Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Full colour Bretonnia update out now!

Didn't even take me the whole week! Apart from being full colour with a lot of new artwork and a scaled down fluff section (though I only removed about 50 pages, not 80), this version also contains a bunch of balance changes, as follows:

  • Shield of Faith nerfed to a 5+ against all strengths.
  • Flying Cavalry rule from Hippogryph Knights removed.
  • All knights are getting a slight points increase due to DC.
  • Yeoman Sergeant nerfed to 2A.
  • Trebuchet dropped to 125 pts.
  • Virtue of Audacity is getting a bump to 30 pts.
  • Guilded Cuirass, Wyrmlance, Twilight Banner and Sacrament of the Lady are no longer in the list.
  • Sword of Heroes, Cuirass of Fortune, Silver Mirror and Banner of Defence back in the list.
  • Fixed Priestess/paladin issue in army list.
  • Peasant Levy now test Ld on 3D6.
  • Items have fewer restrictions.
  • Barding now shows in the army list.
  • Signature spell now only works on mounted knights.
  • Sacrosanct now 125 pts.
  • Pegasus Knights are 2W, barded.
  • Hyppogryph Knights are T4, 3W, 3+ AS. 75 pts. 
  • Spirits of the Fey are now swarms.
  • Herrimaults are 8 pts, nerfed to BS3, I3.
  • Templar gives difference bonuses depending on whether he is on foot or mounted.
  • Grail Knights unit size is now 3+.
  • Additional hand weapon option is removed from knights.
  • Lords and Paladins must be mounted (unless using Virtue of Empathy).
  • Base size references are removed, use whatever is suitable for each troop type.
  • Various layout and spelling errors fixed.

Monday, 25 February 2013

New Bretonnia update on the way!

I lieu of going through the Wood Elf stuff, I have gotten a hankering for Bretonnia again. As such, I am currently working on a larger update that will do some gameplay changes, but perhaps more interestingly: make the book in colour.
I will also trim down the fluff section a lot, since I feel it's just way too unwieldy to use at the moment for an army book you are supposed to bring to the table (just trying to find the units I want to edit while working on it is a pain!). So expect the book to be trimmed down to maybe 120 pages at most, which is still stretching it. I will probably do something similar with Kislev, though not as much.
So if you want to have the complete, huge fluff section, make sure to save a copy of the old book. You can otherwise just read it in the Knights of the Grail source book for WFRP.

I expect this update to be done sometime this week, as it's mostly just layout a layout change. Unfortunately this means that the new planned Chaos Dwarf update will be somewhat delayed, but I will work on more that one when I feel more inspired to do so.

Friday, 22 February 2013

Announcing: Warhammer - Wood Elves

So yeah, I've decided to do it. Currently working on finding all source material I can, which includes the old and current army books, WFRP, and fan-made lists.
I would like to point out though that unlike Bretonnia, I do not play Wood Elves myself, and as such I will mostly be updating the current list to 8th ed, rather than reinvent the whole thing (not that I tried to do that with Bretonnia either, but still...). There will be some new units of course, but I do not intend to go overboard with new special rules and whatnot, or risk butchering the feel of the Wood Elf army as a whole.
Feel free to suggest ideas and links to more useful Wood Elf material, be it art, background or rules. I will probably try to finish it up after Cathay, so it might see a release in May.

Anyway, the list, as I'm currently thinking it, would look something like this:

Special Characters:
Naestra and Arahan
Naieth the Prophetess
Lothlann the Brave
Durthu the Treeman
Wychwethyl the Wild
Scaw the Falconer
Gruath the Beastmaster

Treeman Ancient


Elven Steed
Great Eagle
Forest Dragon
Great Stag

Core Units:
Glade Guard
Glade Riders
Eternal Guard
Spite Swarms (I think we can all figure that one out)

Wild Riders
Warhawk Riders
Tree Kin
Meadow Chariots (bringing them back!)
Alter Kin (can transform into animal spirits)

Great Eagles
Wild Hunters (Stag Riders, yup)

So all in all, 6 new characters/units, might add more if I get any more ideas. Let me know what you think in the comments.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

New Nippon update out now!

And yet another update for Nippon...

This one fixes a few bugs in the statlines for several units, as well as several balance changes, as follows.

  • Nerfs to some Poisons.
  • Smaller point cost changes for Magic Items.
  • Sarutori Hanzo has 3A now instead of 4.
  • The Red Ronin is no longer subject to Stupidity.
  • Small nerf to Kitsune's Trickster Magic rule.

Monday, 11 February 2013

Large Araby update out now!

Thought I was finished with Araby for 8th ed? So did I! Turns out we both were wrong...

Anyway, after finding a bit of "rough criticism" on 4chan who thought "this armybook is shit" (though this was mostly referring to an older version) due to a couple of reasons, I went back to the back to the book and had a look at the fluff, and decided to update quite a bit in the background department, which eventually led to a pretty large overhaul of the bestiary, which led me to increase the page margins and redo pretty much the entire book layout (luckily I had the time since I'm still sick!)

So, this new version features:
  • Lots of changes in Araby's history: there's no more mention of a Remean or Constantian Empire, since those parts were originally unofficial WFRP sources from 1st ed, with no prevalence in current fluff.
  • Removal of continued crusades, since that didn't happen either.
  • Removal of the discovery of Genies in 1600-ish, since Jaffar used them during the crusades.
  • Huge revamp of the timeline, adding in a ton of missing official stuff and removing old things that didn't fit.
  • Ormazd is no longer an old Khemrian God, but his own thing, worshiped solely in Araby.
  • Fluff extensions to many units, and more "fluff-blurbs" with short stories and quotes throughout the book.
  • Al Thair is no more, the assassin's name is now Malik Ibn La'Ahad. Fans of the AC series (like myself) might still find it familiar, but it is no longer super-obvious!
  • Addition of the Golden Magus from Dreadfleet as a special character.
  • Rocs are now a Rare choice instead of a Mount.
  • Dervishes are a special choice and has seen a significant rework.
  • Genies have been streamlined; there are now only two types of Genies - Djinn and Efreet - and Greater and Lesser Genies are gone. Genies are now lvl 1 Wizards, can be upgraded to level 2's.
  • Flying Carpet Riders should now be a lot more useful, as they can Carpet Bomb every turn. Carpet Bombing no longer prevents enemy movement, but causes poisoned attacks, making them a lot better at monster hunting.
  • Some small points adjustments.
  • Bug fixes, as usual (and probably a few new ones with the layout changes!).
So thank you for your rudeness 4chan, the book should now be better than ever! Too bad you never "got shit done" yourselves on this one ;)

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Another small Nippon update out now!

Only some very minor fluff changes on this one, just noticed that the fluff for the Shogun was somewhat inconsistent with Nippon's main history, fixed now. Hopefully I can call the Nippon book pretty much "DONE!" now for the rest of 8th ed at least.

Edit: Gosh darn it, found some more layout bugs to squash! Done that, and also added exactly which units can take Clan Mon now so there won't be any confusion about it!

In other news, I am currently working on a larger update for Araby at the moment, which changes quite a bit in their fluff. It had a bunch of inconsistencies that I haven't fixed since I made the book in 2010!

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

New Nippon update out now!

Only a small one here, I'm not planning on remaking their fluff for the 3rd time ;)

This update changes the following:
- Increased casting value for Borne on the Wind.
- Mikoshi Shrine can now give blessing to all units.
- Fan of Command is now one use only, 35 pts.
- Clan Mon are now priced individually per model.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Upcoming units for Chaos Dwarfs

Due to "popular demand", I'll be adding quite a bit of new (or rather really old) units to the Chaos Dwarf book soon. The units will be the following:

Slave Rabble (orcs/goblins)
Sneaky Gitz upgrade for Hobgoblins
Hobgoblin Bolt Thrower
Bazukas (bazooka)
Inferno Gun (swivel gun)
Zealot Berserkers
Juggernaut Siege Tower

Hopefully that will give the list back some of that 3rd/5th ed charm that some might feel is missing! I can probably have the new update out this weekend.

Regarding Balseraph's wishlist, the following units I do not feel would add much to the list:
Renegades - was only 8 named models, had no special rules. The models were used in a scenario, where some of them had mutations, but that's pretty much it.
Eruption Gun - already covered by Inferno Gun.
Petard (mortar) - already covered by Dreadquake Mortar.
Inferno Golems - already covered by K'daai and Kollossus.
The Black Dwarf - I don't have White Dwarf #200, so I can't add him even if I wanted to. If anyone can send me a scan of his fluff/rules, I could decide then.
Runes of Hashut - this would be a Daemonsmith lore, but I feel they have enough with the Altar of Hashut as is.
Molten Piston - too similar in effect to the Dreadquake.
High Priest of Hashut - already covered by Sorcerer-Prophet, which is GW's new official name for them.

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Warhammer: Chaos Dwarfs out now!

A new record, sort of. Apart from the bestiary I started back in May, I've done everything else since this Friday, so about 3 days work total (yikes!). Unfortunately I also seem to have gotten myself a cold while at it, but what'ya gonna do?

Anyway, the book clocks in at a total of 94 pages so it's of respectable length with a rather extensive background section. I haven't included every single unit ever made for Chaos Dwarfs though, so if you expect it to be the Chaos Dwarf book to end all Chaos Dwarf book, you might be disappointed. That's not to say I won't add more units later, but I feel it has a respectable amount of units as is.

NOTE: This is mostly a compilation of Chaos Dwarf material from Tamurkhan, White Dwarf presents: Chaos Dwarfs, WFRP's Tome of Corruption, and fan-made material by Kevin Coleman, Alec Bird, Alfred Nunez Jr and others. There is very little here I have written myself, my role have been mostly about formatting, editing and writing some of the rules.

I will take a small break from the army books for a while now, but don't fret - I will be back with the new version of Cathay sometime in early April probably. Until then, I'll be nursing my new-found cold with video games and tea. Anyway, enjoy!


Edit: Small revision posted that fixed a layout bug on page 35.
Edit 2: Changed the cover back to the the original so that it won't be confused with Kevin Coleman's book.