Monday, 19 September 2011

Details for upcoming Warhammer Armies: Hobgoblins!

Though the list won't go into development until I'm finished with the Halflings, I thought I would share the details so you know what to expect to see in the list. As stated earlier, the list will be largely based on cavalry, with plenty of mounted archers and light cavalry specialising in different areas, as well as some infantry support.

Great Khan (fighter)
Shaman Elder (wizard)

Khan (fighter)
Shaman (wizard)
Hunter (scout/stealth character)

Waki'ya (large bird)
Giant Wolf
Wolf Chariot

Hobgoblin Warriors (HW/spears, LA, shields)
Hobgoblin Archers (bows)
Wolfriders (bow/spear, LA, shield)
Kharash (slave unit)
Hobhounds (warbeasts with handlers)

Rage Riders (frenzy, 2HW/GW, riding hobhounds)
Khan's Guard (lance, HA, shield, barded wolf)
Mangudai (elite mounted archers)
Tarkans (flaming attacks, anti-building/forest unit, riding wolves)
Sneaky Gitz (2HW, poison, scouts)
War Wagon (mobile bolt thrower)

Sabertooth Raiders (heavy cavalry, sabertooth mounts)
Rhinox Battle Fortress (Rhinox with battle platform)
Rokkit Launcha (fires several small rockets)
Deathworm (unpredictable monster)


  1. Hey! I am liking the sound of the list so far! Cant wait to see the details! Especially the specials and rares, that are less obvious than what hobgoblin core would consist of, are particularly interesting. I really like the idea of a rhinox battle fortress and a giant (presumably scary looking!) bird as a novel mount.

    Do you think you need the foot troops? Can the army not all be saddle-bound nomads? So it really was a totally mobile fast army. I just picture them on the table top as being a sea of agile fast cavalry (and mobile artillery, fighting platforms and flying beasts). Could perhaps have slaves as the exception, as the only non-mounted unit.

    Would the sabertooth be sabertusks as in the Ogre Kingdoms?

  2. They will be a primarily cavalry based army, but I still want people to have a chance at being a bit creative with the list. A problem with the Bretonnian book for instance is that you only really have Knights, making most army lists look the same.
    Even the Mongols had a lot of infantry in real life, even though they are mostly famed for their cavalry. Don't worry though, there will be restrictions on just how much of your army can actually be made up of infantry, so it won't feel out of character.
    The Sabertooth mounts will be quite similar to Sabertusks, yes, that's what I am basing them on.

  3. Hi there I have used your 7th edition force a couple of times and have a healthy army of hobgoblins stemming from a chaos dwarf army with Ogla Khan and then some wargs as hobhounds.
    You probably know all of this already but thought you might like some commentary on the list as it is in 7th. Obviously some of your points need to be reconsidered for 8th, the cost of a bow should be 1 pt not 3 for a wolf rider to bring them in line. Also the basic wolf rider is steep at 13 if a normal goblin one is only 10.
    The rogues are great, also a good use for the sneaky git models that nobody seems to have that many of so having them special means we aren't all trying to track down 40 of them.
    The rage riders and Cataphracts are a bit dissapointing, they are better than normal ones but not sufficiently so to compensate for the lack of numbers stemming from the increase in points, although I agree a lance is nice, but at the same time seems wrong fluff wise.
    Hobhounds are good, bit overpriced and the handlers concept doesn't work for me. From a tactical perspective these are total chaff, and as such upgrading them is counter productive...

    As for your suggestions on 8th, I think the elite units should be S4 and a spear rather than a lance.
    Rage riders on hobhounds is a great move, makes them that little bit more different from normal wolf riders, more of an incetive to take them.
    The Waki'ya would be great as a independent rare choice, so rarely gets used otherwise. and with laser guided 8th ed cannons will be even more so.
    I like the attempt to have more variation in the wolf riders, although the name Tarkan is a bit suspect, that is a rank of nobility not a unit.
    I am not sold on the use of both the rhinox and sabretusks. This is a fan list and there are others out there with Gnoblar fan lists and they will be using rhinoxes, maybe the sabretusks too, I'd leave them to the gnoblars and stick to the tigers and wagon. The death worm makes me think of the classic film tremors....You have made an attempt to reference the chinese wind based myths
    but I think you need to make this stronger or drop it, as such I would see a unit based around this concept which could replace one of your wolf units - maybe make this a flying cavalry or even more interesting a flying monstrous infantry unit. Every army in 8th edition needs access to something that really packs a punch and this could help here. You really could extend this to the wizards too, a simple method is to browse the existing spell lists and make your own lore by selecting some from each, then refluff them (new descriptions) - helps to get people to accept the spells as fair. Yu also would get a lore attribute then which could go down the wind theme again.

    Like the rockit launcha, fits nicely too although you will find overlap if they ever publish a cathay army
    The loss of magic items (down to 8th ed numbers) from your list will be no bad thing, it is often magic items that people object to in fan lists as the logic of the troops types and corresponding equipment is easier to understand and accept.

    Hope that is useful. If you want to have any further discussions then let me know.