Tuesday, 31 December 2019

Dogs of War 9th Ed 1.1 out now!

Updated to 1.12:

  • Clarified that you may not take multiplies of the same Quirk on the same character.
  • Fixed bug with Orcs having wrong Ld in army list.
  • Fixed bug with Orcs missing in Summary.

Updated to 1.11:
  • Clarified that Pike of Remas can be taken by merc captains and general.
  • Clarified Best Money can Buy.
  • Clarified that Paychest Bodyguards increases the paymaster's US by 2, and they have A1 each.
  • Mambrinio's Golden Armour: He suffers -2 Initiative and a -1 penalty to Dangerous Terrain tests.
  • Scroll of Araby is an arcane item. Marco may use this item despite not being a Wizard.
  • Sphere of Alchemy is one use only.
  • Added race type to army list.
  • Clarified that Domingo's Arbalest is a crossbow.
  • Mercenary Generals and Captains can take bows and handguns.
  • Elf captain can take shield and medium armour.
  • Hobgoblin Captain may take a bow.
  • Pikemen have Unit Size 20+.
  • Barding for Freelancers cost 1 pt.
  • Mercenary Orcs have a Unit Size of 10+.

Happy New Year (in a few hours at least)! I did say I planned to have the DoW update out this month, so here you go:
  • Added Mercenary rule army special rule.
  • Most models belong to a certain race as detailed in their Troop Type. This includes Human, Dwarf, Elf, Halfling, Ogre, Orc and Hobgoblin. Models belonging to the same race follow the ally rules for Bound by Blood. Humans, Dwarfs, Elves and Halflings treat each other as Trusted Allies. Ogres and Hobgoblins are considered Suspicious Allies to all. Orcs are Desperate Allies to Humans, Dwarfs, Elves and Halflings. However, all models may still use the Paymaster's Hold Your Ground! ability as normal.
  • Removed blunderbuss as a weapon.
  • If the Paymaster is slain, all friendly units within 12" (or 18" if he has a Paychest) of the paymaster suffer -1 to their Leadership for the remainder of the game. Paychest upgrade for Paymaster cost 30 pts. Paychest may be modelled separately from Paymaster.
  • Added Money Lender as an option for the Paymaster. Sheikh Yadosh follows the rules for Money Lenders. If a Paymaster is accompanied by a Money Lender, any friendly unit making use of his Hold Your Ground ability gain a +1 modifier to the unit's Leadership.
  • Removed Elf Ranger.
  • Removed Norse Jarl.
  • Added Mercenary Elf Captain, Orc Captain, Hobgoblin Captain and Ogre Captain. May take Quirks.
  • Assassins have Dodge (4+), 95 pts.
  • Pikemen may have heavy armour.
  • Pavise gives 4+ against missile attacks to its front.
  • Crossbowmen may have medium armour. Your army may not contain more units armed with handguns than crossbows.
  • Sellswords may wear medium armour. Veterans may wear heavy armour. Veteran Sellswords have I4. Cannot be skirmishers.
  • Stradiots may have handguns and medium armour.
  • Freelancers start with medium armour, 16 pts.
  • Mercenary Dwarfs have light armour by default, cost 7. Follow the rules from the Dwarf book.
  • Norse marauders have I3, have shields by default, cannot take flails.
  • Halflings have T3, spears and shields by default, cost 5 pts. Halfling Tracker no longer has BS5.
  • Mercenary Ogres have two hand weapons by default, cost 31 pts.
  • Maneaters have Immunity (Psychology) and Stubborn instead of the Been There, Done that rule. Cost 42 pts, cheaper weapon options.
  • New Special Unit: Mercenary Orcs.
  • New Rare Unit: Onager (Stone Thrower).
  • Removed Rhinox Riders (although they are often mercs in the lore, I find their inclusion makes for too many ogres overall in the army, and so they are better left in the OK book).
  • Mercenary Elves have Elven Grace. May be upgraded to Skirmishers and Scouts. 
  • Halfling Hot Pot is now S3.
  • Giants have T6, Immunity (Psychology). Updated giant rules from Albion.
  • Added upgrades to Griffons and Pegasi.
  • Lucrezzia Belladonna: Clarified that Phial of Poison ignores all saves. Does not have barding. Potion of Pavona boost D6 stats rather than D3. Has T3, 290 pts.
  • Lorenzo Lupo no longer has Drill Master, cost 210 pts.
  • Lietpold the Black's weapon is a great weapon. Wears heavy armour.
  • Marco Colombo ignores Move or Fire with his crossbow. His telescope can reveal hidden models instead of stopping scouts from deploying. Cannot be mounted. Cost 190 pts. Scroll of Araby is one use only, can be used at the start of any player's turn. Until the start your next turn, Marco and any unit he is with gains Magic Resistance (3). 
  • Mydas's Treasure map is now rolled every turn rather than just at the start of the battle. Revised the effects. Clarified that the Pay Cart increases Mydas's Hold Your Ground special rule. Cost 200 pts.
  • Leonardo da Miragliano has the Compass of Meteoric Silver item, WS2, I2, Ld7. Prism of Power works every turn on a 4+, but can only remove 1 power dice per turn. Cost 75 pts.
  • Ghazak Khan's wolf has WS4, S4, A2, no longer causes fear, cost 220 pts.
  • Revised the entire Quirks and Traits section, now called Quirks of Character. This allows you to customize the background of your characters more than before, rather than being overly focused on battlefield tactics.
  • Mambrinio's Golden Armour 20 pts.

The Regiments of Renown update will follow shortly, probably next week if not sooner.

Thursday, 19 December 2019

Lores of Magic Cards for 9th Ed

Here are links to Lores of Magic cards to the various lores available in the game. Many thanks to Edward Craske for putting these together!

(Note that these are continually updated as the book updates are released)

Main Rulebook:
Lore of Fire
Lore of Metal
Lore of Life
Lore of Beasts
Lore of Heavens
Lore of Light
Lore of Shadow
Lore of Death

Lore of the Truthsayers

Lore of the Serpent

Lore of the Desert

Lore of Nurgle
Lore of Slaanesh
Lore of Tzeentch
Lore of the Wild

Lore of the Lady

Lore of Ying and Yan

Chaos Dwarfs:
Lore of Hashut

Daemons of Chaos:
Lore of Nurgle
Lore of Slaanesh
Lore of Tzeentch
Be'Lakor Spells

Dark Elves:
Lore of Dark Magic

Wednesday, 18 December 2019

Interview with me on Elector Counts/Squarehammer

So a little while ago, I did an interview with two of the guys from the Elector Counts Podcast and Squarehammer, talking about the Warhammer Armies project, its origins, my thoughts on the 9th Age, favourite armies, Warhammer Total War, as well as answering questions from the community. And here's that interview for those who want a listen and enjoy my awesome/silly Swedish accent:

Warning: Contains swearing, nudity and Tasmanians!

Tip: Play a drinking game while listening and take a shot every time I say "like", "so to speak", "essentially" or "actually". I take no responsibility for any alcohol poisoning that is sure to follow though!

Thursday, 28 November 2019

Warhammer Dark Elves 9th Ed 1.2 out now!

Updated to 1.32:
  • Fixed bug with MR for Avatar of Khaine, 225 pts.
  • Clarified that beastmaster apprentices have two hand weapons.
  • Cold one knights 31 pts.
  • Slaves have the Vanguard special rule.
  • Malus Darkblade Tz'arkan: He immediately gains the Frenzy and Ward Save (5+) special rules, but loses Elven Grace, Eternal Hatred and Murderous Prowess. Malus Darkblade gains +1 Weapon Skill, +1 Strength, +2 Toughness and +1 Initiative. However, friendly units can no longer use his Leadership. Cost 215 pts.
  • Mixed Formation: All City Guard armed with Repeater Crossbows must be placed in the first ranks of the unit, with the City Guard armed with spears being placed in the following ranks. Models armed with Repeater Crossbows and shields cannot make Parry saves. Casualties are removed from the back as normal.
  • Sisters of slaughter can be upgraded to Skirmishers for free.

Updated to 1.31:
  • Fixed bug with Seraphon having Eternal Hatred.
  • Fixed bug with Fleetmaster having access to 100 pts magic items instead of 50 pts.
  • Cauldron of Blood cost 165 pts (as it only gives a 6+ ward to the unit now)
  • Barding for Malekith's Cold One is free.
  • Scourgerunner Chariot has Hatred (High Elves), not Eternal Hatred.
  • Fixed bug with Slaves having Badly Treated in army list.

Updated to 1.3:
  • Elven Grace: Models with this special rule have the Dodge (6+) special rule in close combat. However, this cannot be used against enemies attacking with a higher Initiative value than the defending model.
  • Characters who are Khainites (except models deploying using the Hidden special rule) may only join units which are also Khainites, and characters who are not Khainites may not join
  • Khainite units.
  • Corsairs have the Ambushers special rule.
  • Sisters of Slaughter have the Dodge (4+) special rule against Close Combat attacks.
  • The Cauldron of Blood has a Ward save (4+), and models in the same unit have a Ward save (6+).
  • Fixed bug with Mixed Unit being called Monsters and Handlers.
  • In close combat, you must choose whether Malekith uses the Hand of Khaine or the Supreme Spellshield. Malekith cost 510 pts. Seraphon has WS7, A6, 320 pts.
  • Power of Darkness has a range of 12". If a natural 6 is rolled when generating the power dice, the caster suffers a Wound which Ignores Armour saves.
  • Ring of Hotek: The bearer has the Magic Resistance (3) special rule. Any enemy Wizard that attempts to cast or target a spell on a unit within 6" of the bearer will suffer a miscast on a roll of double 6, as well as double 1.
  • Attacks made with the Chillblade wound automatically and have the Ice Attacks special rule. For each unsaved Wound suffered by the Chillblade, the target suffers -1 to its Attacks characteristic until the end of the following Close Combat phase.
  • Armour of Living Death: If mounted on a Cold One, they must re-roll successful Stupidity tests.
  • Black Dragon Egg costs 25 pts, gives Noxious Breath special rule instead of the old breath weapon.
  • Assassins 110 pts.
  • Shadowblade 220 pts.
  • Black Ark Fleetmaster 80 pts.
  • Lokhir Fellheart 140 pts.
  • Melusai 24 pts.

This update changes the following:

  • Murderous Prowess does not affect missile attacks.
  • Models with Elven Grace get the Dodge (6+) special rule in close combat against enemies attacking with a lower Initiative value than the defending model. This Dogde save also apply to mounted models.
  • Eternal Hatred: Models with this special rule have the Hatred special rule, but may re-roll failed To Hit rolls every round of close combat, not just the first. Malekith, Malus Darkblade and Black Guard have Eternal Hatred.
  • Added Khainites special rule: Characters who are Khainites (except models with the Hidden special rule) may only join units which are also Khainites, and characters who are not Khainites may not join Khainite units.
  • Beastslaver has a range of 6".
  • Scourgerunner Chariot cost 90 pts for Beastmaster.
  • Assassins have Dodge (4+) rather than Elven Grace, cost 140 pts. May have throwing weapons.
  • Fleetmaster are Hero choices, have WS6, I7, A3. A Fleetmaster must always accept challenges. While fighting challenges, the Fleetmaster may re-roll all failed rolls To Hit, and each unsaved Wound counts as two Wounds when calculating combat resolution. Cost 90 pts.
  • Units of City Guard must always be fielded in two ranks. The first rank of a unit of City Guard must always be armed with Repeater Crossbows, the second rank fight with spears. Parry saves may be taken by the front rank. Remove casualties from the back as normal.
  • Streamlined Slaves so they work more similar to other slave units. Have S3, T3.
  • For each Hag Queen or Death Hag included in your army, you may take one unit of Witch Elves as a Core Unit. Cost 10 pts.
  • Cold Ones (including Cold One Knights) may have barding for free.
  • Cold One chariots have a 2+ save total (6+ for chariot, 6+ natural armour, 4+ from heavy armour).
  • Reaper Bolt Throwers cost 60 pts.
  • Bloodwrack Stare has no effect on Animated Constructs.
  • Cauldron of Blood/Bloodwrack Shrine no longer has Magic Resistance, cost 180/125 pts.
  • War Hydra's Spit Fire has a range of 12".
  • Kharibdyss has Aquatic special rule.
  • Avatars of Khaine are Animated Constructs, have full plate armour instead of natural armour. Cost 240 pts.
  • Malekith replaces both crew on a Cold One chariot.
  • If your army includes Malekith, units of Black Guard are taken as Special Units instead of Rare units.
  • Clarified that Crone Hellebron replaces the Keeper of the Cauldron if a Cauldron of Blood is taken.
  • Clarified that not only Dark Elf Wizards can make use of the Lore Attribute.
  • Manbane: A model with Manbane will automatically Wound on the To Hit roll of 6.
  • Witch Brew: This model, and all models in the same unit, gain +1 Attack and can never lose their Frenzy for the reminder of the game. However, they will automatically fail any Berserk Rage test they need to take.
  • Gem of Spite has a range of 24".
  • Sacrificial Dagger: This can be used to allow the Wizard to use more dice than is normally allowed by their Wizard level.
  • Banner of Nagarythe: All friendly models with the Murderous Prowess special rule within 12" of this banner gain the Hatred special rule. Against High Elves, they instead gain the Eternal Hatred special rule.
  • Fixed multiple inconsistencies in statlines between bestiary and army list.
  • Rakarth is from Clar Karond, not Karond Kar (since Clar Karond is now more focused on beasts compared to Karond Kar which is the slaver city, and Karond Kar already have a special character in Lokhir).
  • Added HD cover.
  • Added headings.

Sunday, 24 November 2019

Warhammer 9th Edition 1.7 out now!

A fairly large update, this update changes the following:

  • You no longer need to pass a Ld in order to redirect charges.
  • Broken Concentration: If the total of the natural dice scores is 1 or 2, not only is the spell not cast, but the Wizard breaks their concentration and is unable to cast spells for the rest of the Magic phase (meaning you can still cast spells even if you otherwise fail your casting attempt).
  • If you roll high enough so that the casting value of the boosted version of the spell is reached, you may choose whether you want to cast the standard or boosted version of the spell.
  • Removed large target bonus for shooting US40+.
  • Unit Strength 10 or more is required to cause Panic on friendly units.
  • Clarified that Always Strikes First/Last are influenced by Initiative bonuses.
  • Dodge cannot be used if the model is subject to ASL.
  • Feigned Flight: A unit of Fast Cavalry that chooses Flee or Fire & Flee as a charge reaction do not cause Panic from fleeing through friendly units and automatically rally in its next Compulsory Movement Phase.
  • Hover moved to under the Fly special rule.
  • Ice attack ASL take affect same turn, until start of next turn.
  • Impact Hits: Clarified that Impact Hits are only made on the turn the model makes a successful charge into close combat, and only against the unit the model has charged. If a unit contains more than one model that inflicts a random amount of Impact Hits (such as D6), always roll separately for each model. Impact Hits hit a unit in base contact and are randomised as Automatic Hits (thus avoiding a situation where you can target character model with higher Unit Strength than the unit they are in).
  • Lightning Attacks do not get +1 to Wound.
  • Quick to Fire weapons may be used once per turn when declaring a charge (unless they are also Move or Fire).
  • Random Attacks: If a unit contains more than one model with this special rule, always roll separately for each model.
  • Regeneration stacks to 4+.
  • Skirmishers follow the rules for Feigned Flight.
  • Sentient rule removed.
  • Strength Bonus: Models with this special rule gain a Strength bonus to all their close combat attacks (including Impact Hits and Stomps) equal to the number in the brackets in the first round of each new close combat they are involved in. Note that any attack made with a weapon that gives Strength Bonus only applies to attacks made with the weapon itself. This rule is cumulative with other sources of Strength Bonus.
  • Towering renamed Large Target.
  • Warbeasts may be mounted on 20mm bases.
  • When moving, the chariot model always uses the Movement characteristic of the beasts, although as the beasts are encumbered by the chariot chassis, a chariot suffer -1 to its Movement value, and can only manoeuvre using wheeling.
  • Many Chariots have an armour save detailed in their army list entry, which is combined with any armour the crew might have.
  • Shrines: When moving, the shrine model always uses the Movement characteristic of the models pulling or carrying it (rather than the slowest M). Some Shrines have an armour save detailed in their army list entry, which is combined with any armour the crew might have.
  • Blowpipes are S1, have quick to fire.
  • Musicians allow re-rolling Rally tests instead if +1 modifier.
  • Swift Reform no longer requires passing a Ld test.
  • Make way is back. Note that Make Way can only be used to move the character to another position in the front rank; it cannot be used to move the character to a rank in the flank or rear.
  • Monster Mounts: Armour saves are combined as normal between rider and mount, but due to the size of the monster, any armour saves taken always fails on a 1 and 2 rather than a 1.
  • All units can use the Inspiring Presence and Hold Your Ground rules.
  • A war machine's Wounds are always considered to be equal to the number of remaining Wounds on the crew models.
  • Increased casting values for spells that are lightning attacks in lore of heavens.
  • Added diagrams from the 8th ed BRB to give clearer examples.

Sunday, 17 November 2019

Deamons of Chaos 9th Ed 1.21 out now!

Updated to 1.22:
  • Be'lakor, Syll'Esske and Daemon Princes have W5, +20 pts.
  • Bloodthirsters are WS9, W6, I8, 460 pts.
  • Skarbrand is WS10, W6, I9, 540 pts. Rage Embodied only affects units within 12" of him.
  • Kairos Fateweaver has W6, 475 pts.
  • Lords of Change have WS6, W6, I6, 460 pts.
  • Keepers of Secrets have W6, 460 pts.
  • Shalaxi Helbane has W6, I10, 585 pts.
  • Great Unclean Ones have W7, 460 pts.
  • Ku'gath Plaguefather 540 pts.
  • Plaguebearers are WS4, 12 pts.
  • Pox Riders are WS4, 35 pts.
  • Plague Drones of Nurgle are WS4, 60 pts.
  • Daemonettes 12 pts.

This update changes the following:
  • Clarified that Phlegm Bombardment does not cause Multiple Wounds.
  • Shalaxi Helbane's Cloak of Constricton: At the start of each close combat phase, all models targeting Shalaxi Helbane must pass a Strength test or lose 1 Attack.
  • Shalaxi Helbane's Shining Aegis gives MR(1) instead of Ward save (6+).
  • Fixed bug with Shalaxi having 6W in army list.
  • Be'lakor has a 6+ ward (so 4+ in total with Daemonic), 505 pts.
  • Plagueswords no longer affect models with Immunity (Poisoned Attacks).
  • Clarified that a unit cannot be affected by more than one Contorted Epitome per turn.
  • Fixed bug with Contorted Epitome being a chariot in army list.
  • Gaunt Summoners do not have Fly by default.
  • Daemon Princes are Monstrous Infantry, WS8.
  • Bloodthirsters are WS8, BS5, I7.
  • Lords of Change are WS5, BS5, I5.
  • Keepers of Secrets are WS8, BS5, I9.
  • Skulltaker is WS8, BS5, I7.
  • Infernal Enrapturess has WS7.
  • Skarbrand WS9, I8.
  • Added Slashing Attack to Burning Chariots.
  • Increased font size to 10 for all units with font size 8, and gave them 2 pages in the bestiary.

Sunday, 3 November 2019

Deamons of Chaos 9th Ed 1.2 out now!

This update changes the following:

  • New Special Character: Syll’Esske, The Vengeful Allegiance
  • New Special Character: Shalaxi Helbane
  • New Rare Unit: Contorted Epitome
  • New Rare Unit: Soul Grinder (still hate it, but there you go).
  • Masque of Slaanesh may join units.
  • Plague Toads cost 29 pts.
  • Pox Riders of Nurgle cost 33 pts.
  • Karanak can join Flesh Hounds.
  • Slicing Shards Ld test is no longer done on unmodified Leadership.
  • Exalted Flamer 70 pts.
  • Burning chariot cost 140 pts.
  • Clarified that Skull Cannons may not fire grapeshot.
  • Clarified that all Daemonic attacks are Magical, including weapons.
  • Clarified that Daemonic Robes is Daemon of Tzeentch only.
  • Acquiescence boosted version's casting value is 10+.
  • Trimmed down AoS and 40k lore for Skull Cannons and Blood Thrones to only use the 8th ed lore, thus making the font bigger and easier to read.
  • Seekers of Slaanesh now have two pages in the bestiary, with larger font size.
  • Blades of Putrifaction: If a model targeted by this spell already has Poisoned Attacks, its Attacks also wound the target automatically on a To Hit roll of 6.
  • Fixed multiple bugs with statline inconsistencies between bestiary and army list.
  • Fixed bug with Gaunt Summoner being Ca in army list.
  • With bug with Skulltaker having Hatred instead of Locus of Wrath in army list.
  • Burning Chariot can take 3 Blue Horrors as extra crew.
  • Fixed bug with Beasts of Nurgle having D6+1A in bestiary.
  • Fixed bug with Firewyrm being Infantry in Bestiary.
  • Fixed bug with Death Heads missing in army list.
  • Clarified in all character entries that Daemons may take Hellforged Artefacts rather than Magic Items.
  • Blood Throne has scythes.
  • Clarified that Skull Cannons follow the rules of cannons.

Saturday, 2 November 2019

Warhammer Chaos Dwarfs 9th Ed 1.2 out now!

Updated to 1.21:
  • All magic missiles and direct damage spells from the Lore of Hashut treat their targets as being Flammable (except Animated Constructs).
  • Each Hit from a Bazuka is multiplied into D6 Hits. If the To Hit roll for a shooting attack made by a Bazuka is a 1 (before any modifiers are applied), then it misfires. Roll on the Blackpowder Misfire table in the Warhammer rulebook and apply the result to the Bazuka. No longer has Multiple Wounds (D3) special rule.
  • Fixed bug with incorrect stats for Daemonsmith.
  • Fixed bug with Bull Centaurs having medium armour by default.
  • Fixed remaining bugs from bug list.
This update changes the following:
  • Added Daemonic army special rule (magical attacks, ward save (5+), unstable).
  • Fixed bug with missing casting values for Altar of Hashut. Increased range to 36". Cost 100 pts.
  • Bazuka does not fire like a stone thrower.
  • Infernal Guard 13 pts.
  • Immortals have A1 (did a miscalculation, they would be 17 pts with 2A, which is a bit too much compared to Hammerers).
  • Blunderbuss can use Quick to Fire again.
  • Bull Centaurs have light armour by default, can upgrade to medium armour. 20 pts.
  • Bull Centaur Renders can upgrade to medium armour, cost 50 pts by default.
  • Fixed bug with Kollossus being a Chariot in army list.
  • Fixed bug with Ignores Cover rule for Magma Cannon (since it adds nothing).
  • Hobgoblin Chieftains can take bows.
  • Fixed bug with Stomp for the Iron Daemon.
  • Astragoth and Ghorth the Cruel may use Lore of Shadow.
  • The Juggernaut may never march. When charging, the Juggernaut can only do so in a straight line forward, with no wheeling allowed, and it does not use the Swiftstride special rule. Juggernauts cannot overrun or pursue in combat if they destroy or rout their foes.
  • Siege Cannons can only fire from the Juggernaut's front and do not suffer any penalties To Hit for firing Multiple Shots or moving and shooting. If you roll a double on the Hit Roll when firing them, the Juggernaut suffers D3 Wounds with no saves allowed.
  • Furnace of Hashut upgrade for Kolossus only inflicts D3 S6 hits.
  • K'Daai Fireborn have the Daemonic special rule. Are not Animated Constructs. Have light armour. 45 pts.
  • K'Daai Destroyer has the Daemonic special rule. Is not Animated Construct. Has medium armour. 280 pts.
  • Hellcannons have the Daemonic rule. If the Hellcannon would get destroyed as a result of it being Unstable, treat this is rolling a 1 on the misfire table. Has Spew Ichor special rule from 6th ed (S5 breath weapon).
  • Granite Armour gives a 2+ armour save rather than magic resistance.
  • Shar'tor's axe takes effect on To Wound rolls of 6 rather than To Hit rolls.
  • Clarified that Hellfire Pistol is a pistol.
  • Clarified that Shar'tor and Gorduz are not allowed to be Army General.
  • Inferno Guns/Bazukas follow the rules for Shooting at Lone Characters.
  • Clarified that Banner of Slavery affects units with Animosity and Spear Chukkas.
  • Clarified that Stone Mantle may not be taken by Taur'ruks.
  • Fell Icon renamed to Petrified Sorcerer. Clarified that 4 Acolytes may be upgraded to carry it, 50 pts.
  • Sacrifices to Hashut: In the Magic phase, the Daemonsmith may sacrifice one of the slaves chained to the Altar to Hashut. Roll a D6 and add the result to the casting result of any spell cast by the Altar of Hashut (but not the Daemonsmith himself) this phase. However, if a 1 is rolled, the Daemonsmith instead suffers a Wound with no saves of any kind possible as Hashut is displeased with the pitiful sacrifice.
  • Fixed inconsistencies in statlines and various bugs mentioned in the bug list.

Tuesday, 15 October 2019

Warhammer Chaos Dwarfs 9th Ed 1.1 out now!

Had originally just planned on making a smaller update, but me being me, I ended re-doing practically the whole book again layout-wise. This update makes the book 120 pages, 8 more than the last update, and adds some more lore on the Chaos Dwarfs' society, some short stories, and fixes some inconsistencies in their history about their creation, which GW borked the first time with dates that did not make any sense. So now they found Zorn Uzkul before the Time of Chaos when they became Chaos Dwarfs rather than after (which made no sense), and they do not originally hail from Karak Vlag like Tome of Corruption describes.

Also, thanks to Stefan Wolf for helping me flesh out the lore for the Zealot Berserkers as well as Shar'tor the Executioner!

Rules-wise, this update changes the following:

  • Added Resolute special rule, works the same as in the Dwarf book.
  • Relentless works the same as in the Dwarf book.
  • Removed Shieldwall special rule.
  • Chaos Dwarf characters start with medium armour, can upgrade to heavy or Blackshard Armour.
  • Sorcerer-Prophets and Daemonsmiths may use the Lore of Shadow.
  • Daemonsmiths may use the Lore of Hashut. 
  • Palanquin gives extra attacks, but not extra armour or wounds.
  • Infernal Guard may take Ensorcelled Hand weapons instead of great weapons.
  • Hailshot Blunderbuss has Multiple Shots (3), but not quick to fire.
  • Hobgoblin Khan renamed to Chieftain (as Khan is the Lord choice in the Hobgoblin book).
  • Hobgoblins start with shields, 4 pts. Can replace shields with bows, 2 pts.
  • Hobgoblin Champions have the same Initiative as the rest of the unit.
  • Sneaky Gits are Skirmishers and ambushers, may not take standards or musicians.
  • Hobgoblin Wolf Raiders start with shields, can swap shields for bows, 1 pt.
  • Hobgoblin Warriors and Wolf Raiders do not have light armour by default.
  • Orc slaves have shields by default. Follow the rules for Mixed Units. Cost 6 pts.
  • Goblin slaves have shields by default. Follow the rules for Mixed Units. Cost 3 pts.
  • You may not have more Spear Chukkas than you have units of Hobgoblin Warriors.
  • New Special Unit: Bull Centaurs (Cavalry-sized Bull Centaurs). Old Bull Centaurs renamed to Bull Centaur Renders.
  • Immortals have Unit size 10+. Have A2.
  • Granite Armour is a full plate armour that gives the wearer MR (1).
  • Acolytes of Hashut have Unit size 10+. Have Magical Attacks.
  • Zealot Berzerkers have Unit size 10+.
  • Bull Centaur Renders have shields by default, light armour instead of medium armour, 51 pts.
  • Black Orcs have unit size 10+, 14 pts.
  • You no longer need to include a Daemonsmith in order to field K'Daai.
  • K'Daai are Animated Constructs, cost 42 pts.
  • Bazuka has a minimum range of 12".
  • War machine crews have light armour, can upgrade to medium armour.
  • Iron Daemon has the Stomp rule. Skullcracker upgrade for Iron Daemon gives it 2D6 Stomps. S6, T6, cost 225 pts.
  • Magma Cannon ignores cover.
  • Demolition Rockets are S4 like normal stone throwers, uses the small template.
  • Dreadquake Mortar 110 pts.
  • Juggernaut Siege Tower cannon fire multiple shots (2) rather than regular cannon balls. Cost 230 pts.
  • Kollossi have full plate armour rather than natural armour (so they are affected by Lore of Metal). Armoured Plating upgrade gives +1 Armour save, 5 pts.
  • Siege Giant have T6. Its 3+ armour only applies to attacks from the front. Follows the rules for Albion giants. 215 pts.
  • K'Daai Destroyer 275 pts.
  • Altar of Hashut has W3, suffers 1W if spell is failed to reach casting value. Is now more similar to Anvil of Doom, can choose between 3 spells. Cause sacrifice up to 5 slave per turn to boost casting value.
  • Great Taurus is S5, follow the same rules for Blazing Body as K'Daai. Heals 1W if targeted by a non-physical Flaming Attack. Does not have Fiery Breath by default. Cost 165 pts.
  • Lammasu and Great Taurus can take upgrades from Storm of Magic.
  • New Special Character: Shar'tor the Executioner 
  • Astragoth has S5, 380 pts.
  • Zhatan is no longer stubborn, 260 pts.
  • Cinderbreath has S5, T5.
  • Rykarth the Unbreakable has the Armour of Gazrakh, giving him a 1+ save, 165 pts.
  • Killing Fire lore attribute takes affect if cast on enemy models without armour saves (except Animated Constructs).
  • Breath of Hatred has a range of 24". Aura effect cast on 12+. Is no longer remains in play.
  • Burning Wrath increased to 12".
  • Hell Hammer has a range of 12" rather than 3D6.