Saturday, 10 December 2011

Details for upcoming Chaos Dwarfs!

But don't get too exited just yet; this one is still far off on the horizon, Halflings will definitely be done first, then it will have to compete with the Hobgoblins. Regardless, now that the Chaos Dwarf list in Tamurkhan is out and I have had a quick look at it, I can say that I will be making my own version. Not because I find the official one to be bad, but rather because I find it a bit lacking in choices. My book will contain all the official units from Tamurkhan, as well as a lot of the best fan-made units out there with some minor adjustments, to give you Chaos Dwarf player as much variety as possible.

The Bestiary in it's current form (likely to change depending on the exact options available in the official list):

Overlord (fighter)
High Priest of Hashut (wizard)

Despot (fighter)
Sorcerer (wizard)
Daemonsmith (Runesmith equivalent, with Altar of Hashut)
Bull Centaur Great Horn (fighter)
Slavedriver (support character)
Hobgoblin Chieftain (fighter)

Bale Taurus (Great Taurus)

Infernal Guard (HA, shields, GW)
Devastators (blunderbusses)
Hobgoblins (spear, LA, shield, bow)
Hobgoblin Wolfriders (fast cavalry, spear, LA, shield, bow)

Immortals (FPA, GW, ward save)
Acolytes of Hashut (stubborn, HA, Halberd)
- Zealot Berserkers (similar to Fanatics)
Sneaky Gits (scouts/skirmish/ambushers, 2HW, poison)
Magma Cannon (Flame Cannon Equivalent)
Deathshrieker Rocket (Death Rocket)
Inferno Golems (Ogre-sized monsters)
Bull Centaurs (GW, HA)

Iron Daemon War Engine (Battering Ram, can grind opponents)
Dreadquake Mortar (Earthshaker)
Chaos Siege Giant (HA)
Hellcannon (same as WoC book)
Colossus Daemon Tower (mobile building with infantry)

Edit: if anyone is wondering about the cover, I'm glad to say that John Blake from Titan War Games has allowed me to use his artwork to adorn the book. Cheers!

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Another Kingdoms of Ind update posted!

Only a small update here. This ones fixes a few bugs and adds a 5+ Ward save to all the Deities (which silly I forgot to write in the first time!).

As for the Halfling list, not much progress has been made I'm afraid, and I doubt it will be out before the end of the year. Most of my current time has been spent painting, and it will be for quite some time. Then as November hits, the real gaming season with Battlefield 3 and Skyrim starts, which will likely last a good while into December and possibly January. However, after that I should have ample time to finish it, so hopefully you will have some new rules in late January/early February!

Monday, 19 September 2011

Kingdoms of Ind update posted!

As per the usual new release, a new patched version is now up. This one fixes a lot of bug issues, and well as some pretty big balance ones. The Basilisk in particular has seen a big nerf, and will likely be nerfed more in the future.

Mini-edit: just posted yet another update. The Basilisk's Gaze is now at sane levels, and it gained Regeneration for some much needed survivability. It is still likely the subject for future revisions, pending on feedback.

Details for upcoming Warhammer Armies: Hobgoblins!

Though the list won't go into development until I'm finished with the Halflings, I thought I would share the details so you know what to expect to see in the list. As stated earlier, the list will be largely based on cavalry, with plenty of mounted archers and light cavalry specialising in different areas, as well as some infantry support.

Great Khan (fighter)
Shaman Elder (wizard)

Khan (fighter)
Shaman (wizard)
Hunter (scout/stealth character)

Waki'ya (large bird)
Giant Wolf
Wolf Chariot

Hobgoblin Warriors (HW/spears, LA, shields)
Hobgoblin Archers (bows)
Wolfriders (bow/spear, LA, shield)
Kharash (slave unit)
Hobhounds (warbeasts with handlers)

Rage Riders (frenzy, 2HW/GW, riding hobhounds)
Khan's Guard (lance, HA, shield, barded wolf)
Mangudai (elite mounted archers)
Tarkans (flaming attacks, anti-building/forest unit, riding wolves)
Sneaky Gitz (2HW, poison, scouts)
War Wagon (mobile bolt thrower)

Sabertooth Raiders (heavy cavalry, sabertooth mounts)
Rhinox Battle Fortress (Rhinox with battle platform)
Rokkit Launcha (fires several small rockets)
Deathworm (unpredictable monster)

Sunday, 18 September 2011

All books now available on!

With the release of the Kingdoms of Ind, I happened to notice that have implemented a very useful update function which is perfect for when I want to post a revision of a document, which was the only thing really missing earlier.

So for you people who have gotten mad at Scribd for not allowing you to download without registering, or don't like having to wait for the download on 4shared, all books will from now on be posted first and foremost on, where you can both read and download them without any waiting times or registration. The best of all worlds, in short!

Surprise Release! The Kingdoms of Ind beta out now!

Though this is probably more of a case of "better late than never" than it is a real surprise, I didn't expect to be done with it just yet. But I just sat down yesterday and figured I'd finish the damn thing, and I did!
So for you people who have been waiting to try out the Kingdoms of Ind, have at it! Rules are finished, but the main background will take quite some time to write up, so I wouldn't expect that to be done any time soon.

Read or Download:

Work on the Halfling list will proceed as planned, and might be finished sometime this fall.

Saturday, 17 September 2011

More Armies planned for the future!

Of course some might say that I am biting off more than I can chew (which might be completely accurate), as I am still working on two books already, but that doesn't mean I am willing to throw in the towel once that is done. After I finish up on the Halflings and the Kingdoms of Ind, I still plan to do at least 2 more army books: Hobgoblins and Chaos Dwarfs.

The former will as one might expect be based upon the Mongolian Empire and be heavily based on cavalry combat, whereas the latter will pretty much be an update on the old 5th ed Chaos Dwarf list as well as including all the new units from the upcoming Tamurkhan: Throne of Chaos.
The Chaos Dwarf book is pending though as there are already so many other great Chaos Dwarf lists out there, so my version would simply be trying to get everything up to speed with the new "official" rules from Forge World, as well as having a complete focus on the Chaos Dwarfs themselves rather than the mixed Chaos force of Forge Worlds book. Don't expect any of these books before the end of the year though.

As for the Halflings, I have a large Warhammer tournament coming up this October, so most of my time until then will be spent painting. After that though, there should be ample time to finish up the list.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Halflings back on the boat!

Holy Crap, I am posting again! So yes, I am still working on my books, even though it's sloooow. Kingdoms of Ind will once again have to sit back a while while I suffer through another writer's block, but on the plus side, I aim to work on the hairy little critters known as Halflings again! A large thank you to Josh R4444s who has been so kind to supply me with a bunch of nicely written fluff and rules to work with, which should really speed up the process.

The Kingdoms of Ind will be released at a later date, still stuck on the Special characters and magic items, which are rather integral to how the list plays (as well as keeping a consistent layout). Hopefully I will have all the fluff sorted out until then.

The Halflings on the other hand, will likely be done a lot faster now fortunately, I'll keep you all updated with how it goes.

Also, new cover which should hopefully be more fitting than the old grey gloomy one:

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Kingdoms of Ind news update

All right, so I'm back from London now, and as promised, I have gotten quite a bit of work done on the list while over there.

The Bestiary and army list are nearly finished, including special characters, and the magic items are well under way, and hopefully I can post the full, playable list next week. Note that this will only include the actual rules needed to play, and not the background for the Kingdoms of Ind themselves, which will be added at a later date. Still, I have a feeling most of you are probably looking forward more to the actual rules than reading walls of text ;)

So to summarize; be on the lookout for the Kingdoms of Ind (beta version) sometime during next week!

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Cathay update released, Kingdoms of Ind news, and Warhammer World!

Apologies for my long absence, but other things has simply been prioritized for a while. I'm back with a little more work now, namely another Cathay update that fixes a couple of remaining 7th ed remnants and clarifications.

As for the Kingdoms of Ind, I'm afraid little progress has been made these last months, but there will be at least 2 units previously unmentioned, namely a Vimanas (basically a flying tank fortress) and a Beastmaster hero able to control jungle creatures like tigers and panthers. No release date so far though.

Lastly, I will be taking a trip to Warhammer World in Nottingham in less than a week, where I should have some time to do some writing as well as possibly finding some good source material and inspiration.

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Warhammer Armies - Kingdoms of Ind under development!

So, as promised, some details on the Ind project. Finally got some of my groove back, which means I might actually be able to get a new book out soon!

The Kingdoms of Ind will feature a mix of human and deamonic units, which are essentially lesser deities. As such the list is mostly based on medieval India with lots of mythological units mixed in. If all goes well, I might have it finished by April.

Until then, the list of units, and the cover:

Maharajah (fighter/support)
Eldritch Guru (wizard)
Greater Deity (Greater Deamon equivalent)

Raja (fighter/support)
Mahasiddh/Guru (wizard)

Peasant Levy (spears, slings, javelins)
Nayar Warriors (spears, swords, shields, LA)
Mahratta Archers (long bows)
Tiger Cultists (frenzy, 2HW)
Avar Horseman (mounted, spears, shield, LA, bows)
Khurdeshi Stalkers (skirmish, bow, scout)

Fel Guard (halberd, light armour, stubborn)
War Elephants (in units)
Royal Chariots (chariot)
Dvarapala (daemon, very heavily armoured infantry)
Kalites (daemon, lots and lots of Attacks)
Rakshasa (daemon, skirmish, hardhitters)
Garuda (daemon, flyer)

Naga (daemon, ogre size)
Basilisk (monster)
Royal War Elephant (bigger elephant)

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Warhammer Armies - Halflings postponed

Unfortunately you Halfling fans will have to wait a while longer, as I have more or less hit a writer's block on the subject. The book will be finished eventually, but for now I aim to work on the Kingdoms of the Ind for a while to "get back into shape" after my break. More details on Ind will follow soon.

In other news, Kislev has unfortunately been removed from, but is still available from as usual.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Warhammer Armies - Halflings is under development!

Apologies for my slow updates of late, have been doing some other stuff than working on rules for the past weeks (namely work and a load of computer games), but I aim to get back to the drawing board soon to bring you the next book in the series, the Halflings!

I have been able to acquire both Citadel Journal #36 and #10, as well as finding a lot of other sources which gives me a decent amount of material work with. Warhammer Armies - Halflings will be the shortest book (both in terms of pages and the size of the book's subject!), but should come in at a handy 40-50 pages nonetheless. It is more meant to be used as an Allied Contingent rather than as a stand alone army (at least if you are hoping of winning with them!) but it will be field-able as both.

I have about half the book done so far, and won't be putting a release on it any time soon, but rest assured, it's in the works. Until then, I'll give you the full units list, as well as the cover picture:

Special Characters:
Nicolas Warfoot
Gabbo Flugbend
Traveling Chef, Ogglethorpe Bulnhelm
Clegg, Master Thief
Lumberjack Champion, Tom Longshaft
Innkeeper, Jolly Bolbottom

Moot Elder
Master Chef

Master Thief

- Constable
Scouts (with Ranger upgrade)
- Forester
Vigilante Guard
- Deputy
- Roadwarden
- Marshal
Bee Swarm
- Beekeeper

- Catburglar
- House Matron
Pantry Guard
- Cookmaster
- Chuck Wagon
Dawg Riders
- Kennel Master
Swan Riders
Lords of the Harvest
- Gangleader

Ram Riders
Hot Pot
Reaper and Shearer
Kathleen Half Tank