Friday, 29 March 2019

Warhammer 9th Ed 1.42 out now!

Another smaller update here, taking care of the following:

  • Ice Attacks causes enemies to be subject to ASL, applies to both combat and missile attacks/spells.
  • Removed mentions of Irresistible Force from various parts of the book.
  • Expendable units do not count towards the minimum number of Core Units you need to include in your army.
  • Frenzy does not remove Parry.
  • Blade of Slicing cost 15 pts.
  • Signature spells are not included for units who know just a certain spell from a lore, like a Bound spell or similar.
  • You may re-roll a re-roll if you have two special rules at different power levels that would otherwise cancel each other out.
  • Clarified that only models that can wear non-magical armour may take magical armour.
  • Quick to Fire weapons may be used when charging.
  • "Nearby Enemies" and "Restraining from Pursuit" are now Psychology tests.
  • Animated Constructs can never be affected by Hatred or Frenzy.
  • Units with Random Attacks roll once for the whole unit, rather than per model (Characters being the exception).
  • Fixed multiple spelling errors.

Wednesday, 27 March 2019

Daemons of Chaos 9th Edition 1.0 out now!

At 214 pages, this is, as usual, a near complete compilation of everything written for Daemons for Warhammer Fantasy (as well some things from 40k and Age of Sigmar). It contains material from Warhammer: Chaos, Realm of Chaos, Hordes of Chaos, Daemons of Chaos 7th Ed, Daemons of Chaos 8th Ed, Tome of Corruption, Tome of Blood, Tome of Decay, Tome of Fate, Tome of Excess, Warhammer 40.00: Chaos Daemons (7th and 8th ed), The Lost and the Damned, Slaves to Darkness, Liber Chaotica, Wrath and Rapture, Storm of Chaos, Disciples of Tzeentch, Maggotkin of Nurgle, Blades of Khorne, The Liber Carnagia, Liber Ecstatica, Liber Infectus Liber Mutatis, Warhammer: Age of Reckoning, Old World Bestiary, and various White Dwarfs (and probably some more sources I forgot to mention). Phew!

When it comes to building your army, theming is much more important, as only Daemons belonging to the same god counts as friendly units, the rest are either Suspicious or Desperate Allies. So while you can still make a combined force, it will come with more drawbacks, just like Warriors of Chaos.

I have also switched out the whole bestiary artwork from 8th ed, so rather than having the concept sketches by John Blance, you now have more "finished" artwork like any other army book. This was the main issue I had with the previous two versions of the Daemon books from a visual perspective; rather than using and building upon the excellent art from 6th edition's Hordes of Chaos, it seems like GW opted to save money by just using the original concept art throughout the whole book instead (heck, the 8th Ed Hellflayer entry had a picture of a normal Seeker Chariot for some reason, which was fortunately fixed in the 40k version). So consider that fixed.

Soulgrinders will be released as a separate download for those who want to use the model.


The main changes from the Ravening Hordes list and 8th ed Army Book are the following:
  • New SC: Be'lakor
  • New SC: Horticulous Slimux
  • New Lord: Gaunt Summoner
  • New Lord: Infernal Enrapturess
  • New Core Unit: Plague Toads of Nurgle. 
  • Daemons belonging to different gods treat each other as Suspicious/Desperate allies.
  • Daemons must use the Lore of their god, do not have Lore of Metal, Death or Shadow.
  • Removed Blood Chariot of Khorne (as there are already Blood Thrones and Skull Cannons to fill that role).
  • Removed Plague Cart of Nurgle (as there is no model or existing fluff for it unlike the other chariots).
  • Removed Changebringers of Tzeentch (as there is no model or existing fluff for it, and the burning chariot covers it fairly well already).
  • Removed Pleasureseekers of Slaanesh (as there is no model or existing fluff for it, and I'd rather not have the same unit (Fiends) be included twice in the special section).
  • All Heralds have 3 Loci to choose from like in 8th ed, with adjusted pts costs. 
  • Plenty of new Daemonic Gifts to give your characters from 7th, 6th and 5th ed.
  • Flesh Hounds and Fiends of Slaanesh have Champion upgrades.
  • Exalted Seeker Chariots are Character Mounts (having 3 different Slaanesh chariots as normal units was really excessive).
  • Furies are Expendable, have S3, 14 pts.
  • Nurglings are not scouts, have WS2, S2, T2, W8, A8. 
  • Pink Horrors now has the Split special rule, either causing them to explode or turn into two Blue Horrors.
  • Screamers have the Multiple Wounds (D3) special rule against monsters, A2.
  • Firewyrms fire 2D6 shots.
  • Beasts of Nurgle have Random Attacks (D3+1), Regen 4+, and the Attention Seeker special rule from 8th ed.
  • Burning Chariots have Exalted Flamers as crew, not normal Flamers. Can take Blue Horror crew. Moved to Rare.
  • Exalted Flamer moved to Heroes.
  • Spell Destroyer does not automatically dispel spells, but can instead be used to destroy enemy spells multiple times during the game.
  • Daemon Princes may be Unaligned, and does not need to be upgraded to a single god. Can choose Lore of Fire, Metal, Death, Shadow. 
  • Karanak has W2, does not have the Ambushers rule, have Vanguard.
  • Ku'gath is riding on a palanquin, 525 pts.
  • Skarbrand 490 pts. 
  • Skulltaker has the Locus of Wrath, 260 pts.
  • The Masque of Slaanesh gives -1D3 to both Initivative and Ld, rather than just -1, 170 pts.
  • Karanak 250 pts.
  • The Blue Scribes 100 pts.
  • The Changeling 175 pts.
  • Epidemius counts as Infantry, 250 pts. 
  • Fixed some bugs.

And with that, the last of the army books is finally finished! This means I can now go back to focusing on balance updates for the existing books instead, which in turn means you can expect to see quicker updates in the future. Enjoy (or be destroyed, according to Slaanesh)!

Sunday, 3 March 2019

Warriors of Chaos 9th Ed 1.1 out now!

Updated to 1.11 10/3:
  • Mark of Khorne for Skin Wolves gives Strength Bonus (1) when charging.
  • Crom may upgrade marauders to elite marauders without any restrictions, but they may not be given Marks. Can choose either +3 A or 4+ parry. 250 pts.
  • Archaon must re-roll results of 1-2 on the Eye of the Gods table.
  • Wulfrik hits and wounds on a 2+ in challenges.
  • Will of Chaos is not removed if you take a Mark.
  • Revised cost for Marks on Marauders.
  • Storm Rage removed, is simply Immunity (Lightning Attacks).
  • Sorcerers may ride in normal Chaos Chariots.
  • Fireglaives are polearms instead of spears.
  • Mantle of Chaos only works against non-magical missile attacks, 55 pts.
  • Sigvald has the Diabolic Splendour and Allure of Slaanesh power, 335 pts.
  • Vilitch have the Conjoined Humuncolous power, 380 pts.
  • Khorne Daemon Princes may take up 100 pts of magic items.
  • Palanquin have WS2, S2, A8.
  • Warshrine 100 pts. Favour of Slaanesh gives the target Immunity (Psychology). MoS unit gains Unbreakable instead.
  • Kordel Shorgaar's banners makes the unit he joins Unbreakable, not stubborn.
  • Hellshriek adds D3 to the result rolled on the miscast table.
  • Valkia has a 5+ ward save, 350 pts.
  • Gorebeast chariots have a 2+ armour save, 125 pts.

This pretty massive update changes the following:

  • Diabolic Splendour gives forces enemies re-roll successful Leadership tests.
  • War Mammoths cannot take Marks. Stomp result causes 3D6 hits.
  • Chaos Trolls does not have Mark of Chaos Undivided.
  • Fixed bug with Chaos Sorcerer levels not being written out.
  • Chaos Sorcerers 100 pts. Sorcerers Lords 215 pts.
  • Festus 215 pts.
  • Additional hand weapons for Warriors and Chosen cost 1 pt. They cannot take both shields and another weapon, have shields by default, 16 pts.
  • Marauders can swap shields for additional hand weapons for free.
  • Lances for various cavalry cost 2 pts.
  • Mark of Slaanesh for Knights cost 2 pts.
  • Fatemasters affect friendly units, rather than models. Corrected names in the Coven of Tzeentch special rule. Are W2, 46 pts.
  • Warshrine can cast spells with an 18" range. Favour of Slaanesh allow re-rolls of Psychology and Break tests, Charge and a pursuit distances. Favour of Tzeentch allow re-rolls of 1's when taking ward saves in addition to the 6+ ward.
  • Giant of Khorne upgrade cost 15 pts.
  • Hellfire Sword 35 pts.
  • Crown of Everlasting Conquest 50 pts.
  • Blood Boil does not work on Forest Spirits.
  • Galrauch has a 6+ ward in addition to Mark of Tzeentch, 525 pts.
  • Marauder Chariot 65 pts.
  • Taking a Mark of Chaos replaces the Will of Chaos special rule.
  • Valkia has A5, 335 pts.
  • Blightkings, Skullreapers and Wrathmongers are not skirmishers by default, can upgrade to it for free.
  • Slaughterbrute 205 pts.
  • Mutalith Vortex Beast 240 pts.
  • Wulfrik the Wanderer has A4, Killing Blow in challenges, 140 pts.
  • Death Heads for Pusgoyle Blightlords 7 pts.
  • Palanquin of Nurgle 25 pts.
  • Mantle of Chaos 55 pts.
  • Bestial Visage 10 pts.
  • Extra Arm cannot be combined with Tentacle.
  • Hellshriek affects all enemy Wizards within 18", 50 pts.
  • Chaos Daemonsword 50 pts.
  • Diabolic Splendour forces enemy units in base contact to re-roll successful Leadership tests, cost 20 pts. Cannot be combined with Fearsome Aura.
  • Scaled Skin cost 20 pts.
  • Mantle of Chaos halves the Strength of any missile attack targeting it halved, rounding up. This means that bows will be S2, rather than S1 on average.
  • Blood Fever 25 pts.
  • Crom gets +2 attacks when using two hand weapons, or a 5+ parry if using his shield. This replaces his old Way of the Warrior rule.
  • Putrid Blightkings have the bountiful blades special rule, allowing them to swap weapons between each round of close combat.
  • Kholek Suneater is S7, Starcrusher is a great weapon.
  • Mark of Khorne for Skin Wolves cost 2 pts, give +1S in the first round of close combat. Mark of Slaanesh cost 2 pts. Mark of Tzeentch cost 1 pt.
  • Disc of Tzeentch have Fly again.
  • Chaos Chariots have Barding, 100 pts.
  • Gorebeast Chariot is a separate unit entry, 5W, 120 pts.
  • Chaos Sorcerer Lords may not ride chariots.
  • Chaos Warriors and Chaosen may take flails.
  • Kordel Shoorgar may ride Daemonic Mount.
  • Distendable Maw moved to generic powers, Conjoined Humuncolous moved to Tzeentch powers.
  • Clarified that Book of Secrets does not give you access to any additional signature spells. It gives +1 to channel power dice, but do not channel any dispel dice. If the bearer ever miscasts, roll 2D6 on the Miscast table and choose the highest result, 25 pts.
  • Skullcrushers are T4, not T5, 73 pts.
  • Crimson Armour of Dargan only protects from Killing Blow and Multiple Wounds in close combat.
  • Slaughterpriest has MR(1), gets +1 to dispel, 115 pts.
  • Acquiescence is 7+ to cast.
  • For each Marauder Chieftain included in your army, you may give one unit of Marauders or
  • Marauder Horsemen a Magic Standard worth up to 25 points.
  • Adjusted points cost for marks for marauders.
  • Marauder Champions removed, are now an upgrade called Elite Marauders that can be given to Chaos Marauders and Marauder Horsemen for 1,5 pts.
  • Cultists are Expendable.
  • Forsaken count towards Core.
  • Daemons of Khorne have Magic Resistance (1) and +1 Strength when charging (except mounts). Daemon of Nurgle gives -1 WS to enemies in base contact. Daemons of Slaanesh do not re-roll 1's to hit. All Daemon Prince upgrades free, default cost 265 pts.
  • All daemonic mounts (except Disc) have the the "Daemon of..." rule.
  • Collar of Khorne gives MR(2), cost 20 pts.
  • Clarified that Bloodcurling Roar is a missile attack, 25 pts.
  • Fury of the Blood God gives Hatred in addition to -D3 to cast, 25 pts.
  • Fixed some minor bugs, spelling and grammar issues.

Friday, 1 March 2019

Warhammer 9th Ed 1.4 out now!

Updated to 1.41 2/3:
  • Made first Miscast result 1-3 in case a miscast happens without rolling any power dice.
  • Changed it so you cannot use hand weapons if you have another special weapon.
  • Fixed issue with bugged section breaks in the special rules section, organised it clearer with no special rule being divided across multiple pages (except Breath Weapons).

A fairly big and important update, fixing numerous issues as well as being a major change in how magic and charging works:
  • Standard of Shielding gives 6+ ward vs missiles only.
  • Warbeasts are Expendable.
  • Monstrous Beasts do not cause impact hits by default.
  • Clarified monstrous support for monstrous cavalry and monstrous beasts (mounts do not get supporting attacks).
  • Unit Strength 10 or more units automatically kill units when charging or pursuing fleeing enemies, less than Unit Strength 10 inflicts W based on Unit Strength.
  • Clarified that Ranger Standard applies to any mount the rider has.
  • Clarified that direct damage spells and magical vortexes do not counts as missile attacks.
  • Fixed bug with ASF stating attacks are rolled at the same time.
  • Clarified that "re-roll misses" means To Hit rolls.
  • Changed Spear and Lance "(Cavalry)" to "(Mounted)".
  • Removed "Note that a unit may only make an actual Flee move once per phase. If multiple units have declared a charge against a unit that chooses to Flee, the unit will turn around and run directly away from the enemy unit with the highest Unit Strength." from "MULTIPLE CHARGE REACTIONS"
  • Removed "Note that if you can only maximise the number of models fighting by contacting another enemy unit, you do not have to declare a charge against that unit as well." from "ALIGNING TO THE ENEMY".
  • Clarified that fleeing units that attempts to rally at 25% US have halved leadership after  any other modifiers, special rule or abilities are applied, rounded up.
  • Added that High Ground applies if you charged down from a hill the same turn.
  • Expendable no longer causes Panic at all to non-Expendable units.
  • Clarified that Cavalry characters with an armour save better than 5+ causes Fast Cavalry to lose their Fast Cavalry rule.
  • Fixed bugs with RIDDEN MONSTERS & SPLIT PROFILE that referred to chariots.
  • Clarified that Look Out Sir happens automatically and does not require a roll, and that it does not count as a save for rules purposes.
  • Added Panic and Terror to examples of war machine crew fleeing.
  • Add psychology test to and Leadership test section. Models with Immunity (Psychology) are (of course) Immune to Psychology tests. Panic tests are Psychology tests.
  • Stubborn only applies if the majority of the models in a unit have it.
  • Parry does not apply to Frenzied units, and cannot be used to Parry attacks that are twice the Strength of the Parrying model's own Strength.
  • Suspicious Allies can not target each other with friendly spells, like augments.
  • Trusted Allies may only use inspiring presence and hold your ground if from the same army book.
  • Always Strikes Last now causes models to re-roll successful To Hit rolls if their initiative is also lower than that of the enemy.
  • Magic resistance returned to former system of 1-3, now gives bonus to dispel in additon to ward saves, so they can be used against hexes as well. Magic Resistance limited to 4+ at best like other ward saves.
  • For every natural 6 rolled when casting/dispelling a spell, you automatically have to roll an additional 'free' power/dispel dice to boost the casting/dispel value even further. 
  • Removed Irrestisible Force for both casting and dispelling.
  • Extended Miscast Table with plenty of new results.
  • Poisoned Attacks gives +1 to Wound rather than auto-wounding on 6's.
  • When charging, you roll 2D6 rather than 2D3, and discard the lowest result. Models with Swiftstride and Movement 6 or lower roll 2D6. Models with Swiftstride and Movement 7 or more roll 3D6 and discard the lowest result.
  • Changed last paragraph of Stupidity to the following: "Until they pass the Stupidity test again, models that have failed their Stupidity test have Immunity (Psychology), Random Movement (D6), can only choose Hold! as a charge reaction, cannot choose to do a combat reform, and Wizards cannot attempt to cast or channel power dice or dispel dice."
  • Clarified that if a model is armed with another weapon besides their hand weapon, they must use this at all times (unless they also have a shield).
  • Clarified that weapons may not be swapped at the start of each close combat unless specified.
  • Added "Alternatively, if both players agree, you could choose to pick your force from two different armies. Ideally this should be done by both sides so that each player is given an equal chance to build an allied force. Regardless of the number of players, each army must have their own General and Battle Standard Bearer." to the Allied Armies chapter.
  • Added Animated Construct special rule. Animated Constructs have the Unbreakable and Immunity (Poisoned Attacks) special rules (explained later in this chapter), and automatically pass any Leadership tests taken for re-directing charges, reforming, and restraining from pursuit. However, they may not march or use stand and shoot as a charge reaction.
  • Potion of Strength, Toughness and Speed give +D3 to stats, 10 pts.
  • Blade of Sea Gold 25 pts.
  • Dragon Blade 60 pts.
  • Fixed multiple smaller bugs.