Friday, 24 September 2010

Warhammer Armies - Dogs of War out now!

Finally, the Dogs of War project has come to an end (almost) with the release of version 4.0 of the list and the accompanying booklet "Regiments of Renown".

Numbering over 160 pages, this is the ultimate source of mercenaries for Warhammer ever made!

Note that while it is complete (apart from the gallery section), it is likely too see some minor changes for bugfixes and rules clarifications in the short future, but this will be notified in that case.

Saturday, 11 September 2010

Warhammer Armies - Amazons are under development!

While I am finishing up on Dogs of War (done apart from rule changes and bug fixes with the development team), I have started on a smaller side project. Ind will be put on hold for a while as I start digging into the background of the Amazons of Lustria. The Amazons are more intended to be used as an Allied Contingent rather than a stand-alone army, although it will be possible to field it as such as well. Background-wise I will be following GW canon as much as possible, basing them more on Mayan and Aztec mythology rather than Greek. And yes, I threw in some Pygmy allies there for good measure!

Serpent Priestess
Senior Champion of Rigg

Champion of Rigg

Amazon Warriors (spears, shields,bows)
Scouts (javelins, skirmish, scouts)
Eagle Warriors (javelins, shields, LA)
Koka-Kalim (two hand weapons, frenzy)
Huntresses (jaguar mounts, javelins)

Jaguar Warriors (HW, Shield, LA)
Totem Guardians (Great weapons, LA, sclay skin cloaks, stubborn, fear)
Hand Maidens (Sunstaffs, claws of the old ones)
Plumed Archers (bow, poisoned attacks, swiftstride, skirmish)
Culchan Riders (mounted, skirmish, bow)
Pygmies (blowpipes)

Gorols (gorillas)
Horned One Riders (spears, shields, LA, scaly skin cloaks)
Coatl (winged serpent)

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

More Estalia fixes

This latest batch fixes some more magic items and adds various rules clarifications. Grenadiers had a major misprint in pts costs; they should be 16 pts each, not 28.

Monday, 6 September 2010

Estalia fixes

I have uploaded a new version of Estalia that fixes several magic items in pts cost and descriptions. Inquisitor Powers have gotten a serious overhaul as well.

More army books planned in the future!

While I should (and will) be solely working on finishing Dogs of War (140 pages done so far... no I'm not THAT insane, I have been working on them for longer than 2 days), I can't help to think about more army books down the line. Of course you will get to see the Kingdoms of Ind after Dogs of War in a few months (Ind will probably take a while to finish), but after that I have pretty much gone through most of the armies without rules. Except two, namely the Amazons of Lustria and the Halflings of the Moot! While these two factions are not really in any need of their own army books, I still feel they very much deserves a bigger mention in the Warhammer background, and as such I am planning on releasing a book for each of them sometime in the future. They will likely be a bit shorter than my other books, but should fall in nicely on about 50 pages each by my calculations.

I have already found quite a bit of info on the Amazons, and will try to get hold of the Citadel Journal #36 as soon as possible for the Halflings. These projects are still far away in the future (at least a few months, probably beginning of next year), but those of you who want to play some ferocious warrior women or hungry halflings will have something to look forward to in the future!

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Dogs of War are under development!

What is probably one of the highest wishes of today's Dogs of War players (including me) is an updated rules-set for their favourite army. And while it won't be official, it will be complete, balanced, and above all, a fun list for people to use. The Dogs of War army book is a collaborative project on that has been going on for many months and is now nearing completion, or at least a proper army book to look at.

Warhammer Armies: Dogs of War and the accompanying booklet Regiments of Renown can be expected in about a month or so, and will feature over 160 pages of mercenary goodness! For the veteran players it will likely be a nice nostalgia trip, whereas players just starting out with the army will find all the background and info that is otherwise lacking from GW's pdf's in it. Dogs of War players rejoice, for your time will soon come!

(Naturally, the finished cover won't be this blurry)

Friday, 3 September 2010

Estalia 1.0 is finished!

After a lot of toiling, I am now finally finished with version 1.0 of the list. Hope you enjoy it :)

Download link has been added to the top of the page.

Nippon fixes

Thanks to some great feedback, I have been able to fix several bugs and clear up a lot of question marks in the Nippon list. It's recommend to download the new version if you intend to play the list. Note that this version is Scribd only, the 4shared download is slightly outdated.

In other news, Estalia is almost finished now. I am hoping to have it out by tonight.