Thursday, 8 September 2011

Halflings back on the boat!

Holy Crap, I am posting again! So yes, I am still working on my books, even though it's sloooow. Kingdoms of Ind will once again have to sit back a while while I suffer through another writer's block, but on the plus side, I aim to work on the hairy little critters known as Halflings again! A large thank you to Josh R4444s who has been so kind to supply me with a bunch of nicely written fluff and rules to work with, which should really speed up the process.

The Kingdoms of Ind will be released at a later date, still stuck on the Special characters and magic items, which are rather integral to how the list plays (as well as keeping a consistent layout). Hopefully I will have all the fluff sorted out until then.

The Halflings on the other hand, will likely be done a lot faster now fortunately, I'll keep you all updated with how it goes.

Also, new cover which should hopefully be more fitting than the old grey gloomy one:

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