Sunday, 3 February 2013

Warhammer: Chaos Dwarfs out now!

A new record, sort of. Apart from the bestiary I started back in May, I've done everything else since this Friday, so about 3 days work total (yikes!). Unfortunately I also seem to have gotten myself a cold while at it, but what'ya gonna do?

Anyway, the book clocks in at a total of 94 pages so it's of respectable length with a rather extensive background section. I haven't included every single unit ever made for Chaos Dwarfs though, so if you expect it to be the Chaos Dwarf book to end all Chaos Dwarf book, you might be disappointed. That's not to say I won't add more units later, but I feel it has a respectable amount of units as is.

NOTE: This is mostly a compilation of Chaos Dwarf material from Tamurkhan, White Dwarf presents: Chaos Dwarfs, WFRP's Tome of Corruption, and fan-made material by Kevin Coleman, Alec Bird, Alfred Nunez Jr and others. There is very little here I have written myself, my role have been mostly about formatting, editing and writing some of the rules.

I will take a small break from the army books for a while now, but don't fret - I will be back with the new version of Cathay sometime in early April probably. Until then, I'll be nursing my new-found cold with video games and tea. Anyway, enjoy!


Edit: Small revision posted that fixed a layout bug on page 35.
Edit 2: Changed the cover back to the the original so that it won't be confused with Kevin Coleman's book.


  1. "I would like to write - at last, brilliant. etc. but. I'm a little disappointed with this book. For me, this book is missing,i.a, the old Chaos Dwarf machines. It miss something new. New branches warriors, new machines, new slaves. New breath. This manual is only a small collection of something already invented. My favorite armybook is Kislev and I compare to this armybook everything you've done. Kislev gets 10/10 but the chaos Dwarfów 5/10. I waited for him a long time and feels disappointed. From what you wrote, I was hoping it would be something brilliant. Unfortunately.
    I hope you will add something to this book soon :) Your work is brilliant but not this book. I had hopes that I'll be, finally, be able to play my favorite army - played and used armybook from your collection, which will be at the level of Kislev. Greetings.

    @ Balseraph - I had a feeling you would feel that way, but it comes to Chaos Dwarfs, I am basically standing on the shoulders of titans. Inventing something new for the sake of inventing something isn't a good way of making rules, it has to fit within the book, and the fact is that Chaos Dwarfs has already had so many iterations of rules - fan-made and official - that coming up with something new is extremely difficult nowadays. And since Chaos Dwarfs is at its heart a GW army, there are certain rules one needs to adhere to. I didn't invent most of the units in the Kislev book either - most of them are either in the old GW list or from Tuomas Pirinen's Kislev list from Citadel Journal, then I added units based on the background from Realm of the Ice Queen. With Chaos Dwarfs, I would always have based it on on the GW list (which is now the Legion of Azgorh) and then add units based on small snippets of GW fluff (Immortals, Kollossus) as much as possible.
    I don't consider this my best work at all either since my creativity is rather limited by the large amount of already existing GW material, but a friend of mine who plays Chaos Dwarfs had wanted a Chaos Dwarf book, so I made one.
    But what specific units would you want to see in the book, that would fit the background?

  2. “For me, this book is missing,i.a, the old Chaos Dwarf machines.”

    “But what specific units would you want to see in the book, that would fit the background?”



    Mortar/Swivel Gun


    1. Huh, had no idea those were actual units back in the day! Suddenly I don't feel so old any more ;)

      I'll get right on adding them! Do you know if there are any background for in them in Old White Dwarfs or otherwise?

  3. oh my yes, so much inspiration! Would you take a look at my latest chaos dwarf immortal design? it's more in tune with the grab Forgeworld is giving us this days :)

    1. Looking great! Though in all honesty, I still prefer your old Immortal design, it just felt a little more unique :)

    2. Yeah, back when i did that one Forgeworld hadn't released any CD minis. Now my designs are heavily influenced by theirs, but I always try to make mine unique within the language FW created :) I'm designing an acolyte of hashut right now, I'll say something once I upload it :)

    3. Sounds great, I've been wanting a better pic for that unit! And if you can get it colored like your immortal, even better!

    4. A mate of mine usually does the colouring. he just started doing it for my new immortal, and in time he'll probably be doing it for the acolyte as well :)

    5. CHeck my acolyte out :)

    6. Now that is sweet! Are you going to have it colored as well? I'd love to use it in the book regardless :)

    7. Btw, if you want to, I'd love to have a better image for the Tenderizer/Whirlwind. The current art is all the way back from 3rd ed, so it could use a bit of sprucing up ;)

    8. I'm glad you enjoy it :D I'll have it colored, only i'm not the one coloring my stuff so it's not depending entirely on me, but yeah It'll get coloured at some point :) About the Tenderizer/Whirlwind, I guess I'll have to look into it, right now I have some other stuff that I need to work on but, once i get that out of the way I'll give it a shot :)