Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Ravening Hordes: Ogre Kingdoms out now!

Updated 5/5

The Ogre Kingdoms book is one I had a lot of requests for, and with that in mind, this update might look a little disappointing to some. However, more changes are likely to be implemented in the full version. This book streamlines some rules and nerfs some of the really powerful units, while at the same time buffing the underused ones (Yhetees and Gorgers, looking at you!). Apart from that, you will find that the Big Names are much cheaper now (though since you can only take one unlike Vampiric Powers, they still count towards magic item allowance). Magic Items should also be a lot more worth taking now.

Download 8th Ed

Download 9th Ed

  • Ogre Charge does not gain bonuses for charging more than 10".
  • Ironfist can be used as an AHW or shield in close combat.
  • More expensive Heroes.
  • Bulls have LA as an option, 27 pts.
  • Ironguts have HA as an option, 38 pts.
  • Gnoblar Trappers are a separate unit.
  • New unit: Ice Mammoth.
  • New Hero: Gnoblar Head Honcho.
  • New unit: Grimhorn Rhinox Riders.
  • Mournfang A3.
  • Maneaters BS3, 45 pts.
  • Sabretusks A2, can take SoM upgrades. 18 pts.
  • Gorger 55 pts.
  • Yhetees 41 pts, have 2HW's.
  • Ironblaster T5. 
  • Scraplauncher 125 pts.
  • Leadbelchers moved to Core, 40 pts.
  • Cheaper Big Names.
  • Mastodon Armour replaces Rock Eye.
  • Cheaper magic items.
  • Firebellies Fire Breath nerfed to S3.
  • Giant now Slavegiant (no Stubborn). Will get Slavegiant attacks in the full version.

Friday, 22 April 2016

Ravening Hordes: Vampire Counts out now!

Updated 5/5

The VC update is a bit of a regression in some ways, with the core units working more similar to earlier editions. I've also added back the original bloodlines with their separate powers for more fluffy army list building. Other than that, the VC book is very solid, so the amount of tweeks have been quite limited in this release.

  • Vampires split into 5 different character choices, each based on their own Bloodline with different stats, equipment and mounts.
  • Proper Bloodline powers brought back, more might be included in the final release.
  • More expensive Vampires.
  • Wight King 55 pts, T4.
  • Skeleton Warriors may take bows and halberds. Does not have LA by default.
  • Zombies have Fight in Extra Ranks in 9th ed (representing them shambling over one another).
  • Crypt Ghouls may Skirmish. Are WS2, 8 pts.
  • Black Knights have lances by default, cheaper barding. No longer have spectral steeds.
  • Hexwraiths no longer have Spectral Hunters and cannot move through enemies (forcing your to charge as normal if you want to cause some damage). 27 pts.
  • Black Coach T6, 5+ save.
  • Blood Knights no longer have Frenzy, 45 pts.
  • New unit: Mourngul
  • New unit: Corpse Giant
  • Cairn Wraiths and Tomb Banshees are no longer character choices. 
  • Dire Wolves no longer have slavering charge. 
  • Fell Bats' "Cloud of Horror" removed.
  • Tomb Blade added to magic items

Friday, 15 April 2016

Ravening Hordes: Tomb Kings out now!

Updated 19/4.

Well, this should be a real treat for you TK players! TK will now play on about the same level as VC and gain the ability to march with the help of characters, and no longer crumble to dust as long as you have wizards remaining! This is balanced out with you crumbling again if your new Hierophant is killed however. VC will get a similar (but not identical) treatment. On top of this, plenty of units have seen substantial price drops.

Download 8th Ed

Download 9th Ed

  • Nehekharan Undead replaced with normal Undead. Units can march when joined by Tomb Kings/Princes. 
  • If the Hierophant is killed another Liche Priest can take over as the Hierophant.
  • Spears are free for Skeleton Warriors.
  • Tomb Swarms moved to Core.
  • New Unit: Khemric Titan.
  • Skeleton Horsemen may take barding, are fast cavalry by default and have WS3. 13 pts.
  • Skeleton Horse Archers no longer scout. 13 pts.
  • Charioteers have A1. 50 pts.
  • Tomb Guard halberds 1 pt.
  • Necropolis Knights have A1, no longer have Stone Hide, but LA instead. 50 pts. May not have EBtS. May take magic banner.
  • Carrion have A2, may Scout (which offsets their normal lack of march). 22 pts.
  • Khemrian Warsphinx moved to rare, T7. No longer have Thundercrush. 200 pts.
  • Necrosphinx T7, have HKB instead of decapitating strike.
  • Ushabti no longer have standard bearer/musician options. Great Bow nerfed to S5. 36 pts, have to buy weapons.
  • Sepulchral Stalkers 45 pts.
  • Tomb Scorpion 70 pts.
  • Screaming Skull Catapult moved to special. 100 pts. Skulls of the Foe 20 pts.
  • Tomb King/Prince -1W. May be mounted on skeletal steeds.
  • Casket of Souls 150 pts, have T7, 4+ ward save. 
  • Flail of Skulls and Crown of Kings added. 
  • Cheaper magic items.

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Warhammer 9th Ed 1.041 out now!

Small update here, changing the following:

  • Vanguard is 6" for Infantry.
  • Removed Wide Frontage bonus, the rule of no more ranks than files is enough.
  • Limited Outnumber to +1 for twice or more US.
  • Added "Legendary Army" for 5000+ pts battles.
  • Bound Spells within Magic Items add 1 free power dice when casting. This will increase the price and power level for some items.

An issue was brought to my attention with elite infantry suffering greatly against "hordes" due them starting with +8 combat res. in some situations (3 ranks, 3 outnumber, 1 wide frontage, 1 banner). This has been brought down to a little bit more sensible +5, just like 7th ed. You will still benefit from big units due to having Steadfast and Step Up, but it gives elite infantry a little bit more of a boost since they lost supporting attacks in 9th ed.

Posted an update with some bug fixes and a change to Bound Spells. An issue with buying magic items with bound spells is that you often pay 30-45 pts for what is just an extra spell with a low casting value (when a spell is normally 15 pts). With this change, bound items are closer to 7th ed, but unlike the automatic bound spell spam from that time, you simply have a better chance of getting them off, and actually increases your magic power rather than just giving you more spells to choose between.

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Ravening Hordes: Lizardmen out now!

Updated 15/4

The Lizardmen book has seen some changes as far as army organisation goes. All monsters are now rare choices, and MB's have been moved to special. Skinks are getting nerfed by having to purchase poison for javelins, and blowpipes are only S2. Thunder Lizards are not being added since the Dread Saurian takes that role. Sacred Spawnings, more disciplines and Lore of Geomancy will be added in the full release.

Download 8th Ed 

Download 9th Ed 

  • Skinks may take short bows.
  • Jungle Swarms moved to core, no longer have "they're everywhere!".
  • New Unit: Coatl.
  • New Unit: Dread Saurian.
  • Kroxigor have 5+ scaly skin, 47 pts.
  • Blowpipes are strength 2.
  • Javelins no longer poisoned by default.
  • Temple Guard 17 pts.
  • Cold One Riders have spears by default, 28 pts, may take magic banner.
  • Chameleon Skinks 11 pts.
  • Bastiladon S5, T6, W5, Stubborn, moved to rare.
  • Ripperdactyl riders have WS3, no longer have Toad Rage. 
  • Ancient Stegadon removed, Stegadon moved to rare, have all options, no stubborn.
  • Troglodon is now a character mount for Skinks.
  • Razordons/Salamanders moved to special, shares the same choice in the army list. 
  • Horned One added as Skink Chief mount. 
  • Cheaper magic items. 
  • Carnosaur 175 pts.
  • Scar-Veterans may not take Carnosaurs.
  • More expensive Oldbloods and Scar-Veterans.
  • Cheaper Skink Characters.

Monday, 4 April 2016

Ravening Hordes: Orcs & Goblins out now!

Updated 12/4

Another list that does not change too much, since the basics was pretty stable (as much as an O&G army can be considered "stable" at least!). I've done away with some superfluous rules, changed the pricing a bit (goblins get a bit more bang for their buck, Orc characters are more expensive, monsters are cheaper). The main changes here are the new-ish units added to the rare section, giving you a total of 6 Monsters to choose between! These have also been tweaked a bit from the Forge World versions to be more balanced.

Download 8th Ed

Download 9th Ed

  • New Unit: Rogue Idol of Gork (or possibly Mork).
  • New Unit: Giant River Troll Hag
  • New Unit: Colossal Squig
  • New Unit: Night Goblin Squig Gobba
  • New Unit: Forest Goblins
  • Snotlings moved to core, 25 pts.
  • Wolf Riders have spears and shield by default, 12 pts.
  • Goblins have shields by default.
  • Night Goblins 2,5 pts.
  • Stone/River Trolls are an upgrade to normal Trolls. Basic Trolls 40 pts.
  • Rock Lobber moved to Special.
  • Extra Boingy removed, since it will practically never see play.
  • Nasty Skulkers no longer have ASF or AP.
  • Doom Divers no longer ignores armour saves, 75 pts.
  • Venom Surge removed, slows down the game with little benefit.
  • Mangler Squigs does not count as being in soft cover.
  • Orc bosses can take heavy armour.
  • Collar of Zorga and Horn of Urgok added.
  • Cheaper magic items.
  • More expensive Orc bosses and Shamans.
  • Night Goblins may wear LA (as can be seen at the bottom of their robes).
  • Goblin Boss characters have LA by default.
  • Arachnarok Spider 260 pts. 
  • Mangler Squigs 70 pts.
  • Black Orcs 13 pts.
  • Orc Boar Boyz have spears and shields by default, 20 pts. 
  • Fanatics are no longer Armour Piercing.