Thursday, 31 December 2015

Plans for [all] upcoming official books

Well, you asked for it so here you go: a basic outline of my planned changes for the upcoming updates for each army book. This list is by no means complete and subject to change; it is simply a draft of the current ideas floating around, there will be a lot more tweaks besides these ones. I will go into each book's planned changes in more detail once I start working on them. Feel free to add your own wishlists, complaints and nit-picks in case you feel I've missed anything.

Along with all rules changes, I also plan to add to the background and art of all units when possible. Where GW have in the later books shortened down the unit fluff to half a page in order to fit 4 different units onto two pages, my updated versions will have closer to 2 pages of fluff for most units in all army books. So, expect some heavier tomes in the future, probably close to 150+ pages each!

I also plan to release two versions of each book; one for using the official 8th ed rules, and one for using my 9th ed rulebook (currently being worked on, which will be released before Empire). The difference between the two will be rather slim, so you don't need to worry too much about learning a ton of new special rules or new wording thereof.

PS: Could use page 11 of the latest Daemons of Chaos book if anyone has it, currently lacking in my copy. Same goes with better quality art pictures from Tamurkhan and Monstrous Arcanum.

High Elves:

Martial Prowess = re-roll 1's to hit in close combat.
Mervyrm added.
Sea Lord Aislinn added.
Belannaer added.
Imrik added.
Selafyn added.
Handmaidens reformed as a unit instead of character.
High Elf Warriors (swordsmen) added.

Dark Elves:

Avatar of Khaine added (Monster)
Disciples of Khaine added (from Warhammer Online)
City Guard added.
Rykarth added.

Wood Elves:

Marksman Prowess = re-roll 1's to to hit with missile weapons.
Wildkin added (Alter Kin, shapeshifters)
Meadow Chariots added.
Lore of Athel Loren re-added, High/Dark Magic removed.
Ariel  added.
Naieth  added.
Thalandor  added.
Scaw added.


Ancestor Golems added.
Zeppelin added.
Doomseekers added.
Balance Ancestral Grudge.
Relentless = 3x march distance, not S bonus.
Grombrindal  added.
Alfrik Ranulfsson  added.
King Kazador added.
Kragg the Grim added.
Burlok Damminson  added.
Garagrim Ironfist added.
Byrrnoth Grundadrakk added. 

Warriors of Chaos:

Darksouls added.
Flayerkin added.
Cultists added.
Blightkings added.
Wrathmongers added.
Skullreapers added.
Bows, javelins for marauders (allows to make Hung and Kurgan armies)
Tamurkhan added.
Giant Spined Chaos Beast added.
Bile Trolls added.
Plague Ogres added.
Warpfire Dragon added.
Kazyk the Befouled added.
Sayl the Faithless and Nightmaw added.
Toad Dragon added.
Gutrot Spume added.
Skarr Bloodwrath added.
Pox Maggots added.
Crom added.
Arbaal added.
Egrimm van Horstmann added.
Count Mordrek added.
Valnir added.
Aekold Helbrass added.
Dechala added.
Harald Hammerstorm added.

Daemons of Chaos:

Pox Riders on Plague Toads of Nurgle added (NurgleMC).
Pleasureseekers added (Slaanesh MC).
Changebringers added (Tzeentch MC).
Chariots for all gods added.
Be'lakor added.
Amon 'Chakai added.
Azazel  added.


Dread Saurian added.
Coatl added.
Lore of Geomancy replaces High Magic.
Nakai added.
Inxi-Huinzi added.
Sacred Spawnings added.

Orcs & Goblins:

Colossal Squig added.
Night Goblin Squig Gobba added.
River Troll Hag added.
Rogue Idol of Gork added.
Forest Goblins added.
Borgut Facebeater added.
Gorfang Rotgut added.
Morglum Necksnapper added.
Badruk 'Eadsplitta added.
The Black Gobbo added.

Vampire Counts:

Mourngul added.
Necrofex Colossus (Corpse Giant) added.
[Proper] Vampire bloodlines added.
Sylvanian Peasant Levy added.
Zacharias the Everliving added.
Neferata added.
Melkhior added.
Sethep added.
Dieter Helsnicht added.
Walach Harkon added.
Luthor Harkon added.
The Red Duke added.

Tomb Kings:

Khemric Titan added.
Sehenesmet added.
Nagash added.

Ogre Kingdoms:

Scrap Bolt Thrower added.
Rhinox Riders added.
Possibly more Gnoblar types.
Ghark Ironskin added.