Friday, 13 December 2013

Alternative Miniatures: Cathay

Here's a collection of models suitable for anyone interested in doing a Cathayan army:

Black Hat
Assault Group
Renegade Miniatures
Perry Miniatures
Old Glory
Reaper Miniatures
Hell Dorado
3D Model Studio
Watchful I

As per usual, write in the comments if you know of any more suitable miniatures.

Alternative Miniatures: Kislev

Finally getting back to doing this series again, this time focusing on where to get models for your Kislev army, without having to use actual Kislev miniatures since they are no longer in production.

Warlord Games
Assault Group Cossacks
Assault Group Russians
Assault Group Tatars
Old Glory Eastern Renaissance
Old Glory Cossack Wars
Wargames Foundry Polish
Wargames Foundry Cossacks
Gripping Beast Russians
Privateer Press War Bear
Privateer Press Woodsmen
Reaper Winter Witch

Write in the comments if you know of any that I have missed.

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Regiments of Renown beta update out now!

Only posted this on DoWO so far, so figured those who might not visit that site might have missed it.

  • New high-res cover, changed to the same as the Dogs of War book for consistency, since people had commented on the old cover being somewhat "misleading" in that it didn't have anything to do with the RoR's in the book.
  • Re-done layout to eliminate empty space on the pages.
  • New stat boxes to line up the characteristics properly (please make sure they all are correct, some are intentionally changed).
  • Revised points cost for most units.
  • Birdmen no longer Ambush.
  • Manflayers +1 WS, ASF, Murderous Prowess.
  • Wolfboyz +1 WS like the 5th ed rules to make them stand out from common hobgoblins.
  • Rebalanced Goblin-hewer; it now fires D6 shots per rank, but each shot must roll to Hit individually rather than just firing once.
  • Giant of Albion have Ld10 like normal Giants, Hengus gains +1 to dispel.
  • The Fighting Cocks have BS5, like their 5th ed rules to stand out more from normal halflings.

This is still subject to change (hence it's a beta) but you can still take a look at it current changes until the finalized version is out.


At the moment, I'm not working  much on any of the books and don't expect to be doing so during December either. However, you can look forward to see some new material come January, with updates to the Special Characters book as well as the finished 4.2 version of the DoW book.