Monday, 25 February 2013

New Bretonnia update on the way!

I lieu of going through the Wood Elf stuff, I have gotten a hankering for Bretonnia again. As such, I am currently working on a larger update that will do some gameplay changes, but perhaps more interestingly: make the book in colour.
I will also trim down the fluff section a lot, since I feel it's just way too unwieldy to use at the moment for an army book you are supposed to bring to the table (just trying to find the units I want to edit while working on it is a pain!). So expect the book to be trimmed down to maybe 120 pages at most, which is still stretching it. I will probably do something similar with Kislev, though not as much.
So if you want to have the complete, huge fluff section, make sure to save a copy of the old book. You can otherwise just read it in the Knights of the Grail source book for WFRP.

I expect this update to be done sometime this week, as it's mostly just layout a layout change. Unfortunately this means that the new planned Chaos Dwarf update will be somewhat delayed, but I will work on more that one when I feel more inspired to do so.

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