Saturday, 4 September 2010

Dogs of War are under development!

What is probably one of the highest wishes of today's Dogs of War players (including me) is an updated rules-set for their favourite army. And while it won't be official, it will be complete, balanced, and above all, a fun list for people to use. The Dogs of War army book is a collaborative project on that has been going on for many months and is now nearing completion, or at least a proper army book to look at.

Warhammer Armies: Dogs of War and the accompanying booklet Regiments of Renown can be expected in about a month or so, and will feature over 160 pages of mercenary goodness! For the veteran players it will likely be a nice nostalgia trip, whereas players just starting out with the army will find all the background and info that is otherwise lacking from GW's pdf's in it. Dogs of War players rejoice, for your time will soon come!

(Naturally, the finished cover won't be this blurry)

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