Friday, 22 February 2013

Announcing: Warhammer - Wood Elves

So yeah, I've decided to do it. Currently working on finding all source material I can, which includes the old and current army books, WFRP, and fan-made lists.
I would like to point out though that unlike Bretonnia, I do not play Wood Elves myself, and as such I will mostly be updating the current list to 8th ed, rather than reinvent the whole thing (not that I tried to do that with Bretonnia either, but still...). There will be some new units of course, but I do not intend to go overboard with new special rules and whatnot, or risk butchering the feel of the Wood Elf army as a whole.
Feel free to suggest ideas and links to more useful Wood Elf material, be it art, background or rules. I will probably try to finish it up after Cathay, so it might see a release in May.

Anyway, the list, as I'm currently thinking it, would look something like this:

Special Characters:
Naestra and Arahan
Naieth the Prophetess
Lothlann the Brave
Durthu the Treeman
Wychwethyl the Wild
Scaw the Falconer
Gruath the Beastmaster

Treeman Ancient


Elven Steed
Great Eagle
Forest Dragon
Great Stag

Core Units:
Glade Guard
Glade Riders
Eternal Guard
Spite Swarms (I think we can all figure that one out)

Wild Riders
Warhawk Riders
Tree Kin
Meadow Chariots (bringing them back!)
Alter Kin (can transform into animal spirits)

Great Eagles
Wild Hunters (Stag Riders, yup)

So all in all, 6 new characters/units, might add more if I get any more ideas. Let me know what you think in the comments.


  1. I'm not very fond on the chariots on a wood elf army, a forest is not a place where you can maneuver a chariot.
    Anyways is a pretty nice list. I bet that you already know it, but here: there's a really good fan revision of the army. I have played it and it's competitive and well rounded with the actual edition, I guess you can get some inspiration.
    Keep up the good work mate ;)

    1. Well that's why they are called Meadow Chariots, they are only used on the plains. They used to have chariots back in 4th ed, models and all, so I'm really only bringing those back. Besides, Beastmen have plenty of chariots, and they primarily live in the woods too ;)

      Had a quick look at that list earlier, should hopefully come in handy. I will mostly be tweaking rules and points costs for the existing units, so they will be mostly the same as they are now.

  2. "Will you do armybooks to all Warhammer armys?"

    - Nope, that would be rather pointless since GW does after all update their books every now and then. The reason Wood Elves and Bretonnia will get fan-made versions is because their books are the oldest and most outdated, with no news of them being updated soon in sight. Apart from these books, I'd rather work on the unofficial armies.

    1. "So to the list you should add eg. Hinterlands of Khuresh

      - Thought about it as well, but I don't really have any ideas for it. Beastmen? Jungle-people? A mix of both? There's just not enough of a culture going on there for them to really warrant their own army book imo.

    2. Khmer empire people.Hanumen empire people?

    3. That's one way of doing it, but I don't really know anything about Khmer culture, nor does it really fancy my interest like China, India and Japan does. Hanumen are already part of the Ind list as well, so that's a no-go as far as that's concerned.

      Khuresh just doesn't have any mention at all in the Warhammer fluff, so making an army for them really wouldn't be of that much use. Not by me at any rate.

  3. "Have you thought about something like that every choas god have their own book?"

    - Briefly, yes. But seeing as both WoC and DoC are getting new books now, they don't exactly need an update. Besides, I've never been much a Chaos guy anyway ;)

  4. Did you drop the mercenaries of tilea book?

    1. No, it's still on my "to do" list, but I won't be working on that one for quite some time. There are more books that need updates than DoW needs more units ;)

  5. Seems like a good list :)

    I would drop the shrine thing, mostly because I don't think that every army should get one hahahaha

    Good luck!


    1. I might just do that, as Wood Elf shrine probably aren't all that mobile anyway. Plus it saves me the hassle of finding artwork and writing fluff for it ;)

    2. You could add a over the top, huge and colossal treeman, rumours says that there will be one on next WE armybook and that some thing like that is already on the making. Besides, huge monsters are popular in 8th edition.

    3. But wouldn't that just be another Treeman, but bigger? I mean, the stats of the current treeman is quite on par with that of most new monsters anyway, it's just the model that is a bit on the small side.

    4. You could use a old gnarled treeman. too brittle to be a combat monster, but useable for a walking shrine

  6. When do you think you are ready to publish the Wood Elves book? How far did you come yet?

    1. Well, I'm uploading the new Cathay book right now, after that I will work on the Norse during April, and then Wood Elves after that. So far, I have just compiled most of the text. At this rate, I would expect Wood Elves to be done around mid-May, so check back around then unless you like pressing your F5 key a lot ;)

    2. Figure this was never released. Out of curiosity, how would you do Spite Swarms?

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. It's still on the develop list now that GW has canned WHFB :)

      Spite Swarms would work like normal Swarms, possible with some upgrades similar to the Spites from 6th ed.