Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Full colour Bretonnia update out now!

Didn't even take me the whole week! Apart from being full colour with a lot of new artwork and a scaled down fluff section (though I only removed about 50 pages, not 80), this version also contains a bunch of balance changes, as follows:

  • Shield of Faith nerfed to a 5+ against all strengths.
  • Flying Cavalry rule from Hippogryph Knights removed.
  • All knights are getting a slight points increase due to DC.
  • Yeoman Sergeant nerfed to 2A.
  • Trebuchet dropped to 125 pts.
  • Virtue of Audacity is getting a bump to 30 pts.
  • Guilded Cuirass, Wyrmlance, Twilight Banner and Sacrament of the Lady are no longer in the list.
  • Sword of Heroes, Cuirass of Fortune, Silver Mirror and Banner of Defence back in the list.
  • Fixed Priestess/paladin issue in army list.
  • Peasant Levy now test Ld on 3D6.
  • Items have fewer restrictions.
  • Barding now shows in the army list.
  • Signature spell now only works on mounted knights.
  • Sacrosanct now 125 pts.
  • Pegasus Knights are 2W, barded.
  • Hyppogryph Knights are T4, 3W, 3+ AS. 75 pts. 
  • Spirits of the Fey are now swarms.
  • Herrimaults are 8 pts, nerfed to BS3, I3.
  • Templar gives difference bonuses depending on whether he is on foot or mounted.
  • Grail Knights unit size is now 3+.
  • Additional hand weapon option is removed from knights.
  • Lords and Paladins must be mounted (unless using Virtue of Empathy).
  • Base size references are removed, use whatever is suitable for each troop type.
  • Various layout and spelling errors fixed.


  1. this book its a work of art¡¡ ,beautiful,impressive,spectacular¡¡

  2. Overall I like the changes you have made but I do have some queries about it too.
    The priestesses of Shalya seem really strong - 4 bound spells plus channelling for 35pts is incredibly cheap plus magic items access for a dispel scroll - they seem too strong to me.
    Also I'm not sure why you removed so many of Bret's magic items, why narrow down hero build options?
    I do like alot of the ideas you've added to the army list though and you've done a great job with it all. Do you have any suggestions for miniatures to use for the extra units? I guess ghosts painted green would do for Fey spirit swarms

    1. Well, compared to an Empire Warrior Priest (65 pts) they have neither fighting capability, not do they bestow Hatred on their unit. They only have their spells, which takes away dice from the Damsel's pool if used. As they are not Wizards, they cannot carry dispel scrolls either.

      Their magic items are trimmed down because that's how GW have made their army books in 8th ed. Each army only have 10 items at most nowadays.

      As for models to use, any medieval models will do really. Generic foot knights can be found at Black Tree Design or Wargames Foundry, Reaper have tons of suitable character models and so on. Only problem I can think it would be the Hippogryph Knights, but there are several companies that make models for that too, just needs some green stuff and a KotR to stick on top.

  3. Thanks for the pointers as to suppliers, I've never heard of reaper before but they do a good range of nice miniatures I see.
    GW cutting back on the magic items is kind of annoying but I guess that's why you have dropped some of the items then.

    1. Yup, that's the way the pendulum swings these days. I did keep most of the items though, only now they are carried by the special characters.