Friday, 10 December 2010

Updates for books uploaded!

I took longer than expected, but I've finally managed to post all the updates (apart from the Dogs of War book, which I need to inquire with my co-writers).

Minor changes for most, a bit of tweaking with points cost and fixing wording on the rules. Albion has seen a few changes with updating magic items to 8th edition, Norse has gained a new special character, a boost to the Berserkers and a rewording on the shieldwall.
Amazons and Estalia have gained mostly points tweaks, especially Estalia should hopefully have the Inquisitorial powers sorted out now for better balance.
Araby has gotten some changes to the Genies (yet again), and they should now be more worth taking with a boost to their Wishes rule.
Nippon has seen the biggest changes, Way of the Warrior works very different, as do the Katana, they have options for Sashimonos, Hatamoto has gained a WS boost, Red Devil can now take Horo Cloaks for missile protection, Warrior Monks can re-roll to to hit and to wound, the Shrine of the Kami has gained a 4+ Ward and the Ronin also have the Way of the Warrior rule now

Note that apart from the Albion book, only Scribd have the latest version, I'll upload the new versions to 4shared soon.

There are probably more changes that I have missed, but that should be the biggest ones. So just keep playtesting and let me know of anything else I might have missed or changes you'd like to see, and I'll see what I can do about it :)

For now, I am planning to take a break for a while, but aim to be back with Warhammer Armies - Halflings by early 2011, so stay tuned!