Monday, 6 September 2010

More army books planned in the future!

While I should (and will) be solely working on finishing Dogs of War (140 pages done so far... no I'm not THAT insane, I have been working on them for longer than 2 days), I can't help to think about more army books down the line. Of course you will get to see the Kingdoms of Ind after Dogs of War in a few months (Ind will probably take a while to finish), but after that I have pretty much gone through most of the armies without rules. Except two, namely the Amazons of Lustria and the Halflings of the Moot! While these two factions are not really in any need of their own army books, I still feel they very much deserves a bigger mention in the Warhammer background, and as such I am planning on releasing a book for each of them sometime in the future. They will likely be a bit shorter than my other books, but should fall in nicely on about 50 pages each by my calculations.

I have already found quite a bit of info on the Amazons, and will try to get hold of the Citadel Journal #36 as soon as possible for the Halflings. These projects are still far away in the future (at least a few months, probably beginning of next year), but those of you who want to play some ferocious warrior women or hungry halflings will have something to look forward to in the future!

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