Thursday, 31 December 2015

Plans for [all] upcoming official books

Well, you asked for it so here you go: a basic outline of my planned changes for the upcoming updates for each army book. This list is by no means complete and subject to change; it is simply a draft of the current ideas floating around, there will be a lot more tweaks besides these ones. I will go into each book's planned changes in more detail once I start working on them. Feel free to add your own wishlists, complaints and nit-picks in case you feel I've missed anything.

Along with all rules changes, I also plan to add to the background and art of all units when possible. Where GW have in the later books shortened down the unit fluff to half a page in order to fit 4 different units onto two pages, my updated versions will have closer to 2 pages of fluff for most units in all army books. So, expect some heavier tomes in the future, probably close to 150+ pages each!

I also plan to release two versions of each book; one for using the official 8th ed rules, and one for using my 9th ed rulebook (currently being worked on, which will be released before Empire). The difference between the two will be rather slim, so you don't need to worry too much about learning a ton of new special rules or new wording thereof.

PS: Could use page 11 of the latest Daemons of Chaos book if anyone has it, currently lacking in my copy. Same goes with better quality art pictures from Tamurkhan and Monstrous Arcanum.

High Elves:

Martial Prowess = re-roll 1's to hit in close combat.
Mervyrm added.
Sea Lord Aislinn added.
Belannaer added.
Imrik added.
Selafyn added.
Handmaidens reformed as a unit instead of character.
High Elf Warriors (swordsmen) added.

Dark Elves:

Avatar of Khaine added (Monster)
Disciples of Khaine added (from Warhammer Online)
City Guard added.
Rykarth added.

Wood Elves:

Marksman Prowess = re-roll 1's to to hit with missile weapons.
Wildkin added (Alter Kin, shapeshifters)
Meadow Chariots added.
Lore of Athel Loren re-added, High/Dark Magic removed.
Ariel  added.
Naieth  added.
Thalandor  added.
Scaw added.


Ancestor Golems added.
Zeppelin added.
Doomseekers added.
Balance Ancestral Grudge.
Relentless = 3x march distance, not S bonus.
Grombrindal  added.
Alfrik Ranulfsson  added.
King Kazador added.
Kragg the Grim added.
Burlok Damminson  added.
Garagrim Ironfist added.
Byrrnoth Grundadrakk added. 

Warriors of Chaos:

Darksouls added.
Flayerkin added.
Cultists added.
Blightkings added.
Wrathmongers added.
Skullreapers added.
Bows, javelins for marauders (allows to make Hung and Kurgan armies)
Tamurkhan added.
Giant Spined Chaos Beast added.
Bile Trolls added.
Plague Ogres added.
Warpfire Dragon added.
Kazyk the Befouled added.
Sayl the Faithless and Nightmaw added.
Toad Dragon added.
Gutrot Spume added.
Skarr Bloodwrath added.
Pox Maggots added.
Crom added.
Arbaal added.
Egrimm van Horstmann added.
Count Mordrek added.
Valnir added.
Aekold Helbrass added.
Dechala added.
Harald Hammerstorm added.

Daemons of Chaos:

Pox Riders on Plague Toads of Nurgle added (NurgleMC).
Pleasureseekers added (Slaanesh MC).
Changebringers added (Tzeentch MC).
Chariots for all gods added.
Be'lakor added.
Amon 'Chakai added.
Azazel  added.


Dread Saurian added.
Coatl added.
Lore of Geomancy replaces High Magic.
Nakai added.
Inxi-Huinzi added.
Sacred Spawnings added.

Orcs & Goblins:

Colossal Squig added.
Night Goblin Squig Gobba added.
River Troll Hag added.
Rogue Idol of Gork added.
Forest Goblins added.
Borgut Facebeater added.
Gorfang Rotgut added.
Morglum Necksnapper added.
Badruk 'Eadsplitta added.
The Black Gobbo added.

Vampire Counts:

Mourngul added.
Necrofex Colossus (Corpse Giant) added.
[Proper] Vampire bloodlines added.
Sylvanian Peasant Levy added.
Zacharias the Everliving added.
Neferata added.
Melkhior added.
Sethep added.
Dieter Helsnicht added.
Walach Harkon added.
Luthor Harkon added.
The Red Duke added.

Tomb Kings:

Khemric Titan added.
Sehenesmet added.
Nagash added.

Ogre Kingdoms:

Scrap Bolt Thrower added.
Rhinox Riders added.
Possibly more Gnoblar types.
Ghark Ironskin added.


  1. Dark Elf City Guard! Hells yes! They don't need to be amazing either, just a rank or two of X-bows at the front of a spearman block

    1. I think 2 ranks of xbows, the rest spearmen. It'll be a really good formation (4 ranks of attacks if in horde, parry), but it will be S3 T3. I. Cannot. Wait.

  2. How about adding Norse Dwarfs to the roster? At least one unique unit of them just to at least acknowledge their existence.

    1. Norse Dwarfs can already be made using the normal rules in the rulebook, so I don't really plan any special rules for them. They will get their fair share in the background though.

    2. They could be scouty and have access to bows as that's what the old WH Norse Dwarves had.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Norse Dwarfs have berserkers (WFB3), Shied Sister (WFB1) and maybe bear riders.


    5. Maybe as an expansion then, because the currnet fluff says Dwarfs are not suited to use normal bows.

      Berserkers and Shield Sisters are already in the Norse book, so I don't want to add the same to the Dwarfs.

    6. Current fluff don't speak about Norse Dwarf Bowmen...

      Norse Dwarfs and Norses have a culture with lot of similarities... So no problems to see Shieldwall for Norse Huscarl and Dwarf Berserkers.

    7. Current fluff don't speak about Norse Dwarf Bowmen...

      Norse Dwarfs and Norses have a culture with lot of similarities... So no problems to see Shieldwall for Norse Huscarl and Dwarf Berserkers.

    8. True, but Norse Dwarfs still don't really differ that much that they need their own unit IMO, and having just one unit with the Norse special rules in the Dwarf book seems a bit tacked on.

    9. WFB2 Battle Bestiary page 52 about armylist

      WFB3 Norse army list from WD #107

  3. no honors for elven characters? :___(

    1. Well, the Honors are already partly included through the use of various characters like Korhil, Loremasters etc, so I'm not sure they actually add much to the list.

    2. why do you not make a unit upgrade for the lord that gives the army stat lines that are somewhat like no gunpowder units but better skill or a charge bonuse.

    3. Seems a bit overly complicated, and DE does not have anything like that.

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  5. Will the characters from your Special Characters book be worked into their respective army books?

    1. A lot of them, yes. Not all though, since a lot of them have very little fluff and no official models.

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  8. For Tomb Kings the golden host of mahrak would be great
    They died while they walked through a pool of molten gold and had golden swords :)
    I rly want to see them as a great weapon unit (tomb kings need that ) and with light armor and scaly skin couse the gold -with low I(1) S,T 4 slower movement maybe and killing blow
    Sorry if its a silly idea:P

    1. Oh and this is not from end times shit, its in the 8th ed army book. They were a legendary legion

    2. Have not read through the fluff that much yet, but I would not be too sure they will appear rules-wise. I will look into it though.

  9. Since you're going to modify all the army books then I have a few suggestions to make universal throughout all of them:
    *Make units that can be customized to be ranged or melee able to choose between a ranged character (+1 BS) or melee character (+1 Attack).
    *Make core chariots consist of 1+ models, special chariots consist of 1-3 models and rare chariots be only a single model. Characters riding the exact same chariot can join a chariot unit unless them joining will take the number of models above the maximum (so no joining a unit of 3 special chariots or any rare chariot).
    *Make a +1 S or T difference between heroes and lords universal throughout the army books by either weakening the heroes or boosting the lords depending on if he species has access to ordinary troops that are +1 strength or toughness (for example, human combat lords gain +1 strength, goblin combat heroes lose -1 strength).
    *Make weapon and armor upgrades consistent throughout the army books. Say make Additional Hand Weapons a 1pt upgrade, Halberds 2pts (3pts for cavalry), Great Weapons 2pts, Spears 1pt, Morningstars 1pt, Flails 2pts etc... These costs are multiplied by the units attacks value (Soldiers spend 1pt for a second hand weapon, Chaos Warriors spend 2pts, Ogres spend 3). Armor saves are a +1pt upgrade (2 for cavalry) per increase that gets multiplied by the number of wounds a model has. Ranged weapons are 1pt for shortbows, 2 for bows, 3 for longbows, 1 for throwing weapons, 2 for javelins or throwing axes, 2 for slings, 4 for crossbows or handguns etc... Character models purchase a ranged weapon at double the normal cost. If a model has strength more than 3 then the cost of a ranged weapon that's strength is dependent on the strength of the user increases by 1 for each point of strength beyond 3. Less than 3 strength or BS halves the cost of a ranged weapon.

    1. *I've reconsidered how to make weapon upgrades consistent. Instead, melee weapon and armor upgrades should cost the same between all core, special and rare infantry. Heroes multiply the cost of melee weapons and armor by 2, Monstrous _______ (not the non-monstrous riders) and Lords multiply the cost by 3, Monstrous ______ heroes multiply the cost by 4, Monstrous _____ Lords multiply the cost by 5. Ranged weapons are still double for characters and I think without the points increase for being of increased strength for ranged weapons dependent on strength.
      *Make all factions that have dragons be able to take them in three sizes just like the high elves.
      *Make non-item upgrades (such as Ogre Titles, Clan Mons and Mercenary character traits) use a points pool that is separate from the magic items pool. Perhaps even include a list of generic traits that all characters from any armybook can take in the rulebook.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. *Make S4 non-character humans (not the post-human chaos warriors) be WS5, have 2 attacks base, or both (if they're so elite that they are rare choices).

    4. *Fill in the gap where Skink and Human characters have +2 initiative over their subordinates by making every unit with +1 WS over the base Weapon skill also have +1 initiative above the base Initiative.

    5. I work using a similar model, though it won't be quite as straightforward as your suggestion.

    6. Here's another suggestion:
      *Make human warhorses (except for the swift Arabyan steeds) be toughness 4. It won't affect gameplay, it's just an aesthetic thing. Perhaps you should also make the Arabyan steed initiative 4 just like the elven horses.

    7. I actually wrote an article for it for the Doom Seeker a few years ago, I think you can still find it online, though it was written with 7th ed in mind.

    8. This comment has been removed by the author.

    9. *Vary the toughness of War Machines. The War Machines in the special section tend to be smaller than War Machines from the Rare section so make special War Machines be toughness 6. Core War Machines should be toughness 5. By relation, remove the ability to take Scorpions from the Dogs of War as a unit and move it to the core section. Move the Field Engineers of Cathay to the core section as well. If you don't like the idea of being able to make an army consisting entirely of war machines then make those be limited in the same way that the Hobgoblin Spear Chukkas from the Chaos Dwarf book is limited. One more suggestion is to move the Norse Horsemen from core to special to represent the uncommon nature of horses in Norsca. Sons of Thor should then be moved to Rare as well to prevent encroachment.

    10. Don't remember, I think around issue 6 or 7.

      I don't think I will change the War Machines too much, especially moving them around. Core war machines is not likely. Might change the T a little, we'll see.

    11. You're off the mark. It's issue 3 and 4.

    12. *Make all wizards have access to armor. As a nod to the fluff of armor disrupting magic, make the upgrade expensive. 10pts for light, 20pts for heavy and 30pts for better. In addition, make the access be limited based on the faction. For example, Albion wizards can only be equipped with light armour while Empire wizards can be given heavy.

  10. About the High Elves getting to reroll to hit rolls of 1 in close combat, this overlaps heavily with the fact that against most units, they are rerolling all to hit rolls due to Always Strikes First. Unsure if this is intentional, but it seems like a fairly significant nerf considering they lose their ability to fight/shoot in an extra rank. Just my two cents. Keep up the great work.

    1. As far as I know Asf is going to lose the reroll

    2. Yes, ASF will be removed for Elves completely.

  11. Happy to see my suggestion for The Black Gobbo made the cut :)

  12. Happy new year Mathias! Keep up the good work and thanks for everything !

  13. What can we expect from the Lore of Geomancy? Are Lizardmen going to keep access to the Lore of High Magic as loremasters (I reckon not). Are Slann going back to their strong state of pre-8th ed? Are we going to keep the Signature spell ability? I really dig the replacement of spells we have atm in the lore of High magic, would be nice to keep that somehow.

    1. Lots of earthquakes ;)

      High Magic will be removed from them and be kept exclusive for HE. Dispel magic might be kept though.

  14. I'd like to see an upgrade for the HE bolt thrower, one that makes it like the blast ordnance it was in wh: mark of chaos.

    And i always dreamed about an (absolutely unfluffy, as far as i know) HE arcane plasma sphere thrower, something similar to a floating slann palanquin with a runic pillar that release arcane bolts, with the profile that remember a safe version of the 7th ed skaven lightning cannon with something like the attuned to magic rule to make it impredictable.
    After all they should be an highly magic-based society!
    When, instead, the Empire itself (the same that breed witch hunters!) own arcane devices.

    1. I think I will keep it as-is, to have it on-par with the DE bolt thrower. Don't want to go overboard with magical craziness, the Empire has too much of that as it is imo.

  15. Now that the Ogres are up, might I suggest the option to mount the Tyrant and Bruiser on Mournfang/Rhinox mounts? On the same note, it would be neat if a Lore of the Beasts Butcher can be mounted on something, like the Amber Wizards can.

    I don't mind the options Gnoblars have right now, as they deviate a lot from the rest of the army due to their size, and I'd like to keep that as a special snowflake thing. Maybe a Gnoblar Character (or Ma the Grub)?

    Lastly (and only because it could be fun), how about the option to take Mournfang as a War Beast option, like Sabretusks but bigger?

    1. Tyrants and Bruiser will be able to take mounts, yes. Butchers, I think fits better on the ground. I'm personally not a fan of Empire wizards taking Griffons either, but hey, GW made a model for it...

    2. As for mournfangs as stand-along units, I think it would allow a bit too much of MB spam, so I want to keep it down.

    3. Good points you have there. As always.

    Caldath the Black
    Kaldor the Cruel
    Mengil Manhide

    The Blue Scribes
    The Changeling
    Epidermius, Nurgle’s Tallyman
    Karnak, Hound of Vengeance
    Ku’gath Plaguefather
    The Masque of Slaanesh

    Bazrak Bolgan
    Brok Stonefist
    Crazed Khargrim
    Drong the Hard
    Durzak Dragonback
    Gotrek & Felix
    Grim "Dead Eye" Grunnson
    Grombold Kruddson
    Grung Grudge-Bringer
    Krudd Mad-Mattock
    Loki Whitebeard
    Long Drong the Slayer Pirate
    Malakai Makaisson
    Queen Helgar Longplaits
    Skag the Stealthy
    Skeggi Threkkson

    Asarnil the Dragonlord
    Eltharion the Swordmaster
    Gilead & Fithvael
    Liandra Athinol

    Ten-zlati - Oracle of Lord Kroak

    Durkol Eye-Gouger
    Git Guzzler
    Grabnatz Sourbelly & Gulag
    Kap'n Skabend & Slygit
    Oglok the 'Orrible

    Bauldig Mountaineater
    Blaut Feastmaster
    Bragg the Gutsmen
    Braugh Slavelord
    Ghuth Spawnchomper
    Golgfag Maneater
    Grandfather Malron Eyebiter
    Groth Onefinger
    Shrewd Flug
    Skrag the Slaughterer, Champion of Malal (this character existed before the Prophet of the Great Maw, but disappeared after GW stopped using Malal)

    The Banshee
    The Dark Knight
    Renar the Necromancer

    Beorg Bearstruck
    Bloab Rotspawned
    Egil Styrbjorn
    Festus the Leechlord
    Feytor the Tainted
    Glottkin (Ethrac, Ghurek, and Otto)
    Haagoth the Bloodied One
    Kholek Suneater
    Khorreg and Canto
    Melekh the Changer
    Morbidex Twiceborn
    Orghotts Daemonspew
    Scyla Anfingrimm
    Throgg the Troll King
    Villitch the Curseling

    Athelwyn of Athel Loren
    Durthu the Treeman
    Gruath the Beastmaster
    Gwercus the Treeman
    Lothlann the Brave
    Wychwethyl the Wild
    Yolath the Terrible

    1. Pretty much all of these are in the Special Characters supplement, but a lot of them have very limited background and are not really that interesting. Some will probably be mentioned in the army books, but I'm not planning on including all of them.

  17. I believe you should include Constant Drachenfels, The Great Enchanter. One of the most evil people in WHFB's History, he could be in either Vampire Counts or Chaos, as he worked for / commanded / manipulated both.

    I also think Genevieve Dieudonne would be an interesting character to add, a vampire of the Lahmian bloodline, she is considered (even if grudgingly in some circles) a heroine of The Empire.

    1. They from the Black Library books I take it? I'm only planning on adding special characters that had official rules and/or models.

    2. Constant did appear later on as 'The Nameless', a spirit that could possess multiple bodies at once (though spent a lot of time in the body of Luthor Huss) in the End Times.

  18. What about adding the Dragon Princes of Caledor from War of the Beard (pg 94 Warhammer Chronicles 2003)?
    I think the DE could get them too (End of Times Khaine book1 pg61)

    1. I considered it, but it does not fit with the Dragon Princes' background, so they will be kept out. They could be used for re-fighting the War of Beard sure, but so could Sigmar himself for Black Fire pass ;)

  19. Can you add these Gnobs to the ogre kingdoms book?

    1. That s cool
      do you have anything else like this?

    2. Unfortunately not, just something I stumbled upon.

    3. Some might be added, just don't want to drown an Ogre book in Gnoblars ;)

  20. How about Mallobaude the Black Knight, or the Order of the Knights of the Black Grail. There's also the Sisters of Ancelioux (a trio of sisters taken in by the lady).

    For the Vampire Counts, there's Erikan Crowfiend. In the books he has an affinity for Ghouls, so perhaps there could be some rules requiring Ghouls if he's the armies general, or being better able to direct Ghouls by removing a negative trait from them or something.

    You could also use the Drakenhof Templars, Obald the Bone-Father of Brionne, the Specters of Corpse Wood, the Doom Riders, or Emperor Wilhelm the First (raised up as a Wight King by Vlad).

  21. Can't believe this only just occurred to me: Konrad Von Carstein. That lunatic certainly deserves a spot in the VC book.

  22. Greatings. I know where you can found the best Tamurhan scan: . Sorry me my English.

    1. Thanks a lot! Too bad about the watermarks on the pictures, but they are a lot clearer than the pdf version. I could not find Monstrous Arcanum there though, so if you could upload it there later, that would be great :)

    2. Very long to save all pictures...

  23. The Monstrous Arcanum also approach in a HQ/

    1. can you give me a link for it pls:)

    2. Of cours, when I download it in the public album.

    3. yeah, a link would be much appreciated!


    Here you have some really nice artworks! You should check it!

  25. Much as I'm loathe to suggest even more units for warriors of chaos, the slaughterpriest from the Khorne Bloodbound range does seem like an interesting addition for khorne focused armies, a sorcerer alternative of sorts. Though it does of course require rules conversion from the horrors of aos.

    1. Yes, that has been suggested by others too. I'm going to look into it, but I don't want to include units that do not fit with the fluff.

  26. For the Empire:
    Grand Master Hans Leitdorf
    Commandant Otto Kross
    Seneschal Rudolph Weskar
    Captain Wendal Volker
    The Brotherhood of Steel
    The Talabheim VI
    The Heldenhame Holdwatch

  27. For Daemons of Chaos:
    Unfettered Fury, Bloodthirsters of the Eighth Host, Lords of the Legions
    Insensate Rage, Bloodthirsters of the Sixth Host, Reavers of the Bloody Path
    Wrath of Khorne, Bloodthirsters of the Third Host, Headsmen of Khrone

    1. I don't know man, four non-special character Bloodthirsters sounds a bit overkill. I didn't like the Khorne-focus in End Times either - Tzeentch and Slaanesh got no units at all, and Nurgle only got some Special Characters and the Blightkings.

      I'm sure Mathias finds a neat solution. He hasn't disappointed me ever.

    2. Bloodthirsters might get some similar upgrades, but there won't be 3 different version of them in the book though.

    3. Will Greater Daemons of the other three Chaos Gods have such upgrades as well? I mostly ask because I have seen next to no 'upgrades' like those the Bloodthirsters get, and I think it would be a shame to give Khorne even more attention than he already has (which is more than the others by at least two bananas!)

    4. They will probably work similar to Daemonic Gifts, so all gods should receive about the same attention. Khorne might get a little extra since he lacks wizard casters.

    Festak Krann
    The Crowhunger Brethren
    Daakon Har's Blackshields
    The Hounds of Khoros
    Aeson the Fallen
    Akkorak the Crow, Reaver of the Nine Wastes
    The Sons of Nifflecht
    The Claws of Skael
    The Wildkin of Hraldar
    The Unclean
    The Stormborn Legion
    Kruld's Rampagers

    Gurug'ath of the Endless Rot
    The Census Legions

    Warlord Feskit
    Chieftain Snikrat
    The Bonehides
    The Mordrat Guard
    The Lurkers
    The Skullsplinters
    The Warp Runners

    Eldyra, Princess of Tiranoc
    The Sentinels of Astaril
    The Knights of Dusk
    Athel Tamarha Faithbearers

    1. You are a little late with skavens:)

    2. These are from the End Times book, right? Because they are really just names for regiments during that time, not whole new units. Some famous regiments will get unique rules in expansions (at least the Empire will), but I'm not planning on including them in the main list.

  29. EMPIRE:
    Wolfram Hertwig, Elector Count of Ostermark
    Captain Harald Dreist
    The Nordland Seahawks
    The Brothers Fleissman
    The Wolf Brothers
    The Reikland XIII
    The Army of Sigmar (Flagellant Regiment)
    Steil's Swords

  30. I believe it would be fitting for good old Neferata to join one of the Undeads. And with good old, I of course mean evil and ancient.

    Anark von Carstein
    Ulfrik the Blackhanded
    Druthor, The King of Grimbarrow
    Estroth the Silent, Standard Bearer of Vlad

    The Hungry
    The Silent Legion
    The Wights of Stonewrath Tarn
    The Arisen
    The Graveborn
    The Handmaidens of Neferata
    Lahmian Guard
    Guard of The High Mistress
    Legion of No Name
    The Green Skulls
    The Wretches
    The Doomed Legion
    The Hanged Men
    The Bloodbeasts
    The Rackspire Dead
    Vampire Acolytes
    The Knights Sepulchral
    Knights of the Red Death
    Helmut's Own
    Drakenhof Guard

  32. those reknown regiments should be only in campaign suplements not in the main codex book i think

  33. For the Dwarfs, it would be nice to see a fully fleshed out profile entry for Alaric the Mad. He's a big part of Dwarf history, but we know so little about him.

    1. I have pretty much all the sourcebooks, if there's stuff written about him there, I will probably include it. He won't be an SC though.

  34. Going through the 8th edition rulebook at all the things mentioned in the fluff but not featured in the rulebooks:

    Empire- Sky galleons of the gold order, mentioned on 3 separate occasions
    Clockwork angels and exploding flying machines
    Priests of Shylla and Taal, as both are mentioned a lot in the background. Shylla is more of an empire goddess in the fluff, i don't recall the brets ever worshiping her, and if so certainly not as much as the empire.

    Bretonnia- Otherworldly guardians, ghostly bowmen from ages past, the souls of long lost knights, and even the translucent spirits of the land itself.

    Dwarfs- War zepplins bristling with guns, steam powered war engines forged in the likeness of the ancestor gods, and the hissing, furnace hearted beasts made by the engineers of karak hirn. Also, ancestor weapons are being used more in the present age, runes of desperation are being struck, and the engineers are cranking out bigger and more untested devices of war. Perhaps this scan be represented by a few more magic weapon options, a few more master runes and the rulebook fluff units
    More weapon/gear options for master engineers

    Dark elves- Chimera, steel statues in the likeness of khaine powered by the souls of killers and bound by the sorcery of malekith

    Lizardmen- Nothing to add from rulebook that isn't already listed.
    Updated Sacred Spawnings for lizardmen like in 6th edition. Lizardmen can get specialized spawnings in the fluff, so it makes sense. My idea fro updated spawnings for each of the old ones:

    Sotek: +1ws, +1 attack on any round the unit/character charges
    Quetzl: scaly skin increased by +1
    Tlazcotl: Immune to psychology
    Chotec: Initiative increased by +1, Always strikes first
    Tepok: 6+ ward save
    Gor-rok: 3 wounds, ws 6
    Keep high magic! The Slaan are the ones who taught it to the high elves in the first place

    Chaos and skaven have enough as it is, and got just about everything mentioned here.

    Orcs and goblins have all extra units added in

    Cathay- Regiments of One horned ogres
    Tamurkhan also mentions Statues that swim through the ground as if it were water, and onyx "crow-men" which are apparently strong enough to lift a minotaur. The crow-men could be based on the morghasts in terms of stat lines

    1. I read about the Sky Galleons too, but I want the Arcane Battle Altars to work in a similar fashion. Also don't want to go overboard with crazy inventions.

      Shallya is mentioned a lot in the Knights of the Grail, she's the goddess of the peasant class. I will probably release rules for all Priests in the Empire expansion.

      Spirits of the Fey are already in the Bretonnia book ;)

      Dwarfs will get more zeppelins and ancestor golems. Might add some more engineer weapons too.

      DE will get Avatars of Khaine, Chimera will probably be kept in the WoC book though, since DE already have manticores.

      Sacred Spawning will be added, forgot to mention it in the original post :)

      Cathay as described in Tamurkhan is frankly a mess when it comes to the units described. Crow-men are Tengu, the ogres are Oni, (both Nipponese). The statues are probably some kind of Foo Dog, and Cathay already have Terracotta soldiers and the Brass Titan.

    2. When you say you will release rules for all priests, does that include...
      Ranald? (please, I hope it does!)
      Sigmar? (I know he's pretty niche. I mean, who honestly worships Sigmar when they can worship Ranald)

    3. Probably yes. They already have spells and background for WFRP, so all I have to do is translate that to WFB :)

    Grulsik Moonclaw (Night Goblin Warlord)
    Brak Batwing (Night Goblin Shaman)
    Gnasha 'N' Basha

    Rok Eataz
    Stabba's Stikpokers
    Brokko's Bouncers
    Da Beadyeyes and Da Blackbowz

    Gurdok Granitehelm
    Brotherhood of the Anvil

    The Iron Guard
    The Sternbeard Clan
    The Bouldergoats
    Mountain Bolt Squadron
    The Lion's Roar

  36. I want to see those ground ships from Tamurkhan in Empire and Throt, Master Moulder and Poisoned Wind Globadier in Skaven!

    1. The Landship might appear in an expansion, the other units are already in the Skaven book.

  37. Night Goblin Netters and Clubbers.

    Basic Mummies used to be part of the Undead Books, but were removed later. Maybe bring them back?

    Wood Elf Beast Masters and War Wain (not seen since the 3rd edition). I believe they also had bolt throwers. Then there were the Kinbads, Falconers, and Shapechangers.

    Dwarfs used to have Spearmen (or maybe they were pikes). The also had Gnome warriors, Mountainers, and Ski Troops (seriously, older versions of this game got weird).

    Bretonnians used to have cannons (called L'Ordonnance), Crossbowmen (called Arblastiers), and War Alters (though I think you included some form of alter in your version).

    Frog Swarms used to be a thing spellcaster units could summon.

    Dark Elf Whelp Masters.

    High Elf Sea Elf Wardancers, and Maiden Guards

    Orc Scabbies (Half-Orcs), and Lead Belchers (though I think this one may have been re-purposed as an Ogre unit)

    Slann used to be way different then they are now. Lizardmen could also include troglodytes and human slaves.

    Other: Chaos Goblins, Pygmies, Zoats.

    Really, just looking for discontinued units yields a bounty of strange, interesting, and eyebrow raising content (sometimes all three!). I hope these help in some small way, please keep up the great work! :)

    1. About Mummies

      About Bretonnian War Altar

      About Zoats

      About Chaos Goblin

      About Lead Belchers

    2. There's no link under Bretonnian War Alter. Also, for that Goblin Army, were those ever official units?

    3. About Bretonnian War Altar

  38. some kind of update for the high elves archers could be nice

    1. They will get a boost, sure. LA option and elven bows are coming up :)

  39. Can I Translate all your work for french people or not ?
    Because I think it will be good for everyone to have your LA translate in different language ;)

    1. Maybe you could some user to help you on WarFo.

    2. Are you Dreadaxe because on your profile I can see Dreadaxe Corp ?

    3. Thank you so much !!!
      So, maybe later and when you have time, can you give me the Word version of your differents armies ? (And if possibly, the next ones ?) Because it would be easier ;-)
      I can give you my email address if you want :)

    4. So,
      In first, can you send me the Pirates of Sartosa and the Special Characters please ?
      (If you have others network in order to me to give you my email address, ask me !)

    5. You can use the Contact bar on the top right of the page to send me an email, then I can send a link to the document to your email address.

    6. Did you receive my mails or not ?

    7. Afraid not, did you use the Contact form?

    8. I just send another one, is it okay ?

    9. Nope, still nothing, checked my spamfolder too. You might have to post your email in the comments, you can delete it once you receive the email back from me to avoid spambots being able to find it afterwards.

    10. This comment has been removed by the author.

    11. Nicolas Franceschi25 January 2016 at 17:36

      Just waiting for the doc before deleting the comment ;-)

    12. There, sent them both to your gmail :)

    13. Thank you so much ! I'm going to translate now ! :-)
      I will ask for the others one later or, if you want to finish, you can give me all the Word of your armies :-)

  40. Can anyone tell me what are the Dwarf Doomseekers?

    1. Are a kind of slayers from the slayers army in the storm of chaos campaign in 6th edition. Are more like a dwarf fanatic


  41. Perhaps, as a general thing, more unit Champions from Special/Rare choices could have access to a Magic Weapon for 25 points like so many already have?

    Quick suggestions could be Reikscaptains, Grave Guard Seneschals (and their Tomb Kings equivalent), the well-travelled Maneater Captains, some of the Wood Elves, WoC Chosen Champions, and the Black Orc Bosses. DoC Unit Champions such as the MC's you will add could have Daemonic Gifts.

    I find this reasonable, both for unit consistency (and customization!) and because many of the Champions have been around fluffwise, so it would make some sense for them to have stumbled upon a Magic Weapon of sorts. Of course some of my suggestions might be a little stretched, but the Maneaters for example have very good chances of finding nice things on their adventures.

    1. I will probably shy away from that for the most part, since it just involves more rules to keep track of.

  42. On sylvanian peasent levy you mean sylvanian levy(zombies) and the skeleton militia from storm of chaos??

    1. They would actually be alive humans, scared to death (figuratively speaking) by their Vampire Masters. They are mentioned in Empire at War.

    2. Ok and you plan to add the militia and levy zombies ??
      pls it would be nice to see skeleton crossbowmens in the vamp army:P(and armored zombies man:D)

    3. Sylvanian peasant levy are redundant since the Vampire Counts have plenty of more effective tarpits. Instead, make them humans in the special section with Weapon Skill 4, Leadership 8, Heavy Armor, Wight Blades and Immune to Psychology (from being around undead for so long). While the Undead under the command of the vampires lack the intelligence to engage in complex maneuvers and are unskilled and slow-witted in combat the human troops described have no such deficiencies (though aren't as strong or tough). In addition, the use of living cannon fodder contradicts their attitude which says "Why send a loyal peasant to his death when you can send a dead enemy back to kill his living friends?"

    4. True, we'll see about it when I get to their book.

  43. are you going to release all the books at the same time?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Heh, I've told I work fast, but not that fast. Releasing all books at the same time would mean you would not see any releases for a long time!

    3. Noooo xD I meant that if you're going to publish one after another or going to wait for them all

    4. ok I see the answer xDD

  44. How much will End Times affect the 9th edition? I see some of the units from the End Times, but what about things such as the altered Army Composition and Magic rules?
    Most pressing is whether you will add the Summoning Spells that End Times brought up, as well the Necromantic ones as the Chaos stuff.

    1. i think what you see end times unit was originaly in some older books

    2. Really? I hadn't heard of the Blightkings, Wrathmongers or Morghasts until End Times, though I know the Special Characters like Nagash and Neferata. Wouldn't mind them in Mathias' books either, though^^

      I did, however, not like the changes to Magic in Khaine - neither the supercharged End Times Spells nor the Summoning Spells that let players field entire points' worth of new units.

      All in all I think Chaos and Undead got too many new toys in the End Times, and my wish would be to somehow revert those changes. But I have no doubt that Mathias will whip up something neat and awesome, as he always has!

    3. Not too much, I'll probably just add some of units that fit with the normal 8th ed armies. I don't plan on adding more spells that are not needed.

    4. Don't agree, I think that you should include all the End Time models that have plastic miniatures, otherwise you are invalidating people collections, miniatures that you carefully painted..

    5. I currently can't think of any of the end times models that won't be included, save for some of the Vampire characters' special mounts.

  45. I absolutely cannot wait for these! You the man!

  46. Does anyone know where I can find some lore/rules for the Dwarf Airships?

    1. the zeppelin rules are in the 8th rulebook but others i'm not sure where to find them but in the lore of the rulebook in the time line talks about a clash between the imperial ingeneers and the dwarf ones

  47. The incarnate elemental of beasts would fit in both the Empire and Beastmen armies.

    What about adding some of the other creatures (like the preyton you added to the beastmen book) depending of wich army they fit in?

    1. That's the plan, though I'm not too sure the Elemental of Beasts really fit that well anywhere. But several of the other monsters will be included, as can be seen in the original post.

  48. some honors for the elves army should be great, pure of heart, and some others for the provinces that didnt have character options from 6th edition or another ones even for the dark elves and the wood ones too. They didnt to be powerful something to add some color to the charcters for tematic armies, and also you should leave the maiden guard hero option for tematic lists: congratulations for the hard work you do

    1. Currently don't have any plans like that, since they now have characters like the Loremaster, Sea Helm, Anointed of Asuryan and so on that replaces the Honors. Same for DE and WE.

    The Glotkin
    Eogric the Vile
    Orghotts Daemonspew
    Bloab Rotspawned
    Morbidex Twiceborn
    The Harbinger

    Mundvard the Cruel
    Alicia Avon Untervald
    The Suiddock Beast
    The White Ladies
    Emperor Wilhelm the First (Wight King)

    Festus Empowered
    Putrefex Blistertongue

  51. In the Tombs Kings books, there are talking about Flying boats but GW never create the rules. Do you think you can create that for us ?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Can you tell me exactly where they write this ?(wich book and page number pls)pretty pls thank

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. It's in the Rulebook of the 8th Edition,in the Tomb Kings background.
      Page 243, second paragraph and around line 17-18 (count the lines after the image), something like that.
      Normally, it should begin by something approaching it : "Above their heads, bones triremes are floating in the airs by defying nature laws".

    5. You're welcome :-)
      Did you find it or not ?

  52. Hello
    If you're releasing 9th ed revisions of all of the official books, are we gonna see 9th ed versions of your books as well?

    1. Yes, of course! You will then be able to choose which version you prefer to play, 8th or 9th.

    2. Yay, I want to know how works Catay and Nippon in 9th age! Specially the kenjutsu :D

    3. I think you might have misunderstood a bit, I am planning updates for 9th ED, not 9th AGE. 9th Age is not set in the Warhammer world, hence the warhammer armies won't appear there.

  53. have you ever consider a undead book for nagash that included the morhast, liches, the chariots and other units like flesh golem and other units with their own magic spells?

    1. Considered yes, but I don't think I will turn it into an army books. Most of these units can already be made from the TK and VC books.

  54. When to expect Empire book?

    1. After I publish 1.0 of the 9th ed BRB. The latter might see a release later this month.

  55. Guys, I have a crazy idea!
    How about adding...a Dwarf Deathroller from Blood Bowl as the only cavalry option for Dwarfs?!
    I mean, it's kinda lore-friendly, and Mathias is already adding some old, obscure crap anyway, might as well just go full-on and add these bad boys in the fray to go and scare DOOMWHEELS!
    I really don't know if they have any adequate lore, but if there's any - we can always write it!

    1. France already got you covered:

    2. That's not a bad idea at all, I remember considering that one a while back. You can probably look forward to seeing it in the upcoming update :)

  56. I'm that who give you lonk to Tamurhan scan. Now you can download MA - Please, make rules to the Tzar-Canon.

  57. Since you're moved the rulebook update to be before the empire update I have a few suggestions for the rulebook.
    *Make Magic Missiles dependent on ballistic skill for when they hit. Wizards can re-roll failed To Hit rolls with magic missiles.
    *Allow wizards who are lords to increase miscast rolls by 1 to represent their skill. It says on the table that skill can mean that a wizard manages to dissipate excess energy.
    *I understand removing all units automatically being able to fight in two ranks but keep the horde bonus. Maybe make it that it's dependent on how deep the ranks are instead of how wide. More than 5 ranks grants Fight in Extra Ranks once, more than 10 grants it twice and so on. What I'm suggested makes a bit more sense since the horde bonus is described as being due to the press of bodies.
    *Have Always Strikes First keep the re-rolls (make it non-universal for elves, only leave it with a few units like Phoeinix Guard, Witch Elves, Wardancers etc.).
    *Two models with Always Strikes Last that are fighting each other fight at normal initiative order. If a model with Always Strikes Last has lower initiative than its target it has to re-roll successful to hit rolls.
    *Make it that Always Strikes First and Last can stack. Stacking has no affect but if a unit has one instance of Always Strikes Last and two instances of Always Strikes First means that the model is only affected by Always Strikes First.
    *Killing Blow wounds automatically and ignores armour saves against things it won't automatically slay. Makes that rule remain useful against those targets.
    *Skirmishers can shoot in any direction and are not limited to only two ranks firing. They're distance from each other prevents them from getting in each others way. Same thing for lone characters.
    *Spears cause units charging the equipped target to the front have the Always Strikes Last special rule. This makes it more useful so make it a 1pt upgrade for units. I know you were originally intending for spears to increase initiative but all the extra reach should guarantee that the unit with spears get's the first blow. Make cavalry charging with a spear or lance negate the penalty.
    *Pikes instead always resolve their attacks before all enemy hits (including Impact Hits). Cavalry charging with a spear or lance do not negate the penalty unlike the spear.
    *If you're not going to lower the toughness of war machines then instead make it that shooting attacks can target war machine crew instead of the war machine. The crew count as being behind hard cover for the purposes of To Hit rolls.
    *Template scatter is reduced by 1" for each point of ballistic skill the firer has (unless the target is being fired on indirectly). Cannonball distance from the aimed point is also reduced in the same manner.
    *Make an allies matrix instead of the current Forces of Order, Forces of Chaos, Unalligned forces that is currently present.
    *Make Magic Missiles dependent on the ballistic of the caster. Magic Missiles are not affected by penalties for multiple shots, moveing and fireing and shooting at long range. In addition, make wizard Lords have +1 ballistic skill over their hero counterparts. By relation, Daemon Princes should start off a ballistic skill 3 and can exchange 1 WS for 1 BS up to three times. Doing so three times also reduces the number of attacks by 1.

    1. Just pitching in here.
      Way i figure, Magic Missiles are guided when the spell is first cast, meaning that the Winds ensure the missile hits. Mechanically the casting roll is also the roll to hit, and I think the extra roll would decrease the value of Magic Missiles by a lot.

      I like you idea of a deep Horde Bonus, but it might affect the meta in a bad way (though I'm not at all certain) by having people fight in marching collums instead of battle ranks.

      I think Always Strikes First should be the way Mathias intends with no re-rolls, as speed and skill are very different things that do not necessarily depend on one another.

      Kiling Blow being triggered on hit would put it on odds with Poisoned Attacks, except for the insta-gib. I think it functions just fine as is.

      Allies Matrix and Template scatter are great ideas I think, though I think the armies should keep the labels of order/destruction to increase compatibility with other supplements where those things are sometimes relevant.

    2. - Magic missiles are already randomised, which is their equivalent of rolling to hit. Making them roll to hit after that would make them pretty much worthless.
      - That's not really how Horde works though, as demonstrated in black fire pass (or the battle of Cannae for historical references). Fighting in several ranks increases the press of bodies sure, but that's what rank bonus are for. Horde also makes spears a lot worse, and GW's and halberds a lot better, which they don't need to be due to stepping up. Besides, the weak troops that could make use of Horde often have spears already, so fight in +1 ranks compared to units without spears.
      - Not so sure that's a good idea, it would mean lords would just have it easier to spam a lot of dice without as many penalties. I've redone the miscast a lot so it's much fairer now.
      - Re-rolls from ASF will disappear completely, I'm considering scrapping the rule altogether and just make it an Init. bonus. Same with ASL.
      - I think KB works fine as it is now. The reason it ignores AS is because you are essentially cutting the guy's head off, in which case armour won't really help. If you can't decapitate your foe, you won't ignore his armour either.
      - The skirmish idea is great, consider it added!
      - I don't want spears to give an automatic ASF, some creatures (like elves) could still doge them and strike before the spearmen can react. That's why I prefer a straight a Init. bonus for simplicity. Same goes for pikes.
      - That kind of goes against the rules for shooting, randomising attacks would be better in that case.
      - That would make scatter rolls of 2 completely useless, and might make war machines too accurate. I think it's fine to only use BS when firing indirectly. Most WM's have BS3 already, so it won't really differ much between the armies.
      - I'll see about that, could probably make it similar to the To Hire chart for RoR's.

    3. In the case of Killing Blow, I meant to say that it works as current but against targets that it won't automatically slay it will ignore armour saves and wound regardless of toughness. Sorry for being unclear.

      In the case of Magic Missile hits being randomized as an equivalent of rolling To Hit, you could change the spells so that they fire a fixed amount of shots (the number of shots being the maximum possible number of shots from the old version).

    4. In the case of Killing Blow, I meant to say that it works as current but against targets that it won't automatically slay it will ignore armour saves and wound regardless of toughness. Sorry for being unclear.

      In the case of Magic Missile hits being randomized as an equivalent of rolling To Hit, you could change the spells so that they fire a fixed amount of shots (the number of shots being the maximum possible number of shots from the old version).

  58. Are you going to do a Mark of Chaos Undivided for WoC?

    1. It will probably be a rule for Archaon rather than a rule in itself. So having him as your general would give a boost to your Warriors, otherwise they are just Chaos Undecided ;)

  59. Hi! I havent read all comments here. So I dont know if any other have mention it I gonna write about. Maybe should create tropic for each army? Easy see what they have mention.

    But anyway I would like you have a look at Dwarfs Anvil of Doom because right now it isnt worth bring to game at all.

    Also are you gonna change some special character? Thorgrim Grudgebearers axe get heavy nerfed last and would like bring back his axe was more smiliar as edition 6.

    Otherwise I like your job with Skaven and Beastmen book! :-)

    1. Hi, I will be making topics for each army when I start working on each book in more detail.

      I will be going through all the major complaints of the existing books and attempt to remedy them, so you are very likely to see some changes to the Anvil. As for Thorgrim's axe I can't make any promises, but I'll probably try to make it in line with something between the 6-8th ed books.

  60. About Anvil of Doom.

  61. The crazy idea anon here!
    Me have a question - in the year 2019 or the the year when you finally finish Warhammer Armies Project 9 Edition, what will you do next?
    What do you think of Dreadfleet and making your own version of it?
    If one day some gaming company would contact you for a permission to use your WAP books for a game - would you agree to provide information?

    1. I don't really know, grow potatoes maybe?
      I don't have any plans for Dreadfleet though, WFB is where I'm at.
      Well, if a company wanted to use some of my work in order to sell it for profit, I might agree to it for a part of the income. Otherwise I just do this for free.

  62. Hello! Sorry but i havent't read every post...when will you will release the first rulebook?

    1. Best answer I can give is really "when it's done". I'm mostly finished with the BRB though.

  63. I don't remember seeing anything about Mammoths in here. Will Ogres have access to them? They are mentioned quite a lot in the current Army Book, and it's pretty obvious that they are used for war alongside Thundertusks and Stonehorns. They are also already in the Norse book, so you could just copy-paste the rules and maybe change the Howdah Crew to be just Ogre Riders.

    1. I don't think I will add Mammoths for OK since they already have Thundertusks and Stonehorns, but they probably be included for WoC.

  64. no dragon knights or mounstrous cavalry for elves?

    1. I considered it, but Drake Riders are extinct in the current background, that's why you have Dragon Princes on horses now.


  66. Buddy of mine wants me to ask, do you have any plans for anything concerning poor ole Malal?

    1. Not really, since he was not been part of the background for about 30 years now.

  67. Flammable: fire attacks reroll to hit against a target with this rule.

    1. Wouldn't re-roll to Wound make more sense in this case?