Friday, 31 January 2020

Empire Knightly Orders 9th ed 1.1 out now!

This update changes the following:
  • Added HD cover.
  • Black Guard of Morr may use great weapons or lances.
  • Knights of the Broken Sword are subject to the Berserk Rage part of the Frenzy special rule.
  • Knights of the Black Lynx have light armour instead of full plate armour, cost 7 pts.
  • Knights of the Vengeful Sun have Devastating Charge, cost 62 pts.
  • Knights of Taal's Fury cost 60 pts.

Also posted a small update for Steam Tanks:
  • Clarified that the Land Ship has 6 crew.

Thursday, 30 January 2020

Warhammer: Empire 9th Ed 1.2 out now!

This update changes the following:

  • Empire General has WS6, I6, A4. Cost 100 pts.
  • Empire Captain cost 60 pts.
  • Hold the Line only affects State Troops.
  • Clarified which the 8 lores of magic are, and included them in the bestiary page of Battle Wizards.
  • Righteous Fury applies to all models in the same unit, including characters.
  • Soulfire gives Magical Attacks. Strength bonus applies to Vampiric models.
  • Spearmen may not take pikes and shields.
  • Clarified that an Arch Lector may be mounted on the War Altar.
  • Included Vampiric models in the Witch Hunters Tools of Judgement special rule.
  • Swordsmen, Greatswords and Reiksguard Knigthts have Initiative 4.
  • Inner Circle Knights are no longer a special choice, but you may not have more Inner Circle Knights than normal Knights in your army.
  • Greatswords cost 8 pts by default.
  • Flagellants may swap flails for two hand weapons for free.
  • Sisters of Sigmar may be armed with bucklers instead of shields.
  • Halflings have T3.
  • Imperial Ogres cost 28 pts, have two hand weapons by default.
  • Fixed bug with Initiative values for Ogres and Halflings.
  • Fixed bug with Ogres missing from summary.
  • Pistoliers may no longer take standard bearers. Cost 18 pts.
  • Outrider champion can take Hochland long rifle.
  • Dwarfs have Hatred against Hobgoblins. Follow the same rules Relentless and Resolute as the Dwarf book.
  • Demigryph Knights cost 60 pts.
  • Steam Tanks follow the rules for Animated Constructs.
  • Clarified that War Wagon has barding.
  • Clarified that only Lore of Heavens and Light wizards may take Arcane Battle Altars.
  • The Hurricanum and all friendly units within 6" re-roll 1's when rolling to Hit rather than getting +1 To Hit.
  • Clarified that Iceshard tempest causes a -1 modifier. This is an Ice Attack.
  • Lightning Strike is a Lightning attack.
  • Griffon's Two Heads upgrade gives +1 Attack.
  • Added upgrade options for mounts to army list.
  • Removed Imperial Dragon as a mount, since only Karl Franz can use it and he already rides on  Deathclaw.
  • Removed Elspeth von Draken, Theodore Bruckner and Jubal Falk. These will be released as a separate download instead. 17 special characters was a bit too much for one book.
  • If Volkmar is the army General, Flagellants counts as Core Units.
  • Boris Todbringer has WS6, I6, A4. Cost 285 pts.
  • Marius Leitdorf has I6, A4. Cost 215 pts.
  • Aldebrand Ludenhof has WS6, I6, A4. Cost 220 pts.
  • Valmir von Raukov has WS6, I6, A4. Cost 240 pts.  
  • Updated timeline and fluff blurbs with official fonts.
  • Updated cover.
  • Added headings.
  • Added more lore on the Imperial Provinces.
  • Added chapter on the gods of the Empire.
  • Removed mentions of the Storm of Chaos, since it has been retconned.

Sunday, 26 January 2020

Warhammer: Dwarfs 9th Ed 1.2 out now!

Updated to 1.21:
  • Removed Ancestral Shield as its own special rule, it's instead mentioned in the Anvil of Doom special rule.
  • Firedrake gun has a range of 15". Firedrake pistol has range 10".
  • Deathroller: In addition to its normal Impact Hits when charging, the Deathroller inflicts D6 Impact Hits at the start of each close combat round.
  • The Gyrobomber has a Clattergun, not a steamgun.
  • Steam Gun on Gyrocopter nerfed to S2, and does not have AP, has Slow to Fire instead.
  • Brimstone Gun has Multiple Shots (3). Clattergun has Multiple Shots (5).
This update changes the following:
  • Increased cost of Lords and Thanes to 140 and 70 pts.
  • Dwarf Master Engineers may use their Artillery Master rule and fire their own weapon the same turn.
  • Gromril full plate for irondrakes, cost 17 pts.
  • Ironbreakers cost 16 pts.
  • Fixed bug with Dragon and Daemon Slayer missing Deathblow.
  • Vampire Slayer upgrade: Against enemies with Toughness 5 or higher, the Slayer may re-roll failed rolls To Wound.
  • Split Gyrocopters and Gyrobombers into separate units. Gyrobombers have W4, cost 140 pts. They both are Resolute and Relentless, have S4 and cause D3 impact hits.
  • Added animated construct to Rune Guardians and Grudgebreaker.
  • Rune Guardians: Clarified that all models in the unit must take the same Runes. Do not have two hand weapons, costs 55 pts.
  • Kadrin Redmane and Ungrim Ironfist has gromril medium armour.
  • Grimm Burloksson no longer need to roll a 2+ in order to use his artillery master special rule.
  • Clarified that The Magnificent Armour of Borek is a full plate armour.
  • Master Rune of Banishment applies to Ethereal and Vampiric models.
  • Rune of Stone is no longer an exception to the Rule of Pride, meaning you cannot have multiple armours with just the Rune of Stone on it.

Friday, 24 January 2020

Warhammer: Dwarfs 9th Ed 1.12 out now!

After spending the better part of the day (read: the last 12 hours straight) working on this update, I'm happy to say I managed to finish it before supper!

This update changes the following:
  • Ancestral Grudge includes Hobgoblins.
  • Added Gromril armour. Gromril armour adds +1 armour save to whatever armour type the model wears. For example, gromril light armour gives the model a 5+ save, gromril medium armour gives the model a 4+ save and so on. All Lords, Thanes and Runesmiths (including special charcters) have gromril armour. 5 pts increase for most of them.
  • Shieldbearers act as a normal mount, so no longer gives +2W. Makes the models Unit Strength 3.
  • Fixed bug with Dwarf-crafted not being listed as its own special rule properly. 
  • Fixed several statline inconsistencies between bestiary and army list all over the book.
  • Fixed pts costs for character weapons to be on par with other armies.
  • Thunderer Veteran may replace handgun with pistols for free.
  • Longbeards may take magic standard worth up to 50 pts.
  • Fixed bug with Miners not having Ambushers in bestiary.
  • Slayers may take up to 50 pts Runic Standard. Have the Deathblow rule by default.
  • Fixed bug with Doomseekers not having Slayer rule in bestiary and Wards of Grimnir rule in army list. Doomseekers are I3.
  • Dragon Slayers may take 25 pts Slayer Skills, Daemon Slayers may take 50 pts. Clarified this in army list. Skaven Slayer upgrade cost 25 pts.
  • Gyrocopter and Thunderbarge use the rules for regular flyers rather than high flyers. Removed strength values from them.
  • Rangers start with hand weapon and light armour, 8 pts. Cannot take medium armour. Cheaper weapon options. Can take optional shields. Have Hill Strider.
  • You may take 1-2 Bolt Throwers and Firethrowers as a single Special choice.
  • Rune Guardians may take Weapon and Armour Runes (except Master Runes) up to 25 pts/model.
  • Grudgebreaker can take Weapon and Armour Runes (except Master Runes) up to 50 pts.
  • Thorgrim Grudgebearer gains a 4+ ward from his armour rather than the throne, and the armour gives him a 2+ armour save total. The Throne gives him Unit Strength 5, but does not add to his armour save. The Dragon Crown of Karaz is inscribed with the Master Rune of Kingship.
  • Changed the description of all special characters magic items to just mention the runes they have for consistency (as well as following the rule of not having duplicate Master Runes).
  • Thorek Ironbrow's Rune of Doom is no longer remains in play.
    Fixed bug with Kragg the Grim, Kadrin Redmane, Josef Bugman and Grimm Burloksson having wrong Wounds in army list.
  • Clarified that Alrik is mounted on Shieldbearers. If Alrik Ranulfsson is included in your army he must be your army General (unless Thorgrim Grudgebearer is also included).
  • The Axe of Dargo is a great weapon with the Master Rune of Smiting (MW D6) rather than KB. Ungrim cost 325 pts.
  • Fixed bug with Josef Bugman not having Stout Courage in army list.
  • Attacks with the Hammer of Karak Drazh are resolved at +3 Initiative, and any enemy models that suffer one or more unsaved Wounds from it are subject to the Always Strikes Last special rule until the end of the next Close Combat phase.
  • Reorganised the Runes in proper order based on Master Runes, points costs and alphabetically.
  • Rune of Daemon Slaying applies to all Daemonic models, not just Daemons of Chaos.
  • Rune of Kingship: If he joins a unit of Hammerers, the unit becomes Unbreakable instead.
  • Removed duplicate Ancestor Rune.
  • Fixed a myriad of grammar/spelling issues from incorrect OCR scanning, as well as several lore/spelling inconsistencies.
  • Retconned part of Thorgrim Grudgebearer killing Gorfang Rotgut, so the lore is consistent with Kazador and Gorfang in the O&G book.
  • Added headings.
  • Added HD cover.
  • Updated background graphics, particularly the timeline section.
  • Updated all fluff blurbs with the official fonts from the 8th ed book.
  • Added graphics for the Runes.

Wednesday, 22 January 2020

Warhammer Dogs of War 1.13 and Regiments of Renown 1.12 out now!

Two very small updates here, just taking care of some minor issues:

Dogs of War:
  • Ogre Captains may take Ogre Pistols.
  • Duellists costs 4 pts by default.
  • Animosity affects units with 5 or more models, not Unit Strength 5.

Regiments of Renown:
  • Hengus costs 100 pts, meaning the whole regiment of Giants of Albion cost 500 total.
  • Fixed bug with the Giants of Albion missing from the For Hire table.

Thursday, 16 January 2020

Warhammer Expansion: Regiments of Renown 9th Ed 1.1 out now!

With this update I have mostly just tried to streamline a few of the RoR's a bit, as well as making most of them a bit cheaper to be more worth taking. The For Hire table now states what type of Ally each unit is for each army, and includes all armies, not just the official ones. I also added headings to the PDF for easier navigation and reorganised the RoR's in an order more similar to a regular bestiary.

Updated to 1.11:
  • Fixed bug with Alcatani Pikemen having A2 and BS3. Have medium armour, cost 6 pts each, 145 pts by default.
  • Fixed but with weapon profiles saying "missile" instead of "strength".
  • Galloper Guns Have a range of 48" and may march move, but suffer -1 to their Movement
  • value instead. Can flee with the swiftstride special rule. 
  • Bronzino allows re-rolling the first artillery dice rather than the bounce. In addition, as long as Bronzino is within 3" of a Galloper Gun, he is allowed to take a "Look Out Sir!" roll just as if he was within 3" of a unit of five or more models of the same troop type as himself. Bronzino has heavy armour.
  • Added Zealotry to Desert Dogs: Models with this special rule deduct -D3 from their
  • Leadership modifier when taking Break tests (this will be updated in the Araby book later on as well). Fixed bug with their horses having M8 instead of M9.
  • Fixed bug with pts costs for Marksmen and Besiegers.
  • Fixed bug with Lost Legion having Unit Size 20+. Clarified upgrade to Crossbowmen.
  • The Bearmen of Urslo are Bound by Blood allies with WoC.
  • Giants of Albion have Immunity (Psychology).
  • Clarified race types for multiple regiments.
  • Clarified that the Witch Hunters' items work against Vampiric models.
  • Gotrek's Axe may re-roll failed rolls To Wound against enemies with T5 or more.

This update changes the following:

  • All RoR Captains follow the "Follow Me!" rules for unit Champions.
  • Alcatani Fellowship cost 135 pts by default (20 models).
  • The Lost Legion cost 125 pts by default. Have pikes by default for 6 pts, can upgrade any number of models to crossbowmen. Pirazzo does not have a crossbow.
  • Leopard Company costs 220 pts by default (20 models).
  • Republican Guard costs 260 pts by default (20 models).
  • Marksmen of Miragliano cost 155 pts by default. 10 pts per Marksman.
  • Al Muktar's Desert Dogs no longer has Ambushers or Daemons or Horseback special rules. Ibn has WS0, BS0, A0. Have Arabian Steeds (M9). Cost 170 pts by default (5 models).
  • Asarnil cost 520 pts, no longer re-rolls armour saves.
  • Bearmen costs 305 pts by default. Cost 9 pts each.
  • Birdmen cost 14 pts each, no longer ignore penalties for moving and shooting, do not have the Ambushers rule. Cost 85 pts by default.
  • Braganza's Besiegers cost 175 pts by default.
  • Galloper Guns do not have Vanguard. Cost 135 pts by default. Extra Galloper Guns cost 80 pts.
  • Cursed Company costs 175 pts by default. Richter Kreuger has I4.
  • Manann's Blades cost 160 pts by default.
  • Vespero's Vendetta cost 110 pts by default. May re-roll failed Parry saves. Cost 7 pts each.
  • Voland's Venators cost 190 pts by default. Do not have the Drunken Cavalry special rule.
  • Long Drong's Slayer Pirates have WS4. No no longer has the Festooned with Pistols special rule (both to the models themselves not really having more than 2 pistols, as well as issues with bonuses/penalties that would affect their close combat attack Strength when they were technically shooting while in close combat). Dwarf Rum causes enemies in base contact to suffer -1 WS. Cost 195 pts by default.
  • Fighting Cocks cost 140 pts by default (10 models). Have T3 and the Forest Strider special rule. Lumpin does not have light armour.
  • Golgfag's Ogres cost 285 pts by default (5 models). Ogres cost 31 pts per model. Golgfag has medium armour.
  • Armoured Orcs cost 170 pts by default. Fixed bugged Weapon Skill of Maggot.
  • Wolfboyz cost 145 pts by default.
  • Tichi-Huichi no longer has the On a Mission from the Gods rule, costs 150 pts by default.
  • Manflayers have Armour Piercing (1) on their crossbows. Have Elven Grace. Cost 155 by default, 19 pts per Manflayer.
  • Goblin-hewer have two crew. Cost 175 pts.
  • Giants of Albion have S6, cost 200 pts. Hengus cost 110 pts.
  • The Witch Hunters are no longer Skirmishers. Clarified that Wilhelm channels dice like a lvl 1 wizard.
  • Gotrek has the Dragon Slayer and Daemon Slayer rules from the Dwarf book. His axe may re-roll failed rolls To Wound against models with T5 or more. Clarified that the Wyrmslayer Blade works against Drakes as well as Dragons. Cost 360 pts.