Clan of your choice.

So stay tuned for more on Nippon this summer!