Monday, 11 February 2013

Large Araby update out now!

Thought I was finished with Araby for 8th ed? So did I! Turns out we both were wrong...

Anyway, after finding a bit of "rough criticism" on 4chan who thought "this armybook is shit" (though this was mostly referring to an older version) due to a couple of reasons, I went back to the back to the book and had a look at the fluff, and decided to update quite a bit in the background department, which eventually led to a pretty large overhaul of the bestiary, which led me to increase the page margins and redo pretty much the entire book layout (luckily I had the time since I'm still sick!)

So, this new version features:
  • Lots of changes in Araby's history: there's no more mention of a Remean or Constantian Empire, since those parts were originally unofficial WFRP sources from 1st ed, with no prevalence in current fluff.
  • Removal of continued crusades, since that didn't happen either.
  • Removal of the discovery of Genies in 1600-ish, since Jaffar used them during the crusades.
  • Huge revamp of the timeline, adding in a ton of missing official stuff and removing old things that didn't fit.
  • Ormazd is no longer an old Khemrian God, but his own thing, worshiped solely in Araby.
  • Fluff extensions to many units, and more "fluff-blurbs" with short stories and quotes throughout the book.
  • Al Thair is no more, the assassin's name is now Malik Ibn La'Ahad. Fans of the AC series (like myself) might still find it familiar, but it is no longer super-obvious!
  • Addition of the Golden Magus from Dreadfleet as a special character.
  • Rocs are now a Rare choice instead of a Mount.
  • Dervishes are a special choice and has seen a significant rework.
  • Genies have been streamlined; there are now only two types of Genies - Djinn and Efreet - and Greater and Lesser Genies are gone. Genies are now lvl 1 Wizards, can be upgraded to level 2's.
  • Flying Carpet Riders should now be a lot more useful, as they can Carpet Bomb every turn. Carpet Bombing no longer prevents enemy movement, but causes poisoned attacks, making them a lot better at monster hunting.
  • Some small points adjustments.
  • Bug fixes, as usual (and probably a few new ones with the layout changes!).
So thank you for your rudeness 4chan, the book should now be better than ever! Too bad you never "got shit done" yourselves on this one ;)


  1. "Lots of changes in Araby's history: there's no more mention of a Remean or Constantian Empire, since those parts were originally unofficial WFRP sources from 1st ed, with no prevalence in current fluff."

    About a Remean Empire see AHQ the "The Quest for the Shattered Amulet" and read about Khyprian Empire.

    1. Those things are really, really old though. Are there any mentions of these fighting with Araby in any current fluff, that won't go against the official material?
      The problem with it's earlier use was that Constantinium/Istrabul was the same as Zandri, which didn't make any sense.
      If you know were I could find that material from Heroquest I'd gladly add any fluff to the Araby book that fits, the only things I removed were in the timeline anyway.

  2. Only french translate

    I find AQH PDF page 52

    1. Thanks, it was an interesting read, though unfortunately no mention of Araby. There's no mention of any of this in the DoW book either, so I it probably shouldn't be considered canon any more.

  3. Oh It's my duty to test this changes as soon as possible! My Araby army will have to adapt to this new update!

    You did an amazing job, don't let 4chan haters (they bitch about everything after all!) ruin your mood, your work is ace ;)

    I will test araby and let you know what I think.

    Best regards


    1. Most of the changes were things I wanted to change anyway, so the complainers had very little to do with that really. They did make me want to go and do that now rather than waiting for the next Araby "rotation", so that might be considered good I suppose?

      Anyway, this new version doesn't really differ all that much from the old one, I mostly did layout and fluff changes. Ofc the new way some of the units function needs playtesting, so get on that and report back to me :)