Thursday, 11 September 2014

New Albion and Estalia updates out now!

Another set of small updates here, changing the following:


  • Nerfed Cormac Chath and Conor McFeud. The former could cause way too much damage alone, and the latter were too unkillable. Don't think I have uploaded these fixes before, though they were patched quite a while ago based on feedback.
  • Several minor text formatting fixes.
  • Fixed formatting error caused by this update (20/10).


  • Conquistadors now have light armour by default, can upgrade to heavy armour.
  • Genitors do not lose Fast Cavalry with LA.
  • Genitors may take spears.
  • Several minor text formatting fixes and some minor edits to the fluff.

In more interesting news, I will be making some changes regarding the release order. I've decided to scrap the release of the Mordheim characters as a stand-alone supplement, these will instead be included in the special characters book. I simply felt that it would be a bit too barren of a release to put out as a whole new document, so they should make a better fit with the already existing Special Characters. What this in effect means is that I will be pushing forward the date of the planned Bretonnia update, which I know some of you have really been looking forward too. Going to try to have it finished later this month.

Sunday, 24 August 2014

New Norse update out now!

Sorry for the lack of updates recently, been busy at work and grinding down my unplayed Steam games (gotta get my money's worth from all those sales!). This is just a smaller update to fix some minor issues with the book that cropped up during playtesting:
  • Bone of Ullr 15 pts (50 were insanely expensive considering how random it is).
  • Angvar's Fury now gives Hatred instead of Frenzy (Frenzy seemed pretty pointless since they can already get it through Berserkergang).
  • Gate of Hel now effects individual models rather than whole units (on par with other vortex spells).

If there is anything else you readers feel needs to be changed with the Norse list, let me know in the comments.

Monday, 30 June 2014

Multiple updates out now!

These updates changes the following:

  • Samurai Warriors GW's 2 pts/model.
  • All samurai characters -10 pts, Hatamoto -5 pts.
  • Kitsune only ethereal outside combat. Enemies must test to pursue it. 60 pts.
  • Ashigaru Spearmen no longer fight in extra ranks in addition to their spears.
  • Mizuchi 145 pts.
  • Mikoshi Shrine 125 pts, 4+ ward save. No longer have the Blessing of Courage.
  • Oni GW's 4 pts.
  • Sumo Warriors now cause impact hits on infantry.
  • Kabuki Dolls no longer have LA, 11 pts.
  • Wako Pirates now have katanas, no longer swap for bows.
  • Samurai Cavalry and Red Devils are now Fast Cavalry, +1 pt.
  • Daimatzu Mon now allow re-rolling failed Parrys as well.
  • A couple of bug fixes and clarifictaions.

  • Stance of the Dragon renamed Iron Discipline, only effects combat resolution, not steadfast.
  • Stormhurler Ballistas now work like Elven Bolt Throwers, 50 pts.
  • Imperial Infantry 4 pts basic. 
  • Imperial Infantry must now choose between spears or halberds, not both.
  • Revised options for Hill Tribesmen.
  • Sky Rockets Move or Fire instead of Slow to Fire.
  • Fire Bombs Armour Piercing, no longer flaming or ignoring armour saves. Causes D3 multiple hits.
  • Dragon's Breath fires in a straight line rather than as a breath weapon, Strength 4. You may take 1 Dragon's Breath for each Field Engineer in the unit.
  • Hand Mortar range increased to 36".
  • Fire Lances now Flaming, 2 pts each.
  • Foo Statues S4, 50 pts.
  • Steppe Archers no longer have LA, shields 1,5 pts.
  • Field Engineers now have heavy armour.

  • Wolf Raiders and Tarkans may take shields without losing Fast Cavalry.

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Gallery: Nippon

This post will be dedicated to my personal Nippon collection, hopefully giving you players some inspiration and ideas for your own army. This post will be updated regularly with new photos as more of the army is completed, so I recommend checking in rather often if this interests you.

Pictures are not of the best quality yet, still trying to figure out the best way to use the camera! I will update all pictures once I do so though.
The colour scheme is based on the Takeda/Scorpion Clan, and quite a common one seen in Samurai armies. The shiny effect of the armour comes GW's 'ardcoat, since I wanted the armour to look lacquered.


From Kensei Miniatures.


From Kensei Miniatures.

Hatamoto with Battle Standard

From Perry Miniatures.


From Bushido. Will give it a repaint to get rid of the shiny effect from the wash and add more detail later.


From Kensei Miniatures. How fitting!


From Kensei Miniatures.


The special character Geisha. From Kensei Miniatures, was given as a free exclusive with my order.

Samurai Warriors

Armed with katanas. From Perry Miniatures. The champion is from Reaper, but will replace him with a Bushido model later on.


From Kensei Miniatures. Will probably add some more Ninjas from Perry to the unit.

Flaming Arrow

Converted with a flaming spear at the cannon's muzzle, doesn't really show in the picture. From Perry Miniatures.

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

New Norse update out now!

This update changes the following:
  • Berserker-gang now works automatically whenever a successful charge is made.  
  • Shieldwall removed as army wide rule, only Huscarls have it to denote them as elite. This also sets the army apart from Dwarfs and gives them a more offensive role.
  • War Chant of Ulric now only gives +1 to wound.
  • Ulwerenar 16 pts, only 1W each, 4+ regen.
  • Shield Maidens 7 pts, Ld 7.
  • Raven banner 60 pts, now makes the units immune to Fear and Panic instead of Psychology., thus allowing for Counter-Charge as a charge reaction.
  • Ice Drake 225 pts.
  • Jarls can now carry the Battle Standard as well as Skalds.
  • Valkyries bumped to 3A each like Cairn Wraiths. 
  • Huscarls 12 pts, keeps Shieldwall, can form it and receive AS bonus against missiles by losing movement. This makes them more of a stand-out tactical unit.
  • Berserkers 14 pts, no equipment. Can purchase weapons instead. Blood-crazed now gives them Devastating Charge while Frenzied instead.

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

It's (almost) official: Bretonnians in July!

For those of you who haven't visited the larger forums; Bretonnia is apparently scheduled for a July release this year! According to the rumours, they are due for plastic Grail/Questing Knights, plastic characters, and Knights on foot!

The reason I decided to bring this up is of course because of my own version, which several of you have asked me what's to happen to it after the official release. As always with my ever-changing mind, I honestly cannot say. I was working on a new update for the book (mainly smaller balance changes and a new layout), but this will at least have to wait until the official release.

What is most likely to happen is that my version will be considered invalid (which is fine), but seeing as people might have already have gotten (or plan to) models for the new units that GW might not add to the book, I will make a special compendium with these units so you can include them with the rest of the official rules. I intend to do the same for all other armies later on as well, to bring back what GW took away, and add new units to boot!

But for now, let's all just cheer that the Brets will finally get their due soon, and I will write up a review for the book as soon as I've read through it. Vive la BretonnĂ­!

Saturday, 7 June 2014

New Nippon update out now!

Updated 8/6

Pretty important update here, which changes Nippon's Kenjutsu rule. While I like the current version just fine, it doesn't really fit with the way Kenjutsu would work in reality with a series of parries and counter-attacks. Instead, it now works the following way:
  • Kenjutsu now gives models the Parry rule. For each successful Parry save, you get to make an additional attack. All in all, this will mean that Nippon loses a little bit of damage output in combat, but earns some survivability, and makes them more of duellists as opposed to just cutting through the opposition like Chaos Warriors.
  • Way of the Warrior restriction of not being allowed to join Ashigaru lifted.
  • Mempo of Honour 40 pts.
  • Shogun 325 pts
  • Daimyo 115 pts.
  • Taisho 70 pts. 
  • Hatamoto 45 pts.
  • Shinobi 80 pts, no longer have basic ward save. Can take magic items as well as poisons.
  • Red Ronin 225 pts.
  • Red Ronin's katana now gives him the equivalent of Red Fury. 
  • Hitomi Gozen 100 pts. 
  • Sarutori Hanzo 215 pts. Was way overpriced before.
  • Ninja 10 pts, no longer have ward saves.
  • Removed Redemption rule from Ronin. At 9 pts each, they just make too effective speedbumps against characters.
  • Red Devils 21 pts.
  • Mizuchi -1T, 135 pts. Did some comparisons to the new DE monsters, at 200 pts, the Mizuchi would never be worth taking. At its new cost, it makes for a weaker support monster akin to a chariot as opposed to wreaking havoc on its own.

Sunday, 1 June 2014

New Cathay update out now!

This update changes the following:

  • Stance of the Dragon - replacing Glory for the Dragon Emperor. Units with this rule counts as having double ranks (to a maximum of +3). This means that as long as you have enough ranks, Cathayan units will be hard to break to the front, which should offset their otherwise rather lacking damage output in combat and low saves. Will need playtesting to ensure it's balanced.
  • Drum and Gong acts as a normal/extra musician to all units within 12", +15 pts.
  • Repeater Crossbowmen -1 pt.
  • Hill Tribesmen loses Frenzy, -1pt.
  • Emperor's Guard -1 pt.
  • Swordsaints -1 pt.
  • Celestial Dragon Monks -2 pts.
  • Foo Statues -5 pts.
  • Terracotta Warriors -5 pts, halberds instead of add. HW's, -1 WS, S, T, I. They are more like skeletons, in short.
  • Stormhurler Ballista -15 pts.
  • The Swooping Hawk +10 pts.
  • Improved formatting in the background section.
  • Some new art.

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

New Araby update out now!

This update changes the following:
  • New Zealotry rule; all units counts as having 1 more rank than normal for determining steadfast. In the first round of combat, they also take break tests on 3D6. I felt this would be a better way of representing their high morale and willingness to die for their god, without giving making them too hard to shift. It increases their chance of standing their ground for a little while, while still keeping their hit-and-run tactics intact.
  • Onager replaced with Basilica Cannon. You asked for it! Rather than going with an archaic stone thrower, I included the famous Ottoman Cannon from the siege of Constantinople instead. For gameplay's sake though, they work like normal Great Cannons. Places Araby a little bit more in the present Warhammer age, along with their Janissaries.

Sunday, 25 May 2014

New Norse Update out now!

This update changes the following:
  • Counter-charge back as an army special rule - I found this to be more in line with the newer army books, where multiple army special rules are becoming more common.
  • Shieldwall simplified to work like the new Dwarf book.
  • War Mammoth -50 pts.
  • Frost Giant -25 pts, can now take great weapons and heavy armour.
  • Ice Drake -25 pts, -1T. Same stats as a Sun Dragon. 
  • Seers and Vitki have stats and pts costs equal to that of normal human wizards. 

Sunday, 18 May 2014

New Nippon update out now!

Updated 23/5

After playing the army last weekend (ended in a massacre victory for me, yay!), I looked over the points costs for several units, and noticed they were still priced after the Empire book rather than the meta. So this update changes the following:
  • Katanas now allow re-rolling 1's To Wound (two-handed only). This is to give basic samurai a little bit more punch in combat, while retaining the katanas feel as a superior cutting weapon, as opposed to a piercing one. 
  • Samurai Warriors, Ashigaru and Onna Bushi -1 pt.
  • Red Devils +2 pts (did a mistake last time I did their pts cost).
  • Ryujin renamed Mizuchi, -50 pts, no longer Fly.
  • Sashimonos -15pts, only gives +1 rank for steadfast, not combat resolution.
  • Kensai -10 pts.
  • Invocation of the Kami only gives +1 to cast rather than D3, works on doubles instead of 6's. 
  • Mikoshi Shrines are now infantry and may join units. All blessings are now bound spells. 
  • Hitomi Gozen is now infantry, can choose warhorse as an option. She no longer has a bow, only her naginata. 

Friday, 16 May 2014

New Dogs of War update out now!

The update changes the following:
  • Sellsword Veterans heavy armour now priced correctly at 2 pts/model.
  • Halflings may take slings.
  • Ribault lowered to 85 pts.
  • Dwarfs and greenskins can now be included in the same army.

New Kislev update out now!

This update changes the following:
  • Glorious Charge now allows models to charge, fall back and reform during their turn if they win their combat. They now cause fear rather than panic.
  • Screeching Back Banners lowered to 20 pts.
  • Gospodar Militia loses light armour.
  • Streltsi increased to 12 pts.
  • Hawks of Miska are now Swarms.
  • Urugan Cannon lowered to 85 pts.
  • War Wagon lowered to 175 pts.
  • Armoured War Bear lowered to 160 pts.
  • Sons of Ursun no longer have great weapons, can buy optional lances.
  • Tzarina Katarin can exchange her Warhorse for a War-sled.
  • Improved layout in the geography section.

Thursday, 24 April 2014

New Estalia update out now!

After many delays, here's the promised update for Estalia. It's not particularly big in terms things added, but it does make a large number of balance changes:

  • Tercio Formation (finally) fixed. It now works like a cross of Pirazzo's Lost Legion and Empire detachments.
  • Pikemen may be upgraded to Aventuros for +1WS and Initiative. Aventuros may form Tercio Formations with Rodeleros. This way, you have to pay a premium since it's a more effective fighting unit.
  • Most Infantry units dropped in price. Pikemen, Crossbowmen, Handgunners, Almogavars, Marines, Mountain Bandits, Sisters of Fury, Black Watchmen and Conquistadors are now 1-2 pts cheaper.
  • Improved text formatting in the background section.

Friday, 18 April 2014

Dropping support for Issuu and Scribd

Due to the annoyance of having to manually upload updates to these two sites, I've decided to drop the support for those versions. This won't affect the majority of you since downloading from Google Drive is easier anyway, and minor updates are often only uploaded here to begin with. Plus, Scribd have an annoying tendency to delete some documents by mistake due to them being similar to previously removed official GW publications, so you can't even find the whole collection there anyway. All books will still remain on these sites since they still show up very high in the search results, thus making it easier for new players to find them, but they will be marked as outdated.

Along this, I'm also dropping the support of two existing documents, Fimir and Classic Regiments of Renown, which are not available on this site at the moment anyway. Fimir will of course return as an Allied Contingent down the line in an updated 8th ed format, but I don't think I will be working more of the Classic RoR's. This is due to many of them simply not fitting with the current background of Warhammer, and several already have official updates as Special Characters or current RoR's. More than that, most of them were never mercenaries to begin with, so the term "Regiment of Renown" isn't all that fitting as it would allude to them being Dogs of War, which they in most cases are not. The rules will still be available online for those who might be interested in either using their rules or read their background, but they won't see any new support beyond that.

BattleScribe files for Albion, Amazons, Araby, Bretonnia and Cathay out now!

Many thanks to Shadow (Alethea Emyth) who put these together. They have all been added to the rest of the BattleScribe files under "Other Downloads".

New DoW and RoR update out now!

Some minor tweaks to improve internal and external balance between Sellswords and Pikemen:

  • Pikemen are now 1 pt cheaper (also includes RoR). Mathematical playtesting (as well as practical) shows that Pikemen will on average lose against other troops of equal cost, be they halberdiers or spearmen. Only against swordsmen will they have a small advantage, as long as they get to strike with a maximum number of attacks every round (requires a minimum of 25 models).
  • Sellswords halberds/flails increased to 2 pts each. This is because high strength attacks are so much more effective in 8th ed compared to 7th ed. This slight increase puts them on the same level as the Empire.
  • Sellswords armed with flails/halberds or great weapons must take an additional piece of equipment. This to improve the internal balance between these choices and pikemen. High strength attacks now pays a premium price in the form of mandatory additional equipment to improve parity.
Google Drive only.

Nippon update out now!

I know, I know, Estalia should have been first, but I've yet to come up with a decent way to make the Tercio really work. I will discuss this thoroughly my with gaming group this Sunday though, so hopefully I can have it out by then.

Anyway, this new Nippon update does the following:

  • New Hero choice - Kensai. I originally planned to have these guys as skirmishing special units, but skipped them since they would be too similar to Kabuki Dolls/Ronin. Instead, they are more similar to Estalian Diestros, as characters that specialize in fighting in Challenges. Like the Diestro, they can also make use of different duelling techniques, and wear no armour whatsoever. This gives Nippon a little more of the archetypical Samurai duels that are so present in Japanese culture, without changing the primarily historical base of the main list.
  • Ronin now starts without LA and can purchase it as an option instead. This allows players to use unarmoured Samurai in their army for more model variation.
  • Tengu may now buy optional naginatas (halberds).
  • Batake Clan Mon now allows Samurai Warriors to carry handguns. This was done to give players a bigger incentive to use this Clan Mon.
  • Ashiwara Clan Mon nerfed. It now only removes the penalty for firing at long range, not re-rolling 1's To Hit. Can't remember if I fixed it earlier already, but that's the way it works now regardless.
  • Fixed a large number of spelling/grammar issues in the history section.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Annoucing: Mordheim for Warhammer!

One thing that I (and I'm sure many others) have a fondness for are the models from Mordheim, now unfortunately discontinued (thanks, GW!). Seeing as I don't play Mordheim per say, but own quite a few of the models, I would very much like to see adaptations of their rules into Warhammer. So, what does this mean exactly?

Well, for starters, I intend to allow the Hired Swords (not all of them, but the more interesting ones) to be used as Hero choices for Dogs of War. Some are already included in the DoW book, but I want to expand upon the theme and add more characters that are not in the main book. Secondly, I intend to make all Dramatis Personae available for their respective armies as normal Special Characters, meaning you'll be able to field Johann the Knife, Bertha Bestrafung and all the others in your normal games of Warhammer.

Not going to put a date on it, but it should be a reasonably quick affair, though I intend to finish both the current Bretonnia and Estalia updates first.

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Gallery: Kislev

This post will be dedicated to my personal Kislev collection, hopefully giving you players some inspiration and ideas for your own army. If you would like your own models to be showcased, feel free to send me an email with links to your models and you will also have your own entry in the site's gallery section.

This post will be updated regularly with new photos as more of the army is completed, so I recommend checking in rather often if this interests you.

The colour scheme is the basic red and blue that the official GW army uses. This will then be complemented with red and white for the Winged Lancers, giving it more of a Polish Hussar look.

Tzarina Katarin

The now very old GW model. Still holds up reasonably well despite a static pose.


Model from Citadel Miniatures.

Hetman/Boyar with Battle Standard

A Hussar from the now defunct Dwarf Tales Miniatures. Wish I would have picked up some more of their minis while I had the chance.

Ice Witch

A little steampunkish perhaps, but this Ice Witch from Wyrd Miniatures still looks the part with her furry hat.

Priest of Ursun

 The classic Ar-Ulric from the Storm of Chaos campaign. Wolf, bear - big difference, pff.


The official Kislev Ranger from Mordheim. Was lucky enough to find it tagged as just an "Elf Ranger" so didn't have to contend with any other buyers. Still cost me close to £20 though!

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Dogs of War v.4.22 out now!

Seeing as I'm actually getting email-requests to work more on the books, I figured I'd better add at least something!

So, this new update is actually a pretty big one; Broken Lances are gone. Yup.

Instead, they have been replaced by a unit called Sellswords - a generic, build-your-own-mercs regiment! This means that you now have the option to make deserters from the Empire or Bretonnia, Kislevite Kossars, mercs from the Border Princes, Araby, Estalia, Cathay, Nippon, Albion - you name it. This unit can then be upgraded to Veterans, giving them +WS and optional heavy armour, as well as a magic banner.

No longer are you restricted to just Tilean humans, you can now put together a DoW army with units from the entire Warhammer World.

Oh, and crossbowmen can replace their weapons with handguns, so you can finally build those pavise handgunners that some of you wanted.

And for strict tournament players who don't want any of that extra stuff - here's a "lite" version of the DoW book, containing only the Ravening Hordes units and official add-ons, updated for 8th ed: Dogs of War: Tournament Edition

Note: this update is only available on Google Drive at the moment. 

Monday, 31 March 2014

Gallery: Araby

This post will be dedicated to my personal Araby collection, hopefully giving you players some inspiration and ideas for your own army. If you would like your own models to be showcased, feel free to send me an email with links to your models and you will also have your own entry in the site's gallery section.

The Colour scheme is based on the Egyptians from Medieval II: Total War, as well as Hell Dorado. I originally painted them red and black like GW's Warmaster army, but found the colour scheme rather dull, so opted for lighter colours instead.

Army shot 1

Army shot 2

Characters (mix of Hell Dorado, Reaper, Dark Sword, LotR, Gripping Beast)

Janissaries (Assault Group)

Mamelukes (front unit from Footsore, back unit from Black Tree)

Roc, Basilica Cannon, Corsair (Reaper, Assault Group, Black Tree)

War Elephant, Vizier and Sheik on Flying Carpet, Bladedancers (Vendel, Black Tree, Hell Dorado, Reaper)

Swordsmen with Imam and Dibbukim (Black Tree, Gripping Beast, Hell Dorado)

Spearmen with Imam and Dibbukim (Black Tree, Reaper, Hell Dorado)

Sultan's Guard with Sultan (Black Tree, Perry, Hell Dorado)

Bowmen (Black Tree)

Desert Riders with spears (Black Tree)

Desert Riders with bows (Black Tree). Nomad Hunters in the back (Hell Dorado).

Camel Riders (Black Tree)

Flying Carpet Riders (Black Tree)

Naffatun (Perry, Hell Dorado)

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Gallery: Dogs of War

This post will be dedicated to my personal DoW collection, hopefully giving you players some inspiration and ideas for your own army. If you would like your own models to be showcased, feel free to send me an email with links to your models and you will also have your own entry in the site's gallery section.

This post will be updated regularly with new photos as more of the army is completed, so I recommend checking in rather often if this interests you.

The colour scheme is a mixture of Venice and Milan during the Medieval Ages/Renaissance, similar to the official Marksmen of Miragliano. Originally started out with only burgundy and white with a golden serpent as the heraldry, but later opted for adding dark green to the trousers and changed the serpent into the Venetian lion. Might still go back and make a mixture of the two in photoshop and then print the banners out.

Ghazak Khan

Being the final DoW SC, I finally have the entire collection. Unfortunately his bow and quiver was missing when I bought it, so I replaced it with bits from the Goblin Wolf Riders kit instead. I'll probably add a proper back banner eventually.

Mercenary General

This is the classic Mercenary General released by GW in 1998. Did a lot of kitbashing to add more detail and made his horse rearing to make him look more important. And yes, his horse is in fact wearing armour on top of its armour.

Mercenary General

Reman Halfling General Maximus "the Great". Model from Hasslefree Miniatures.

Mercenary Captain

Rodrigo Delmonte, Captain of the Alcatani Fellowship. I did some kitbashing to make him look more like the book cover. I plan on adding a lion cloak later on to complete it.

Mercenary Captain

Female Mercenary Captain. In hindsight it was a bit of an unnecessary purchase since I have so many models to fill the same role already, but all the weapon details just screamed "mercenary" to me. Model from Reaper Miniatures

Mercenary Captain

Elven Mercenary Captain. Might use it as an extra champion for my Mercenary Elves in the future. Model from Reaper Miniatures

Hireling Wizard

Using the Lore of Metal, obviously. Model from Reaper Miniatures

Hireling Wizard/Truthsayer

From GW's Dark shadows campaign. Will be used as a Lore of Life Wizard, unless I play with Storm of Magic rules.

Hireling Wizard

A Tilean noble woman, or Lucrezzia Belladonna on foot. Model from Reaper Miniatures

Hireling Wizard

An Elven Mage wearing too little clothes. I blame the Tilean climate. Model from Reaper Miniatures

Hireling Wizard

Sorceress using the Lore of Fire, with a pet dragonling. Model from Reaper Miniatures


Johann the Knife from Mordheim. I will probably be using a more Tilean Assassin in my games though, but it's a nice model nonetheless. Model from Citadel Miniatures.

Elf Ranger

Sneaking about the forest. Love this model. Nienna from Reaper Miniatures.

Norse Chieftain

"Smash puny Imperials!" Model from Reaper Miniatures 

Norse Chieftain

Flexing to impress the ladies. Model from Avatars of War


Basic crossbowmen from Perry Miniatures, equipped with pavises for extra protection.

Pit Fighters

Gladiators from Black Tree Design, a great mix between fantasy and historical.

Mercenary Dwarfs

Varangrian Dwarfs, decked in plate armour and wielding great axes. Gold Seeker on the far right. Models from Westwind Miniatures

 Curin's Cataphracts

One of the three RoR's I wrote after seeing the models. Super-heavy Dwarf Cavalry on barded warhorses. Models from Westwind Miniatures


Originally bought these as Scorpions, but they are a bit too large to really fit that role. Will use them as Ballistae instead as soon as I get some proper Scorpions to replace them. Models from Black Tree Design


A really old model I picked up on eBay some years ago. The crew are old Empire crewmen, the Ribault itself I'm not so sure of.

Bronzino's Galloper Guns:

The Classics from the DoW range. Only thing that irks me is that I got 2 identical sets of crew