Saturday, 19 May 2012

Good news for Kingdoms of Ind!

Having found some great source material from old RPG books, I should now have a decent base as to develop the background for Warhammer's Kingdoms of Ind. In effect, this means that the complete version will be published with the next update, which should hopefully be this summer.

The next book on the table to receive an update is Kislev, followed by Norse.

Dogs of War should come somewhere in between, but since I am not working on that one alone, I cannot say for sure when it will be finished.

Chaos Dwarfs are slightly on hold at the moment, but should still see a release some time this summer.

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Another Araby update out now!

So after some contemplation, I decided to make a couple of changes to the list (again). Genies can now act as individual units (you're welcome, Pumpavius!) and are ethereal , and thus replaces the Sandwraith, which is gone from the list.
Bladedancers have been moved back to Rare, and the Hashishin special choice has been replaced by the Mujahiden, skirmishing scouts armed with handguns. Hashishin are still part of the list, but only as a hero choice.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Complete 8th ed update for Araby out now!

While once again forsaking my much needed sleep, I've finished the real 8th ed update for Araby. It contains a new layout for the army list, a whole bunch of new artwork, revised rules, redone magic items, Lore Attribute and options to boost spells, as well as two new units, the deadly Dervishes (similar to Fanatics) and the Sandglass of Time (similar to the Casket of Souls).


Sunday, 13 May 2012

Updates for all army books coming!

This summer I will hopefully have the time to update each of my books to a complete 8th edition version, rather than the "7.5 ed" that currently apply to most books. This means some layout changes, reformatting the army lists, culling the magic items down to about 10, as well as adding some new units and special characters.

The current list of additional units so far (might be more or less later on):

Sandglass of Time

Chaos Dwarfs:
Ghorth the Cruel
Hothgar, Sorcerer of the Forge
Tordrek Hackheart of the Black Kraken

Miska the Slaughterer
Igor the Terrible
Brotherhood of the Bear
Armoured Warbear
Lore of the Hags

Brass Titan
Engineer Teams (hand mortars, rocket launchers, fire bombs, Dragon's Breath

Osutzu Cannons

Hisme Stoutheart

Dale Riders
Hel Riders
Lore of the Runes

War Dogs

Sacrificial Altar
Avatar of Rigg

Kingdoms of Ind:
Snake Swarms
Urumi Swordsman
Lore of Eternal Truth
Benghal Cavalry 
Elephant upgrades (cannons, tusk flails)

Lore of Spirits

Water Leaper

Cult of Ulric:
Children of Ulric

Feel free to wishlist for more units you might have ideas for. No guarantees they will make the cut though!

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

New Bretonnia update out now!

Another update for the Bretonnia book that increases the points cost of most infantry and the Trebuchet, trims down the magic items more, adds a new core choice and various other balance issues. Amalric of Gaudaron has been removed as he is not a classic special character who adds very little to he already existing ones. The Lore of the Lady can now increase the range of all spells like other new spell lores.

On the subject of Chaos Dwarfs, I am uncertain if I will have the time to finish it this month, as I have a lot of studying to do followed by a trip to Turkey, so it might have to be postponed until the middle of June.